I've also been told I have little tact, so if this offends you simply ride on.

Friday, August 31, 2018

Pecking things apart

Okay, so it's Friday.  I get to work today... and tomorrow, and then I'm off for 3 days.  Can I wait?
Yesterday I took off because my friend Patty needed to have some sort of surgery for an Occipital Orbital fracture.  Translation:  she broke her eye socket while walking her dogs... Yorkies, little ones.  Seems like one pulled to the left and the other to the right... and she fell.
Anyway, the surgery was performed at the Hershey Medical Center.  I hate the place.  Way, way too big, with terrible parking.  You can walk a mile (literally) or rely on their valet parking.  Traffic congestion is horrendous, the only thing worse would be having to sit through "How it Ends" a 2nd time.  You need to see the crowds to believe the crowds.  Everybody wants to go there because their medical care is very good.  My friend Betsy was in their Neurological ICU after suffering a serious stroke.  Believe me, it's like walking onto the bridge of the Enterprise.  But there is a price to pay:  crowds of sick people, seriously congested parking, and... the expense.  They are pricey.  Had it been my Occiptal Orbital fracture, I would have asked "Am I going to look like the hunchback of Notre Dame?"

If they'd have said "no," I would have passed on the surgery.  Some of us have serious medical problems that need to be fixed.  There others, however, who buy into the suggestive power of medical professionals we want to trust.  Just remember, these professionals are in a business.  They make money by getting you to buy services which may not be necessary but which do tend to be rather lucrative.
I saw where that Pecker from the National Enquirer has boatloads of shit on our Idiot Jerk president in his vault.  Excuse me, but am I like the only one who understands that "dirt" makes the Idiot Jerk susceptible to BLACKMAIL?  And if Pecker has that much, we probably can't even begin to imagine what's in Putin's vault.  I'm not just talking about 'golden showers' here. 

Thursday, August 30, 2018

The Unknown Region

As someone who writes a blog, I like to go in and check my stats - not so much for the numbers, rather I'm more interested in where my readers are located.  Sometimes I will get a lot of hits from Russia and I'll wonder if I might have piqued the interest of all those Putinettes over there.  I get a lot of hits from Italy.  "Hello Italy!  Love ya!"  There are a number of readers in France, Germany and the UK, and Australia.  "Hello World."  Yesterday, when I looked at my stats "Unknown Region" was listed.  Okay, so where the fuck is that?  Have extraterrestrials finally made contact... with me? Has there been a disturbance in the force?  "Obi Wan, I hear you... kind of!"

Anyway, I had 136 hits from... somewhere.  Evidently blogger doesn't know where these hits are coming from, but I have a funny feeling they might be located in Florida.  Sure, there are those who like to think of it as a state, but the retired, Republican racists down there just nominated some fool named DeSantis as their candidate for governor.  The Democrats nominated a black man named Gillum.  DeSantis made a racist comment about how the white citizens of Florida shouldn't "monkey this up."  There was a backlash, or course.  That being said, there is also a lot of evidence that by saying this he "endeared himself" to those retired, Republican racists who live there, which is why I think Florida just might be "the unknown region."  A lot of old, rich white people live there and the idea of having a black governor is more than a little disconcerting to them.  They are no doubt very happy they will be dead by the time 2045 rolls around.
For those who don't know, 2045 is the year white people become the minority race in the United States.  If you want to get a good laugh, tell that to a White Republican.  Just make sure you're at least 10 feet away because when that shit explodes it sprays fairly far.  Of course, any gathering of White Evangelicals might also constitute itself as an "Unknown Region," since they are in their own little crazy world, which is no longer here, but definitely not there.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

About nuts

I cut my nails this morning.  Yeah, my life is interesting. 
Yesterday, when I came home from work, the temp was 95 (F).  That's a little toasty for late August.  We're supposed to have more of the same today.
And evidently the Idiot Jerk in the White House warned Evangelicals that if mid-terms don't go his way Liberals are going to violently change everything he has done... for the Evangelicals.  In case you don't know it, this is how he tells them to get out and vote.  To be perfectly honest, that pissed me off just a little.  He also told them he had gotten rid of a law which prevented their churches from being political entities.  Well, that was a lie.  However, once we take over the House this November (and possibly the Senate) I do believe we should truly go about enforcing that law.  Separation of Church and State, you know? 
For those who don't understand, Evangelicals are believers who need to control.  They are less about following Jesus, and more about controlling behavior.  They are all about judging and passing sentence.  Now, I know there are those who think these people should be some sort of moral quandary, who feel these people are the worst hypocrites in the world. Sure, they may run around whining that selfish little phrase "My Religion," over and over again, but make no mistake, this is not about religion, this is about power... and control.  They don't care how bad the Idiot Jerk is, how reprehensible his actions, as long as he gives them what they want: power.
If they want to act like a political party rather than a religious group, they need to be treated as such.  How do we do that?  Take away their tax exemption.  Of course, they would classify this a as violent action.
These people are the reason our Founding Fathers separated Church and State.  This is a minority group who needs to be treated the same way they, themselves, treat minorities.
On a lighter note, Dr. Kelli (what's her name?) and that racist Arpaio (sp ?) got their asses whooped in Arizona.
Later on this morning I'll send my brother a text.  See if it's okay to zip out to the farm on Monday morning for more nuts.  Now that I know what I'm doing.  Which is kind of embarrassing, especially when I'm talking about nuts.  Of course, this whole entry has been about nuts, hasn't it?

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Don't Let your nuts get too ripe

I'm really being serious here.  Yesterday I went to husk my nuts and some of them were too ripe, black, soft and squishy.  Believe me!  There is nothing worse than squishy nuts!  That means the protective shell around the nut has started to break down and the chewy flesh has gone soupy.  I learned the soft way.  Shit.  That husker of mine pretty much shreds them into black, gooey pieces.  A word of wisdom here:  start your husking when they are still fairly green.  If you cup a couple in your hand and they firm and resilient then you are good to go.  After throwing out all of the bad walnuts, I ended up with... 6.

Also, there must have been a teeny weeny hole in the thumb of my left glove.  That's right, I'm stained walnut.  It will eventually disappear.
I went to see my Mom yesterday.  She was sitting outside wearing a blue sweatshirt and gray corduroy pants, and the temp was 91 (F) .  She got a bit testy when I told her she was going to get heatstroke.  She said she doesn't have any summer clothes because my sister wears them.  That's not true.  My sister wouldn't be caught dead wearing my mom's shorts.
Oh, and after a lot of complaining from both sides, the Idiot Jerk in the White House lowered the flags to half mast.  This ass is such a petty sack of shit.  He talks a lot about loyalty but only in regards to himself.  What else can you expect?  I'm sure he's a true believer when it comes to 'honor among thieves.'
I spent some time last night, and a bit more this morning updating my Dell laptop - the one with my cycling & workout info.  Rouvy has updated and I will no longer need to use a blue-giga dongle.  No, my dongle is not blue, in case you're wondering.  However I will no longer need it to connect to my trainer.  That will be so nice.

Monday, August 27, 2018

How It Ends

Okay, so I took yesterday off.  Think of it as a recuperation day.  Believe me, it took almost the entire day to recover from a movie I watched on Netflix:  "How it Ends."  I haven't seen anything so horrendous in years.  Theo James and Forest Whitaker head out from Chicago to Seattle to save Theo's pregnant girlfriend / Forest's daughter after something terrible happens.  You never know what has happened.  All communications with the West Coast are down.  The highways are empty going west... except for their car.  You never see survivors or evacuees.  They run into some bad guys.  On this weird road trip they never, ever come across a gas station.  Things go wrong, and in the end, Theo walks to Seattle which which seems to be in ruins... or on fire... or has experienced some sort of cataclysmic upheaval.  No one is around, no bodies, no walking wounded.  Maybe they just decided to cheap it out when it came to hiring extras. 

If this is Seattle, then the Olympic Peninsula, and the Bremerton Shipyards, which sits on the other side of Puget Sound has been totally destroyed.
I can say this because I used to live in Tacoma.

This is a movie about something bad happening... you're just never told what "it" is, though evidently this is supposed to be how "it" ends.
John McCain lost his fight with brain cancer.  He survived being a POW, and was one of the few Republicans who told the Idiot Jerk in the White House to sit on it and spin.  However, he is also the failed presidential candidate who unleashed Sarah Palin on the world.  All those White Trash voters who loved her are the ones who helped vote the Idiot Jerk into the White House.
Neil Simon died, too.  I liked his early work.  If you ever get the chance to see "The Odd Couple" live, do so.  It is very, very funny.  He left the funny stuff behind as he tried to prove he was a serious playwright and slowly fell out of favor.
I did build a frame yesterday for my nut husker.  That sucker is mounted and ready to go.  Sometime this AM, after I mow the lawn, you'll be able to find me behind the house husking my nuts.
And how is it going to end for the Idiot Jerk in the White House?  Well, just like in this bad movie, I doubt very much if he's going to understand what happened.  His approval rating sits at around 43% - that's the GOP and those perimeter fools who chose not to vote.  You know who I'm talking about.  The ones who say "well, as long as it doesn't effect me personally, I don't really care."  These are the same people who aren't going to care when he gets removed from office.  These are also the same bunch who will watch "How it Ends" and say, "wow, did you see Seattle in ruins?"  They show absolutely no concern about truth.  When the Idiot Jerk is gone, they will scratch their heads and say "wow, did you see the president got impeached."

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Nixon vs Trump

Welcome to my Friday.  That's right.  Those of you with flawed calendars might actually be thinking this is Saturday.  Nope.  When I look at my retail calendar I know this must be Friday - my weekend starts tomorrow.
Yesterday was ho-hum at work.
I saw where the Idiot Jerk warned Mueller not to go near his 'Financial Empire.'  That made me laugh.  What a fuckin' crook.  Of course that thought took me back a number of years, to the Nixon administration.  While age may be startitng to sift away some of the details, I can still fondly remember Nixon uttering those very lines.  "I am not a crook."  Dear me.  Just what would old Richard think about the Idiot Jerk in the White House?

And we have to be honest here.  Nixon wasn't actually a crook.  He, himself, did not break into the Watergate building - he had others do it at his direction.  This is precisely what the Idiot Jerk has been doing for... decades.  Having others do is dirty work.  Attorneys filed law suit after law suit.  His bookkeepers have been fudging figures for years, filling out load documents and filing false tax reports.  As I said before, the Idiot Jerk is going to make Nixon look like an alter boy.  Judgment is coming for the Idiot Jerk and his spawn.
And what about that Duncan asswipe out in California.  In case you hadn't seen, he blamed everything on his wife.  Everything.  He was innocent.  Why is it gutless Republicans always point the finger at some one else?  And this Duncan?  I understand he was the 2nd sitting Senator to come out in support of the Idiot Jerk in the White House.  The first was that Bozo Republican from New York who was just indicted for Insider Trading.   These to pinheads show the corrupting influence of the Idiot Jerk in the White House.  Shit, the whole party is morally bereft.

Friday, August 24, 2018


Here it is Friday.  Payday for me.  I like payday.  Money in the bank, you know?
About a month ago I had stopped in at the Subaru dealership to check out the 2019 Crostreks.  I was told they wouldn't be arriving until... November.  Last week an old Navy friend of mine posted on Facebook how his wife was picking up her new car the next day... a 2019 Crosstrek.  Being the curious type, I went to my dealer's website... and they have 175 2019 Crosstreks in stock.  Hhhmmm.  The 'sales professional' I'd been talking to had promised to notify me when their 2019 stock would be available.  I haven't heard anything.  Of course, he had wanted to sell me a 2018.  I'm sure they still have a number of last year's models in their inventory.  Still, a sale is a sale, isn't it?  Anyway, I've decided to wait until they offer 0% financing.  Then I will look over their online inventory, pick the one I want, and drive 25 minutes to Apple Subaru in York.  I will go through them.  Give them the sale.  I'm thinking I like the Cinnamon color.

Isn't it interesting how the Republican leadership has remained mum on the Manafort and Cohen?  Of course they can't say anything, they're still trying to swallow back that vomit they all burped up.  One might suspect they, like Cohen, are debating with themselves as to whether they will take a bullet to support the Idiot Jerk in the White House.  Cohen didn't.  Trey Gowdy didn't.  Paul Ryan said "fuck that shit... I'm going to go do some naked yoga," (pictures at 11).  And what about that douche named Duncan out in California?  Both he and his wife have been indicted.  They used campaign funds to pay for vacations.  What did you expect from a Republican who supports the Idiot Jerk?  And they can't get him off the ballet... too late.  Oops. He's not even going to get a chance to take a bullet for the Idiot Jerk.  I wonder if he's in a plea deal yet.  Bet he blames it all on his wife way before November arrives.  No doubt, just like me, he's waiting for the 2019's to show up.
November is going to be a very sparkling month.
This is how life works.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Bank on This

Okay, so I had this weird dream last night that I went to buy groceries and on checking out, the cashier told me I only had 4 cents left in my bank account.  Not true, but still one of the first things I did this morning was go online and check my balance.  I guess we all have that fear every now and then:  running out of funds and being humiliated.  I see it at work sometimes when a customer will attempt to pay for their carpet with their debit card and their bank says "no, no, no, no."  That's when they need to use their debit card as a credit card.  Banks - funny things, aren't they?  The vast majority of us use them.  We bank on their stability, their security, and their reliability.
The Idiot Jerk in the White House banked on Michael Cohen.  He banked on someone he thought he had purchased.  He banked on loyalty valued in dollar and cents alone.  Someone should have told the Idiot Jerk a long time ago that loyalty is earned, and usually over time.  You don't get loyalty by paying a monthly stipend.  All that does is get you a fixer.  Fixers?  They are only reliable as long as they feel safe, protected.  At some point began to realize that not only his well-being, but the well-being of his family as well, was in jeopardy.  He came to understand that in the eyes of the Idiot Jerk, he was nothing more than a salted peanut, a snack to be eaten and then shit away.  His prosecutors banked on this.  They were smart.
The Idiot Jerk in the White House is not... smart.  He has never been anything more than a blowhard, a bully with cash loaned from questionable sources.  He has banked his life on purchased loyalty.  He has no values.  Evangelical Christians have banked their greed of power on the Idiot Jerk.  They didn't vote for him because of his decency.  He bought their votes, and their souls, with the promise of power.  Since he gives them what they want, they delude themselves into believing he's a gift.  Actually, he's just giving them what they paid for, nothing more, nothing less.  This is the art of the deal.  They have banked on each other. 

What can we bank on?  A lot more shit floating to the surface.  All those rats in the Idiot Jerk's administration are already thinking "every man for himself."
We can bank on a lot of delusional red voters staying home during the mid-terms.  They're just going to sit this one out.  They are going to wait for the Idiot Jerk to take back control and fix things...   🤣😂🤣  Stop laughing.
We can bank on a Blue Wave... nay, maybe a tsunami.
These are things you can bank on.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Lock Him Up

Oh, dear...
Oh, my....
I had off from work yesterday and it rained... started around 11:30 (AM).
My dentist fixed the chip in my tooth.
Five loads of laundry were washed and dried and folded.
I dusted... (I really hate dusting, but I have dogs who jump around and create clouds of dust).
For me?  It was an okay day.
For the Idiot Jerk in the White House?  Golly gee whiz!
If you read this blog at all, you will remember that some time ago I said the Idiot Jerk would make Richard Nixon look like an alter boy.  Way back when he was elected, I gave him two years.  Well, yesterday, his Karma started unwrapping that present we've all been waiting for, the removal of he and his scumbag family from the White House.  Manafort guilty on eight counts.  Michael Cohen?  That guy just can't stop doing back flips and front flips.  And he's doing them bang, bang, bang.
The guilty verdict and the guilty plea happened at the same time.  That's back to back strike outs for the Idiot Jerk in the White House.  Air balls!
I was right in the middle of a 45 minute cardio on the elliptical when the news flashes started coming over my phone.  The first was from ABC News.  Seconds later the WSJ started chiming in, followed by Reuters and the BBC.  Shortly there after Bloomberg started with the comparisons to Tricky Dick Nixon... oh... my.  If I weren't in such good shape all this... good news would have taken my breath away.

This sack of shit is going to be publicly humiliated.  He will go down in the books as the worst president in American History.  He may even be the first president to spend time in jail   Lock Him Up!

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Daily Chores

Okay, so it's Tuesday.  I'm scheduled off today - that doesn't mean I'm not going to do things.  Basically, this is a clean, clean, do laundry day.  These are the chores I do on my day off.  While I will do the dishes everyday, the big stuff is put on hold till I'm off.  Not that it takes that much longer.  These are just the things I enjoy the least.
They are forecasting cloudy skies which I can deal with.  The temp is comfortable outside, though humid.  Central air is off, and the ceiling fans are still on.  If I get the chance, I might even do my nails 🙄.
So, we had another stupid customer at the paint desk:  she owns a 'rental unit,' her term for a townhouse with tenants.  One set is moving out and another is moving in.  There were stains on the bedroom carpets and she wanted to replace them.  She picked the cheapest carpet we install, and the cheapest padding and made her purchase, a carpet which is guaranteed to get installed in 3 days.  A day after putting this install on her credit card... she changed her mind.  She decided the stained carpet in one of the bedrooms weren't that bad, and her new tenants could just live with them.  She also complained about the last tenants, how they left the place a mess... now you know why.  Anyway, she called too late.  The carpet had already shipped.  If she didn't want to go through with the install on one of the rooms, she'd have to pay a 20% restocking fee (the carpet was already cut).  We had to deal with her complaining about fairness, and how the customer was always right, and how she was going to go to our competitor.  In the end, she chose not to pay the restocking fee.  The install is going through.  Her new tenants are going to get new carpet in both bedrooms.  These are the chores we deal with at work.

Funny thing, as I was looking for clip art for today's post, I came across a chore list that included 'morning prayers.'  I'm sorry, but if you consider your daily devotions a chore, you should probably re-evaluate your faith.
And finally, one of my daily chores is checking out my news feeds.  Sometimes they make me laugh, sometimes they piss me off.  This AM I saw in the WSJ a report on tariffs on car imports is being delayed (Ha Ha).  We have a lot of car dealers selling imports... ouch!  And in a desperate attempt to keep the Coal Industry alive in West Virginia, the EPA is permitting states to set their own emissions standards (this is shit).  Power plants are running away from coal as fast as possible, however this administration's 1950's viewpoint doesn't see that.

Monday, August 20, 2018

Tools of Life

Well we had rain last evening...again, and over night... again, just like the Northwest.  For those who don't know, this is Seattle weather.  Ah, well.
So the dogs got cake and ice cream last night to celebrate Lily's birthday.  Not that they understood, but then they're dogs and aren't supposed to know what you're saying.  All they knew was they were getting yum, yum, good shit.  That's fine.
I had a customer looking for a blind yesterday - just one blind, to replace an old one.  The strings had broke and he could no longer get it to go up and down.  And he wanted a blind which would fit the brackets for his old blind.  His old blind was over 10 years old.  Brackets have changed.  They are no longer the little, plastic boxes with removable plastic face plates that hold your blinds in place.  They broke to regularly.  Now we have small, metal brackets.  He asked if he could use the same screw holes.  I said... "possibly, but probably not."  He got a bit flustered, "I don't have a drill."  Now, this customer was in his late forties / early fifties.  When he told me he didn't have a drill I was surprised.  I though everybody had one... well, everybody but this guy.  He should have kept his mouth shut.  No, he had to explain "I'm a paper pusher.  I don't do things like this."  And all I could do was stand there looking at him, a non-functional human being.  As old as he was, this customer was totally unprepared for life.  This guy is not alone.
I don't care who you are, there are certain essentials which you will need at some point or other during the years you spend on this planet:  screwdrivers (flat head and Phillips), a hammer, and a drill (no matter how small).  A saw comes in handy, too.  We had a customer three days ago who asked how to cut a piece of PVC piping.  When he was told a hacksaw would do the job in about 30 seconds he just looked at us... blankly... until one of my fellow associates pointed to the saws in the Tool Corral.  Without these essentials you functionality is severely limited to... well, paper pushing and internet porn.

 And here you thought I was going to write about the Idiot Jerk in the White House and all of the Tools he surrounding him.  Sorry, those are the wrong kind of tools.  Though I wouldn't be surprised if the customer without a drill had voted for the Idiot Jerk.  He had that kind of mentality.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Birthday GirlLily an

We have a quickie today - I slept in till 0600 because that's what I wanted to do.  The dogs are just as lazy.  We have a drizzly, rainy day outside - temp is supposed to hit 79 (F) maybe, right now it's 66 (F).  The back door is standing open.
There is all sorts of Idiot Jerk news.  He said something racist yesterday (what else is new) and his party stayed... silent.  They don't want to criticize him lest they make him angry.  Not doing so is going to cost them more and more seats in the house.  They are terrified they're going to lose power if he Tweets against them.  They are the perfect example of Catch 22:  damned if they do, damned if they don't.  They just cannot get the thought through their heads that as a party, they are damned.
Today is a bit of special day.  Both my brother and his wife have a birthday.  I always kid him because today is Bill Clinton's birthday, too.  Being Evangelical Christian Conservatives, he is the 2nd worst human being every to have sat in the White House, the worst was Obama.  But that isn't what makes today so great.  Today is Lily's birthday as well.  She is 5 years old, and the perfect little Lady.  On my way home from work I'll pick up white cake and vanilla ice cream so we can have a party.  Of course, she doesn't know today's her birthday.  But that's okay.  She's a dog.  I don't expect her to remember little things like that.

Lily and Seig

Saturday, August 18, 2018

That Republican Minority

It is Saturday.  I have 3 more days of work, and then I'm off a day.  Tuesday.  That's also the day I have a dentist appointment.  When I called them yesterday morning to let them know that the filling, less then a week old, had chipped, the receptionist said in a little girl's voice "Oh, no!"  Not that the fix should take that long, but it scheduled for right in the middle of the day.  Shit.
We are also supposed to have showers for most of today and tomorrow.  The weather forecast for the coming week is cooler, only hitting the mid 80's.  This must mean the hottest  part of summer is past us.  Oh, sure, we'll probably have a week or so when the temps get up there, but having them sit constantly in the 90's, day after day?  I don't think so.
I have to say, those reprehensible Republicans are rather amusing right now.  There are the extreme crazies who shriek their adoration of the Idiot Jerk in the White House, the ones who think volume is enough to convince the world.  They wear their hatred on their sleeves.  While there are a lot of them, they are not the majority.  Then there are the quiet ones, those who voted for him and now wonder if insanity will run forever in their families.  They, too, are a small lot.  The majority, however, tend to be the whiners.  They constantly complain.  Yep.  They are the ones who are so desperately happy to have a bully in the White House.  Does it matter to them if his diplomatic skills are on par with those of a southern cracker at the height of tobacco season?  Hell no.  He is their dream come true.  A faux Republican dictator, whose prowess with Executive Orders excels that of a twelve year old brat's ambitions for stealing a four year old's candy.  These same people, who heaped criticism after criticism on Obama, hiss disparagingly about the media.  How quickly they forget their own vehemence.  The idea of a Blue Wave is beyond their comprehension.  How can that be?  When it arrives they will shit bricks.  This is a minority group.  They need to be put in their place.

Friday, August 17, 2018

Before the parade passes by

Well, I get to go back to work today... I'm not excited.
That dental work I had done?  Where my dentist smoothed out my front teeth?  I bit into a plum last evening and the right front tooth chipped.  Now it looks like it did before it was fixed.  I will have to give him a call.
As I was looking through my news feeds this AM, I saw a musical version of "Pretty Woman" has opened on Broadway.  While reviews are not scathing, they are not too kind.  One of the criticisms which seems to be dominant is the fact that if you're a woman, there are more important things than just being 'pretty.'  I was never that impressed with the movie.  I saw it a long, long time ago and realized it for what it was:  trivialized schmaltz.
Oh, and the military parade is off.   I repeat, the military parade is off.  They are claiming the $92 million price tag makes it too expensive.  I'm suspecting the Idiot Jerk's blow buddy Vlad not being in town in November might be the more obvious reason.  Let's be honest.  The only reason they were going to have it at all was for the Idiot Jerk to show off.  The parade was to be his way of preening in front of Vlad.
I went to see my Mom yesterday.  She was sitting outside in 90 (F) heat wearing a sweatshirt.  Her nails were painted gold.  My sister had called and warned me about them the night before.  I took pic so everybody could see my Mom.

If you look closely, you'll see the time on her watch is somewhere around 6:40.  She has no concept of time.  And her nails are gold.  She will not remember my taking this picture.  I suggested we go inside to her air conditioned room and she agreed.  An hour later, as I was leaving, she was headed back outside.  They do keep an eye on her, insuring she doesn't stay out too long.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Crazy competition

Thursday, the last of my 3 days off in a row.  Then I get to go back to work for 4 days, have a day off, work for 4, have two days off, work 5 and have another 3 days off in a row.  That last 3 days just happens to be the Labor Day weekend.  Labor Day is our last big sale until Black Friday.  Holidays are very difficult to get off due to all of the 'footsteps' in the store.  Retail is all about making money.
I got a lot done yesterday... really I did.  Wacked and mowed the lawn.  Ride on the bike.  Took the dogs for a walk in the park.  Drove to Karns to by them bones (my local Giant no longer sells them).  Finished playing a video game (Dishonored 2).  The game was fun, though a little short, and as a result a little unfulfilling.  Most likely they decided to call it 2 because it was a little too long to be considered DLC.  Since it wasn't full price, I don't have a problem with that.
I saw on Bloomberg this AM that the Idiot Jerk quite often cites praise from the "anonymous business man" at his rallies.  He claims to have had dinner with this dude, and this unknown dude has told the Idiot Jerk he's doing a great job and to keep up the good work.  If this missing dude is so pleased with the Idiot Jerk, why doesn't he say so publicly, let the world know how greatly he appreciates our phony president?  The answer to that is simple.  There is no missing, unknown, anonymous, business man.  This is just another lie.  What else is new.
And I see the Colorado baker is back in court, something about his refusing to bake a cake for a transgender individual.  Taking him to court over and over again is not the answer to this problem.  He is not going to change.  Crazy Christians are going to continue to buy his cakes and keep him in business.  If you want to beat this guy, the only way to do so successfully is to start stomping on his wallet.  Some nice gay or lesbian needs to open a bakery a few blocks away, sell cakes that are just as tasty, just as beautiful, and are less expensive.  You see, one of the things about Crazy Christians is that they see money as a blessing.  The more they earn, the more they are blessed.  Holding onto that money is just as important.  This is obvious because they place so much importance on "my."  You know?  My money. My Taxes.  My Religion.  They will see a good deal on a wedding cake as a blessing and so they will go to the competition.  Sure, a few Crazies will cling to him, but they are not going to keep his income from dwindling.  As his bank account shrinks he will get angry.  He will pray for his blessings to return.  They will not.  In the end he will close his doors.  He will fail because in his beliefs "my" became so much more important that "you."  This is a really big problem for Evangelicals.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Today's routine

Well, here it is Wednesday, my 2nd day off, (thanks to the personal day I took yesterday) and I'm loving it.  I got so much done yesterday, including 45 minutes on the elliptical - a nice way to burn off over 500 calories.
Today is supposed to be a bit warmer and a tad more humid.  That's fine.  I have central air.  I also want to get some yard work done - there is a tone of it, from the wacking of the week to the mowing of the grass.  In less than 3 weeks my vacation drops in and I"ll be able to start scheduling vacation days off again.
I saw where Twitter kicked off scumsucker, conspiracy theorist Alex Jones for one week.  This is just be beginning.  His lies and hate have been totally deleted from so many social websites.  He makes money off of his deceit so I'm all for letting him starve.  Supposedly there are crazy right wing websites clamoring for his content.  I doubt very much if they're going to be able to provide him with the same level of income he has now.  Looks like it might be beenie weenies for Alex.
And yesterday sometime, probably while I was mopping the kitchen floor, Sarah something or other, the voice of stupidity, admitted there actually might be a tape with the Idiot Jerk using the 'N-word.'  Someone needs to tell that honey the odds are heavily in favor of more than one tape in existence. 
And also, sometime yesterday, the idiot Jerk called Omarosa a dog.  Holy Shit.  Am I the only one who thinks this might a new show for the Lifetime Channel?  How about "Going to Hell in a Hand basket" for a title?  Or maybe a better one would be "Racist Republicans on Parade."  I'm sure with a little training Ivanka, Jarod, Melanoma, and Sarah, and Stevie Miller could all do some Busby Berkeley routine... with feathers!

If you stick with it, you'll even get a shot of Paul Manafort and Roger Stone ogling from back stage.
Oh, and speaking of Manafort, I saw where his defense did nothing.  No witnesses were called.  Evidently they had the courtroom sealed for 2 hours.  No one was allowed in.  When they opened the doors, Manafort's attorneys had rested their case.  Smart money is saying they didn't want anybody to watch him flip into somersault routine.  Either that, or they're expect the Idiot Jerk to swoop in wearing his red 'hammer and sickle' just in time to save the day.  That didn't happen.  Perhaps because the Idiot Jerk was too busy barking at Omarosa.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

The Idiot Jerk's evil toad

Well, here it is Tuesday and I decided to take a personal day.  This will give me 3 days off in a row.  Of course, the ASM I talked to wasn't happy.  She doesn't understand that I'm at that age where there needs to be mutual respect between employer and employee.  That isn't always the case.  New associates, younger associates, those with ambition need to bow down to management more than I.  Being retired does have its perks.  The debate is raging as to whether I should go part-time or not.  if I could be guaranteed 30 hours per week, that would be fine.  In retail, however, that not a certainty during January and February. 
And isn't the Amarosa bit amusing.  She might be a shallow, self-centered woman, but she does have a knack for pissing off the Idiot Jerk in the White House.  That's funny.  He's not too good at hiding his racism, and she is bringing out the truth, not so from her book, rather it's the Tweets he shits in her direction.  Thanks to her the world now knows his aides need to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements.  Hahahaha.  What else would you expect from a scumbag president? 
Oh, and what about Stephen Miller's uncle criticizing him in an essay.  Does that man really thing his opinion is really going to change Steve?  Not in the least.  Miller doesn't care about his heritage or his roots.  What he does care about is white supremacy.  You see, Steve wants to keep American as white as possible for as long as possible.  He has more in common with the people his grandparents were running away from, then he does with his grandparents.  In case you're wondering, this guy's an evil toad.

Of course, the Idiot Jerk in the White House doesn't see him as such, rather he sees Evil Steve as a strong leader, a man who takes a strong stand.  Nope, there's no compromise in Steve.  He hates everything that isn't White Bread American.  He is the Idiot Jerk's evil toad.

Monday, August 13, 2018

The Garden Pary

I guess there was this little party yesterday somewhere in Washington.  Yeah, this group of white supremacists thought they'd show the world how strong they were, how many there were of them, and....  And, well, I guess you could say 'someone left their cake out in the rain.'  They showed up, saw the thousands of anti-white supremacists had gathered around them, massive numbers they said, and went home without even putting on their party hats.  They dispersed faster than a fart in a hurricane.  I'm sure the Idiot Jerk in the White House was filled with dismay.  Sure, one of his spokes lackeys has said he 'condemns all racism' but his supporters know better.  That's why some of them gathered in DC... so he could fawn over them.  They were hoping for another pro-racists statement similar to the one he made after Charlottesville.  You know what I'm talking about, that there was blame on both sides.  Oops.  Well that never happened, at least publicly.  Let's be honest here.  If there were a large enough voting block who supported him, and who also happened to eat kittens for breakfast daily, he would try and give them what ever they wanted.  If you bow down to him, he doesn't care who you hate, what you pray to, or even what you eat.  He will have your back as long as he has your vote.  This is not to say he isn't racist.  Look at whom he surrounds himself with:  bleached blondes, White Russians, and that token fool Ben Carson.
And what about that Amorosa... 'what's her name?'  She has a book out (she can write?), and some audio tapes of the Idiot Jerk.  I guess yesterday the world got to hear John Kelly firing her.... I guess it wasn't pretty.  Does she have any idea how much her career choices invalidate everything she says?  She claims to have been paid what?  $15,000 a month for her silence....  Translation for those who don't know - she got fired, she's no longer getting paid, and now she's going to talk.  Basically, she had no problem with the Idiot Jerk's racism as long as she was on the payroll.  Now she's talking.  Give me a break.  She doesn't help the Blue Wave.  She doesn't hurt the Blue Wave.  She's nothing more than a zit that will go way in time.
Finally, I'm having some dental work done this AM.  I chipped my front tooth on a peach pit.  My good dentist is going to fix the chip.  Yippee.  If I swing down around the DC area I might be able to fine one of those party hats... I'd have to do something about he swastika though.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Warning Signs

Sunday = Funday... well, not quite.  I have to work. 
Earlier this morning, I replaced my smoke alarm.  They're supposed to last 10 years - my last one started having issues after 3.  It would talk.  That's right, I had a talking smoke alarm.  It warned carbon Monoxide as well.  Sometimes it would talk about that.  Mostly however, it would talk about fire.  For no reason at all, a very calming female voice would say "fire... fire... fire has been detected.  Evacuate immediately."  She didn't scream or yell.  Nope.  There was no alarm either, just her voice "fire... has been detected."  Occasionally I'd get "carbon monoxide has been detected.  Evacuate immediately," but usually 3 to 4 times a week she'd talk about the non-existent fire.  Never while I was cooking.  Never at night.  After about 5 minutes she'd stop.  I have no idea for how long this had been going on, since I work.  Anyway, she has now been replaced.  Hopefully I'll get more than 3 years use out of this one.
And what about that Chris Collins. the first Senator to support the Idiot Jerk in the White House?  Charged with Insider Trading.  He must have read the Idiot Jerk's book "The Art of the Steal."  Now his political career is in free fall.  I wonder how long we'll have to wait for a supporting Tweet from the Idiot Jerk, something like "Chris is a good guy, he was just a little too anxious about a good deal."

The look of Conservative, Family Values
These are the same 'business ties' he bragged about to get himself elected.  Greed.  It's all about the money for so many of the Idiot Jerk's supporters.  Oh, and a lot of them claim to be Christians.  Anyway, he has suspended his re-election campaign.  Can I see a raise of hands to get a count of how many believe those campaign funds he raised will now go to his defense attorneys.
Of course you know the Republicans are now running around  crying "fuck,fuck,fuck,fuck."  They're worried about the Kansas Governor election now, and Ohio has them scared, and now New York, where their Rep Collins might end up in jail.  "Fuck,fuck,fuck,fuck,fuck."  The warning signs were there, they just couldn't believe them.  Believing them would mean they were wrong.  They just can not believe they are wrong, that so many, many Americans see them as self-centered, greedy, sacks of shit who don't give a damn about anyone but themselves.  Now they're scared.   There's a Blue Wave coming that's going to wash them away.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

New Toy in Town

People, you are going to need to contain yourselves because... there's a new toy in town.  This little baby was sitting on my front porch when I got home from work yesterday.  Christmas Colors!  And this is actually 2 toys in one!  I can either 'husk' or 'shuck.'  Does anybody which is more fun?  Husking?  or Shucking?  I'm going to need to build myself a box.  You see, the toy clamps to the box (clamps are included, by the way).  The round hole at the top is expandable - that's right, this baby will take any size nut or cob.  Oh, and it comes with a nice crank, too.  You use the crank to turn the wheel as you shove in your nuts... or cobs.  So, is everyone as excited as I am?

And what about that crazy Turkey biz?  The stock market is not happy.  Crazy Christians are, though.  I guess the Turks arrested one, he was on some sort of crazy Christian mission, no doubt.  They said he's a spy.  That has the Crazy Christians in this country pissing sideways.  Because they lubed his slide into the Oval Office, the Idiot Jerk is giving them what they want.  He's going to crash the Turkish economy.  Not that the Crazy Christians in this country care about the Turkish people.  Nope.  You see the Turks are either Muslim, or the 'wrong kind of Christian.'  That means they have no value as human beings.  This is the kind of shit that starts really big, bad wars and they don't care because... well, they're crazy.  Shit, they're worse than fucking zombies.
Anyway, in case you are wondering, I do have wood.  I just have to figure out how to make it into a box.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Down on the Farm

My weekend is over.  I get to go back to work... on a Friday knowing that my next weekend will not happen until next Wednesday.  That's sucks.
I was down on the farm yesterday - my brother's farm.  He and his wife have a very large garden, they do need to spend more time weeding.  My grandparents had a large garden and my grandma weeded for a couple of hours every day.  They are a lot of work.
He has chickens and turkeys and a pot bellied pig, as well as an old dog.  Oh, and there's a 5 foot black snake living in the barn... somewhere.  I told him to let the snake alone, it will eat the rats.  There are always rats because of the grain.  That's also why cats are a valuable asset.  They just love eating rodents.  I snapped a pic of him in the barn with two of his turkeys.

I asked him if they're going to be eaten.  He said, "nah, they're pets."  My brother has a pet farm.  They'll get eggs from the chickens, but that's about it.
They also have walnut trees.

I got some tomatoes and peppers as well.  I told him they need to start making sauce.
Oh, and I saw that Melanoma's parents became citizens in a private ceremony yesterday.  Isn't it interesting how the Idiot Jerk says that's a shitty way for immigrants to become Americans... but it works for him just fine.  Another funny thing is that the Idiot Jerk's administration now wants to make becoming a citizen even more difficult.  These people are so damn two-faced it's ridiculous.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Dumping spies

I got a lot accomplished yesterday - well, for the most part.  There's this little project I'm working on that required a great deal of pondering - I accomplished that on the elliptical.  Forty Minutes of Cardio can work wonders.
Last evening I went to see "The Spy Who Dumped Me."  I thought it was very funny, much better than it's "B" Cinemascore.  Kate is funny, though a bit exhausting in her zaniness.  Mila acts, but the she can, she proved that in "Black Swan."  Justin Theroux is in it - he gets 3rd billing.  Evidently he did some TV show a while back where he jogged in a pair of sweatpants and a lot of people seem to be using that to judge his star quality.  Believe me, it wasn't evident last night.  His total screen time was... oh... maybe about 15 minutes.  Comedy is not his forte.  I was really delighted to see Jane Curtin, she too can act... and for those who don't know, she really does know how to do comedy.  Perhaps the biggest surprise was a character by the name of Sebastian... played by a Scottish actor.  He had 'and' billing.  That's right, there was the star billing, including Jennifer Aniston's husband, and there was the supporting actor billing, most of whom I don't know, and finally the 'and' billing.  So, after every one else, we got to see 'and Sam Heughan.'

This is from some TV show I've never seen but should evidently watch

He's on screen for at least 40 to 50 minutes and gets 'and' billing.  He can act and he's played comedy well.  So, why did he only get 'and' billing?  Probably because he was smart enough not to marry Jennifer Aniston.  
Anyway, I'm off to my brothers to get walnuts.  He just sent me a text;  'bring gloves and boots.'  Hoping to get about 33 quarts.  I may try planting some these again.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

The Truth about Blinds

Well, here it is Wednesday - the first of my 2 days off.  And while a lot of you have been sleeping, I've been busy.  The 3rd load of laundry is in the wash, the 2nd in the dryer, and the 1st, a load of towels, has just been folded and put away.
Yesterday was one of those interesting days.  While I was designing and selling blinds, an older woman (easily in her mid-seventies) came up to the design desk.  She wanted  help with blinds.  "Venetian blinds. They're not mini-blinds, they are Venetian blinds."  I told her I was (as she could well see) with customers and would be with her shortly.  There were 2 other associates working as well, but they too were with customers.  After waiting a short bit, a few minutes at best, she went up and complained to the Service Desk.  "I need to speak to someone about Venetian blinds.)  Well, there were other associates working who could sell her a drill, or a garbage disposal, or even a riding lawn mower.  However, all the design people were with customers and she would have to wait.  About 10 minutes after she had stopped by desk, I finished my sale and went to greet her.  I was told she was interested in Venetian blinds, not mini-blinds.  There was no mollifying her disposition.  She didn't want white - that's all we carry in the store.  There's no way to carry all the sizes we do in a wide range of colors.  I did have a size I could cut down, however it was white, and it was vinyl, and the price (a little over $10) was not what she wanted to pay.  "This is pathetic," she said, and walked away.  Gee... and I even called them Venetian blinds.

And what about that Ohio election?  In a precinct the Idiot Jerk carried by a large margin, in a precinct that has gone Republican for 35 years... they have a razor thin lead.  Oops.  The Idiot Jerk is running around Tweeting "we won, we won."  The Republican candidate is telling everyone who will listen "we won, we won."  However, that old reliability is gone.  Thirty five years of consistency has just been flushed.  Lots of desperate dollars were pumped into that one race... and at this point it is too close to call.  No longer being able to count on a certainty is a failure.  The blinds are being opened.  The real world is beginning to light their darkness and, I suspect, they are very much afraid.  This is how the foreboding grows.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Criminal Songbirds

Well, wasn't yesterday a humdinger?  In many, many ways.
I talked to the scheduler about those vacation days she's over riding.  She's singing a different tune now, lots of sour notes, not the warbled melody I heard several months ago.  What's change?  They combined the Decor and the Flooring departments.  The hours she needs to schedule for the one combined department have increased.  The scheduling system dictates the number of hours needed in the department every day.  I threw a lame excuse at her about my Social Security (it really doesn't matter at this point) and she said she'd try and schedule me shorter days.  That would work.
And what about Rick Gates electrifying testimony?  Ramifications are exploding in all sorts of dazzling directions!  Let's be honest here.  These are the men the Idiot Jerk in the White House puts his trust in daily.  And you think this is bad... wait until Michael Cohen starts chirping.  My money says he's going to sing better than Brittany on one of her better days.

And then there was the Idiot Jerk.  First there was "no collusion."  Then there was "collusion is not a crime."  Then that fat, orange crow started Tweeting something about Donnie Jr.  In his mind, self-preservation means every one is expendable.  It should come as no surprise to anyone that it was just a matter of time before he started singing some ragged lyric about "Throwin' Donnie under the bus...." and backing over him once or twice.  Tire Tread Donnie didn't say much of anything, no doubt because there are not a lot of 'I's and 'Q's bouncing around between his ears.
Oh, and I did wack the hell out of my weeds yesterday when I got home from work.  The temp was 91 (F).  The humidity was rank.  But believe me, it was nearly as criminal as those fools aligned with the Idiot Jerk in the White House.
The only really bad thing to happen to me in a while was a mosquito bite on the side of my knee.  It too will pass.

Monday, August 6, 2018

Koch patties

Monday.  This is the middle of my work week, kind of.... this is my 3rd day of 4 in a row.  Then I have a mid-week weekend, and then get to work for another 5.  I can feel the need for a 32 hour work week... and it's bad.
Yesterday wasn't bad... hot as hell here in Central PA.  There were heat alerts.  When I left the store at 4:30 (PM) the temp was 97 (F).  They're forecasting 90 degree temps again for today... and tomorrow.
And the new regime is beginning to click.  I did 35 minutes on the elliptical when I got home from work yesterday.  The day before I got in a 30 minute bike ride.  Tonight, well I should do free weights, but I'm skipping that in order to wack away at my weeds.  I could wait until Wednesday, when I'm off, but they're calling for thunderstorms on Wednesday.  There have been enough rain delays.
Oh, and I see that the Idiot Jerk is now saying Junior Scumbag did meet with the Russians... to get dirt on Hillary.  He's claiming such meetings happen all of the time.  No wonder he's been singing "collusion is not a crime."  All he's doing is edging that scab, knowing that ripping it off suddenly might give his followers a reason to pause.  It's going to get ripped off whether they like it or not.  Prepare yourselves for the screams!  Some of his Centrist hoard will drop off.  The right wing nut jobs, the ones who really hate America will hang on as dingle berries.
And China has taken a long, difficult look at the Idiot Jerk's tariffs and said "fuck you."
Another hardy Ha Ha goes to the Koch brother (s).  They spent years funneling millions to Republican campaigns because... they could manipulate their conservative views.  Or, so they thought.  While they did donate quite a bit to other Republican candidates, they pretty much sat out the Presidential Race.  And now they have to deal with the Idiot Jerk in the White House.  He doesn't like them (him) because they (he) doesn't kiss his ass.  And they (he) hates the Idiot Jerk because he embodies everything they've been fighting against.  The Koch consortium is being shredded by the Idiot Jerk, who calls them names.  He says they're stupid.  And, that does not sit well.  Ha Ha.  They're more than a little responsible for creating this mess.  Hence, this damage control mode they've jumped into.  That's right, they saw a cow patty, wanted to step close to it, but not in it and not only stomped it dead center, but fell on their asses.  OOPS!  For years they totally ignored the anger their candidates were stoking - now it's too late.  They managed to get the uncontrollable Idiot Jerk elected.  Way to go, bros!

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Blue Storm

Well, it got hot yesterday.  The temp was in the low 90's (F) when I left work.  The humidity was high, but not killer high.  This is good.  Everything is beginning to dry out.  Tonight when I get home I've got a session on the elliptical, and then a session of weed wacking.  I did do a little over 8 miles on the bike last night - my little legs had a bit of the ol' ache.
It seems the Idiot Jerk is frantically waving his little, racist hands again over an interview on CNN.  What's funny about this episode is he hates CNN.  Melanoma watches it.  He doesn't.... at least so he says publicly.  Privately?  I suspect it's a whole other ballgame, he's probably glued to CNN.  Nah, that can't be right.  He's probably paying someone to sit in a small closet somewhere furtively taking short hand notes, detailing everything that news network broadcasts. Because Don Lemon was saying positive things about LeBron James, the Idiot Jerk had to go negative.  Of course, his supporters cheered.  Do any of them care that these negative Tweets are always against black sports figures?  Hell no.  Remember, the overwhelming majority of his supporters are white.  Believe me, the Black Supremacists have not jumped on board his train.
And finally, I saw where this Idiot Jerk spit out some sort of turd that China is ready to cave on the tariffs....  Only an imbecile would believe that.  Oh, wait, that pretty much describes all of his supporters, doesn't it?  I don't understand how they so easily shrug off all of his lies.  Don't they know they're going to end up with a permanent slouch?  The truth is they don't care.  They're just happy that for once in their lives some ass is telling them what they've always wanted to hear.  Truth be damned.  He tells it like it is for a group of people who have so much hate in their hearts.  They hate color.  They hate women, unless they're baby factories.  They hate accents.  They hate any religion but theirs.  They hate free thought.  They hate free press.  They hate anything and everything that doesn't feed their hate... and these haters want to control. If you don't hate the same things they hate, you are the enemy and they hate you.
How do you punish these haters?  Take the power away from them.  Put them back in the cellar.  Vote them out of existence.

We are the Blue Storm rising.  We need to show them storms are scary things.

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Little Horses and Feng Shui

Today is Saturday.  For a number of you, this is the start of your weekend.  Me?  I get to go to work.  I get to work for the next 4 days.  Work... not the most favorite my favorite pastime.
I went to see my Mom yesterday.  She was sitting outside on one of the chairs that line the front sidewalk.  Our conversation was... unusual.  She said she owns a plane but isn't allowed to fly it and that stinks.  No she doesn't.  The best thing to do is just let her prattle on.  Correcting her is useless.  At one point she pointed to a silver trailer being used to move in a new resident and said "little horses live in that trailer.  They come out at night to eat.  Sometimes I come out and talk to them."  Anybody want to buy an imaginary little horse?

Little horses live in that trailer
I also rearranged my cycling room.  For some reason, when I moved things around last time the harmony I used to feel on the bike disappeared.  Feng-shui of sorts.  I like it better this way.  I'll find this later this afternoon when I get home from work.  I've got a 30 minute ride planned.

You can see Lily's octopus by the trainer, a good sign

The Idiot Jerk in the White House shit out some negative tweets yesterday.  I'm going to ignore them since ignoring him is equivalent of throwing acid on his skin.

Friday, August 3, 2018

Stake Time

The sky is overcast, the clouds are a muddy grey and yellow.  There are storms north of here.  Not torrential downpours, heavy, but not the equivalent of a fire hose, rather these are the terminal pitter patter, pitter patter of soaking rain with no place left to soak.  And they're coming our way on this, the second day of my weekend.
Our scheduler is on vacation.  She get back on Monday and I will need to talk to her.  I schedule vacation days for myself so I don't have to work 40 hours each week.  She and I have an agreement giving her the ability to override those requests if she needs the hours.  Well, she's over riding all of them.  This week was approved for 32 hours, next week was approved for 32 hours, and the following week as well.  She has me scheduled to work 40 each week.  Full time for us is 30 hours.  If you work more they need to give your benefits.  If she can't make this work, I'll just have her change the total hours I can work per week to 32.  I don't need the money, so there's more at stake than that: I only want to work 32 hours per week.
And what about Sarah Huckabee Dumb Shit refusing to say the media is not the enemy of the people?  A lot of people believe she is just out and out lying, that she's just doing her job.  They are wrong.  She's an Evangelical Christian.  Because the Idiot Jerk in the White House is giving them everything they want (Sessions and his Christian Task Force) they think he is a gift from God.  They believe everything he says can be sourced to the Almighty.  If that doesn't scare the shit out of you, it should.  This is the reason our Founding Fathers decreed there be a separation of Church and State.  They do not now, nor will they ever understand the evil they do.  They are worse than a plague of locusts.  They will try and devour everything decent and good, leaving behind nothing but their empty Evangelical desolation.  Of course, they will fail, these groups always do.  You see, even though their appearance is that of a plague, they lie about their numbers the same way they lie about everything else.  They will get ugly when they see the truth.  Like a rabid rat in a cage, they will bite at anything, and in the end they will devour themselves.
Now wasn't that cheery? 
Vote Blue.  Every Blue vote is a stake in their hearts.  Every Blue vote slivers away a bit of their phoniness, whittles away at the ugliness of their lies.  Every Blue Vote Counts.

It's Stake Time!!

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Day after Day

My weekend starts today!!!  I got up around 0515 and am on my 3rd load of laundry.  Wacking my weeds was also on the agenda - that however might have to wait.  Forecasters are calling for showers and thunderstorms.  Golly Jee?  When is a fellow supposed to do his lawn work?
The truth is today is going to be pretty much like yesterday.  The sun will rise and set.  Actually, it doesn't.  The sun doesn't move at all.  We spin around it.  The truth is that the sun will rotate into view, unless, of course, you're a 'flat Earther.'  I have no idea if they think the sun rises and sets or rotates.
And speaking about how one day is pretty much the same as the day before, how about that Nick Sauer?  In case you don't know, he's a conservative Republican from Illinois, and he's just like so many Conservative Republicans.

You know who I'm talking about, the clean cut, go to church guys who find their girlfriends on Tinder (bet he swiped right).  The ones who sing hymns to 'family values' while taking naked pictures of those girlfriends.  And what does porcelain smile Nick to with those photos?  Set up an Instagram account as a fictitious female in order to have lurid, erotic conversations with other men.  They call it 'catfishing.'  Seems like Nicky likes men to talk dirty to him.  Why is it these things crop up so often with Conservative Republicans?  One can only wonder if he was trying to follow in the foot steps of the Idiot Jerk in the White House.
Speaking of the Idiot Jerk, did everybody out there get their grocery shopping ID card?  I hope mine is in the mail, otherwise I'm going to starve.
An Navy friend of mine shared this on Facebook - it's nonpolitical, in case you're wondering.  For those who don't know, this is what we deal with on a daily basis.  Sometimes all you can do is just stand there.  On a few occasions, like the customer who wanted a waterproof extension cord to use in his pool, you wonder if you should call the EMT's now... or wait a bit.

The sun has just popped through the clouds so I'm going to quickly go outside and clean up the yard... dogs, you know.  I hate doing it in the rain.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Schmutz in the White House

For years I wore contacts rather than glasses.  They were okay.  The issues with my eyes precluded my using lenses I could pop in and forget.  Nope, for me it was a daily chore - until about 5 years ago when I decided wearing glasses was just not that bad.  Now, the only problem I have is dog schmutz.  You see, dogs don't really know what glasses are.  They will push their noses against them, lick them, paw them off your face... all sorts of things, all of which disrupt my field of vision.  The schmutz is a problem since I like to see clearly.  End result: I clean my glasses several times daily.
Of course, being able to see clearly can sometimes lead to frightening realizations.  Take the Idiot Jerk, for example.  While I can't say that he scares the shit out of me on a daily basis, thought it's close.  And the frequency of his actions seems to be on the increase.  This is to be expected in one who is so severely unbalanced.  His is an ego tottering along a thin line between sanity and insanity.  There are times when he doesn't concern himself with appropriateness, he just jumps into the crazy.
A possible meeting with Rouhani is nothing more than an ego snack.
Collusion is not a crime... well, no.  However when you aid and abet a foreign power trying to throw an election in your favor?  That's called treason.  Lock him up.
Allowing Jeff Sessions to begin building an army of Evangelical zealots?  He's going to give that phony Christian base anything they want.  If he loses them, he'll be in the clink in no time.
Saying the Koch brother (s) are dumb shits.  Well, they didn't bow down and kiss his ass.  In fact, they sort of sat out the 2016 election, fools that they are.  Now, they're talking about helping Democrats. 
Now, these moments happen regularly... maybe not daily... but with enough frequency to make sane Americans start to wonder if they, too, need to wipe the schmutz from their glasses.

"Dirt" in German 

Schumtzieg is "dirty" 

Often used in replace of "dirtbag