I've also been told I have little tact, so if this offends you simply ride on.

Thursday, August 5, 2021


Can't remember if I mentioned this, but I got my treadmill up and running (see what I did there?) and actually spent some time on it yesterday.  First there was a problem with the belt, and then it began making a 'clicking' sound.  End result, while I'm not an expert in treadmill repair, I now have experience.  This is the new definition of warranty:  fix it yourself.

Up and Running (see, I did it again)

Yesterday at work, my supervisors actually said, "and here's another interesting factoid."  I truly didn't think anyone really used the word.  I suspect he needs to be listed as 'old school' trendy.

And Masks are now being worn again.  While I hate the suckers, they do help to hide the profanity which slips from my mouth when dealing with idiots and customers.  This can happen quite frequently.

We did have one associate abandon his job when he saw the notice.  I wasn't there, but evidently he turned around and without so much as a single word to management walked back out the store.  He will not be missed.  When I say he's a rabid member of a certain party that loves where red hats, I am not making an understatement.  Desperately trying to be an authority, he was... unliked by many, and again I'm being kind.  Not even the so called Conservatives had a friendly word for him.  Good riddance.

I understand the Orange Anus spit out some sort of foolishness about the recent Texas election where the candidate he backed... lost.  He blamed the loss on Democrats voting against him.  Now, just take a few seconds and let that sink in.  Obviously, his 2 little gray cells made an attempt to communicate and failed because the warranty expired on them a long time ago.


  1. I read a Tweet from a guy who was let go from his job because he refused to get a vaccine. He ranted that the real reason he was let go was because he's a Republican.
    No, honey, it's the vaccine and the mask and the fact that you don't give a fuck about anyone but yourself.

    1. As I said, he got not so much as a kind word.

  2. So your coworker just walked out? Well, he obviously does not need the money. Fuck him and the high MAGA horse he rides on.
    I read about Agolf Twitler stupid justification for his candidates having lost. Bet the sheep lapped it up.


    1. When I saw his justification, I burst out laughing.

  3. That's alright. Someone who needs the job will take it.