I've also been told I have little tact, so if this offends you simply ride on.

Thursday, April 30, 2020

On Cue

For the life of me, I don't know why I kept thinking yesterday was Saturday, perhaps because the store was relatively busy.  We are slowly going to be increasing our hours, staying open later.  As I said, on Monday, May 18 my schedule goes back to a full 40 hours a week.  This means I'll be having to adjust my rides to later in the day; 40 - 60 minutes is their stand length.
I was in Lombardy, riding along the shore of Lake Garda yesterday and it's simply beautiful.  I couldn't help but think, however, that Lombardy was one of those regions of Italy hit so hard by Covid 19.  What a shame.
A bit about Tara Reade...   Interesting.  Back, when her allegation started making press, I did some minor research.  She had claimed that she had filed a complaint at the time of the incident, however there was no documentation this happened.  Since her initial complaints, the details of the incident have become more salacious.  Christine Blasey Ford's accusations against Bret Kavanaugh never evolved.  But for Reade, what was once a grope has now become fingers inserted into her vagina.  As I said, this is interesting.  She alleges the assault happened in a hallway when she was delivering a duffel bag to him.  The details have now become rather lurid.  And this is an election year.  And Sanders supporters are now calling on Uncle Joe to drop out of the race.  And Reade didn't really begin to forcefully speak out until after Sanders dropped out of the race.  True, Uncle Joe has a reputation for being a little touchy feely, but... as I said, this whole thing is interesting.
And speaking of Bernie.  He's a bit burned because New York cancelled their primary.  He was hoping to get a few more delegates.  He sees them as a bargaining chip to force Biden to swing farther to the left.  Now, that ain't happening.  Cue Tara.
And I know there are those out there who are waiting for an update on Glen.  I wish I could say he was blooming, but that doesn't seem to be the case.  He does, however, seem to be thriving.

I look forward to seeing how he will dress himself... herself... itself up next year, since he is the offspring of a bulb.  The yellow tulip in the background?  That's what his... her... its parents were hoping for and instead they got... Glen.  Is his bulb angry?  I have no idea.  That happens, you know.  Wanting something so terribly bad and then being terribly disappointed.  This is how grudges are formed.  Does the bulb hold a grudge?  Well, I guess we'll have to wait until next year.

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Pigeon brained

Wednesday... and I get to go back to work.  For five hours I'll get to enjoy Social Distancing.  My new schedule was posted yesterday and right now I get to go back to full-time hours on May 18.  I do not doubt we will still be wearing some sort of face coverings, probably until there's a vaccine.
A bit about the 'negative' tests:  just because you're not infected today doesn't mean you're not going to get infected tomorrow.  I suspect there are a lot of people out there who don't understand this.  They are like this woman here, who will never get it.

Guess who the woman in red is supporting for President?
The NYT mentioned Greece again. That country has only had 138 Covid 19 deaths.  Maybe we should all move there, or at least visit.
The Idiot Jerk's administration put out guidelines yesterday for states to follow in regard to opening up.  One of those rules is to have declining infection rates for 14 consecutive days.  No state has reached that yet.  The curve has been flattened in many places, which means hospitals are going to be overwhelmed, but people are still getting sick and dying.  This is something Republicans don't seem to understand, that people are still getting infected.  Of course, their intelligence level is so low many of them consider flattening the curve to mean it's over.  Nope, Granny can still get sick and die.  Don't worry, his base will soon be protesting the wearing of face coverings.
Not surprisingly, his approval ratings have not stabilized.  Nope.  They are experiencing a constantly slow erosion in part, no doubt, because of his need to constantly be in the spotlight.  While his daily briefings may have enthralled his base, the rest of America shook their heads and murmured "Holy Shit."  The never gush of self-praise became more than annoying.  He surrounded himself with scientists and then treated them as though they were "Chatty Cathy" dolls, where every time he pulled a string they spit out a compliment.  All of this has taken a toll on the approval rating of a not too popular president.  And I guess it was the same yesterday, at his non-coronavirus briefing, where he had small business owners come out and compliment and congratulate him on the good job he was doing.  Son of a bitch.
Anyway, I was busy yesterday.  I finally got the wall in my staircase painted.  This is what it looks like now.

Now I have to figure out what I"m going to do with the banister.

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Under the Carpet

Tuesday, and it's another day off for me.  I have a full plate on my agenda for today, including a visit to my neighborhood Giant, and a mowing of the lawn.  I'm going to plant my zinnias today, as well as some bok choy seeds (a first for me).  As for the sweet potato I was growing?  What grew was a vine (about 8 feet long) with single leaves every 6 to 8 inches, rather than a plant, and the vine start breaking off in 2 foot sections after it hit that 8 feet.  It was not at all what I was expecting, so I think I'm going to use it as fertilizer and grow something else in that old coffee pot.
One of the things I did yesterday was cut an old sheet up into rags.  For those of you too young to know better, before there was such a thing as paper towels we had rags.  There were even rag peddlers.   They sold other things as well.  In fact, you can still buy rags.  We sell rags, though we don't look like this:

And even though Covid 19 is still raging through the country, the Idiot Jerk in the White House has pivoted to 'the economy.'   This makes sense.  He's far more interested in money than in human lives.  His history clearly demonstrates his lack of concern, his disregard, for the human soul.  In his mind, back when he was hosting his shitty reality show, every time he got say "you're fired," he was actually saying "off with your head."  I suspect that in his mind he has always been "The Chosen One."  Cracker Jack Evangelicals telling him that merely cemented his insanity into reality.
Until, of course, he suggested injecting disinfectant into your veins as a way of killing you off quicker than the virus could.  You do know that's what was going through his head.  What the world saw was merely a little Freudian Slip.  We all got to see his variation on Ebeneezer Scrooge's view

 “If they would rather die,” said Scrooge, “they had better do it, and decrease the surplus population.”

Because the economy is far more important than human life.  His brief mourning period is what they're calling it.  The scientists who warn us are no longer by his side on the briefing stage.  Human life has no value to him.  He and his party care not about the lives lost, for them the Holy Economy is all important.  Lives will continue to be lost.  They will try and sweep Covid 19 under the carpet.  If they don't talk about the virus, it will go away.  Isn't it a good thing they are a minority group who can be voted out?  Vote Blue this November.  Vote he and his party into oblivion.

Monday, April 27, 2020

Smash, Crash, Boom, Bang

Well, my first weekend day has not had a very auspicious beginning.  I went to clean the toilet bowl this morning and the bottle of Clorox Scentiva I use was clogged.  At first I thought perhaps some local MAGA head had snuck into the house and had a free disinfectant snort and left the cap open - not the case.  I could twist the red plastic cap open and close - no problem there- so the clog must have occurred farther down in the nozzle.  The bottle was full and rather then chuck the whole thing away, I went downstairs and cut the top off.  Now there's no clog and the toilet bowl is clean.
Yesterday, when I went to work, I discovered my schedule had been changed.  No 2 days off in a row.  In fact, my new schedule only had me off on Monday, oh, and my hours had changed. Instead of working my fixed shift of 0800 - 1 PM, I was now scheduled 0600 - 0830.  We have a part-time cashier who is also a Dave S and some nimble fingered person (either the scheduler or an Assistant Manager) gave me his schedule by accident.  Everything is now fixed.
As far as my store opening up completely, going back to business as usual, I'm expecting that to happen sometime towards the end of May.  Even then I don't doubt the large home improvement retail chain I work for is going to keep a serious eye on the infection rate.  Until there is a vaccine, or a med which will keep people from being hospitalized if they become infected, life is going to change.  I saw snippets of BoJo saying pretty much the same thing.  His tune has changed, somewhat.  He actually said the British people are not going to sacrifice everything they've struggled so hard to get by setting themselves up for a 2nd wave.  Oh, and if the Idiot Jerk in the White House was expecting the NHS to be on the bargaining table, I'm afraid he's going to be very disappointed.
If you listen closely, there is an unmistakable rumble of concern rattling through the GOP, they may not only lose the White House... but the Senate as well.  They allowed a Moral Degenerate to get elected and many, believing he was the 2nd Coming of Reagan, jumped on board his Loyalty Train.  Oh... shit.  Now the Idiot Jerk is barreling full steam towards the cliff and all they can do is clamber back into the caboose, terrified that he's going to take them right along with him, smash, crash, boom, bang into the rocks below.
Today I'm planning on doing some chores around the house.  The drizzly rain we've been having for the past couple of days seems to be on it's way out to sea.  There are breaks in the clouds and occasional rays of sunlight beam down to light upon my lawn; it desperately needs to be mowed.  That will happen tomorrow, after the grass has dried up a bit.  Here's an older shot of my tulips out front.  I'd have an updated one for you but... well, it's been drizzly, shitty rainy.

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Moments of Infamy

Sunday is Fun day in the wonderful land of Covid 19.  Especially when you work in retail.  Though I must admit yesterday was a real corker.  Instead of being drizzly, the weather grew warm and sunny, and the line at our front entrance stretched.  Customers didn't mind, however, because the weather was nice.  To be honest, I don't think many of them were believing the radiant sunshine gracing their skin was killing the coronavirus.
Our blue competitor, located barely 1/2 mile away, chose to eliminate restrictions on the number of customers allowed in the store.  As a result, they ended up with a zoo of confusion.  I know this because we had customers complaining of how their aisles were so crowded you could barely walk.  Limiting your shoppers turns out to be a blessing for crowd control.  Believe me, 100 people in our store is still a lot, but you're not packed in like sardines. 
Speaking of sardines, I've been spending some time learning about smoked salmon, not Nova, mind you, that comes from Newfoundland.  I'm talking about the smoked salmon which comes from Scotland.  There's hot smoked, and cold smoked, wild caught or farmed from a loch, and all very interesting and rather mysterious in a way.

And, just in case you thought you missed the Idiot Jerk's daily coronavirus briefing yesterday, don't worry, you didn't.  There was none.  I understand there is the distinct possibility that again, today, a briefing may not be in the offing.  Can anyone truly imagine the nightmare that is roiling through the administration after the disinfectant shit show?  As I've said before, there are presidential moments which guarantee our Commander in Chief will be re-elected.  By the same token, there are similar moments which telegraph a failed bid for re-election.  These are moments of infamy which will live forever in the annals of time.  George H. Bush had his moment at a banquet table while attending a State Dinner in Japan.  Remember how he leaned forward and puked up something repulsive onto his dinner plate before almost passing out?    Everybody in the world watched him puking over and over again.  That moment sealed his fate.  The Idiot Jerk had his Moment of Infamy when he asked if doctors were working on a way to inject poisonous disinfectant into the blood stream to kill the coronavirus.  Standing there, ready for his close-up (Mr. DeMille), he proved without a doubt how unfit he was to be president.  Everybody in the world watched him, over and over and over again. And then they looked at each other and said "what a fucking asshole."

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Przewalski on my ass

Well, it's supposed to be drizzly and rainy on and off today so we'll have to see how business pops in our Garden Center.  While we are still very busy, sales have dropped off a bit there mostly because we don't have the 'mulch pit' open.  The 'mulch pit' routes customers who have bought boupcoup bags of mulch down a drive where associates load the mulch into their vehicles.  If you're thinking those associates are brawny and shirtless young men you're wrong, most of them are middle-aged huffers and puffers.
Did you feel the earth shake yesterday?  It did.  Well, maybe rational people like you and I fail to feel it, but the Idiot Jerk's loyal base did.  The puppets at Fox News took the unprecedented step of warning the MAGA heads not to inject not to inject disinfectant into their veins.  I didn't hear if they also warned that ingesting Lysol could also bring about catastrophic, life threatening results; probably not since most of his base already make their favorite hootch with isopropyl alcohol.
I did watch the clip of Birx reaction to his suggestion of developing a way to project ultra-violet light through the skin and into the lungs.  Fascinating.  We rarely get to see an honest reaction in another human being forced to sit and listen to his egoistic stupidity.   You do know Americans tuned in to last night's briefing just to see him squirm and instead had their prayers answered.  The briefing was short and there was no question and answer session.  What a Blessing.
Not surprisingly, Georgia began opening up their economy yesterday with a dull thud.  No matter how much those white, conservative Americans protest, no matter how often they dance around on state capital steps waving their confederate flags and guns, a vast majority of Americans are concerned about the killer virus known as Covid - 19.  These protesters don't understand most Americans don't want to get sick, they don't want to see Granny die because they needed to have their nails done, or their hair cut, but then Conservatives have always been stupid.
Finally, I bought myself some new cycling shorts.  Nice ones.  A bit pricier that the Baleaf brand I usually buy.  Przewalskis. Very, very nice.  Comfortable.  I wore them yesterday for a ride in Corsica (courtesy of Tacx).  Baleaf has their logo around the waste band.  Not Przewalski.  Their logo is a bit lower, over the left buttock.  See it there, just above the padding.

I found it rather amusing to think that whenever I wear them I'm going to have Przewalski on my ass.

Friday, April 24, 2020

Dumb as a Brick

It's Friday!  It's Friday?  wait, where are the happy dancing gifs?  it's the end of the work week!  The weekend!  If you live in Georgia you can now legally go get a massage.  Or, if the mood strikes you, get a nice 'tramp stamp' that's going to start sagging in about 7 or 8 years!  Joy of joys!
Can you all wait a sec while I stop and take my temperature?
There, that didn't take long did it?  96.8 degrees (F).  Yep, I'm a cold one.  Later in the day I'll heat up to 97 (F).  I've never taken my temperature after riding the bike, but I wouldn't doubt if I didn't happen to heat up to 98.6 (F) which would make me normal for a short time.
Yesterday was a bit odd.  I gathered shopping carts from the parking lot twice.  We spray them down before we let the customers touch them.  I had an Asian woman call about ordering flooring.  She bought enough for one room about a year ago.  Bruce Hardwood flooring no longer sells that color.  She has called numerous times and talked to everybody at the flooring desk at least 3 times.  Yesterday I gave her the Bruce Hardwood phone number, maybe they can help her.
And the Idiot Jerk asked if injecting disinfectant might be a solution to the Covid - 19 crisis.  You know, shoot a little Top Job, or Mr. Clean up into the veins?  The response he got was brilliant: "That would kill a lot of people."  The Idiot Jerk in the White House is dumb as a brick.
I think it's funny that even by not actually running a campaign, Joe Biden is kicking the Idiot Jerk's ass in the polls.  Even Rasmussen, a poll that has always had a soft spot for Conservatives, is giving Biden a 'thumbs up.'  This is really bad for the Idiot Jerk.  Having his ass fired by the American people is beyond his belief.   This is what happens when you surround yourself with 'yes men' who constantly agree with your point of view and steer you away from reality.
Biden has suggested the Idiot Jerk might try and have the November election postponed.  Sadly for the Idiot Jerk, the Constitution does not permit that.  Also, keep in mind, that a few short weeks ago the Supreme Court ruled that Wisconsin could not delay its Primary Election.  That set a precedent.  Damn!  Republicans have never ever been too smart.  They have always relied on lies and deceit.  The Idiot Jerk is going down.  So is his Party.
And now, for something lighter.  I was out taking pics yesterday of my tulips.  Lo and behold, I snapped one with an itty, bitty spider on one of the petals.

Nifty, huh?

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Senior Voters are Pissed

Yikes, I get to go back to work today!  Will it be a hoot or not?  My new schedule was posted yesterday and they have me doing my 5 hour shifts up May 17.  I have 2 vacation days that week giving me 4 days off in a row.  Now, ain't that nice.  They also have me scheduled as a Garden Cashier for one of my shifts.  I hope it's a nice, sunny day.
We had cool and windy weather here yesterday, barely made it up into the 50's (F).  March is supposed to be the windy month, not April.  I had been hoping it was going to be warmer so I could get some yard work done.  Instead, I stayed in and made pasta, and refried beans, a couple loads of laundry, and worked on my Greek (I'm talking about the language), and took a ride through Amsterdam.
Oh, and I cut my hair.  Let me tell you, it was a real treat.

Remember when the Idiot Jerk in the White House was whistling his little 'liberate' song and Billy Barr was singing how 'stay at home' orders might just be seriously unconstitutional?  Brian Kemp does.  He's on his way to being the ex-Governor of Georgia, a state where on Friday you can go bowling, or get a tattoo, or even visit a massage parlor.  That's right, a massage.  Now how up close and personal is that?  The Idiot Jerk was fine with this at first, until one of his little henchies told him that in Georgia, the infection rate is still climbing.  Now the 'liberator' is whining "it's too soon!  it's too soon!"  You see, all those fatalities in Georgia are going to be Republican voters.
And Senior Citizens are rejecting the Idiot Jerk in the White House and he's not too happy about it.  This was to be expected.  What did he think was going to happen with the Lieutenant Governor of Texas, and Trey Hollingsworth from Indiana, and that Crazy Cracker Christian Mike Pence telling Seniors they're going to be collateral damage.  Seniors don't want to be told they're unimportant.  They don't want to 'resign themselves' to the fact that restarting the economy is necessary in order to get the Idiot Jerk re-elected.  Son of a Bitch!  A very large block of voters is being told to write themselves off.  Now, how stupid is that?
Here in Pennsylvania, if you're a registered voter, you can sign up to get a mail-in ballot for the upcoming primary.  Sign up online here.  You will need to sign up again for the main election in November if you want a mail-in ballot.  Many states are giving voters the option, so if you don't live in Pennsylvania, check with your state government.  The time has come to vote the Republican Party into oblivion.

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Republicans Resort to Human Sacrifice

Well, here it is Wednesday.  I know it as my 2nd sequential day off.  Tomorrow I'll head back to work for 4 days before my second set of sequential days off.  I looked at my schedule yesterday and saw that on 5/10 I'm working as a Garden Cashier.  I get paid really, really well to work as a cashier.
I baked bread yesterday and it is delish.  I also went to Giant.  I might return this morning since I forgot to ad a few things to my list.
Gallup put a little bit of a wake-up call for America yesterday.  A very large % of Americans are concerned about their health and going back to work too soon.  The Idiot Jerk in the White House?  His ratings are continuing to slide.  Only 34% of Americans think he, and his administration, are handling this crisis well.  His allies know this is how you lose an election very badly.  This is why the Republicans are jumping on the "we need to go back to work" bandwagon.  Since he has already failed at handling the Covid - 19 pandemic, the Idiot Jerk needs a robust economy.  He needs something to point to in order to crow "look what I've done."  What they've actually done is choose to sacrifice lives in order to try and kick start the economy.  They believe your average American will say, "it was worth Grampa's life to get the Idiot Jerk re-elected."  That's what this is all about.  Republicans are going to sacrifice human beings in an attempt to get the Idiot Jerk another 4 years in the White House.  Starting today, if you live in Georgia, you can get a tattoo, or your hair cut.  Think about that.  How often does your barber, or your stylist touch your head?  And if they're wearing gloves, keep in mind that latex does not kill Covid - 19.  The infection rate in Georgia is still climbing, it has not peaked.  Republicans see that as rather unimportant.  It's okay if people get sick and die as long as a segment of the population can back to spending money.
Finally, I thought I'd share something a little lighter, a bit more amusing.  Here's Lily yesterday afternoon with a T-Rex in her mouth. 

Squeak, squeak.

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Hello! It's me!

So it's Tuesday and I started my weekend last evening by doing 3 loads of laundry.  Very nice.  There are supposedly very heavy storms headed our way this afternoon... will have to wait and see just how heavy.  The last time storms were forecast we had a 15 minute squall line with occasional spotty deluge.  Nothing to write home about, if you know what I mean.
There were protests in Harrisburg yesterday.  I didn't see any of it since I don't watch cable.  Maddie saw some images on CNN.  The less attention these yocals get the better it is for the country.  I find it interesting that a number of these protests are being supported by the De Vos family.  That right, that Cracker Jack Christian Betsy De Vos, she with the helmet hair, has no problem sending people out to get infected.  This should come as no surprise since the family made it's money from the king of all Pyramid Schemes known as Amway.
I saw this morning the tinfoil dictator wanna be is going to is one his Executive Orders to stop all immigration.  This is because the virus is spreading in high interest destination points for immigrants... like Nebraska.  Is that right?  Of course not, he's just throwing a bone to his xenophobic base.  Immigrants are just one more target on his Spinning Wheel Blame Game. 
Southern states are dropping their restrictions and starting to send people back to work even though the experts say it is way to soon.  This shouldn't surprise you since there are a lot of minorities in Georgia, and Tennessee, and South Carolina.  Covid - 19 is tough on minorities, however it's also true in likes Crackers.  The Idiot Jerk's bib is covered with Cracker Crumbs.  You see, he doesn't care who lives or dies.  Believe me when I tell you he is more concerned about our crumbling economy than human life.
Yesterday was the first day we had to wear a mask or face covering at some time while working.  I suspect this will become the norm until they develop either a cure or a vaccine.  I wore my cute little tube bandanna.  I received a lot of compliments.  So much so, I ordered three more, in different colors and patterns of course. Just because you need to wear a face covering doesn't mean you can't be stylish.  And what makes these tube bandannas far superior to the standard N95 mask is they let you go completely incognito!  No one will know who you are.

Monday, April 20, 2020

Taking it home to Granny

It's Monday morning and I get to go to work and wear a mask... face mask, that is.  Mine is a tubular piece of synthetic fabric, a lot like a baggy nylon stocking.  We are supposed to wear them up over our mouth and nose constantly.  That's not going to happen, not until I get used to wearing it.  An amusing side note: I can pull it up over my entire head.  I have no idea what I look like, but people laugh when I do it, so maybe I'll bring it along home this afternoon and take a picture.
There were no protesters yesterday, and the day turned out to be nice and sunny.  The line to get into the store was fairly long.  I am impressed by the patience of people in this time of crisis.  I need to amend that to say most people.  There is that minority group out there who hate being told what they can and cannot do.  Isn't it interesting they, themselves, want dictate to us what we can and cannot do.   Hhhmm.  Many of them don't understand what's going on.  They don't care about anything but their own selfish wants.  In America, this is the new definition of Conservatism.
On a lighter side, I rode 64.9 miles last week.  Five days in a row I was on the bicycle, three of them in San Remo (through the magic of Tacx).  Yesterday, however, I was in France riding stage 2 of Liege-Bastogene-Liege.  One of the hills has a 17% grade.  Interestingly enough, it was filmed on race day so I was riding with actual cycling teams.  Let me tell you, the feeling was rather surreal seeing the Lotto cyclists riding towards me.
There's supposed to be a big protest in Harrisburg today, which is in Dauphin County... which has a fairly high infection rate.  15% of those tested have been positive.  Ouch.  Governor Wolf said "if they want to come and protest, let them come and protest."  Of course, they might end up taking something back home to Granny, but that's okay.
And now even that idiot Pence is saying the "cure might be worse then the disease," which is his way of justifying the loss of life.  He's always been a failed human.
Finally, I took another picture of my tulips, this through one of my rose bushes.  For those interested, I've marked Glen.  He.... she.... It seems to be doing find.  I suspect that might change as he becomes conflicted over his... her... It's inability to bloom.

Sunday, April 19, 2020

The Price for being a Protester

Sunday, because of Social Distancing, is going to actually be a day of rest for some, but not as many as you think.  Take me, for example, I get to go in and work.   Not being the religious type, working on Sunday doesn't bother me.  Normally the store is slow until around noon, then we usually get the after church crowd, of course Covid - 19 has eliminated attendance for most.  We will have to see how today shakes out.
We now have Plexiglas spit guards at all registers, the Service Desk, and the paint desk.  Employees feel much safer.  They are a large, visible reminder we're dealing with a serious issue.   Conservatives don't like them, but the Conservatives don't wear face masks either.  I had a very large customer in the Flooring department yesterday who told me the numbers were wrong, they weren't nearly as high as the media was saying.  He referenced Ron DeSantis, governor of Florida, not wearing a mask when he gave his coronavirus update.  I desperately wanted to say "Hey, Fat Boy, you're in a very high risk category.  You need to take this seriously," but I didn't.  I chose decorum over trying to educate this oaf.
In fact, if you look at a those protesters complaining, a lot of them seem to be on the jowly side.  And really, if you boil down their complaints there is just one thing that stands out.  These are selfish people who hate control.  They want to do what they want.  Personally, I think we should let the Idiot Jerk have his way, let his base gather together, and infect together, and when they start dying together they're going to say "Oh, Shit."  In fact, those might be their 2 last words as they become less vote he can tally in the fall.
Speaking of protesters, we had some at the store yesterday.  Not in the store, per se, but in the parking lot across the street.  As I left work, I saw 7 pickup trucks parked diagonally.  The last one was flying a large blue flat with the Idiot Jerk's name on it.  No one was gathering around them.  Everybody was driving past.  While the media may be talking about them, keep in mind they are a very, very small group of people making a lot of noise.  In 2 weeks, when the states begin relaxing their restrictions, what are they going to protest?  The body count is not going to stop.  Social distancing is going to stay in place.  And they will, slowly get sick.  This is the price of being one of the Idiot Jerk's protesters.  This is how evolution works.
It's cold right now.  My outdoor thermometer show a temp of 31 (F) and that's not going to be good for my tulips.  When I got home from work yesterday one of them had either snapped off because of the wind... or, a bunny had chewed away the stem.  Remember,  I live in bunny hell.  Any way, I brought it inside and stuck it in some water. and it opened up.  Here's one of my tulips.


Saturday, April 18, 2020

Greece kicks Covid - 19's ass

Well, it's Saturday.  Ho... hum.
I do get to go into work again today.  Yesterday I was on the door for most of my 5 hours.  I only had 1.5 assholes to deal with... well maybe 1.75 assholes.  One man in a red coat (no MAGA hat) complained about people being "afraid they're going to get sick," because we're only allowing 100 in the store at a time.  Another man in his early 50's looked at the signs notifying customers that as of Monday everyone needed to wear some for of face mask and shook his head angrily.  And one Asian man said "there's no line at Lowes.  They're letting everybody in the store."  My response.  "Well, then go to Lowes and get infected."  He and his friend stayed in line.  Of the approximately 250 people I dealt with, the vast majority were fine.  Some said "stay safe."  I had some nice conversations with customers and I can tell you, many, many, many are concerned.
If you're like me, you peruse Internet media a lot looking for tidbits that catch your attention.  I found this one interesting a few days back, talking about how the Idiot Jerk in the White House couldn't understand why the US just didn't let the virus 'wash' over us.  And there wasn't just one intance when I saw his 'herd' mentality surfacing.  There were a number of articles from a number of different sources.  I say this because he and his administration are saying there are enough tests to safely send the public  back to work, while many Governors, including Cuomo, are saying just the opposite.  Not testing is how you let 'herd' immunity work.  In case you hadn't realized it, neither he, nor is billionaire cronies, are concerned with how many Americans die as long as they, themselves are safe.  There's going to be a price to pay and they're going to makes sure someone else pays it.
And here's a bit about his ratings.  By now everyone in the country understands he needs to feed his ego... constantly.  Some were stunned when he bragged about his ratings during one of his daily lie sessions.  The fact that he mentioned the Bachelor Finale loudly screamed about where his priorities were.  Just so you know, his highest rating was 12.2 million viewers.  This does not mean they were loving his performance, rather it means 12.2. million Americans had his broadcast turned on.  In actuality, that is only .037% of the American population.  Oh, dear me, that's a problem if you're desperately trying to be popular.
And since we're there, shall we look at approval ratings?  George W's went up to 90% after 9/11 and though the did drop by the time of his re-election they still helped him win a 2nd term in the White House.  The Idiot Jerk's approval ratings shrieked up to a voluminous 54% (now that's screaming, eh?) and have since dropped down to 44%.  Ouch!  Is it any wonder he's angrily Tweeting to his base in Michigan, and Wisconsin, and Virginia.  His re-election is anything but guaranteed.
And Finally, I think we should all send a strong round of Congratulations to Greece, one of the few countries to kick Covid - 19 in the ass.  The EU was was not nearly expecting them to do such a great job.   They were simply amazing.

I think everybody should stand and give birthplace of Democracy a rousing round of applause.

Friday, April 17, 2020

The Body in the Well

Okay, so do I want to do the big stuff at the beginning of today's blog?  or at the end?
It snowed like hell yesterday.  I was a counter on the door, no more than 100 in the store at a time, and no one's buying flooring right now.  The Idiot Jerk's fan base thinks it all a joke.  It's all a hoax, you know?  Actually, we have 2 associates out with fever.  How many are actually infected?  We have no idea.  There aren't enough tests for everybody.  You can bet a hot rattler in Pope's Pew there are far more sick people in this country then have been tested.
And Jerry ( the Jr Cracker Jack Crazy Christian) is coming under a lot of fire for opening his university.  More and more people are getting sick.  Trying to defend themselves they ran a full page ad filled with phony information about other universities in the country, how many of them were 'open for business.'  Those universities are call Jerry a liar.  And his students are pissed.  You see, they're losing the big bucks they paid for their room and board... cause they couldn't come back to campus.  I'm betting it would be easier to get a good glass of wine at The Long Branch Saloon then to get a refund from Jerry.
In case you didn't know, the Idiot Jerk caved to the states.  His approval rating has dropped 6 points.  While he may crow over the ratings for his ego fest, most Americans don't watch.  Or they turn him off.  Take testing for example.  We don't have nearly enough for mass testing.  In fact, I do believe we're importing test kits from... South Korea.  And that Hydroxichloroquine?  Don't take it.  It's worse then snake oil.  Talk about the cure being worse than the disease... that stuff will kill you faster than a blunt instrument.
Looks like most of the country is going to have at least another three weeks in which they're going to have to stay at home.  Bored?  Stuck in the house?  Can't go  nowhere?  Maybe now's the time to sit back with a glass of wine and enjoy a little... murder.

And yes, that is a bloody hand print on the bar.  Now available at Amazon in both Kindle and paperback editions. 

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Meet Glen

Well, it's Thursday and I go back to work.  I checked yesterday and my schedule has been adjusted all the way to May 10, no more than 5 hours a day.  This is fine with me.
I ordered one of these seamless face-mask / bandannas since I have a feeling they're going to become very stylish and necessary in the future.  Mine has a different pattern.

Tres chic, eh?
For those who didn't see, Kellyanne Conway was demonstrating her ignorance on Fox and Friends yesterday.  No one told her the '19' in Covid - 19 comes from the year the virus made its appearance, 2019.  She believes there were 18 previous iterations.  And those boom boom brains on the Idiot Jerk's favorite show nodded sagely, "oh, yes, oh yes," because the segment was focused on attacking the WHO.  Can we talk about fake news here?
Remember Tuesday when the Idiot Jerk demonstrated to the world how unhinged he truly is?  When he took us into his twisted fantasyland where he's been on top of this whole thing from the very beginning?  Despite his trying to rewrite history on that day, something else happened.  Remember that election in Wisconsin?  The one that couldn't be delayed because the Conservatives in our Supreme Court were hoping Democrats were going to go out and vote... and possibly get sick?  Well, that turned out to be a very bad decision for Conservatives.  You see, those Democratic voters were also voting for a brand, new Supreme Court Justice for the state.  The result was a landslide victory for Liberal Democrat.  The Conservative candidate, the one the Idiot Jerk had been pushing, lost badly.  Ouch.  The Liberal beat the Conservative by over 120,000 votes.  Ouchy!  Ouch!  You can bet the Idiot Jerk must have been seething at receiving such a smack in the face.
And finally, there's a mutant in my yard.  That's right.  Yesterday I was taking pics of my flowers when I spied him... her... it.  Something went genetically wrong.  Being different can be... heartbreaking.  I wanted to be sure she... it... he knew I was being supportive, so I gave.... it (?) a name.  Meet Glen.

The tulip that couldn't decide if it... he... she wanted to be a flower or a leaf.

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Cracker Jack Conservatives

Can you believe today's Wednesday?  It is Wednesday, isn't it?  Seems like yesterday was only Tuesday... or was it Monday?  Wait, let me look at my calendar. Yep, it's Wednesday!  This used to be Hump Day for a lot of people.  I suppose if you're working from home it is... kind of... in a really odd sort of way.  If you're under a Stay at Home order and you're unemployed the day doesn't really matter, does it?
So, last evening I'm formatting the manuscript for publication and after I get the margins set I see The Body in the Well is 497 pages long.  Wrong.  And then I realized I had forgotten to change the line spacing.  The original manuscript is double spaced between lines so I have room to pen in notes and do corrections on the hard copy.   A quick fix knocked that page count down quite a bit.  The last thing I want to do is overwhelm people with size.
I saw that Frankie Graham is annoyed because people are questioning his radicalized values.  That little hospital his Christian group set up in Central Park is drawing fire.  In order to work there you need to sign some Cracker Jack document denouncing same sex marriage.  He doesn't understand why people object to him passing judgement on human beings.
And then there's Trey Hollingsworth, a Republican from Indiana who says "it's time to put on our big boy and big girl pants" and accept the fact that opening the economy is more important than saving lives.  Spoken like a true Republican, you know?  He's one of the nuts in the box of Cracker Jacks.  It seems quite a number of the Idiot Jerk's base are thinking along the same lines.  That's what makes them Cracker Jack Christians and, I'm sure, being members of that cult, few of them have any problem with dying early.
The Idiot Jerk is also desperately trying to blame WHO and China for his shitty job.  Unfortunately for him, his history of job performance is not good.  There are a slew of products and services which have borne his name that have failed, from Ties, to Steaks, to a scamfest University.  There are evidently a whole boatload of lawsuits waiting for him the moment he's voted out of office.  I suspect his attorneys have been keeping this from him.  They know this man is far more stupid than he looks.
Finally, I took another pic of my bulbs yesterday.  They're going to be really nice when fully bloomed.  Since it's not supposed to be breezy today, I want to give all of my roses their first dose of spray to keep away the black spot.

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

The Trump S**T Show

I slept in today... well, that's not entirely true.  I did get up.  I did a few chores.  After they were done I laid back down.  This is my day off.  I think I'm going to back banana walnut bread later on. 
Yesterday I worked my full 8 hours shift.  I followed the schedule.  As I was leaving, the store manager asked if I had changed back to my regular shift.  I told him "no," that I was only working what I had been scheduled.  Evidently my schedule for this week hadn't been changed.  That has been remedied.  I don't mind working as long as I don't have to deal with stupid people.
My nephew's not too bright wife posted some silly thing on Facebook.  She said she couldn't understand why people working at grocery stores should be treated like heroes and given metals.  Of course, I had to ask her what kind of metal she was talking about.  Copper or tin?  Like I said, not too bright.
I understand the Idiot Jerk in the White House had some sort of "unhinged" pandemic update yesterday.  That's what The Guardian called it.  Everybody else called it pure propaganda.  Since I don't have cable, I didn't watch it.  My friend Betsy said it was horrible.  Evidently it was a real Shit Show and pretty much everybody is calling exactly that... a shit show.  I really do think he should do the American Public a favor and fire Fauci, that way his ratings would plummet and the networks would cancel his absurd reality show.   The American Public is going to fire him this fall, so maybe he should start getting used to it.
The Idiot Jerk also implied he had Supreme Authority to open the country when he wanted.  Many Republican and Democratic governors are telling him he needs to flush that hoodoo down the toilet and stop playing with it.  Right now there are 2 coalitions forming:  one on the West Coast and one in the North East.  Both groups are telling him to shut up.  Not that he's going to listen.  White Evangelicals, so craven for power, have been consistently telling him he is a Gift from God.  Unfortunately for them, he believes in his own glory.  Because of that, there is going to be an even bigger Shit Show as both he, and they, ravenously cannibalize themselves as they self-implode.

And then, of course, they're going to do what Conservatives have always done, point fingers at everybody but themselves.

Monday, April 13, 2020

Republicans Need a Scapegoat

It's Monday and I get to go back to work!  I get to go back to work!  I get to... wait, I've been working all along.  When do I get to stay at home?
Yesterday was an odd day at work.  We had a lot of celebrants in the store.  One woman argued with an Assistant Manager because some of the cashier were wearing masks.  Neither she, nor her husband, were wearing masks.  No gloves either.  And she thought wearing them inappropriate, that they were frightening people.  That's right, she said inappropriate.  Damn Republicans.
Otherwise, lots and lots of little plastic Easter eggs were hidden around the store for associates to find.  Three of them had Gift Cards in them.  The rest of the eggs had candy inside.  I prefer candy over gift cards.  Candy is yum.  Weighed myself this morning and found I had gained 1.8 pounds, and that was after riding over 14 miles yesterday afternoon in San Remo. 
Weather is supposed to be crappy today.  Storms with some high winds.  That will keep the customers down at the store.  I am putting together a list of things I'll need to buy as I'm off tomorrow.  I also plan at stopping off at Giant on the way home.  As a single person living alone, I don't have a lot that I need. 
Evidently there's some sort of petition going around to have the guy in charge of WHO fired.  This is from Fox News, so I'd say it's very safe to say that most of those signing this are Republicans.  You know how they are.  Always find a scapegoat.  Always blame someone else.
And I also saw that an interesting bit about those little updates the Idiot Jerk celebrates daily.  His base loves them.  I do believe they seem them as a reality show.  The other half watching his antics hate them, they're turning on for the Science Guys.  It turns out his viewers are extremely partisan.  He can crow as much as he wants about his rating, he's not growing his base.  In fact, he's actually damaging himself with Independent voters.  This is all fine.  Come November, his base is going to be stunned.  They'll never realize all he did was bedazzle their brains.
And, of course the time has come for me to tease with a bit of the Cover Art.  Without further ado, here it is...

Sunday, April 12, 2020

The Imbecile

Okay, it's Sunday.  For some odd reason I set my alarm for 0430, 15 minutes earlier than my normal time.  I know most of you are still deep in REM sleep at that time, but I'm a morning person.
I do get to work today.  Our blue competitor is closed, a combination of Covid - 19 and a Faux Holiday.  This means those planing on going there for their Landscaping Religious Experience will becoming to our store.  Like certain religious groups, they don't really care if it's orange or blue, as long as they get their fix.  When they get to our store, they're going to be waiting in a line.  No more than 100 at a time in the store.  Let me tell you, that seems like a lot of people, but it isn't when your spread them out.
Yesterday I posted signs in my department regarding samples.  If a customer wants a sample to take home, they need to see one of the specialists.  The samples are still there... for now, but they will be going away... soon.  This is because those 4 x 4 inch pieces of vinyl, and carpet, and laminate get picked and put back by countless fingers.  They get breathed on, and fingered by people who don't really give a shit about what's going on in the world.  We call them Republicans.
One thing I find sadly amusing is this notion people have picked up that Covid - 19 is going to peak at a specific time.  You know?  Like the doodle brain who claimed it was going to be gone by April 18.  I hear people saying "it's going to peak next week."  I always ask "where?"  They don't seem to understand it progresses at different rates of speed through different communities.  Social distancing will slow it down, but it is still going to be spreading.
Another dingleberry idea floating around is that Covid - 19 is going to go away once the temperatures warm up.  Does the common cold go away when it gets warm?  Have you ever had a summer cold?  They always say summer colds are the worst.  For those who don't know, the common cold is caused by a coronavirus.  That's right.  Coronaviruses are not new to the world.  The fact that cases are showing up in places like Yemen, a hot, dry country, suggest Covid - 19 might be more like its country cousin the common cold, rather than SARS of MERS.
As time goes on, the voices are growing louder regarding the Idiot Jerk's administrations total failure in regard to this crisis.  They were being warned back in November and... nothing.  You see, the imbecile the Evangelicals put into the White House had a gut feeling this was nothing more than fake news trying to make him look bad.  Now that imbecile is on TV daily giving his little briefings... Dumb shit, he has no clue the ratings are high because people are tuning in for Birx and Fauci... not him.  That connection will never be made in his brain.  What a sorry state this egomaniac has put this country in.
Finally, I planted about 80 bulbs in a bed out front.  They're beginning to bloom.  They are going to be very pretty.  And just think, I haven't planted the Zinnias or the Dahlias yet.

Saturday, April 11, 2020

How it Begins

Well, today is Saturday and I get to go to work.  Will there be assholes in the store, you ask?  You jest, I reply.  This is garden season.  Will people show up to look at the new Patio Furniture during a Stay at Home order?  Let me quote Jules Laurent... "but of course."  Did you get the accent right?  You do need his accent, you know?
One moment while I pause to take my temperature.  You know, if my temp is 100.04 (F) I have to stay home.  They don't want in the store if I'm running a fever...  ... ... Damn 97.8 (F).  Perhaps if I used the thermometer to stir my coffee.
So, I had an physical scheduled on the the 21st.  Last week I called to make sure it was still on and was told they were doing 'phone' appointments only.  At the time, I thought that might not be bad, but the more I thought about it, the more the idea of paying $15 for a 2 minute phone call began to chafe.  My last doctor retired, so this one is new.  The idea of a first meting being a telephone call bothered me, too.  I want the 'face to face' conversation as part of the introduction.  Yesterday I cancelled completely.  They weren't too happy.  This is life.  We all have disappointments.  I told them I was going to call in mid-June to reschedule.
For those who didn't know, yesterday they began mass burials in New York.  I suppose mention of that didn't make it into the Idiot Jerk's Hour of Power.  He did say he wants to start the economy up again by May 1.  Oh, and he also said something about the death toll may only reach 60,000 and that's far more acceptable than 100,000.  Think about it.  Acceptable.  It's not as bad, you know?  He can live with that.

Yesterday it was very windy here.  So much so, I brought in my tomato plants to keep them... oh... my, did you feel that?  I will have to check the news... I think... something may be happening out in Colorado... is this how it begins?

Friday, April 10, 2020

See how It Gloats

It's Friday.  Will it be a good one or a bad one?  For me it's probably going to be an 'in house' day.  Stay at Home, you know?  Believe me, I have plenty of things to do around here.
I went to my neighborhood Giant yesterday and they had both toilet paper and paper towels in stock, not vast quantities mind you, but there was product on their shelves.  Very shortly, the sales of those two items are going to seriously decline.  Let's be honest here, if you have a freaking closet full of toilet paper you're not going to need to buy it for a long, long, long time.
There are a lot of people out there who feel Wall Street represents the American economy... yesterday shows how wrong those beliefs are.  6.6 million more Americans filed for unemployment last week, they're estimating the actual total of Americans filing for unemployment over the last 3 weeks to be around 18 million... and the Dow Jones went up.  That's right.  States do not have enough money to pay the bill.  They're going to go into debt.  So, why did the markets go up?  The Fed is buying some sort of bonds and those billionaires who own 84% of the American stock market jumped for joy.  The stock market has always been a reflection of greed, rather than the American economy.
Evidently some of the Idiot Jerk's allies wish he'd cut back on his daily briefings, especially since a majority of Americans are beginning to look at how shitty his response was at the beginning.  One anonymous voice said he should stay away from the podium and just let the science guys talk.  Perhaps this is because a number of stations are cutting away before he's finished, or they're only telecasting the bits where Brix and Fauci speak.  My opinion?  Let him continue, every time he opens his mouth he hurts himself more and more.  And I really do think he should continue his stupid Tweets.  Yesterday, he Tweeted an objection to an Op Ed in the Wall Street Journal saying they were ignoring the fact that his ratings were higher than Monday Night Football and the Bachelor's Final Episode.  Try and think about that without laughing.  Really?  There is a pandemic sweeping the globe.  As of yesterday, almost 17,000 Americans have died from it.  And he's pleased his ratings are beating the Bachelors Final Episode.
Finally, since there are some out there who believe this is going to be a good Friday, I  thought I'd post this picture of the Idiot Jerk.  This is what evil looks like.

See how It gloats as It sucks their souls from them, or maybe it's because the woman in pink has her left hand on his ass.

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Deadly Symbiosis

My weekend begins today!  I had set the alarm for 0500 planning on starting my chores early, however when the dulcet tones of Bixby roused me from my slumber I said "hell," turned her off and went back to bed for another 2 hours.
Yesterday was better than most at work.  I only had one customer, an older middle-aged man who was asking questions about hard wood flooring.  He was unhappy with my response:  "no we don't have 600 square feet of that in stock."  He shook his head in irritation "well, that's not good."  I wasn't sorry in the least.  There are much better times to go looking for hard wood flooring then during a pandemic.  I didn't tell him that since it wouldn't have made any sense to him.
We had a full moon 2 days ago, and while I looked at it, I never thought to take a picture.  Last evening, as I was letting the dogs out (yes! it was I who left the dogs out!) I decided to grab my phone and take one.  I don't know what's more interesting, the moon, or the shadow of my river birch on my neighbor's garage.

And for those of you who didn't know, Bernie's out of the race.  This is not what the Republicans wanted.  They had been praying for him to stay in until the convention.  Their prayers have not been answered.  They had been praying for he and Biden to shred each publicly.  Son of a bitch!  Those prayers have not been answered.  In fact, just the opposite is happening.  Democrats, the majority party, are beginning to unite.  This is called building a wave.  They prayed this was not going to happen.  Shit, that's another unanswered prayer.  They will see this as evil, as anything else goes contrary to their deepest belief.... that they are special.  In a way they are... and we're going to put them into their special little place.
As for the Idiot Jerk in the White House?  Prepare yourselves.  His lies will spread a stink across the land.  And his white Evangelical base?  They will swallow and regurgitate every false word that seeps from his face crack.  In case you have realized it, by now they are now in a symbiotic relationship with each other,  They feed off each other.  Remove once source of their dependency and their mutualism will die.  The easiest way to do that is vote that bastard out of office.

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

The Internet is Eternal

Today is my Friday, of sorts, since I do have off for the next 2 days.  I suspect those working from home are no longer associating specific days of the week with long held tradition feelings.  Friday is no longer Friday if you're no longer going to the office, it's just another day working from your home office, or at the kitchen table.  The days of the week no longer matter when you no longer leave your house on a regular basis.
The large, orange brick and mortar home improvement retailer I work for gave us all forehead thermometers.  We're supposed to take our temperatures before going in to punch the clock.  Mine doesn't work.

After being held on your forehead for 15 seconds you should get a green dot on your temperature.  However, you may not get a green dot, you may get blue or tan dots.  If you get one of those, you either add or subtract a degree.  When I tried it yesterday, 96 (F) was tan and 98 (F) was blue, so I averaged them together. and got 97 (F).  I then took my temp with the old thermometer I've had for years... 97.2 (F).  That's normal for me.  I'm not as hot blooded as some might think.
Though I did get a little hot yesterday.  I was on the counting station reducing the customer count every time someone left the building, when some young MAGA head asked why we weren't letting everybody in the store.  I explained our policy.  His reply:  "This whole thing's going to be over by April 18.  It's going to go away once it gets warm."  Of course, I had to point out that there are countries where it's warm year round and Covid - 19 is still highly contagious.  He said "I'm a medic, I know what I'm talking about.  I don't know about those countries."  I told him he was entitled to his opinion... and he got angry.  He asked for my name and told me he was going to write a letter to corporate, as he walked away.  This is the kind of person who will cluelessly spread this thing.
Here's a little article in The Guardian about how the drug the Idiot Jerk is touting doesn't really work.  Evidently the CDC has once again altered the directions for prescribing it.  They had said it is "successful anecdotally" and many, many physicians complained.  Now all it says is that it's available.  I understand cardiologists are complaining because if you take it incorrectly, or longer than you should, Hydroxychloroquine can damage your heart.  Oops.
And, speaking of the Idiot Jerk in the White House... his sheer stupidity is once again show its ugly face.  Now he's attacking the WHO claiming they didn't give enough warning.  Evidently this dumb shit doesn't realize that the Internet is Eternal.  Every word the WHO has put out is there forever, as are every ugly Tweet his fumbling fingers have spewed to the general public.  It's all there... Forever.

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Killing off his Base

It's Tuesday and once again I have to go work.  I have to admit, yesterday was quieter than Sunday, a nice change.  Still, there were the residual morons who showed up to return a tube of caulk, or a pipe fitting, or a paint brush.  You know what I'm talking about, those essential returns what will make or break your bank account.
Actually, the day turned nice once I got home.  I did some lawn work.  I had ordered Yoga blocks just in case they might prove handy.  Well, the order got lost... at least that's what the email said.  The UPS tracking number provided was invalid.  So, I contacted Amazon and the credited back my points... you didn't think I was going to spend actual money on Yoga blocks, did you?  Anyway, yesterday afternoon they showed up.  Crap.
I also replaced my Debit Card; it was beginning to crack around the chip.  Very easily done, let me tell you.  A few minutes of chat on my computer, and then a pick up at the drive thru at my bank.  Easy Peasy.
We now have a police car sitting in our parking lot, no doubt monitoring how many non-essential customers are actually showing up.  You know who they are, don't you?  Republicans.  Here's a nice little article in The Guardian on how the Idiot Jerk is in the process of killing off his own base.  That's fine.  It's pretty much the same thing as inbreeding, if you know what I mean.  Sister Susie's going to give it to Uncle Andy, who's going to give Cousin Cathy, who's going to give it to Brother Billy Jo when they all get together for the Easter Sunday bar-b-que at Auntie Em's.  Unless they all happen to be living in Florida, then they'll all pick it up a church.
I feel bad about BoJo being put into Intensive Care. I don't care for the man's politics, and am fairly certain he's going through life ass-backwards, but I'm sorry Covid - 19 has put him in ICU.  The man is struggling to breathe.  Unlike our Idiot Jerk in the White House who lies to the American Public every evening in attempt to get his sorry ass re-elected.  He needs Florida to win... have you see what the projections look like for Florida?
Anyway, feeling the need for a sweet treat, I threw together some rice pudding last evening.  I used dried cherries rather than raisins.  Believe me, this is really tasty!

and so much more healthier than ice cream

Monday, April 6, 2020


It's Monday and I do get to return to work today.  Yesterday was... odd, is a very good word for it.  I spent a bit of time at the paint desk.  They're running out of paint.  There are big holes on the shelf.  Believe me, I have no problem telling customers we can't mix the color they want because there isn't any paint.  And I also enjoy telling customers "if we do get face masks in, we're donating them to local hospitals," which is what we are doing.  Not all customers appreciate this charity since they feel they are far more important. 
Apparently on Saturday, one of our illustrious customers purposely coughed on one of our associates.  The idea of waiting in line was a little too aggravating.  Must have been an ignorant Republican.  At that point our associates were standing outside the doors and letting people inside, now they wait inside.
And yesterday was Palm Sunday... I had to be reminded since it doesn't pop up on my calendar as day of importance.  Down in the Southern States Christians gathered for worship services... and contamination.  While New York may be peaking thanks to some serious Safe Distancing and Strict Rules, those southern states are racing straight towards catastrophe.  For 2020, I suspect the Darwin awards will have their first group nomination:  Evangelicals. 
This little article caught my eye regarding the Chaos Approach the the Idiot Jerk's administration.   I didn't know there was a power struggle going on between Jaded Jared and the Idiot Pence, but it... makes sense.  The idea the Federal Stockpile is for supplemental use hints that the Idiot Jerk may have selling it off rather than creating a... stockpile.  You do know that in his mind a stockpile would be a really big waste of money, just like the Pandemic Task Force created by Obama was a really big waste of money.  I'm betting there really isn't that much of a stockpile left.  I'm sure in his mind that money might better be used on something important, like his wall.
While I don't have the front cover art yet for "The Body in the Well," I did throw together something for the back cover.  They would prefer a photograph of me... good luck with that.  Anyway, if you purchase the paperback version (when it's available) this is what you'll see on the back cover.

And this is the back cover teaser.  I think it sounds a lot like the voice over for a 'B' movie trailer.

"The body of a half-naked, young woman found in the dried out well of Pope’s Pew sends Eli and Max deep into the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.  There, in the town named for the Rattler’s Den Silver Mine, they and their team join up with the local sheriff to search for a brutal killer.  There, where the sound of a rattle snake’s warning can be as soft as the whispering breeze rustling through the tall summer grass, they will delve into the world of ghost towns, and prospectors, and gunslingers as they race to solve the mystery of The Body in the Well."

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Under-performance by and Idiot Jerk

Well, it's Sunday and I get to go to work.  In just a few hours I will find out if I'm going to be wearing a mask.  I have one hear at the house, but I'm saving it for special occasions, like when I go to the supermarket.  I don't have any snazzy handkerchiefs I can turn into face masks.  If I get really desperate I can pull an old T-shirt up over my nose.
Yesterday I mowed my front lawn for the first time this year.  It needed it.  My mower's battery powered so there was no need to go fill up the gas can.
I also baked bread, again.

And it is out of reach of doggy paws.
Of course, you've have to be in a coma to not understand the reason the Idiot Jerk in the White House uses his daily updates as a campaign platform.  Normally, this would lead to a surge in his approval ratings.  Remember George W after 9/11?  His approval went through the roof.  I knew, when I saw him standing on the ruins of the Twin Towers there was no way he wasn't going to get re-elected.  That was W's presidential moment.  That hasn't happened for the Idiot Jerk in the White House.  People tune in to his briefings for 2 reasons:  Birx and Fauci, the only 2 people on that stage who don't lie.  Who is it that people are paying attention to?  Governors and Mayors across the country who give daily updates have approval ratings that are soaring. Those who side with the administration are not doing nearly as well.  The governors of Florida and Georgia?  Not so good.  And not so for the Idiot Jerk in the White House.  He got an itty bitty bump.  That's it.  And that little bump is already fading away. 
And the Washington Post had this really snarky piece on Jared Kushner.  This guy should be flipping burgers at some seedy, greasy spoon, not standing at the podium in the press briefing room.  After the next election, I'm certain he will self-quarantine on some little island where he can grow grapes and raise chickens.
And finally, the last song whose lyrics made it into "The Body in the Well," is little gem by Dan Fogelberg.  This is the extended version, not the one on the album.

Rock and Roll, you know.  

Saturday, April 4, 2020


Normally today would be our 'Kid's Workshop.'  Things have changed.  All workshops and clinics are on hold until further notice.  Customers are allowed to use 1 entrance and 1 exit, and right now only 100 are allowed in the store at one time (that's still quite a lot).  And you can be parents will show up with their kids in tow because they want that free little, orange apron.  Even though children are walking germ factories, for these parents getting them out of the house is Essential.  I'm not working.  Believe me, there will be mild chaos.
In fact, I'm planning on staying home today.  Baking more bread is on the agenda, as well as cleaning up the yard.  I want to run the little battery powered lawn mower I have around the front yard, and maybe take a picture of my bulbs.  I planted a boatload.
I find it rather sadly amusing that the Idiot Jerk, who only had the economy to stand on, is trying to pivot to the Health Crisis facing the country.  This guy has a history of cutting his losses.  Don't believe me?  Look at his bankruptcies.  He's been told there are going to be so many casualties.  He has put that number into his dirty mental balance sheet and talked about it at his little podium, and then unapologetically written off all of those human beings.  Now he's trying to show his compassionate, presidential face to the public... and it lasts for about 10 minutes before the dribble starts draining from his mouth crack.  This tinfoil dictator he so desperately wants to be lauded with praise, he wants mayors and governors to fall prostrate before him... and it ain't happening.  Nope.  And his vile nature is cracking through to the surface of his artificially colored skin for all to see.
Anyway, the CDC is recommending everybody where a face mask when out in public.  Look what I have!

A Von Schierholtz porcelain candlestick made in 1895!  I'll sell it for the right offer (face mask not included).
I received an text from my cover artist yesterday.  She's begun painting the cover for "The Body in the Well."  I have to come up with something for the back cover...  I will have to ponder on that.

Friday, April 3, 2020

Crime Scene

Well, it's Friday and I get to go to work.  I can only wonder at what surprises the day is going to bring.  Two things happened yesterday
1.  When I got to work I found out that the store had gone to Stage 2.  This means customers can only enter through the main entrance and they have to exit at the cash registers.  Only so many customers are allowed in the store at one time.  Ropes have been set up to funnel them into the building.  Of course, this did not stop the dumbshits, like the gentleman who threw a shit fit because he could use the garden entrance.  He had parked down by garden so he wouldn't have to push his cart of mulch so far.  And then there was the middle aged woman who spent at least 25 minutes perusing flooring samples, picking them up and putting them back.  Until this effects them personally, they are not going to care... and you can bet they're going to whine like hell when they get sick.
2.  I got home from work to discover the dogs had eaten the 2nd load of Italian bread I had baked.  Yep, those sneaky buggers pulled it from the kitchen table and had a chow down picnic in the writing room and.  Crumbs all over the floor and on the sofa.  I didn't yell at them because I shouldn't have left it lying there, and they are dogs.  The only downside was all those little yeasty things in the bread gave them gas... really, really bad gas.  The kind that brings tears to your eyes.  I will never, ever leave bread where they can get it... ever again.

Crime Scene
Oh, and in case you didn't happen to see it, the House is going to begin an investigation into this administration's handling of the Coronavirus.  It didn't take long for the Idiot Jerk to start shrieking "witch hunt."  All I could do was sit back and sadly chuckle.  He has a problem. So much of what he said has been recorded for posterity on video and in those Tweets for which he is so infamous.    There is no way he can take those back.  And all those sycophants at Fox News who bow their heads in fealty to him?  They will pay, too.  As the death toll mounts, blame will be placed on the shoulders of those most responsible.