I've also been told I have little tact, so if this offends you simply ride on.

Sunday, September 25, 2022

The Process

 Sunday slow day.  Yesterday was Blizzard day.  That's right.  They bought a large number of DQ Blizzards in various flavors.  Sadly, they were small.  I like my Blizzards big.  Surprisingly, I only had one.  Peanut Butter Cup.  Tiny but tasty.

Otherwise the day was simply boring.  Until 20 minutes before I was due to leave, then I received a call from a customer who is not satisfied.  She is, unfortunately, going to be very disappointed.  She wants us to retile her bathroom... with 6 different types of tiles.  This includes the floor, the walls, a triangular tub, and a separate shower.  She wants a designer bathroom, one with octagonal tiles on a triangular tub.  We could do the installation, however, she wants us to provide her with a quote.  Unfortunately, the software we use does not let us build design quotes.  We install floor tiles, and wall tiles, and tiles in your shower.  If she wants a designer bathroom, she's going to have to pay a designer ($$$), who's going to hire a contractor ($$$), who will be able to build her the designer bathroom of her dreams.

A long time ago, my family owned an AKC Irish Setter my mom named Rusty, his AKC name was Sir Rusty of Fairview.  Setters have long hair, which clumps up into little ice balls between their toes when they go out in the snow.  My mom's solution was to tie white, plastic garbage bags on Rusty's legs.  He was quite patient throughout the process.  

I know some are upset that things are not moving fast enough with all of the Trump investigations, and I do try and temper their enthusiasm.  Patience is a virtue, especially in regard to #45.  He is a slimy sack of shit who has learned to manipulate the system over the years.  Can you even imagine the anger if he should be indicted, only to have the indictment thrown out because some one person in the DOJ, or working with the Fulton County Attorney General forgot to dot the 'i' or cross the 't'?  The MAGAs would go into rapture.  We need to let the process work.  Take the Special Master, who seems to be completely opposed to Trump's manipulations of the Justice system.  He smacked back Aileen Cannon, proving publicly how big of a fool she is.  But it takes time.  There may not be an indictment before the midterms, but I'm suspecting possibly one, maybe 2 public announcements to thrash both Trump and the GOP.  And, of course, there is the approaching October Surprise.  An indictment of... say, Giuliani  would really rattle Trump's cage.

Saturday, September 24, 2022

A good thing for America

 So, happy Saturday.  After my 7 hour stint at work this afternoon, I'm not scheduled until next Thursday.  I can live with that.  Four days off.  It's anybody's guess at how busy the store is going to be today.  This used to be a transitional period.  Since the holidays are approaching, people begin to think of installing new flooring, especially carpet.  However, we're competing with college football.  I was told that Penn State has won every game so far this season.  Living in Central PA, that is an important factor.  A lot of people want to hear those Nittany Lions roar.

For our Success Sharing weekend, today is ice cream and Blizzard day.  I don't know if that means a Dairy Queen truck is going to be parked in back of the building, or if we're going to be served some sort of knockoff.

My slides are all in my computer, or at least the ones that I'm keeping have been saved.  Most of the 100 + pictures I took of animals at the San Diego zoo are in the trash.  If you want to see a peacock just Google peacock.  What did I save?  Pictures like this.  In 1973, I spent a few weeks working in the radar department of our destroyer escort.  I was flown there by a helicopter (I really don't like helicopters).  here's one of the pictures I took when I flew back to the Constellation.  This is what it looks like from above as you're preparing to land.  And yes, those are jet planes parked on the flight deck.

Yesterday, Kevin McCarthy (he wants to be High Priest in the Trump cult) and several other prominent Republicans released the GOP plan for heading into the midterms.  They did not mention their intentions of a nationwide ban on abortion, or their plan to eliminate Social Security.  What they did was release vague statements in a video which some are saying included scenes from Mother Russia and statement from Lehman Brothers that they attributed to Lincoln.  Some smart individual took their Commiotment and added some of the details the Republicans forgot to include.

I understand that Sydney Powell is considered on the lam because she failed to show up for a court appearance.  This was to be expected.

An Arizona judge reinstated an anti-abortion law from before Arizona became a state.  This is how you unite the women of Arizona.

And finally, there is evidently growing concern among Republicans in regard to Trump's legal issues.  That, I believe is an understatement.  You see, many Republicans, including Kevin McCarthy, saw the MAGA base as a slice of heaven; a guaranteed voting bloc they could rely upon.  However, that bloc is a minority group that includes another minority voting bloc, the Evangelicals.  They are not 2 distinct groups.  The QAnon crazies?  They, too, are in the MAGA group.  They are in trouble, and they know it.  Trump is killing their party, which is a good thing for America.