I've also been told I have little tact, so if this offends you simply ride on.

Sunday, May 31, 2020

I'm one of THOSE People

For those of you keeping track, today is my Friday.  It's also Sunday.  If you a Pentecostal, the Supreme Court has ruled that limiting the size of your religious gatherings in no way detracts from your religious freedom.  The reason they chose this path is, according to John Roberts, is Common Sense during Covid - 19.  You know this has got to piss off the Cracker Jack Christians.
Yesterday I got to be counter at the Exit for about 2 hours.  This is really not a bad job.  You talk to people as they leave the store.  Most of them are really nice.  Some say "stay safe."  Now and then you get some cranky white guy, either burly with a beard or his mouth pissily pinched shut, leaving without a word.  And now and then you have to deal with women.  They try and use words they believe are rapier sharp but are more like a bright pink highlighters used by petty child to scribble bright stupid words.  I had one yesterday.  Middled-aged, she was wearing a black dress, and tried to enter through the Exit.  When I explained it was 'Exit Only'  she frowned.  "When is this going to end?"  Our standard response is, "as long as there's an infectious virus out there," and she cut me off.  She said I was ridiculous.  I told her the last time I had checked there were 112 positive in the zip code for Camp Hill, which is very small.  That pissed her off.  "I look at the CDC website everyday," she lied "and only 80,000 people have died from Covid."  She's off by what?  24,000?  My stunned reaction at her ignorance must have been quite obvious, because she leaned close and bitterly said "oh, you're one of THOSE people," and went down to the Front Entrance.  That's right... she said "only."  My response, before she walked away was "Yes, I am."
Yesterday Elon Musk launched Americans into space for the first time in 9 years.  The Idiot Jerk gave a little speech everyone except MAGA heads ignored.  The only way he'd have gotten any notices was if he'd said something inflammatory.   Interesting how he doesn't get any attention by being compassionate or generous, rather people only notice him when he either Tweets or says something stupid.  He likes to be noticed, so you can bet the stupidity factor is going to increase.
The only BoBo thing about yesterday's launch was some fool with a radio actually said "God's speed," which was a reference to John Glen, for so many of you too young to remember.  Anyway, as one of "THOSE people," I'm glad we're back in space.

Saturday, May 30, 2020


Saturday is upon us.  Two more days until my weekend begins.  I am approaching anticipation mode.
Yestrday we had storms come through - nothing more than rain for us, though farther north they had high winds which toppled trees.  Rain is good when it doesn't come in a deluge.  If you sit down and get comfortable in a lotus position, you'll realize that last sentence was profound.
I rode stage 1 of the San Remo route after work yesterday - 14 miles.  And once again my legs proved I was wrong when I said walking all day was a strain on them.  My speed increased by .7 mph and I finished the ride in 45 minutes (+ a few seconds).  This means my legs are getting stronger, and believe me, I'm long past 29 years of age.
The murderer from Minneapolis has been arrested, his wife's divorcing him, and the Idiot Jerk in the White House made a halfhearted attempt to define his racist Tweet.  The arrest failed to stop the protests, the wife is trying to save her own ass, and the Idiot Jerk?  Three and a half years of his Racists, White Republican administration are in no small way responsible for the anger.  Quite often, he has courted the whites of the far right because he thinks angry white people are the key to staying in power.  Boy, is he stupid.  He is totally clueless as to how many people, black, brown, and white, that video horrified and angered.  That's a video of the Idiot Jerk's America, not ours.  That's the ugly vision of a Cracker Jack Christian and White Republican America, it does not belong to the majority of Americans.  The time has come to take back America, to put it on the right path, to, as I read in another blog, crush these losers with the same rock that they crawled out from under.  It's as simple as that.
To try and lighten the mood, here are a couple of pictures of my roses.  I took them yesterday after I'd gotten home from work.

Now, wasn't that a nice and refreshing vision of beauty?

Friday, May 29, 2020


Today is my Hump Day and it also happens to be a Friday... as well as Payday.  Wow... I forgot what that's like.  I did a bit of a double take when I looked at my bank account this morning.  There's absolutely nothing wrong with making money, however, there is also the cost: working 40 hours a week as opposed to 25.  Things that I've noticed:  after walking 14,000 + steps at work, my legs are a bit more tired when I get on the bike.  I'm also riding later in the day which leaves less time later in the evening for writing, video games, and working on my Greek.  
The Idiot Jerk in the White House signed an Executive order yesterday pertaining to Social Media.  If it ever makes it through the courts, which is highly doubtful because of the laws already in place, individuals will have to sue.  As a tinfoil dictator wannabe, this is how he vents when he gets smacked back.  Twitter smacked him back again last night when it flagged one of his Tweets regarding Minneapolis.  You can't see it unless you click on the little warning flag.  Now, the rest of the media needs to show a little common sense in reporting this.  Noting he was flagged and then show the Tweet in it's entirety is a total failure.  There's a reason it was flagged, of course, they're seeing it as a way to grab the readers eye.  You see, there's a group of very stupid people out there who desperately need to know what he said.
I feel bad for the people of Minneapolis.  Do not worry, Derek Chauvin will be arrested for murder.  I suspect that's the reason he was terminated so quickly.  Cities are learning, when horrors like this happen, act fast and prosecute.  That's the only way to begin to cool down a bad situation.  Show that justice exists and the police force is not exempt.
The new earbuds worked well last evening.  The difference in sound quality between them and the Senso buds is quite distinct.  I should have invested in a better earbuds a long time ago.
Finally, a picture of my peonies.  They're nice.  The pink ones are out front, this bush is by the side of the house.

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Peeling Away

Yesterday was... ordinary.  Yeah, that's kind of the word I need to use. delivered my big bag of dog food, 45 pounds is heavy.  I also had some new earbuds delivered, that was kind of exciting.  I've been using a set of Senso earbuds for years,  A few months back they began having problems with their bluetooth connection, they'd connect... and then they'd disconnect.  So I ordered myself a new pair.  Jabra.  They're red and copper.  Very nice, and the sound is super.

I didn't get any miles in because... well, I had to set up the ear buds.  See what I mean about yesterday, it was ordinary.
The Idiot Jerk in the White House is planning on signing some sort of phony Executive Order today regarding Social Media.  Over 100,000 dead from Covid - 19 (and that's a conservative estimate) and he's pissed because Twitter fact checked his ass.  From what I've read, this order will begin to open up Social Media to.... wait for it.... are you waiting?... Lawsuits.  That's right.  Our tinfoil dictator wants to be able to sue Twitter for fact checking his lies.  The root of his complaint is that Social Media has always been anti-conservative.  I guess that's true for those Conservatives only who traffic in lies and conspiracy theories.
Yesterday a supermarket in Carlisle, our County Seat, shut down because one of the employees tested positive to Covid - 19.  This was big news.  They're going to have a professional decontamination unit come in and clean down the place.  The same thing is not true for our Pennsylvania Republican Legislature.  One of their members, a Republican bag named Lewis self quarantined.  Nothing was said the Democratic Representatives.  This is the evil we've come to expect from Republicans.
And as expected, the Idiot Jerk in the White House is beginning to lose his base.  White women aren't even getting closer enough to touch him with a stick.  Educated white men are finally using their years of study to deduce the loser they voted for is nothing more than a scumbag from hell.  Evangelicals are slowly beginning to peel away, though not the Pro-Lifers; they will accept and bow to any evil that gives them what they want. 
Finally, my new schedule is out.  Beginning 6/15 I'm back to my 40 hours a week.  Unless something happens, like one of our associates gets infected and they have to shut us down....

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Twitter strikes back

First off, a BIG apology to everyone who left a comment yesterday morning, I went to publish and hit 'Delete' instead and those comments disappeared... forever.  Your voices are all very important, so a big apology.
Yesterday the lawn was mowed and the weeds were wacked.  I'm clearing out the area on the far side of the fence.  Originally there had been grass there, but I left it grow wide.  The grass is coming back.
I also went to my neighborhood Giant to pick up dry dog food.  I always buy the big bags since the 10 lb bags only last about 5 days and they're more expensive.  And they were sold out.  Every other facing with large bags of dog food was filled, but not the Beneful.  Now, I understand everything is contracted (I work in retail, remember); Purina gets only a certain number of facings for each of their brands.  Beneful is allowed space for two 28 lb bags and when they're gone, they're gone until the next delivery.  This is a regular occurrence.  Well, not anymore.  I went home and ordered from  The dog food arrives today.
For those who didn't see (and I'ms sure there are one or 2 of you out there) Twitter has calling the Idiot Jerk on his lies.  Now, they didn't come right out and say he's a lying sack of shit, what they did do is note something is false and provide a link to the truth.  His lie was about mail in voting and they called him on it.  He does not like to be called a liar, and that's happening more and more and more.  Americans are fed up with him.  I would not be surprised if he and Melanoma have already made a list of what to steal take  when they get kicked out of the White House.  
This afternoon Space X is launching Americans into space.  It is about time.  We belong there.
Finally, some more of my roses.  I've Dahlias coming up all over the place.  And zinnias.  But here is a pic of the white and pink rose bush.


Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Little Roses

Okay, so the Memorial Day Weekend is officially over, that means "you go back to work. And you go back to work.  And you go back to..." Oops, sorry, for a moment there I started channeling Oprah.  I know you can't all go back to work, there's a killer virus out there.
Well, yesterday I didn't mow the lawn, as I had intended.  Nope.  I sat around, both inside and out. I rode 8.8 miles in Gascony through fields of sunflowers.  There were lots of hills.  I got my wattage up to 340 at one point.  I roasted a ham and today I'm going to use some of it to make baked beans.  I have the time because today I don't go back to work, that happens tomorrow.  Five days in a row.  Forty hours.
I took my BP this morning and it was a bit edgy.  Genetics, you know?  Everyone in my family has edgy BP... well, not all of us.  Some of them have high BP.  It's all part of the aging process.  Nothing's going to keep the flexibility in your blood vessels forever.
The Idiot Jerk in the White House shut down arrivals from Brazil.  Originally the ban was supposed to go into effect tomorrow however some smart cracker must have made it into his administration and realized this was deja vu:  been there, done that, waited too long on the travel restrictions with China.  Odds are they waited too long... again and a lot of new infections have arrived in our southern states.
And I got a big chuckle from the Idiot Jerk threatening to pull the RNC convention from Charlotte.  Remember, he's a numbers guy.  He loves his crows of worshipers.  He wants to pack them into the convention center!  A full house all around.  Charlotte, however, is saying "not so fast, social distancing is important."  Of course, that's grating his ego, it needs to feed on the adoration of an enormous audience.  What makes this even funnier is that Charlotte was the only city to really put in a bid to hold the convention.  A spokesperson for the RNC said there were actually 7 cities, however the reality is they asked several other cities... not takers.  Not even Las Vegas.  They're not a very popular crowd.
And finally, not all of my roses are big and showy.  I have this little wild rose which took root at the front corner of my house a few years ago.  Rather than rip it out, I decided to let it grow.  Both the flowers and the perfume are quite delicate.

I really like the tiny heart shaped petals.


Monday, May 25, 2020

Hey there, Handsome

What better way to spend a National Holiday then with a little lawn work?  That's the plan for today.  I may even get out my... chainsaw.  It'll be too warm (mid 70's F) to dress up in my lumberjack gear so I'll most likely be wearing my summer garb:  shorts & a T-shirt. 
Yesterday was a lazy day.  I did ride 7.7 miles in order to get past the 55 miles per week I need to hit my goal of 2500 miles this year.  I also printed off the first chapter of The Body in the Loch.  Very interesting.  I researching Scottish Gaelic in order to spice up the conversations.  Did you now that in Scotland gorse is called whin?  And you can eat the flowers, but the pods are poisonous.
So, Biden said something rather foolish during an interview last week, something about 'if you're black and you vote for the Idiot Jerk in the White House you're not really black.'  He later apologized.  Me?  I'll be honest, I don't know any black people who are voting for the Idiot Jerk, except Clarence Thomas and Ben Carson, and I'll be honest, I don't really know them.  And I know they are both very darkly complected, but does that make them black?  There is a difference, you know.  It's like saying the complaints of sexual harassment by all women are sanctified... until a Tara Reade shows up.  All of a sudden there's a bit of an issue.  The fact that both Thomas and Carson, in both their words and actions, call into question their own self-identity.  Think of it as being similar to a gender issue, if you wish.  Both were born male, but in their heads the identify as something other than male, they were born black, but identify as something else.  I bring this up because the Idiot Jerk's re-election campaign is attempting to turn Biden's words into a divisive hatchet job against Democrats, while at the same time he posted something derogatory about Stacey Abrams.  As I've said before, they will throw as much shit against the wall as possible desperately hoping some of it will stick.  This November, we need to do more than just vote him out of the White House, we need to overwhelmingly cancel his ugly reality show.  American needs to fire this loser so badly his empty head will spin for the rest of his life.
Finally, I've switched to Cremo for shaving.  I'm sure that just wows the heck out of so many of you.  It's a cream and comes in a tube.  When I took the cap off to remove the seal, I found this cute little collar.  It's a nice merchandising technique.  In fact, the first words I read were 'Hey there, handsome.'

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Sea of Peonies

My 3 day weekend started late.  That's right, I ended up with overtime - a full hour, most of that taken up by an Hispanic whose wife had set up an online measure for laminate flooring without providing a product.  He wanted a quote for installation, but didn't want to chose a product.  Our system doesn't work that way.  We're in the business of selling products, the installations are handled by a Regional 3rd part group.  He also told me his floor was "squeaky."  I explained that they will not install on top of squeaky floors.  If your floor squeaks when you walk on it, then your floorboards or plywood sub-floor are moving.  I ended up choosing a random laminate and emailing our measurement services, asking them to contact him once a quote was built.  This happens fairly often, customers setting themselves up with online measures without understanding that the product they choose is going to change the installation costs.  There, how's that for a tirade?  Vicious, wasn't I?
The new watch band for my Fenix 3 was waiting for me when I got home.  No instructions, but easy to figure out.  Took me all of 5 minutes to take off the old one and put on the new one.  During the process I realized how scuffed up it was and realized that at some point I will need to buy another one.  The battery has about a year of life left... maybe.  They're expensive so I'm going to hold off as long as I can.
I have to ask, did the Idiot Jerk in the White House do anything other than stupid yesterday?  Or one of his minions?  I did see where the bottled blond he has as a Press Secretary released his banking information by holding up a blank check.  I wonder how many hackers filched that information. 
My face masks are causing the top of my nose to break out.  Where as many people only need to wear theirs only when they go shopping, I'm supposed to wear my throughout my entire shift.  We do take them off when we're back in the lunchroom since wearing one makes it difficult to eat (that's supposed to be funny).
I have a lot of buds on the peony bush out front.  When it blooms I will have a sea of peonies.

Saturday, May 23, 2020

How Evolution Works

Can you believe it's Friday alre.... wait, you mean it's Saturday?  Son of bitch!  Just where does the work week go when you're having so much fun working in an Essential Job?
Yesterday, in the rain, I got to be one of the counter at the exit.  For a while, I was at the Garden Center, but then they moved me.  The vast majority of customers were wearing masks, many of whom took them off after leaving the store.  I have no problem with people walking through the parking lot without their masks.  The virus isn't free floating, meaning you can't walk into a cloud of infection that was sneezed out by someone 5 minutes ago.
When you think about it wearing masks is a perfect example of Darwin's Theory, the survival of the fittest. This is how Evolution works.  Those who are most able to adapt to new situations have gene pools that will survive.  Those who don't wear a mask?  They are genetically flawed.  Their inability to wear a mask is their most obvious example we've seen so far of risky behavior.  Statistics have show that over time, those who take risks (and their progeny) die off.  Those who adapt?  We survive.
I see the Idiot Jerk in the White House has taken another hit to his approval rating in regard to Covid - 19.  He's now down to 39%.  You can bet your shiny buttons this is why he had declared religious gatherings Essential.  He's worried he's going to start losing those Cracker Jack Christians who voted him into the White House.  He must have missed the briefing where the point was made that Covid - 19 turns religious gatherings in to Hot Spots... or maybe he just doesn't care.  Maybe he wants to make them happy now while hoping they'll still be alive to vote for him in November.
Finally, here's one of my yellows.  This is from the bush next to the Weigela.

It's a nice light perfumey pastel.

Friday, May 22, 2020

His ass is Grass

I am now halfway through my work week.  I'm excited.  Can you tell?
I did have to suffer through a bit of a catastrophe yesterday.  The wrist band on my Fenix 3 began falling apart.  There's no chance of it falling off my wrist, but it now flops a little bit.  I ordered a new one that's supposed to arrive tomorrow, army green.
After a day off the bike, I did put in some mileage yesterday as well, 14 to be exact.  The San Remo Cycleway, considered to be the 'best cycling path ever.'

Bicycles only
There are 3 lanes: two for bicycles and one for pedestrians, no traffic for over 14 miles.  Loverly.  this was the 4th time I've done this ride, which means Strava has started ranking my times.  After logging in over 16,000 steps at work, my legs felt a bit slow and I thought I was going to do poorly.  Wrong.  Fastest time ever, by 34 seconds with an average speed of 17.8 mph (.3 faster than the 3 early rides).  I was happy.  
If you want to look for them, there are pics of the Idiot Jerk in the White House wearing a face mask as he toured the Ford plant in Michigan.  His was black, of course, covering his mouth of doom.
He also said if there's a bit spike in Covid - 19 this fall the country is not going to shut down (I don't think I need to repeat that for you).  He needs the economy to be booming if he wants to get re-elected.  An interesting read in the NYT opined that Covid - 19 has done brutal damage to his campaign.  For him the economy has always been the key to another 4 years, so he downplayed the virus.  Bad mistake, but then he has a history of bad business management.  By the time his team realized the seriousness of his mistake it was too late, and then he made another bad business decision:  he was going to turn the daily briefings into mini-rallies to celebrate his successes.  People turned in for the science, not the Ego.  The more he talked, the more people realized he was a dumb fuck.  His only choice was to pivot back to the failing economy.  That's a no win situation for him.  Since his odds of getting re-elected are in slow motion freefall, he's going to go pedal to the medal.  He doesn't care how many die, without the economy his ass is grass and the American Voters are going to mow him down.
Finally, a bit of fluff on Alexexandria McCabe (aka Tara Reade).  And the NYT is reporting that there's no record of her obtaining a Bachelors Degree under either alias at Antioch University, in fact, that learning establishment is refuting her claim.  For years she provided 'expert' opinions in domestic abuse cases and now many of those rulings are now in jeopardy.  Her shit storm is just beginning.  Lawsuits will be filed.

Thursday, May 21, 2020

After Lockdown

Well, it's Thump day, a Thursday which just happens to be my Hump Day.  It is Thursday, isn't it?  I'm not scheduled Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday - a three day weekend which just happens to be the Memorial Day Weekend this year.  No hot plans.  Well, I'm planning on mowing the lawn on Sunday.  I will also spend some time that morning at Giant - I have a $3 coupon that's going to expire on 5/24.  Right now the only thing on my shopping list is Vitamin D.
The store was relatively slow yesterday.  I am not surprised.  Tomorrow our country goes Yellow and there are those associates who think this weekend is going to be busy.  Not me.  Two weeks after that 'Stay at Home' order was issued, people started breaking it.  For many, the definition of Essential was 'someplace to go.'  This is why we were making money hand over fist.  Our problems are going to start as the lockdown restrictions are loosened.  Just about everybody and his brother painted at least one room in their house, and that room is not going to be painted again for at least 8  or  9 years.  People tiled backsplashes, and floors, and showers; they did it, their done, their not going to do it ever again.  We sold a lot of Closetmaid wire shelving to customers who were revamping their closets... a once in a lifetime project.  I think things will likely pickup again heading into the holidays.
Isn't it fascinating how quickly the Idiot Jerk and his minions pivoted away from talking about Covid - 19.  Oh, sure, they still mention it, but their attitude has now become "if we don't talk about it, it will go away."  But it won't.  The ugly truth is he never wanted to shut the country down in the first place, which is why he downplayed it, said things like we had shut it down, that it was no worse then the flu.  Word is he desperately wants to start holding his white supremacist rallies again.  He sees them as one of the keys to getting his ass re-elected.  I say, let him have them, the virus knows how to spread.  The things that will spill out of his mouth are going to be crazier and crazier.  He believes all he needs to do is solidify his base to win and second 4 years in the White House.  His base is a minority group of crazies who will soon be putting on their war paint and dancing naked around the fire.  He's an unsuccessful businessman who has always made bad decisions.  He is a walking failure.
I understand he had some sort of meeting with Congress where he told them that if they didn't stick with him they were going to lose their majority in the Senate most of them, however, are prioritizing getting their own scummy asses re-elected.  Get ready for the shit show.
Finally, I took a picture of the purply thing I have growing in my backyard.  I have no idea what it is, but is sure is purply.

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Early Desperation

Remember when today was called Hump Day, middle of the work week for some of you out there, until Covid - 19 and you began working from home.  My, how things have changed for a number of people, not for me however.  My hours may have shifted somewhat, but I've been going in to work every scheduled work day since this thing began.  For those of you who had problems with the Stay at Home orders, now you know you need to get a Part-Time Job at a Home Improvement store prior to the next pandemic.
Bad news for the Idiot Jerk - Stevie Mnunchin says the unemployment rate has not peaked. 
Prepare yourselves, from what I've been reading, with the economy in a slump that will last until sometime in 2021, and the fact that he didn't care how many died from Covid - 19 as long as he wasn't one of them, the Idiot Jerk is seeing "Obamagate" as the only sure way of getting his sagging, orange ass re-elected.  Well, that ain't going to work.  Sure, the rabid MAGA heads who worship at his feet will suck that down faster than a free Wild Cherry slurpee from 7 -11, all it's going to do in the end is give them brain freeze.  Of course, that would mean they actually had a functioning brain.
What's even more interesting is that his re-election campaign is buying up $18.6 million in ad space, much of that being spent in Florida, and it's only May.  Sure, there are those who will say "he's got the buckos in the bank, so why not," but it's May.  Biden, on the other hand, is spending about $3.6 million, because it's only May and the election is 6 months away.  Trying to shore up his base, perhaps, and so early in the season?  I'm catching a whiff of  the new Republican scent, "Early Desperation."  I'm sure, if you like cloying, overly sweet perfumes, with more than a hint of sewage, I'm sure this one will be for you.
No cycling tonight.  It's going to be a rest day for the legs, after 8 days and almost 99 miles.
And for those of you who have been waiting, it is Rose Time.

The light dappling on the leaves is the spray I'm using to keep the dreaded 'black spot' at bay.

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Take 2 of these and call me if you have a heart attack

Yesterday was... active.  I spent some time cleaning up the yard on the other side of the fence.  Last year I didn't venture there, this year?  I'm clearing it out, mostly out of necessity.  Chris, who bought the brick house on the hill to my left, is letting  ivy run rampant.  While it looks nice, it is very destructive and will over run everything.
Oh, and I took another ride in Burgundy yesterday.  I was going to use Monday as a rest day, but ended getting in a 12 mile ride.
Today is my first full day back on the job.  We'll see how it goes. I'm not exactly excited.
As for the Idiot Jerk in the White House... well, supposedly he's now taking hydroxicholoroquine, not because he has any symptoms of Covid - 19; rather he's using the drug as a preventative.  If he wants to get his saggy ass re-elected, he needs the economy needs to be as blustery as he is and that isn't going to happen if people don't go back to work.  There are those, however, who do have health concerns - they don't want to catch the virus and so they're a little slow at jumping back into the work force.  In his addled brain, the best way to sooth their fears is to take a preventative med, something that's going to keep you from getting the virus.  That's right, if you take hydroxichloroquine you won't get sick, of course you might die of a heart attack, but do you think he really cares?  Nope.  The fool is going to kill off his base.
And, finally, "The Body in the Loch" is picking up steam.  Can we have a little mood music, please?

A nice bit takes place in an abandoned abbey, and the Highlands, and a place called The Slaughtered Lamb.  Someone will yell "let loose the hounds!"  No snakes, though there is a castle.  For those interested, the first Chapter in the next book has a title and more than the first words have been written.  Here is the chapter title and the first sentence:

In Dun Adair

"Another cup of tea, dear?"

'Dun' is Scottish (Gaelic) for castle / fort.  Since the mystery takes place in and around the Adair castle in Scotland, I thought that proper.  Say it softly, and don't forget to roll the r.

Monday, May 18, 2020

His Little Nazi Boys

It's Monday and I have the day off.  Then I'm scheduled to work for 5 days in a row, 8 hours a day, 40 hours altogether.  Getting back to a normal life will be interesting.  Three weeks later they have me back to my 8 - 1 schedule, and the following week I believe I scheduled some vacation time for myself.
Yesterday one of my fellow associates called off so I was by myself until the closing associate showed up at 1:30 PM.  I was busy.  No wackos.  No assholes.  Time when very fast.
I was talking to my friend Betsy last evening and I asked her who Lara Tramp was, I mean I knew she was a Tramp by marriage but I didn't know if she was one of those Tramps who was married, and then divorced but still considered herself a Tamp.  Not that it makes a wit of difference, once a Tramp always a Tramp. I saw where she was being supportive of Tara Reade, who is also a tramp but not by marriage... yet.  I do not doubt Tara has aspirations to be an Upper Class Tramp.
During our discussion, I pointed out that in regard to Covid - 19 and couples, married or otherwise, when one is infected it's almost a sure thing their partner, spouse, or what ever... roomie even, ends up getting infected as well.  Viruses like when you sleep together, you know?  Don't you fine it interesting that Stevie Miller's pretty new wife shows symptoms and test positive and little Stevie doesn't?  I do.  Of course, one can not help but think about the Idiot Jerk's poor valet, a strapping sailor-man he doesn't know, who also tested positive a few days earlier...  Hhhmm.  And they're the only 2 with symptoms who have tested positive in the West Wing.  Could Stevie's marriage be one of... convenience?  I, for one, would not be surprised if he was far more interested in his little Nazi boys.
And I have baby peaches!

And baby nectarines, as well.  My cucumber seeds have sprouted as well.  Yum.  And tomatoes, too.

Sunday, May 17, 2020

When to cut blinds

Welcome to Sunday.  The weather is supposed to be nice, so we'll be expecting crowds at the store.  Yesterday our  parking lot was jam-packed.  And, I had one of the dumbest customers I've ever had in my life.  Everyone I tell starts to laugh.  Me?  I'm still laughing.  I get a page to help a customer in blinds, a middle-aged woman and her husband are standing in front of the cellular display.  She tells me they want to buy one that's a Parchment color, a big one.  She pointed to one that was 6 feet long and proceeded say she wanted it cut in half so they can have 2 blinds.  I told her we didn't do that.  She started growing irritated and pointed to the blind cutter, "what's that for?"  I explained how the cutter was used to take a little bit of the ends of blinds so they could fit in different sized windows.  I also told her we didn't sell extra mounting hardware.  Her response:  "I never heard of anything so damn stupid."  I also told her the blinds wouldn't work because cutting it in half would destroy the pulley mechanism running across the top of the head rail.  She flipped.  "Pulley mechanism!  Why the hell is there a pulley mechanism if these are cordless blinds!"  Surprisingly, she wasn't wearing a MAGA hat.  Now tell me, have you ever considered cutting a blind in half to get two?
Of course, a lot of people are talking about Obama's commencement address.  He is infuriating both the Idiot Jerk in the White House and his minions because Obama, unlike the Idiot Jerk, sounds intelligent when he speaks.  He doesn't say things like "super duper missile," and "it's a really, really big white boat...  a really big white boat."  But then, of course, Obama understands that most Americans, except for MAGA heads, do not need things repeated for them to know what he's talking about.
Finally, my roses have started blooming and my peonies are preparing to pop.  Here's a pic of Biggie the other day.  You can see just a bit of the purply thing next to my yellow rose bush.

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Floating to the surface

Holy Moly!  I get to go back to work today for 5, maybe 5.5 hours.  One of our specialists is on vacation.  He's going down to North (South ?) Carolina to visit his daughter and his family.  Scheduling has been... haphazzard (yeah, that's a nice word for it) over the past few months and I do want to make sure there's coverage.  For the next 2 weeks I'm scheduled for 40 hours.  That doesn't bother me.  They pop a $100 bonus into your paycheck when you work over 36 hours in a single week so that should give me and extra $200 to spend on...
Someone named Codswallop gave The Body in the Well a 4 out of 5 star review on Amazon.  It would have been 5 except for typos.  One of my readers asked how there could be typos, 3 different sets of eyes did proofreading.  It has to do with the way we read.  Often we will see a sentence as a whole, rather than individual words.  If anybody sees a typo, let me know so I can fix it.  A big thank you to Bathwater who emailed me several.  I also thanked Codswallop for the review, noting changes had been made.  I also Googled Codswallop since I didn't know if it was a real name or not... it's probably one of the worst pseudonyms you can use if you're reviewing books.
I have over 50 miles in on the bike so far this week.  I'm averaging between 60 and 65.  I've also discovered a use for my empty Gatorade bottles.  They make great candle molds.

And for those who didn't see, we now have a flag for out Space Force.  And our scientists are working on a "super duper missile,'  It's still in the process of being designed, but in the end it's going to be super duper.  For those of you who don't know, this is called distraction.  The Idiot Jerk is desperately trying to put America's focus on something other than the fact that 90,000 Americans have died from Covid - 19. 
Of course, the shit is beginning to float to the surface regarding Tara Reade, and there is a lot of it.  She had complained that her new found infamy was giving her personal information (like her whereabouts) to certain individuals (like ex-landlords).  She's evidently had no problem on taking advantage of them and then skipping her rent payments.  There's at least one lawsuit pending from 2014 (I think).  She's being described as manipulative and a user.  She should have realized this shit was going to come out.  Now we know why legitimate media outlets weren't touching her with a ten foot poll.

Friday, May 15, 2020

The Prostitution of Billy Barr

I find it hard to believe today is Friday, but then my calendar is fairly nonexistent normally; it's either a work day or it isn't.  Tomorrow I get to go to work.
Yesterday was a day of accomplishment with a number of chores being tied up with a nice 'finished' ribbon and set aside until I unwrap them again in a week or so.  There was more planting of the seeds (basis and spearmint) and a good hearty wacking of the weeds.  Today I plan on picking up sticks and moving my paint storage down into the basement.
I rode for over 16 miles in Corsica yesterday.  The total route is almost 20 miles long with lots of hills and one of these days I will finish it. Today I'd like to get another 14 or 15 miles under my belt.  The temps are supposed to get up into the mid 80's (F).  This means one of the fans in the cycling / computer room will need to be on to keep me from baking.
And, speaking of baking, I made a personal pan pizza for dinner last evening.

It was delish... and no, I didn't eat the entire pizza at one sitting.
Tensions are beginning to rise in Texas where the Republican governor is planning on dropping more restrictions in spite of the fact that the infection rate is increasing daily.  This was expected.
The Idiot Jerk was in Allentown yesterday preaching to his slowly devolving base.  Of course, there was a protest in Harrisburg, damn how this man does love his insurrection.  A major majority of Americans want the reopening to go slowly.  The Idiot Jerk wants to shove it down our throats, but then he has no respect for human life, no respect for values, and complete disdain for ethics, but then he's a Republican.
And how about Mitch McConnell admitting he lied about the Obama administration not leaving a pandemic plan.  Then he goes on to say he doesn't know if it was followed or not, he 'was not part of that process.'  That's going to be used against him this November.

Biden had one of his internet town halls yesterday.  He's getting rather forceful in his attacks on the Idiot Jerk and this administration.  He hit that nail on the head when he talked about the prostitution of the Justice Department.   Actually, prostitution might be the wrong word.  I doubt very much if Billy Barr needs to be paid every time he throws his legs up in the air.

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Staying Safe

Once again, I managed to get a lot of chores done yesterday.  The lawn is now mowed, however the weeds have not yet been wacked, that will happen this morning.  All my roses were sprayed, as well as the fruit trees.  And in case any of you are wondering, I've got little peaches and nectarines.  I did cut some of the lower branches from the nectarine tree last fall because Biggie could stand there and eat the fruit from them.  In case you didn't know, as in humans, too many nectarines can create gastrointestinal issues in large dogs. Hey, I even got around to baking a loaf of banana nut raisin bread.

There's supposed to be another demonstration by the brain dead, ultra right in downtown Harrisburg today.   They don't understand the 'stay at home' orders are to keep the virus from spreading too fast hospitals are overwhelmed.  For these protesters, that is complex thinking.  Their argument is that the Constitution allows them the right to act like an asswipe.  I agree.  As my friend Patty says, "let them go someplace else and get sick," but make sure they sign a waiver saying they're not going to go to a hospital, but rather stay home and suffer... and maybe die.
And the Wisconsin Supreme Court said the Governor's 'stay at home' orders were unconstitutional.  Of course, 3 of the 5 judges are Conservative Republicans.  Their decision is seen as odd since the state is in the process of reopening.  I suspect that not only are they asswipes, they're asswipes desperately trying to prove their fealty to the Idiot Jerk in the White House.
I did get a bit of a laugh when the Idiot Jerk called out Wall Street's billionaire investors on taking advantage of the stock market when it was down.  Of course, this make him look good to his base, but they don't understand that 84% of the stock market is owned by billionaire investors.  Nope.  The fact that crater faced Stevie Mnuchin did this same thing in 2008 doesn't enter their consciousness.  Of course, if you're a billionaire who doesn't criticize the  future of the economy, just quietly takes advantage of the falling stock market then you're okay.
The best thing any of us can do until we vote this imbecile out of office and into jail is stay safe.  Wear you mask, practice social distancing, and decontaminate and we will outlive both these dinosaurs and the faltering economy.

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

His own Worst Enemy

So, I see it's Wednesday.  I am very pleased to report I accomplished a lot yesterday, my goals were met.  Ain't that a nice thing to say.  Hell, I even finished all of my laundry for the week.  I dug up all of the old tulip bulbs and planted gladiolas, as I said yesterday - the pastel mixture.  I need to mow the lawn today and wack the weeds.  Fun stuff!
I also got my 'mail in ballot' yesterday.  If you have the ability to mail in your ballot, do it.  Can we talk about convenience here?  How often have you gone to vote and discovered names on the ballot you didn't recognize?  With a mail in ballot, you can sit down at your computer and take a few minutes to discover who those people are, people who don't have large campaign funds, candidates who might better suit your own beliefs.  My ballot is getting mailed on my way to Giant this morning.
Biggie has an inter-digital cyst between 2 of his toes. It doesn't seem to bother him, but I don't want to take any chances.  We all know how expensive visits to the Veterinarian can be so I Googled 'treatment.'  The first thing I learned was that they're not really cysts, rather they're inflamed blood vessels.  Treatments abound, including soaking the paw in Epsom Salts for ten minutes twice a day...  That had me laughing.  Can you imagine Biggie soaking his foot?  He weighs 118 pounds.  Soaking is not an option.  However, the most popular remedy I saw was... are you ready for it?  Preparation H.  I guess if it can reduce the size of hemorrhoids it can reduce the size of inflamed blood vessels between the toes.
Oh, and I made pork fried rice last evening.  It was delish.

Of course, Fauci talked to the Republican Senate yesterday... only Republicans, because they thought they could control his responses.  They failed.  People trust him, they don't trust the Republican Senate.  They've spread their legs too often for the Idiot Jerk in the White House.  Speaking of the Idiot Jerk, more and more we are hearing how this pandemic is frazzling him.  Not that he's concerned about people dying... not in the least.  However, he needs to wallow in praise and glory and that's not happening.  In fact, just the opposite is taking place.  His lies are not only being questioned daily, they're being turned into rapier sharp headlines that stick deeply into his leathery hide and hang there like scabs.  People complain Biden isn't attacking the Idiot Jerk... they don't understand this Idiot President is his own worst enemy.

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Viruses don't have Brains.

So, I slept in this morning.  It's the first of my 4 days off in a row, 2 of which are vacation days.  I have a lot of chores planned.  There are black tulips down the side of the house which have stopped blooming.  They are going to be replaced by gladiolas, what's called the pastel collection (purples, whites and pinks).   Of course, I have rosebuds galore.  I'm now using a mixture of water and very fine sulfur in a pump sprayer to keep the dreaded 'black spot' at bay.  The same mixture will be used on the peach and nectarine trees.  I also want to get in a bike ride.  Today's will be inside, but I'm planning on taking the X6 off the wall, pumping up the tires, and taking it out on the road now while traffic is still thin.

Me holding the X6 about 14 years ago
I saw where tribes in South Dakota are standing up the their Republican governor.  She wants them to stop the checkpoints they've set up leading into their reservations.  She doesn't give a shit if they live or die, but then she's a Republican, so what else is new?  We need to vote her out of office and maybe put her in jail for 'Crimes against Humanity.'
Billy Barr's dismissal of the charges against Mike Flynn has a lot of voices up in arms, Democrat and Republican.  Remember, he's going to do everything the Idiot Jerk in the White House wants, no matter how bad it looks.  That's why he got the job.  At this point, a major majority of Americans realize his ethics were superficial at best.  The bitter truth for him will be when he finds out he's been worshiping a minority president who will throw him to the wolves the minute things turn bad... which is going to be any minute now.
And I saw where the Idiot Jerk in the White House again cut short a briefing yesterday because he didn't like the questions.  I do not doubt that as time goes on, he will rely more and more on the Cracker Jack Conservative media outlets to get his message to his base.  The body counts keeps rising, they're talking about a 2nd wave much sooner than later, and his message is that 'we prevailed.'  His radicalized base believes him.  They have no clue that the first wave took out the most vulnerable, the 2nd wave is aiming for those who don't wear masks, who don't practices Social Distancing, who think brandishing a gun is going to scare Covid - 19.  They don't understand this virus is smarter than they are... and viruses don't have brains.

Monday, May 11, 2020

The Doxy

Well it's the start of another new week, ain't that just yippee!  Next week I return to my full 40 hour a week schedule which will be interesting.  Believe me, I rather enjoy the part-time hours.
There was a young couple pushing a stroller around the store yesterday, neither he nor she was wearing a mask.  They seemed oblivious.  A very large, middle-aged man walked past me, he was wearing a mask.  I asked him how he was and he said fine.  About 5 seconds later, when he was well down the aisle, he yelled loudly "freedom."  These are the people who will spread the virus and keep it alive.  In fact, it depends upon people like them.  Without them, it wouldn't exist.  They are very selfish, you know.  Talk about being entitled.  Nothing can compare to white Republicans.
The Red Lobster, basically a fast food seafood restaurant for those of you who don't know, a mile away from the store was open yesterday.  I understand the parking lot was full.  I have no idea whether they were practicing Social Distancing or not.  Of course, it was Mother's Day, wasn't it?  What better way to celebrate then to take Mom and Granny out for a seafood dinner... and maybe pickup a little virus to go?  Our county is still in a red zone.
Word came out yesterday that Mikey Pence was going to put a 'little distance' between himself and others now that a close member of his staff was infected, and no doubt spreading the virus.  America approved.  However, this morning I heard that the 'little distance' was not truly accurate, that he had said nothing like that.  Self distancing is not what the Idiot Jerk wants the public to see, so Mikey cowed his head and changed his tune.  My, he's become quite the doxy, hasn't he?
A Weber grill plays a small, insignificant part in The Body in the Well.  I was surprised when a friend said he didn't know what I was talking about.  He owns one of those big, lumbering gas grills that's larger than my range.  I thought the Weber image was rather ubiquitous.  Since I was evidently wrong, I though I should let people know what I was writing about.

Handles make it easy to remove the grate for cleaning
I have had one for years.  Believe me, you can grill all sorts of things on a Weber.

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Laundry Day

Well, say hello to Sunday.  Right now the temp is sitting at a brisk 32 (F) or 0(C) for everybody else in the world who uses Celsius rather than Fahrenheit.  Yesterday?  It was damn cold and windy.  We had snow squalls.  Lots of snow squalls.  They came and they went.  Since I'm doing a potted garden this year, I brought all my plants inside the house.
At the store, they waited in line outside... 6 feet (approx 2 meters) apart, in the wind and snow.  Sorry folks, that is not my idea of fun... or of getting out.  Nope.  The day before I did curbside delivery for a bit, yesterday I went out and got shopping carts.  People love to push around shopping carts.  Some actually put things into them, most don't.  You'll see a paint brush, or an electric switch, or light bulbs.  A lot of people seem to enjoy walking up and down our aisles pushing a cart with nothing more than a light bulb, or an extension cord.  You know what I'm talking about?  The real heavy items that weigh you down and make walking difficult.
Today I'm supposed to be a Cashier...  There's no one scheduled in Flooring until after I leave.  Great scheduling.
Here in America it's Mother's Day, one of those faux holidays created by Hallmark to sell greeting cards.  Now, I'm not saying having one day out of the year to make Moms special is bad, I just wish everybody and their brother wasn't trying to sell you something Mom is never going to use.  You see, it's not really about Mom at all.  This faux holiday is based on one thing and one thing alone, getting you to buy stuff, preferably on credit so you can pay interest.  Wouldn't it be nice if just for once someone would say "make you Mom feel special today... do the laundry?"

Now, isn't that nice, a front loader
As for the Idiot Jerk in the White House, he's definitely trying to send the country to the cleaners.  He's put himself into a bit of a conundrum, with his early back to work message.  He says it's safe, but lives are still being lost.  Covid - 19 has invaded the White House and he walks around without a mask.  Let's be honest here.  Let's be honest since he can't be, you know that when the cameras are off he's wearing a full body hazzmat suit.  Be prepared, as the body count rises, his lies are going to get worse and worse.  He may send us to the cleaners, but let me tell you, we are definitely going to put the starch in his ass come this November!

Saturday, May 9, 2020

Be Still my Happy Feet

Well, it's Saturday, for those of you who don't know.  I do go in to work today just as I did yesterday which had its moments bordering on absurd.  Seriously.  Early in my shift I was helping our aisle supervisor put new rolls of vinyl on our in carry out vinyl display - they're 12 feet long and heavy.  He complained about how the job was taking up too much of his time.  I asked how his back was and he said "it's fine."  And I said, "I feel really good." And I was getting a little happy rush.  My elation lasted most of the morning.  Then there was the large woman (I'm being polite) I found sitting at the flooring desk who was looking for a designer.  She was had on a fluffy green scarf that kept falling down instead of a mask.  She had bought border mosaic for a back splash a number of years ago and only now realized she was 2 short and want me to come up with a fix for her outdated tile.  She sniffled in irritation when I told her that was impossible.  Yes, she's one of those.  When I finally got her out of there I disinfected heavily... thoroughly might be considered an understatement.  That's when I found out the supervisor I'd been helping earlier went home... he'd pulled some muscles in his back.  I also found out the reason for my elation - Katie Miller, wife of the white supremacist Stevie Miller had tested positive for Covid - 19.  Everyone in the West Wing has now, either directly or indirectly, been exposed.  Be still my happy feet!
Tara Reade has decided that since Democrats did not embrace her lies, she's leaving the party.  Will someone get that failure of a human being a red hat!  Be still my Happy Feet.
And evidently in a way too lengthy interview with Fox News, the Idiot Jerk revealed his new campaign slogan, I'm not responsible."  With a major majority of Americans concerned about the rush to reopen and only Republican officials rushing headfirst into chaos, who in hell is going to believe that besides Tara Reade?  He says he's going to make America Great Again... when?  When the death toll his 150,000.  This man is truly and Idiot.  What's he going to do if Stevie Miller gets sick?  That's a very likely scenario... unless there are no connubial relations between Stevie and Katie.  Or fat Billy Barr?  That lard ass might not survive.  Be still my Happy Feet.

Friday, May 8, 2020

Oh, My

Oh my, one nice thing about wearing face masks in public is that they hide the fact that you might have a little booger hanging out of one of your nostrils.  You know what I'm talking about, that little thing people try not to stare at, all the while failing to mention you've got some little green guy waving at them.
Oh my, Tara Reade's details have gone porno in an interview with Megyn (sp) Kelly.  She wants Biden to be held accountable and get out of the presidential race.  She now has legal representation, some cat by the name of Wigdor who donated $55,000 to the Idiot Jerk in 2016.  He also represented Harvey Weinstein.  Where the hell is Gloria Allred when you need her?
Oh my, evidently the Idiot Jerk's valet, the one who serves him most of his meals, has tested positive for Covid - 19.  Can we talk about a shit show here.  I like the bit where he's described as being 'lava level angry.'  I'm betting he threw things, and broke things all while screaming at the top of his lungs.  Imagine a 2 year-old throwing the worst tantrum in the world... that's the Idiot Jerk.  Of course, he and Pence were tested.  I wonder, did anyone tell him it may take several days after you're infected for the test to prove positive.
Oh my, there's a Twitter war between Crater Face Mnunchin and Axl Rose which errupted after the Idiot Jerk used the G&R version of  Live and Let Die" when he turned a face mask factory.  It's all over the Internet, I chose the Tiimes of Israel version.  Evidently Crater Face posted a pic of the Libyan flat rather then the American flag in their dispute about patriotism.  He deleted the Tweet after he was told of his stupidity, but not before Axl smacked his shit down and made a fool of him for the world to see.
Oh my, I baked cookies yesterday.  Scrumptious, yummy and delish they are.

Oh my! Looks like I'll be going  blond this coming holiday season

and maybe trying to learn Viking.

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Making fudge

Yesterday turned out to be one of those odd days.  Usually, I sleep in on my first day off - yesterday I didn't thinking I could get so much accomplished.  I was speeding along my 'to do' list until it started to rain... earlier than I had been expecting.  Suddenly everything slowed down and I felt like I ought to take a nap.  The dogs love it when I take naps, though doing so scratches things off my list.  I did get to my local Giant supermarket, still no cleaners or disinfectants so I guess MAGA heads must still juicin' up with Mr. Clean in the back bedroom.  Lots of paper products.  I bought meat (chicken... and that other white meat) since they say it's going to get pricey as hell.  Something you can count on, every time there's a pandemic someone feels they need to make a buck. I sliced 2 heads of cabbage real thing and tarted my sauerkraut (yes, I make homemade sauerkraut).
Not so surprising, the Coronavirus Task Force is still on because (hold on to your hats people) the Idiot Jerk in the White House said he had no idea it was so popular.  This is the same individual who 2 weeks ago was bragging about his ratings.  Oh, wait, let me palm myself in the forehead, he actually thought all those people were watching because of... sorry, I can't even say it.  That idea is simply so ludicrous.
And rumors are beginning to abound that the Idiot Jerk will make some attempt at deligitimatizing death tolls.  He looks bad, you know?  At first he said we were only going to lose about 60,000, but then it became 100,000 by June, and then maybe as many as 135,000.  The only high numbers he likes are those related to the stock market.  Body counts? Damn, they make him look really bad.  Frankly, he may try, but he will not succeed.  Inquiring minds want to know.  Fudging the statistics will hurt his approval ratings even more.  Just like Covid - 19's changing timeline hurts his accusation that it came from a lab in Wuhan.  It's seems as though this virus has been floating around for quite some time.  In late December, a Parisian was already infected, and individual who had not left the country, proving there was Community Spread that early in the pandemic.  Don't worry, the Idiot Jerk will try and cook up some sort of fudgy lie to cover that truth.
Finally, what are my plans for today, now that the sun is shining?  some outdoor work.  If the grass is dry enough, I may try and mow it.  While I, myself, would love to make some fudge... the calorie count would mean a four hundred mile bike ride... tomorrow.  In case you're wondering, this is what my training calendar looked like in April.  Not bad, eh?  Shit, it see these new Blogger changes don't let the whole thing fit.  Well, you get the idea.  I rode 255 miles in April.  If you click on the date it should take you to my Strava account for more detailed information.

Training Calendar