I've also been told I have little tact, so if this offends you simply ride on.

Monday, November 30, 2020


 I get to go to work today... for just today, since tomorrow I'm scheduled off.  For the next few weeks schedules are going to be a little more erratic then usual.  Christmas is coming.  Because I'm in retail, and because the large home improvement retailer I work for is making heaps of cash, we've been working 40 hours during holiday weeks and also getting our holiday pay.  That comes to a screeching halt with Christmas and New Year's Day.  I don't mind.  32 hours a week is fine with me.

Presents for the dogs were ordered yesterday: another fluffy duck and another rubber chicken.  They're only getting one each this year, mostly because they don't play with them the way they did when they were younger.  Now, they're more interested in getting treats.

Yesterday I got so much accomplished.  I was rather pleased with myself.  Even a little project I had been working on was wrapped up, for the most part.  A while back I had ordered a teeny, tiny table for behind my desk to hold CD's, and a nice little speaker system.  White, and made of OSB, I knew I needed to improve it's appearance.  So I spray painted it and tiled the top.  This is what it looks like now.  A vast improvement.  I have some spare tiles I'm going to glue around the edge, probably tomorrow, to finish off the job.

I understand the Idiot Jerk gave some sort of interview yesterday... and lied.  What else is new.  This man will lie from here to Hell and back... well, maybe not back.  He might just find a nice, toasty chair to sit in, on the left hand of his father.

And Biden made some news, too.  No, I'm not going to bring the hairline fracture in his foot.  I'm talking about his all female Communications Team.  Do you hear that rustling sound, like dried leaves scrapping against dying twigs?  That's old, white, Republicans shaking their heads in dismay.  Their decrepit beliefs hate change, they'd rather stay stuck in the drying mud of time hoping some will survive antiquity to become fossils.

Sunday, November 29, 2020


 Sundays are, for the most part, a non-news day.  I don't work, which is nice, so a number of chores are planned.  I do get to go into the store tomorrow, but then I have off on Tuesday.  Yeah, I have one of those weird schedules for the next two weeks with no consecutive days off until the middle of December.

Rather than a Warwick Rowers calendar this year, I ordered one from Red Hot.  Gingers, everyone of them.  One of the things I had liked about Warwick was their tongue-in-cheek cuteness.  Two years ago that began disappearing, replaced with naked guys using towels to cover their bits and pieces.  The humor vanished.  So, this year I'll have to wait and see how Red Hot does.  Believe me, it's not for the eroticism, it the artwork... it's always the artwork.

Speaking of artwork, and since some of you are interested, here's the first shot of my newly painted hallway.  A grand view will be presented when finished.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court kicked out another attempt by the GOP to disenfranchise 2.5 million voters in the state in their attempt to keep their tinfoil dictator in the White House, and they did so with 'prejudice.'  This is our court system saying "no more," enough with your bullshit.  They are not going to take any more appeals.  It's not just the Idiot Jerk who's a rotten loser, it's his whole damn party.

And evidently the RNC is having a bit of trouble convincing voters in Georgia to actually go to the polls in their run-off election.  Evidently the Idiot Jerk and his henchies have been so successful at convincing his base there is so much voter fraud the election is already settled.  That's right, his base believes all of his lies about voting machines flipping votes from Republican to Democrat, that all these fake votes are being tallied against Republicans.  This is the price of their hatred.

Saturday, November 28, 2020

The Recount

 Good Morning People!

Black Friday has come and gone.  There were no big crowds, though Garden (Christmas) and Hardware (Tools, Tools, Tools) did a bang-up business.  My department was on the slow side.  This is normal.  Most people don't go carpet shopping on Black Friday.  This doesn't mean we didn't get questions about what we had on sale.  Lumber gets them, too.  Like who in their right mind would actually think we'd run a special sale on 2 x 4's?

Grace the Spider has disappeared.  Does anybody know what happens to spiders in the winter?  Do they hibernate?  I'm off tomorrow, so I'll broom away her web, it is rather voluminous.

I'm at that point in The Body in the Loch (around 60,000) words where there is a moment of importance, an occurrence which kicks things into a higher gear.  In The Body on the Lawn it was a trip to a dance school in Baltimore.  In The Body in the Tower it was a candy incident.  So what is the moment of dramatic intensity unfolding in Dun Adair, Scotland?  You'll have to wait and see.  Oh, and for those of you wondering, I'm at Day Four.  Eli and Max always solve their murders in 5 days, so they are ready to hurtle towards the denouement. 

My 80 something reader is retiring, so I'm in the market for a third party to help with the proofreading.

And here in Pennsylvania a Republican judge, appointed by the Idiot Jerk in the White House no less, handed the Idiot Jerk another plate of shit yesterday.  The Court said they are not going to throw out several million Pennsylvanian votes on groundless conspiracy theories.  Of course, Giuliani and his minxy little Cracker Jack Christian cohort shrieked they were going to take the case to the Supreme Court.  The longer this continues, the more absurd the Idiot Jerk looks.

Oh, and that recount the Idiot Jerk paid for in Wisconsin?  They found more votes for Biden.  Ouch.

And my dusty Christmas Cactus is once again bursting into bloom.

Friday, November 27, 2020

Just Deserts

 Well, I hope everybody had an enjoyable Thanksgiving.  Mine was quiet.  Just me cooking and napping.  Relaxation with out any concerns is a very good thing.  It was sort of like being on solo auto pilot, if you get my drift.  Not having to cook for more then myself, my celebration of peace and quiet was accomplished in waves.  Even though I hadn't planned on a desert, that tasty treat came first.  More than a pumpkin pie than a cheesecake, I didn't know if it would turn out well or not... it did.  There's a buttery, flakey crust on the bottom and the sides caramelized in the pan.  And it turned out to be quite tasty.

Of course, the turkey, and the stuffing, and the side veggie were also cooked, but sometimes it's the deserts we look forward to most.

Today is Black Friday.  We have none of the extraneous bullshit products we normally proffer to our customers; no pink or blue rocking horses, no child size motor scooters, no glow in the dark art kits are on sale.  Our Black Friday display has been set for almost 2 weeks.  There will be some significant price drops on some items, that's the lure.  And no, just in case you thought of asking, there are no sales in flooring.  People need to stop equating 'special deals' with 'just deserts,' they're totally different.

Last evening there was the flashing headline that the Idiot Jerk would leave the White House if the Electoral College gave the election to Joe Biden.  Someone should tell that dumbshit he doesn't have a choice.  I find it amusing that Republicans are beginning to whisper how this little voter scam he's trying to pull are going to ruin his legacy.  Someone should tell them his legacy will be immortalized in his inability to deal with Covid 19.  He also implied he may not go to Biden's inauguration.  That will be rather difficult since he's most likely going to be having brunch with his blow bro Vlad.  You do know that in his mind, that alone will be his 'just desert.'

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving!

 Not a big post today, since it is Thanksgiving.  This year I find myself so much more Thankful than I have been in such a long time.  I'm so glad the ludicrosity of the past four years is finally swirling around the rim of the toilet.  I have a job I enjoy, even though there are a few gripes every now and then.  I have the ability to put down words which sometimes make cohesive sense for those who read them.  My house is paid for.  I have my health.  And I have my dogs, who are downstairs barking at a bunny on the lawn.  What more could I wish for?

Well... maybe a movie option on one of my books. 😎😎😎

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Off Course

 Can you believe tomorrow is Thanksgiving!  Holy Hackensack!  I did decide that I am going to be making desert - a pumpkin cheesecake, or at least my version of that tasty treat.

I had a customer yesterday who basically wanted to put a extremely large area rug in his unfinished basement.  We don't do area rugs.  We don't do specialty rugs.  He wanted something inexpensive so his children could play inside.  We do sell area rugs that are 8 x12 (feet).  That's not what he wanted.  He looked at our rolled carpet and talked about having us cut something 12 x 17 (feet).  So, he talked about having the carpet cut in 5 foot sections and asked me how you seam them together. When he asked me how you seam them together, I told him I don't know.  He got frustrated and said "but you sell carpets!"  And I replied, "yes, but we have a 3rd party that does the installations."  This is a customer who expected us to fulfill the picture in his mind.  That rarely happens.  

Even a half-hearted glance at the political party of the Idiot Jerk will tell you they're in trouble.  Even though the transition has begun, he is still Tweeting daily about voter fraud.  His reality twists itself tightly around conspiracy theories.  His base, believing everything he says, is going deeper and deeper into Crazy Town.  The rest of the party realizes they need to move on.  Cracks and schisms are appearing.  There's a group advising Republican voters in Georgia to write in the Idiot Jerk's name in the runoff election.  Now, how stupid is that?  Not only has he worked to divide the country, he's also tearing apart conservatives.  He is the destroyer.

For those of you keeping score, Pat Robertson was wrong.  The Idiot Jerk didn't win and the End of Days is not upon us... at least not in the way he was talking about.  Unless you've been living under a rock, this little story has been growing in popularity... around the world.  While counting sheep in Utah, the occupants in a low flying helicopter discovered something... in a canyon.  A metal monolith.  Shades of 2001, A Space Odyssey?  Though in that Science Fiction classic, the first monolith was discovered on the moon.  Is it a transmitter, or a receiver?  or just some art exhibit gone slightly Off course?

Whatever it is, you can bet the Idiot Jerk will most likely try and claim responsibility.

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Where's the Buffet?

 Can you believe it's Tuesday?  Yesterday, I realized we had less than a month to go before our days started getting longer again.  Now, won't that be nice.

We were talking at work about how many people aren't doing anything special for this holiday.  Thanksgiving was a holiday which has been out of proportion for years.  Americans do tend to lean to the excesses in life.  We went from just having family gatherings to mini-events.  We went from having a nice meal to setting up mini-buffets without spit screens.  There wasn't just one or two deserts, but 8 or 9.  The human stomach is only so large.  And football.   We suddenly got Big Games on TV.  I can remember many occasions growing up, where the men thought every male in the house needed to go out and toss a football back and forth... and talk about the Big Game.  I hate football.  Never liked it.  This year, thanks to Covid 19, many Americans are dialing back Thanksgiving.  Maybe this is a good thing.  Maybe bigger is not always better.  Maybe the holiday should go back to its roots, about giving thanks, and not about crowding 40 people into a house so you can eat in waves.

I cheered yesterday when I saw Emily Murphy decided to approve the transition process to the Biden presidency.  The Idiot Jerk claimed he had sent her a Tweet authorizing her to begin.  She said she had made the decision on her own.  The Washington Post has a copy of the letter she wrote to President Elect Biden.  This woman is a bitch.  Did you like the bit where she claimed even her pets received death threats?  This woman is an Idiot Jerk loyalist who refused to do her job until mounting pressure from both Republicans and Democrats forced her to do something she was very loathe to do, allow the transition to begin.  She, like her boss, will be bitter to the very end.

And, of course, there are those saying the Idiot Jerk is already making plans to run in 2024.  Just say he managed to keep his sorry ass from being charged with a felony, he be campaigning, not against Joe during the primaries, but Mike Pence.  That's right, android man has his own dark desire to sit in the oval office.  That competition should be very entertaining.

Finally, supposedly this is what the original Thanksgiving looked like.  If this is true, where's the buffet?

Monday, November 23, 2020

Wiped Clean

 Monday, Monday, and I got a dental appointment this  morning.  The old choppers are getting cleaned.  I'm sure the experience will be almost new and not too exciting.  I have to call when I arrive and wait until they tell me to enter the building, at which point I will have my temperature checked.  Believe me, I cannot wait until the vaccine arrives... probably sometime in March.  When I said this to a customer, she replied, "not me.  I don't want it, but since I'm in the military I'm going to have to get it."  This is how our government works to help keep us safe.

And now for something pretty look at while I take a Dental Break.  I took this yesterday.

The store was very busy yesterday.  Not so much in flooring, Our wide aisles are filled with Black Friday merchandise because this year, because of Covid we're doing it differently.  While most customers wear masks, there is relatively little social distancing going on.  And lot of touching.  People pick things up and put things down.  Pardon my euphemism, but they pick up a lot of shit and then change their mind which is why we find things scattered all over the store.  Yesterday I found a nice cushy Christmas pillow tucked in among the grout.  Nice.

And I guess the Idiot Jerk is looking for a corrupt judge who will agree to throw out 6.8 million votes in Pennsylvania.  In case you didn't know, this is how evil works.  His team also released a statement saying Sydney Powell was not longer a part of his legal team, that she's now acting on her own.  She was too much of a wack-job, though you can believe the Idiot Jerk no doubt hangs on her every word.  I mean even Chris Christie is beginning to criticize this tinfoil dictator.  They're beginning to suspect the reason he's refusing to permit the transition to begin has more to do with covering up the shit.  My suspicion is that when Biden's crew finally get access they're going to find a lot of hard drives that have been wiped clean... if they haven't been destroyed.

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Is this a dream?

 Sunday, and I slept in an extra hour.  I had an odd dream about being a resident in some sort of house.  There had been a party with lots of food.  The time came for me to go to bed and I couldn't wait to wake up to see what food was left over.  When I woke up, everything had been put away.  No food.  So I made a pot of coffee and lit a cigarette. The dream was rather depressing, and when I checked the headlines on my phone this morning I saw the Idiot Jerk's campaign was asking for another recount in Georgia.  Son of a Bitch!

Yesterday was an odd day at work.  We were fairly busy in what my Mammy (yes, that's what I called my grandmother on my mother's side) the forenoon.  I cut a lot of carpet.  There were the odd questions.  I couldn't wait to leave, and when I got home I made egg salad.  Perhaps that was responsible for the food in my dream.  I didn't write anything, but did play more Valhalla.  I did win my first flyting contest.  Flyting is a ritual poetic exchange of insults.    There are some famous Norse poems involving the god Loki and flyting.  I never thought I'd be trying to verbally abuse someone with poetry in a video game.

Of course, a Federal judge in Pennsylvania smacked back at the Idiot Jerk's appeal to throw out every ballot in the state.  In response, the Idiot Jerk's henchies were hoping to take the case to the Supreme Court.   For those who don't know, this is how sedition works as he and his team constantly fuel the anger of his base.  This is why the Republicans packed the Supreme Court.  This is what evil looks like.  The blame for this falls directly on the shoulders of those who didn't vote in 2016, the ones who sat home.  By doing so, they opened the door to those who desperately want to destroy our democracy.

Finally, it's time for the dogs to get their walk in, and after that a dumbbell work out is on the calendar.  The exercises marked in orange are those on the workout.  Believe me, it's fun!

Saturday, November 21, 2020

The Truth

Well, the hallway is painted.  The walls, at least, though there are few spots which will need touching up.  Towards the end of the job there were a few moments when I was concerned about how much paint I had left.  The last thing I wanted to do was run to the store to pick up quart to finish the job... no problem. 

I did yardwork in between coats (I always put on 2 coats of paint).  Rather than mulch the gingko leaves this year, I raked them all over into a compost pile.  We'll see how that works for next year.

French Toast was also on the menu, yesterday.  A long, long time ago, on the night before I left for the Navy, my Mom told me she was going to make me breakfast... what ever I wanted.  I told her I wanted French Toast, and she told me "I don't know how to make that."  Sad, but true.  She was not a big one for cooking.  My grandmother on my father's side gave her a nice Betty Crocker Cookbook since my Mom couldn't cook.  I did get French Toast for breakfast, but I do believe I had to tell her how you made it.  Here's what mine looked like yesterday.

And I guess the Idiot Jerk in the White House received more bad news yesterday.  The states are going to scuttle his tinfoil dictatorship.  Awfully quiet he's been for the past 2 weeks, hasn't he?  Except for the Tweets and the Rudy and Sydney sitcom he's been rather silent.  Supposedly no one knows what he's doing.  Personally, I think he's working behind the scenes to finalize his move.  I'm not the only one thinking that.  Edward Norton and I seem to be on the same page, though he likes using poker metaphors.  Sometimes silence is not a good thing, especially when it come to the Idiot Jerk.  He has no loyalty to America and states, other than New York, are going to come gunning for him when his immunity runs out.  With other presidents, there used to be a 'call log' recording who was visiting the White House.  Not so with this one.  We have no idea who's been paying him private visits.

And what about Donny Jr having Covid.  I find it interesting that supposedly he was diagnosed on Monday... and we found out on Friday.  There's something going on there, too.

And, finally, the woman who's holding up the transition?  Emily something or other, the loyalist?  She claims to be worried she's going to be fired if she starts the process.  This is odd, I think, since she's going to be losing her job in 2 months anyway.

Friday, November 20, 2020


 Crap, I got up this morning to find I had a comment from the Russian Call Girls.  Gone now.

Yesterday was a lazy day.  I did nothing that was taxing or strenuous.  The dogs were walked and several loads of laundry done.  I wrote, I napped, I set up my dumbbell workout in my Gym Genius since I'm not longer going to the gym... until sometime probably in the Spring.  I played some Valhalla.  Four hours into it and I'm still in Norway.  Yikes, I'm still in the prologue.  The actual game doesn't start until I'm forced south to the British isles.

Did everybody see the clips of Giuliani sweating so much his hair dye ran down the sides of his face?  All of that sweating?  That's the sign of a liar.  For those who didn't, here it is:

Today is going to be chock full of business.  I'm going to my neighborhood Giant this morning.  Just because I'm going to be spending Thanksgiving with the dogs, doesn't mean I can't eat well.  Oyster Stuffing's on the menu.  Green Bean Casserole is not.  For years, I've been expected to make Green Bean Casserole.  This year?  Nada.

Temps here are supposed to be up in the mid 60's (F)  There is a bit of yard work that's needs to be done, as well as some painting.  And a ride on the bike.

And not too surprising, Georgia was called for Biden.  

And I saw where the investigations into the Idiot Jerk's finances are expanding.  It seems as if consulting fees were paid to Ivanka Danka by the organization she works for and then used as tax deductions.  Will she be joining Daddy in Moscow?  I wouldn't be surprised if some family compound was in the works.

Finally, the Idiot Jerk has invited 2 members of the the Michigan Legislature to visit today.  Stupid, aren't they?  He's going to demand they help him steal the election.  When they don't bow down and grovel before him, they will see his rage.  Republicans have always been overly consumed with their grasping need for power.  They have a really big problem.  If they cave into him, they will be seen as scumbags from Hell.  They have no idea how ugly this is going to be.  They will look bad.  And the next time they are up for election... they will be gone.


Thursday, November 19, 2020

Gender Issue

 My weekend began last evening.

I finished yesterday at work by rebuilding 2 orders, one for blinds and one for flooring because of mistakes.  One was done by our measurement service, the other by a flooring associate.  This is what happens when you become the senior associate in the department; people believe you know how to do everything.  Being truthful, a lot of the time I just wing it.

Last night I watched "Love and Monsters."  It was quite entertaining.  A good movie to start my weekend.

My friend Betsy, who was supposed to visit for Thanksgiving, called and cancelled last evening as well.  Actually, I was fairly certain yesterday afternoon this was going to happen.  I don't blame her.  She works with mentally handicapped individuals, many of whom take of their masks, and they touch things.  Several of their group homes have had to go into quarantine.  The infection rate in York County, where she lives and works, is rising rapidly.  Lots of stupid Republicans live there.

Speaking of stupid, half of all Republicans believe the Idiot Jerk when he says the Democrats are stealing the election.  Believe me, that is a minority group.  Of course, everybody is asking why so many did vote for him.  I've been thinking about this a lot.  There are a lot of conflicting ideas floating around out there.  Here's mine: Safety.  We are a patriarchal society, and for many the idea of having a woman as a Vice President was frightening.  This was a change many were afraid to accept.  They found it safer to stay with the demon they knew, far more safer then dealing with the possibility that is something happens to Biden they were going to have a Madam President.  Really, what this election boils down to is one thing.  Gender.  Change is difficult.  Most conservatives never change, they merely die off.

Here's another shot from Love and Monsters.

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

The Legacy

My Friday has arrived.  I'd say I'm ecstatic, but relieved is a more fitting description of how I'm feeling.  I had having split days off.  Starting Friday, the real one, however, I'm scheduled for split days off into December.  Son of a bitch!

And yesterday was an odd one at work.  I was the only Specialist scheduled.  Only one aisle associate was scheduled, so after he left at 2 PM, I was left by myself until my shift ended.  While not being retail appropriate, I was lucky because business was slow, most likely because the temps are dropping.  And it was windy.  Many, many of my leaves blew away yesterday.

And I mentioned to a fellow associate, a supporter of the human failure in the White House, how interesting it was that since he lost the election many Republican Governors were now mandating masks.  I am not alone at recognizing this.  The WP is one of several of the 'lamestream' media outlets reporting this.  Guess who looks bad?  Not the Blue states which have managed to somewhat control the virus.  Nope!  It's the Red states, the ones who's ICU's are filling up as I type.  For those how haven't realized it yet, the Idiot Jerk's legacy will be Covid 19 and his total refusal to deal with it.  His party doesn't understand the mantle they are cowering under will stain them for history. 

Michigan was hoot yesterday, wasn't it?  Two Republicans were refusing to certify the election results because... they love to believe in lies.  Not surprisingly, their decision was met with an onslaught of anger and outrage.  You see, the Idiot Jerk lost Michigan by 140 - 150 thousand votes.  No small margin there.  When he heard about it, he Tweeted some sort of celebratory nonsense, however shortly after his Tweet those 2 Republicans reversed their decision, making him look like a fool.  

The Idiot Jerk also had bad luck in Pennsylvania where a Federal Judge as his Court Jester Giuliani what reason they had for trying to disenfranchise the state's 6.8 million voters.  Evidently Giuliani jingled his bells, while doing a little song and dance,  As have been so many judges dealing with this spate of fraudulent charges by the Idiot Jerk, this judge was unimpressed.

 For those interested, my Christmas Cactus is once again preparing to bloom.

Tuesday, November 17, 2020


 Since the infection rate is climbing again here in Central Pa, I've decided to put my visits to Planet Fitness on hiatus.  There's no reason to put myself in jeopardy when I can do a solid dumbbell workout without leaving my house.  This is how we adapt.  Adaptability is the key.

Yesterday a couple was looking at our area rugs, and she questioned our limited stock.  I explained that we were going through a reset.  All of the signage has been taken from our rug bays because everything we have is on clearance.  "I need two rugs 8 feet by 10 feet, and I like this color," she said pointing to an old sample display.  I explained again about the reset.  She refused to understand.  Sometimes Central PA is the land of entitlement.  "But you have all those are rugs in the overhead," she said, waving her hand up at all of the new area rugs waiting to be set up in the display.  So I explained again, that once the reset is complete, those rugs will be brought down and put on display.  She just did not want to understand.  Adaptability is not part of her nature.

More and more Republicans are speaking out about what they now see as the inevitable.  Their white trash in the White House, the Idiot Jerk, himself, is going to be evicted.  This means they're going to try and do as much damage to incoming administration as is humanly possible.  This is the party of 'my:' my money, my taxes, my guns, my religion.  There is not one single drop of compassion among any of them that doesn't come with strings attached.  They are rigid and unyielding.  Adapting and evolving is a word that does not exist in their lexicon.

As for the Idiot Jerk?  He has lost most of his legal team in Pennsylvania as well as most of his complaints.  He's losing the state by almost 60,000 votes.  Ouch!  I understand many attorneys hired in an attempt to force his own personal coup are... taking a second look at his complaints.  Many know lying to a judge is grounds for disbarment.   They are adapting to the notion that he doesn't care if they ruin their careers or not, as long as they do what he wants them to do.  None of them want to be the next Michael Cohn.  And the Idiot Jerk himself?  He hates a truth he cannot write, but then he too is rigid and unadaptable.

Monday, November 16, 2020

Sea Change

 I start another 3 day stint at work this morning.  My weekend consists of Thursday and Friday.

Next Monday, I have an appointment to have my teeth cleaned.  It's been over a year since my last cleaning, Covid, you know?  My dentist no longer sees my mouth as one or two new car payments, having realized that at my age he's merely the maintenance man.  I don't see an value is spending my hard earned money on crowns and bridges.  Perhaps if I was independently wealthy and forty years younger, but at my age my mouth is mostly used for talking and eating.

Yesterday I surprised myself by doing 3 loads of laundry.  And I also walked through the leaves before the rains came.  They were, to be honest, disappointing.  There was this heavy rain warning and there were no downpours.  We had a high wind warning that had me hoping the rest of the leaves would blow off my gingko... nada.  Then around 6:30 PM we got the 'severe thunderstorm warning' which came and went without the sound of thunder.  

I understand the hand recount in Georgia is going quickly and they're discovering very few mistakes.  This was to be expected.  In Pennsylvania, the Idiot Jerk's most serious of it's baseless complaints, that Republican representatives weren't allowed to observe the counting of mail-in ballots, has been dropped.  Everywhere his legal team has filed complaints we're seeing Federal Judges deny them.  In PA, most of his legal team quit... they found the Four Seasons incident too embarrassing.  In truth, the longer the Idiot Jerk keeps trying to make his denial Front Page news, the worse he and his party look.  His baseless claims are awkwardly revealing the ridiculousness of the GOP.  I've said this before and I'll say it again, they love kicking their dead horses, except this time their kicking themselves in the ass.  Good for them.

There is a sea change coming.  While there are a few holdouts in the Senate (Jordan and Johnson) there appears to be little appetite in pursuing investigations into either Joe or Hunter Biden.  The country is changing and it seems that only the old, Republican guys don't understand.

Sunday, November 15, 2020

My manager pants

 So, it's Sunday.  I don't work.  Still, I will be working around the house.  There are leaves that need tending to, and a single load of laundry.

I don't know if any of you remember the old man who had the complaints about his carpet installation, the one who wore his MAGA hat, and shirt, and his faced mask with the Idiot Jerk's portrait, but he showed up at the flooring desk yesterday.  He started going on about his installation, and how we didn't tell him there were going to be seams, and how we screwed everything up.  That's right, I, another associate, and a couple of customers got to see him as a bitter old man.  So, I quietly pulled on my manager pants, the ones I took off almost 3 years ago and stood up.  I told him he had already discussed his issues with upper management and a resolution had been reached.  He began yelling again, so I cut him off, repeating myself.  When he started up again, I stated a fact,  "This conversation is over," and sat back down.  He stared at me for a few seconds and then walked away cursing.  After my fellow associate had finished up with his customers, he turned to me and said "Wow, that was amazing.  You never sound like that."  I just smiled and said.  "I don't take shit from losers."

My brother sent me a text telling me he was dealing with his election despair by watching Hallmark movies.  From one fantasy world to another, eh?

And what about that loser in the White House.  I understand that failed despot has admitted Biden won the election... by cheating.  That man is stuck in some sort of conspiracy world theme park.  The only reality he has is the one he is constantly creating.  Had he won another 4 years we'd have found ourselves in Hell's Fantasyland.  

As I was letting the dogs out one last time yesterday before going to work, I saw I still had some freshly blooming roses.  Now, isn't this pretty?

Saturday, November 14, 2020

Whine and Cheese

 The weather yesterday started off... well... okay, but then the sun came out.  However, for those who didn't know, it was Friday... the 13th.  The nuts were out shopping.  Well, let me correct myself, the nuts were out.  They were calling the Flooring Desk.  One of them had set up a measure over the phone.  This person has never been in the store.  Never looked at flooring.  This person wants hardwood.  He only wants it on his staircases (slip, trip, and fall hazard).  He wants Brazilian Cherry.  Sorry, it's unavailable, probably because there's a dictator in Brazil who's burning down the rain forests.  The only thing that resembles Brazilian Cherry is a Pergo laminate... in no way being close to hardwood.  And I, had the joy of explaining this to him... over the phone because he has never been in the store. Oh, and his staircases are going to cost him over $4000.  Boo!

Management gave me a cute little red bag with a blue ribbon on it - my Veterans Goody Bag.  Lots of little snacky things and a card signed 'Mgmt.'  The gesture was nice, but I had to chuckle at the 'Mgmt.'

Also, beginning Monday, we need to do our Health Check on either a computer or smart phone before we get to the store, otherwise the timeclock will not let us punch in.   I'm certain there are a number of associates who feel this is an attack on their constitutional rights to do what ever they want.  Many still do not believe the seriousness of the situation simply because of our Failed President.

I find it interesting that Biden's total Electoral College votes are a mirror image of what the Idiot Jerk received 4 years ago.  This is a sign, you know.  We are escaping from the ugly, fascist wonderland of the Idiot Jerk, back through the mirror before it breaks.  

Evidently the White Supremacists are going to protest the Idiot Jerk's loss today.  I'm betting they bring their guns.   In case you didn't know it, they are the cheese to his whine.  What whine you ask?  This whine.

Friday, November 13, 2020


 Well, I'm half way through my 3 day work week.  I can't say business is slow, the store is seeing a lot of foot traffic, though flooring sales appear to be on the ebb, more so than usual.  I think the main reason for this is that we no longer have an Idiot Jerk constantly saying Covid is going way, and that it will be gone soon.  Losing the election seems to have temporarily put a cork in that blowhole through which he constantly regurgitates lies.  Now, more people seem to be wearing masks in the store, though the number of those emblazoned with his name has dropped to zero.  I guess most don't want to be associated with a loser.

According to Accuweather, temps are supposed to continue their downward slide over the next 2 weeks.  In spite of what some may think this portends, we had similar temperature patterns last year and ended up with one of the warmest winters on record.  Here in Central PA we had no snow to speak of, which was disappointing for the dogs, not that they remember.  For them, every snow is a brand new day.

The Body in the Loch is coming along nicely.  I have over 56,000 words, which is nice.  I suspect that sometime in the the spring readers will get to visit Dun Adair, and Glenn Adair, and Adairton.  If you say them aloud, make sure you roll your Scottish 'r's.  And since there is a Loch, I thought I post this little ditty from the Foo Fighters called Dirty Water.

And finally, there is one thing this election has taught.  Republicans are really bad losers.  They will lie, and cheat, and try and steal their way into a win.  I understand the Idiot Jerk is planning on announcing that he's going to run again in 2024.  Someone should tell him felons are not permitted to run for the presidency.  And I'd like to shout out a great big thanks to Cindy McCain for giving us this.

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Faust in the House

 Joy of joys!  I get to go back to work today!  Though I have to admit, my job isn't really that difficult.  We're heading into the slow season.  Sure, there are going to be those few who want to have their new carpet or laminate floor installed by Thanksgiving (too late) or Christmas (there's still time), and don't understand that Covid is surging... wildly.  Installations might slow down, which will irritate people to no end.  This is how things go.

I had breakfast with my brother yesterday.  He is Cracker Jack Crazy for the Idiot Jerk in the White House.  In his mind, the turd still floating in the White House toilet was Sent to make the country Socially Conservative.  He has no idea this is how evil grows. By building support among those who accept and excuse intolerance they judge wrong grows.  He didn't believe me when I told him the Idiot Jerk in the White House would relocate to most probably Russia because his presidential immunity disappears the second Biden is sworn into office.  Lessons will be learned.

And I did begin painting the hallway yesterday.  I like the color, a shade of green which coordinates with the color I used on the staircase.  The only problem?  I had picked up some Purdy rollers that were on sale because 'cheap' sometimes wins out.  These rollers, however, were made for rough surfaces like cinderblock and the nap soaked up the paint.  So, today before I leave work I'm going to pick up a couple which will work well on smooth, plaster walls.

There was an interesting opinion piece in the Washington Post explaining why so many Republicans were sticking with the Idiot Jerk even through all of his baseless claims of voter fraud.  Isn't that funny?  His base will not vote for the Republican candidates in Georgia's run-off election simply because they're Republican if he doesn't support them.  This doesn't surprise me.  The GOP will need to grow even more corrupt in order to maintain a majority in the Senate.  My take is that the Senate will be split.  50 /50.

And finally, a bit of humor.  The gun totting McCloskeys are suing the photographer who took this photo, saying it has ruined their lives.

Maybe someone should have told him that open necked pink polo shirts and AK47s don't go well together.  And as for her... at her age she should have long since learned horizontal stripes are never thinning.  Perhaps they should be suing their stylist instead.

Wednesday, November 11, 2020


Well, my mini-vacation ends today.  Tomorrow it's back to work.  Can you hear the excitement in my voice?  Probably not.

I raked and mulched yesterday, however, there are still a lot of leaves still clinging to the trees.  Here's a short video in which you can see and hear my leaves falling.  I had something longer, but the file was too big for blogger.  

I do have to admit I really do like the scent of autumn in the air, the smoky aroma of wood fires being lit, and I don't mind the leaves either, they don't really die, just recycle themselves.  This is what nature is, the constant recycling of life.  That old bit they still say when people die, "ashes to ashes, dust to dust," is horseshit since we start off as neither.  

I received my copy of Assassin's Creed, Valhalla yesterday.  You get to choose to play as either the male Eivor, the female version, or a version in which you flip back and forth between male and female.  They want you to play the latter.  Me?  I'm going to butch it up and play through as the male version.  The fact that the voice actor giving him life is a ginger, Danish actor named Magnus Bruun has nothing to do with it.        Nothing.

I saw where slowly, every so slowly, more Republicans are beginning to tell the Idiot Jerk it's time to move on.  Rubio and Toomey joined the chorus yesterday.  Of course, a number of them see an advantage of having the Idiot Jerk in the White House drag his feet.  The more he slows and disrupts the transition of process, the happier they are, for them this is about making life difficult for Biden.  They don't understand they are dealing with a loser who is consumed by power.  The longer he fights this, the more difficulties he causes, the worse their Brand begins to look.  They have become the mirror reflecting his soul, and it has cracked. 


Tuesday, November 10, 2020


 Oh, my... that WD hard drive of mine that's been slowly dying passed into the nether world of paperweight status yesterday.  This was to be expected.  While I didn't save everything that was on it, what died with it was expendable.  The oldest file I transferred was dated from August, 2008, which means that drive survived for over 12 years.  In hardware terms, that's fairly old.

I did go for a ride in Bavaria yesterday through what appeared to be apple orchards, very nice scenery.  I plan on going for another ride today if I get the time.  My copy of Assassin's Creed, Valhalla will be arriving sometime this afternoon.  Good thing I decided to take a day off, isn't it?  While I can load it into my Xbox, I'm still anticipating the purchase of my Xbox Series X, on which the game will play stupendously.

Oh, and there are some chores I need to do around the house... a couple of loads of laundry.  Sometime this morning I will be priming sections of the upstairs hallway for painting.  Depending upon when the game arrives, I might even begin painting.  There's also a little table I'm working on, trying to make it stylishly chic.  

And, of course, the Republicans are steaming angry.  They were the same after the older Bush lost because they believed they were going to run the country forever.  If you look at the election results, the country is divided: half conservative and half liberal.  The best place to meet is in the center.  In fact, we are very Centrist.  Both sides need to work together for the country to succeed.  This was always the way up until Reagan's landslide.  From then on the Conservatives refused to cooperate.  Instead they looked for another Reagan.  When the only thing to show up was a wanna be tinfoil dictator, they jumped on board his train.  The crazier he gets, the worse they look.  While they're sticking with his legal challenges, the undercurrents are rippling with concern that he's beginning to ruin their Brand.  Even Fox News has had enough.  Yesterday they went so far as to cut away from Kelly the Liar's press conference saying her accusations were false and unfounded.  Ouch!

And for those who've never seen this, my gingko has turned to gold.

Monday, November 9, 2020

The Party of NO

 For me, yesterday was very relaxing.  I did a load of laundry, or two, spent a lot of time napping and reading the news.  The dogs and I went for a nice walk.  There was cake and ice cream, vanilla, no chocolate... dogs you know.  Dinner was a BLT.  In normal times, I'd have gone to the movies with friends.   The need to party hardy scene has long since gone.  No hangover, just a sense of a calm and quiet this morning.

This morning Pfizer announced a Covid vaccine that was 90% effective.  Interesting how they put this forth to the public almost a week after the election.  This was most likely done to avoid politicization by the Idiot Jerk in the White House.

And in The Body in the Loch, Eli and Max have just started their visit to the Rehab Center... wait, was that a spoiler?  At least I didn't tell you someone wears a wetsuit.  Shit!  Did I really write that?... (Can you hear the sound of evil laughter?)

I understand the Idiot Jerk in the White House is planning to hold recount rallies in states he believes he won.  This really has more to do with feeding his ego rather than changing the outcome of the election.  He doesn't understand that recounting can actually benefit Biden but then, in reality, he has never been too damn smart.  Four bankruptcies prove he has always been more of a loser than anything else.  Like a truly bad executive, he has continually blamed someone else for his bad decisions.  He is now, and will always be a loser.  The party of Lincoln is no more.  He has stripped it of what ever tattered honor it had remaining after the Reagan debacle.  

With a Democrat in the White House, the failed Republican Party will once again become the party of NO.  Their hatred will build a wall to prevent unification of the country.  They don't want a United States of America, they want a tinfoil dictatorship.  Never forget this.  

Finally, as I was out in the yard yesterday with the dogs, I saw I still had roses blooming... in November.  Now, isn't this pretty?


Sunday, November 8, 2020

The Great State of Pennsylvania (especially Philly)!

 Sunday.  My long, long weekend begins.  Today is also my birthday.  That means cake and ice cream this afternoon.  The dogs and I will take a walk this morning.  They love their walks.

Oh, and in case you didn't notice, I got a very nice birthday present yesterday.  I was cutting roller shades for a customer when my watched buzzed with a headline.  Glancing at it, I saw that Joe Biden had won the presidency.  Of course, since I had six more rollers shades to cut, I couldn't go dancing down the aisles.  I had to maintain normal chitchat with the customer, so it wasn't until I was walking back to the flooring desk that I realized there was a tiny tear hanging from the corner of my eye.  I always knew he was going to win, still the truth didn't sink in until I began to see the celebrations springing up all across the country.  After all those days of counting ballots, the great state of Pennsylvania  put Joe over the top. A funny thing about those 5 days in which ballots were being counted:  the state board of elections wanted to begin counting mail in ballots a week early since they knew there were going to be close to 2 million, however, the Republican legislature in the state said "no," that's why it took so long.  Perhaps in their dirty, little hearts they realized the truth.

And while the joy is overflowing, keep in mind, there are still 73 days in which the Idiot Jerk and his party of toadies can wreck havoc, and you can bet his crumby soul he's going to do his damndest... before he heads to Russia.

And on a more somber vote, a letter was posted by our timeclock informing us that one of our associates has Covid.  I suspect it is my Supervisor since he is still on the schedule, yet hasn't shown up for 3 days.  I was told he has a family issue and needs to be off for 2 weeks.  Lucky for me he spent very little time in my department.  Unlucky for the appliance specialists because he spent most of his work hours with them.

The leaves on my gingko tree are turning yellow.  I took a picture.  In a day or two they will all fall off at once... and then I turn them into mulch.

Saturday, November 7, 2020


 Saturday... ahhhh, the prelude to my long weekend.  Four days, jam packed with chores that needs to be done.  The temps here in Central PA will be in the low to mid 70's (F), if the weather forecasts hold true.  Wednesday, my final day off, we should be having rain... Eta, I believe.  

Yesterday the store was busy.  Lots of people were spending money.  Not too many flooring sales, but appliances?  Busy with a capital B.  Since nothing else has been normal this year, our Black Friday has been mutated.  We're now having a Black Friday Event... which has already begun.  This means we are filling our aisles with lost cost, high mark-up merchandise geared for the impulse shopper, buyers who believe the deal is a real steal... when it isn't.    Always remember:  buy cheap... get cheap.  Quality does have cost.

Another thing I will be looking forward to over the next few days is not having to do my daily health check before going to work.  Not that taking my temperature and filling out an online survey is complicated, but doing so is a constant reminder of what's happening out there.  Our heartland is on fire with the virus, as is our nation's administration.  I saw where Mark Meadows is now infected.  And people are beginning to wonder where Mike Pence is.  Evidently he hasn't shown his face in 3 days.  Is he simply lying low while trying to find a life preserver as his boat ride to a future in politics sinks?  Or could there be some other ulterior reason?

Business Insider reported that his aides had to school their leader on vote counting, how stopping the count would guarantee his loss.  Why is it this doesn't surprise me?

Biden is now winning Georgia by over 7,000 votes.  The higher, the better since it eliminates and surprises in their recount.

I don't watch any of Rupert Murdoch's propaganda outlets, but according the The Guardian they are turning on the Idiot Jerk in the White House, telling to accept defeat with grace.  For those who are expecting him to concede, forget it.  That will never happen.   They are telling him his legacy will be that of making the courts conservative.  However, the minute Amy Coney-Cumquat evokes her religious beliefs in a ruling, she becomes a political hack.  In fact, this is the same reason the Supreme Court is going to maintain a very safe distant from the decision making process of this election.  

And finally, today is N7 day.  For those who don't know, and there are many of you, N7 is the yearly celebration of one of the most popular, groundbreaking game franchises of all time.  Mass Effect.  You could play the main character, Sheperd, as either male or female, that choice was up to you.  You could make him black, or brown, or white, with tattoos or without, you could make him look which ever way you wanted. And you could have same sex relationships.  Social Conservatives shrieked loudly in anger... to no avail.  The expectation is that today Bioware is going to announce a remastered edition, updated, and with some changes.  The gaming world is... excited.  Here is Commander Shepard.

Friday, November 6, 2020

Straight for the Gutter

 Can you believe it?  Today's Friday.  For me, it's Thursday.  Tomorrow is my Friday!

I got the new external hard drive yesterday and am in the process of slowly transferring things from the old drive.  Excruciatingly slow.  As I'd said, the old drive is dying.  It's starts transferring, and then stops, and pauses.  Sometimes it continues, but more often then not it locks up.  Son of a bitch.  There's no problem with smaller files, but movies and games?  I'm either going to have to find some other way to do the transfer, or write them off.

We were slow at work yesterday.  Translation:  I'm doing things in the aisles to keep busy.  You know?  Physical labor.  I'm making things look nice.  We're not doing a Black Friday this year.  That doesn't mean they're not cluttering up our aisles with... stuff.  Dog beds went out yesterday.  I know a lot of people who own dogs.  One of our associates was talking about buying one for his cat... that's right, his cat.  Before I got my dogs, I had cats.  He's wasting his money.

I understand the Idiot Jerk in the White House hit the airwaves last evening... briefly, before the networks started shutting him down.  MSNBC was the first... after something like 21 seconds.  I'll bet that pissed the Hell out of him.  He doesn't take losing well, which is why he cheats.  This man has been cheating his way through life for far too long.  Like many cowards who cheat, he will run away rather than crash and burn.

The fact that Biden has now flipped Georgia is pissing off a lot of Republicans.  Pennsylvania is going to flip sometime this morning. And the Idiot Jerk?  He's like a freaking pinball heading straight for the gutter.

Anyway, the whole thing should be over today.  The MAGAs will be furious that they've lost their liar and thief.  The Republicans are only beginning to understand how the Idiot Jerk has tainted their party.

Believe me, things are looking up.

The dogs were all excited when the learned they were going for a walk this morning.  They don't remember they go for a walk everyday.  Keep in mind, they're much smarter than your average Republican.

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Now the Work Begins

 Hey!  I got some sleep last night.  And today! is my Hump Day!  After that I'm going to have 4 consecutive days off... now, won't that be nice.  I can get things done.

And I don't know about you, but my emails have dropped off significantly.  I had started going in and unsubscribing because Democratic candidates whom I had never heard of were asking me for money.

Yesterday at work, the MAGAs were complaining.  No matter how desperately I wanted to rub salt into their wounds, I held my tongue... and chuckled under my breath.  There is anger seething through the capillaries of white people without a college education.  Cracker Jack Crazy Evangelicals are dumbfounded.  And Pat Robertson?  The who predicted the Idiot Jerk would win and start the End of Days?  Well, we've all known that man's been nuttier then a fuckin' fruit cake for years.

While the Democrats on a whole failed to perform up to expectations (I understand there's a movement starting to fire Nate Silver), we did succeed in that most important endeavor, eliminating the tinfoil dictator.  The Idiot Jerk in the White House is filing lawsuit after lawsuit.  And even Fox News is saying he can file as many as he wants, no judge is going to overturn the tabulated results of this election.  In fact, one of the said  "lawsuit, schmaltzsuits."

What we are seeing, however, is a clear division in the culture war:  Rural, uneducated America wants a Tinfoil Dictator.  The larger urban areas with a denser population of educated people want a Democracy.   Our work is set out for us.  We have a foot on the gas pedal.  Now is not the time to cautiously brake to take in the passing scenery.  We lost ground in the House.  The divide in the Senate is razor thin.  Democrats need to constantly prod and continuously stick those Republican incumbents with cutting words that slice at their weakness for lies.  We need to hold up the mirror of truth and force them to see the truth.  This is necessary because our 46th President is going to have a fairly hostile Senate.  The only way to change that is to prove their Republican incompetence.

Anyway, now's the time to pull on our big boy and girl pants.  Now the work begins.


Wednesday, November 4, 2020

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times,

 it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief , it was the epoch of incredulity.

For those of you who don't know, that's the opening passage in Dickens' "A Tale of Two Cities."  I think it very appropriate to post that this morning.

Did anybody get any sleep last night?  I did... kind of, sort of... so half.  I ended up turning the volume down on my phone because it kept singing to me every time a headline flashed.  So what did I do?  Got my butt out of bed and ordered a new external SSD hard drive, one that just happens to be portable.

I have an old, old external HHD drive that has begun to make noise.  Noise is not a good sign, so I'm prepping myself for it's future demise.

And, what about the election?  Nail-biter? They kept telling us the race was going to be close... but son of a bitch!  Arizona and Nevada will soon be called for Biden, which should put him up at around 240 Electoral Votes.  In fact, I read that Fox had already called Arizona... and the Idiot Jerk flipped out.  Someone is scared shitless... and it isn't Joe.

The Idiot Jerk has falsely declared Victory.  That headline is being echoed around the world.  They can smell his fear.  

I understand the Idiot Jerk has already threatened to go to the Supreme Court.  He wants them to invalidate millions of uncounted votes.  The fact that he's doing this tells us what he thinks is going to happen.  This is sadly amusing, since he believes he's stacked it in his favor with Coney Cumquat.  One of the trending topics on Reddit yesterday was that he's terrified of going to jail if he loses. 

Me?  When I saw the map this morning the red was frightening... and then I saw the blue... and those uncalled states and I started laughing.  This is the best of times, it is the worst of times.

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

On Election Day

Vote Blue.

Yesterday I did little except laundry since I will not have another day off until Sunday.  Well, I did more than just that.  I baked bread and made beef stew.  Very tasty.

I understand the Idiot Jerk in the White House had some sort of Twitter freak out in the middle of the night, damning the Supreme Court for not giving him his way in Pennsylvania.  In fact, the Supreme Court, which he packed hoping they would bow down to him, has let the states handle their on decisions in regards to voting.  The only times they've side with the Republicans have been when tried skipping a step in the chain of command.

My brother and I traded some texts last evening.  I think it's safe to say that Evangelical Christians are horrified over the prospects of a Biden presidency.  They've spent years building a coalition of like minded supporters in the Republican party in their attempt to dictate the future of the country, only to see the man they believe was sent by God to aid them failing.  They are all praying for a miracle.  If none happens, well, they'll simply rewrite what's happened over the past four years.  Don't worry, in some way or other they're going to blame Bill Clinton if the Idiot Jerk loses.

Vote Blue

Yep, today's the day we hope to take back our government.  Let's do it with a flourish! and a smile!  and a dance.  Here's a little vid I like of some witches dancing in Germany.  They are part of the world's diversity.  And, I have to admit, I have a bit of an alternative reason for posting this.  Should some unwary Conservative what this, I'm sure it will burn out his / her eyes.


Monday, November 2, 2020


 So, I signed up for CBS All Access last evening.  There aren't a lot of shows I want to watch, but there are a few, and in December "The Stand" is going to drop.  After that I'll probably cancel out.  I can't see wasting my money on something I'm not going to watch.  This is what's good about 'no subscription contracts.'  

Oh, and today is my weekend, Saturday and Sunday all wrapped up in one day.  Tomorrow I go back to work for another 5 days.  Don't color me excited.  We have potential customers asking how far out our installations are scheduled.  Well, we don't.  We tell people 2 - 3 weeks.  That's not the answer they want to hear.  But, this is how life is right now during the time of Covid.

And, speaking of Covid.  We had a customer yesterday wearing a black T-shirt that read 'I'd rather get Covid-19 then vote for Biden.'  I almost laughed at him... but didn't, the large, home improvement retailer I work for has no problem taking money from morons.  Anyway, this customer bought a pallet of cheap laminate and asked if we could load it into the back of his pick-up truck.  No problem.  So we put the pallet on a fork lift.  As we approached his truck, he dropped down his tailgate and we saw he had all this PVC piping bolted to it.  That's my flag holder, he explained.  "I can fly five flags in that sucker when I'm driving."  Of course, you can guess who's flags he was talking about.  That's right, the Idiot Jerk.  And, of course, I couldn't laugh at him because we're not supposed to laugh at idiocy.,, at least not while we're standing face to face.  We did have a hearty ho ho ho when we got back inside the building.

 And finally, when I got back from Planet Fitness yesterday I snapped a picture of my Zinnias, still blooming in November.

Sunday, November 1, 2020

In the Distant Future

 The boo boo paw is gone.  Lily no longer has an ouchy.  This is normal.  From time to time, both dogs get boo boo paws that go away after a few hours.  This is life with dogs.

I had some nice sales go through yesterday.  Actually, sales in the department  flourished.  People are spending money, lots of money.  Here in Conservative Central Pa people believe the virus is going to go away.  We had a previous customer stop by the flooring desk yesterday who nobody remembered, which happens quite frequently when you deal with many customers.  He asked how long we were going to continue wearing masks?  Both I and my fellow associate said "for a long time."  And the customer asked "you don't think masks are going to go away on November 4?"  In unison, myself and my fellow associate said "no."  And the customer looked at us for a second or two and said "oh," and walked away.  Conservatives, unless someone in their immediate family get seriously sick with Covid, they do believe it's like the flu.

Did everybody enjoy the extra hour of sleep this morning?  Me, I looked at my alarm clock and thought, it must not have automatically changed.  It wasn't until I looked at the mantel clock in the cycling / computer room that I realized I had slept right through it. Son of a bitch!

And, of course, we do only have a few days until the election.  The Idiot Jerk is racing around desperately trying keep himself from being a one term president.  One of the things I find most alarming about his presidency, and his party, is their total refusal to move towards the center.  The country is overwhelmingly Centrist and yet they continue to dig themselves ever deeper into the grounds on the far right, almost as if this were their last stand.  In a way, this might be true.  The country is changing far more rapidly then they like.  With each passing day those years they cherish, the late 50's are buried under another shovel full of time.  Their age has not been successful and the world is passing them by.  This is how evolution works.  The survival is based on being the fittest, the most adaptable, not the one who steadfastly refuses to change.  They cannot freeze time and the world in order to satisfy their dying dreams.  This is life.

And, finally, guess what I found on the bed yesterday morning?  A T-Rex.

Like the Republicans, I don't think the T-Rex ever gave any consideration what time was going to do to them.  Now he's a dog toy.  Personally, I don't think we'll ever be playing with an Republican toys in the distant future.