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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

The Never Ending Gerrymander

 Well, I had planned on sleeping in yesterday but the dogs and their bladders would have none of it.  This morning things were different.  After I turned off the alarm at 0530, neither roused themselves.  An hour and half later I climbed out of bed.  Nice.  I do like sleeping in now and then; wouldn't want to make the practice regular.  Now the chores begin.  Right now, I have eggs boiling to make egg salad.  Don't know why, but for some reason I've been eating a lot of egg salad yesterday.

My new color printer arrived yesterday and setup is complete.  Took longer than I thought, probably an hour since I took the time to connect it to the cloud and to my mobile device. That right.  I can now print pictures straight from my phone.  Isn't that nice.  Also, and I found this a bit interesting, it's an Epson, which is owned by Seiko.  For years and years the only watch I wore on my wrist was a  Seiko.

The storm system that moved through yesterday gave us mostly rain, a touch of sleet, and a bit of ice early on.

I saw an interesting article this morning on how Wisconsin's tepid Covid response was the direct result of Republicans' gerrymandering.  Over time, Republicans in that state have gerrymandered district lines in order to maintain control of the the state's legislature.  That is not the case in Pennsylvania, where the State Supreme Court directed a redrawing of voting districts.

This does not mean, however, that gerrymandering is going to stop for the near future.  Political parties are always going to try and wield as much power as possible.  To do this they need to redraw the lines.  One of the many great things to happen with the recent transfer of power was the hold put on the 2020 census.  This halted the Republicans despicable attempt to limit which people can and which people cannot be counted.  They did not just want to stifle voices, they wanted to eliminate them completely.  This silence they intended to foster was designed specifically for the purpose of enabling them to redraw the lines. The best way to muzzle people is to say they do not exist.  Republicans refuse to understand that America is changing.  In order to stay in power, they would need to redraw the lines more and more frequently, creating a never ending gerrymander.  Their inability to understand this truth is the keystone of their approaching failure.

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Dominion over the Truth

 How good it is I wasn't anticipating snow...  The Weather Channel is broadcast on a large screen TV at work, one of the few channels permitted on the HD Network, and they have been shrieking out forecasts of an impending winter doom and while it's snowing in Chicago... and Nebraska we, however, have an extremely thin dusting... if you want to call it that.

And today begins my weekend - 2 consecutive days off.  Simply lovely, I think.  I had thought of sleeping in, but after sleeping for around 10 hours the bladders of big dogs are quite full.  You listen when 180 pounds of dogs tell you they need to go outside and pee.

I have a number of cycling DVDs I bought back when I was using my Cycleops Trainer which have been sitting on the shelf unused for years.  Since I'm doing my running / jog thing several days a week on the treadmill, I thought I might get some use out of them again.  Unfortunately, I have no DVD player.  I  gave that away a long time ago.  So I bought an inexpensive one I saw on Amazon.  A Jinhoo.  It had good ratings, and it doesn't work.  It will begin to play and then starts to spin so badly it vibrates and the vibration is so bad the little thing sounds like a washer going into spin cycle.  In the troubleshooting section of the manual it actually says that if this happens the player was probably damaged during shipping which is a good indicator this must happen quite often.  It's getting returned today.

And what about Dominion suing Giuliani for $1.3 billion?

Is that a freaking hoot, or what?  A few hours after Dominion filed their suit, Rudy Gazooti said Biden and Harris won.  Dominion has already filed against Sydney Powell.  Both are considered to be major players among Conservative Crackers.  However, because both have continued their unsubstantiated, baseless lies about voter fraud Dominion is going to do a little dance on their bank accounts.  I would not be surprised if the Idiot Jerk, himself, was not sitting in the bullseye.  This is just what he needs, another lawsuit.  Now, don't that gladden the cockles of your heart?