I've also been told I have little tact, so if this offends you simply ride on.

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Full Frontal

For those interested, I hit my hump moment last night sometime, I'm in a 6 day stretch.
Today, as part of our Memorial Day celebration at work, is ice cream day.  Sandwiches.  I have to admit I do like ice cream sandwiches, even though they don't use real ice cream... not in the sandwiches they provide.  It's some sort of frozen milk substitute with a good portion being hydrogenated oil.  I may have to get my ice cream maker out and make some of the real stuff!  The kind with the killer cholesterol we thought so wonderful when we were kids.  It doesn't take long, though it does use a lot of egg yolks.
And now, for a brief interlude, one of my two-tones:

So, the Idiot Jerk went around Congress to close an $8 billion arms sale with the Saudis (and someone else).  He did this because he desperately wants to prove to the Saudi king that he has just as much power.  This is the same reason he likes meeting with dictators.  His shitty ego needs to prove to itself he's on the same playing field.  Both parties are upset by his sidestepping their authority.  His MAGA heads are too stupid to know what he's doing.  In their tiny minds, he should have complete power.  They do no understand how horrific that would be, but as I've said earlier, they're stupid.
Anyway, we've got less than 2 years to go until he's voted out of office.
Since this is such a distasteful idea, I'll give you another little palette cleanser.  I call this one  Full Frontal.

Friday, May 24, 2019

Pink Peonies... and other stuff

Well, I'm starting this a bit late this AM, I had the alarm set for 0430 but the dogs decided they needed to go 'potty outside' at around 0300, so I turned off the alarm and got up around 0530.  I'm thinking I may have to rethink my schedule again.
Yesterday we had storm warnings all day, and only one thunderstorm went through around mid-afternoon.  I was worried we'd have constant storms all night.
The pink peonies are in bloom.

And, of course, the wall of roses in my front yard is prepping for their first display of the season.

This is the top of one of 3 bushes
And, on the political scene - things are not just too peachy for the Idiot Jerk.  He's shrieking, and moaning, and Tweeting.  North Korea's blaming the administration for the failed summit.  The Pentagon is asking to send 5000 - 10,000 troops to the mid-east.  We just gave another $16 billion to America's farmers - tariffs, you know.  Oh, and he just signed an Executive Order instructing "all" intelligence agencies to give his henchie, Billy Barr, all info, classified and non-classified, on Russian interference in the 2016 election.  And all that happened in about 20 minutes, yesterday.  
For those who didn't know, Merrick Garland is the judge of the hour... the week... the month... and the year.  The Idiot Jerk's taxes... you know?  This is what you call Karma, or, if you're religious, Justice.  I'm sure that when Mitchy McTurtle heard this knews he turned his head slightly to the side and mutter and quiet "Oh, shit."
Finally... Theresa May is resigning.  Is this the end of Brexit?  Nope.  It just means the divorce is just going to get messier.  And all those bobble-headed voters who thought this was going to be an easy process are rethinking their votes.  Maybe I should try sending them all a picture of my pink peonies... that might brighten their day.

Thursday, May 23, 2019


They're calling for thunderstorms this afternoon; the same system which sent a tornado to smash through the the crazy Red state of Missouri, and Jefferson City, the capital, took a direct hit.  I don't know about you, but that sounds like an Act of God to me, of course you do know the crazy Christians in that state will blame the Gays.  Isn't that how it always is?
There's a lot of that going around these days, you know?  Blame?  Most of it seems to be coming from the far Right, blaming Democrats for their integrity.
I know the Idiot Jerk in the White House blames the Democrats for his low approval rating.  He said so yesterday.  I believe his comment was something like "My approval rating would be 65% if it weren't for those fucking Democrats and their fucking investigations," (though I don't think he said 'fucking' aloud).  But then this sack of shit has always blamed people... oh, wait, how could I forget that blame is always the standard Republican response.  I understand you can always tell a Conservative at birth by his pointing finger.

Baby Republican
And, as most of you know, music plays a big part in writing.  In The Body on the Lawn it was Fallout Boy.  In writing The Body in the Tower, I listened to a lot of Fallout Boy and Imagine Dragons for the mood and tempo.  For the next one, I'm changing things up a bit.  What I'm listening to is the new M Pokora album Pryamide.  One can only guess how this is going to effect a murder mystery set in the ghost towns of the Colorado Rockies.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

John Wick this

Golly Gee!  Today I begin a 6 day stint at work.  Can you see the level of my lack of excitability?  Six days.  Shit.  Then I have 2 days off before I get to work another 6 days in a row.  This is really bad retail scheduling.  Sometime in that 2nd stretch I may have to take a personal day to break things up.
I went to see John Wick 3 last evening.  The movie made a lot of money this past weekend.  For those who don't know, the John Wick series of films is an over the top, uber violent on a comic book level, about a paid assassin who left the business... kind of, until someone kills his dog (movie one).  The amount of violence is laughable, seriously, you find yourself laughing.  This is not high drama... shit, this doesn't even qualify as low drama, but it is entertaining for the most part.  Towards the end the fight scenes did tend to drag out, so on the next installment I'd recommend they practice smarter editing.  For those interested, Keanu Reeves is... well, the same as he's always been.  He is not known for his acting abilities.  His career has survived for so long (like 40 years) because of his ability to choose parts which do no rely on his dramatic skills.   Any sentence more than 8 or 9 words is a stretch, which is fine since dialogue is always where he fails.  I'm sure he prefers his scripts to be about 12 pages long: (fight in library), (fight on balcony), (fight in stairwell) "Oh, shit," (fight in elevator), (fight in alleyway).
Yesterday was election day in PA, all local.  In my precinct we use computerized ballots, however I was told this was the last election for them, that next year we're going to get new voting machines.  I'm sure the Russkies are already working on ways to screw up the 2020 election, so we'll have to see if they can be hacked.
And I saw where some American fighter pilots chased away some evil, Russkie fighter pilots up near Alaska.  Believe me when I tell you this is all part of the Idiot Jerk's blow bro Vlad's plan to disrupt America.
And finally, a few more of my garden pictures.  As I said, the roses are starting to paint things bright with color.

Now, ain't that nice?  Last year the rains of May pretty much washed them all out before I could take pictures.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019


I ordered some new slippers - they arrive today.  Depending upon the temperature, I'm either barefooted, in socks, or wearing slippers when I'm at home.  I like to keep my tootsies warm when it's cool outside.
My phone is beginning to piss me off.  It's an S8, only 3 years old, and it rarely 'fast charges' anymore, and 'slow charging' has become very, very slow.  Mostly I use my phone for texting, checking my emails, checking news feeds, and, of course, phone calls.  I want to be able to plug it in at night and have it fully charged the next morning.  That's not happening on a regular basis, and I'll be honest, I do send a lot of texts and read a lot of news.  I normally hold onto a phone for at least 4 years and it's irritating that I might have to "update" early.  I can also tell you, I am not alone.  We have a charging station in our lunch room at work and there are always phones being charged.  What I'm looking at is a Google Pixel... less expensive and does everything I need it to do.  But then again, I might just hold onto the S8 for another year or so and deal with the hassle of charging.
The Mumbai Hookers Union posted another comment on my blog....  I guess they'll try and peddle their whores anywhere.
Today's election day here in PA!  I'm going to go vote!  We need to take our government back from the Crazies on the Right.  Normal needs to become the law of the land.
And I saw a Federal Judge handed the Idiot Jerk a defeat in regard to his taxes.  Oh, shit, looks like that's going to move on to the Supreme Court where his boys Brett and Neil will... oh, wait, the Idiot Jerk will long be out of the presidency by the time that happens.
After today, I am scheduled to work for 6 days straight.  Then, I get to have 2 days off before working another 6 days in a row.  Memorial Day, you know?  We have about 2 weeks in which our aisles turn in a 'deal-a-thon' shit show.  Customers will buy this crap and in 3 weeks, when it breaks, they will realize it's nothing but crap and return it.  You would think that by now people might realize that those who actually manufacture these 'deals' are in the business to make money, not give you value for you $$$.  Of course, they don't.  Nope.  They get all charged up to run out and spend their hard earned $$$ on 'special deals' that are anything but special.

Monday, May 20, 2019

Armed and....

Well, it's Monday and I'm starting another weekend... retail, you know?  Our weeks swing different then yours.  And, of course, I slept in 0530.  Sleeping was odd last night.  Stormy weather hit the area, booming thunder and fireworks lightening spent about 3 hours time dazzling the area from about 10 PM on, though that didn't really bother me.  And the dogs sleep through storms.  What bothered me was my arm.  Arm, you ask?  Yes, my arm.  The right one to be precise.  You see, I decided that since I was going to have 2 days off, I might as well stop in at Giant and pick up some ice cream, maybe Cherry Garcia.  The wind was gusting badly across the parking lot as I walked towards the building, and just as I was about to step under their portico a stop sign they had anchored in a concrete base blew over... and hit me in the arm.  I'd like to see a video of the incident since I don't understand how it only hit my arm... which was at my side.  The customer walking up behind me said "Holy Fuck!"  As I turned, the sign was laying flat on the pavement and only my arm was injured.

It doesn't really hurt, but I will admit my sleeping was off.  I kept waking up, which means I'll probably nap today.
And Mayor Pete was on a Fox News Town Hall last evening.  The Idiot Jerk was not amused.  He shit out some angry Tweets.  On his part, Mayor Pete brought up not only the Moral Degeneracy of the Idiot Jerk, but also that of phony Christian, bottled blond Laura Ingraham as well as that White Supremacist Tucker Carlson.  As for the angry Tweets, people need to learn that if you squeeze the Idiot Jerks zit brain hard enough, it's going to pop.
And finally, a brief interlude from Joni Mitchell.  The song is about David Geffen, a very busy man, whom she saw quietly relaxing at a cafe on the Champs Elysees in 1973.  And, even though this is an interlude, it's also a bit of a prelude.

Sunday, May 19, 2019


Okay, so here it is Sunday morning and I've got a load of white wash in the washer.  Biggie is standing beside me pesting to have his head scratched.  In a few seconds, he will lay down and guard the door to the computer room from that evil Lily.
There's a lot of concern that John Bolton, one of the Idiot Jerk's favorite henchies, is spoiling for a war with Iran.  If one comes, it will be interesting to see how the Evangelicals handle it.  I mean, they're the ones who keep telling themselves he was sent by God to give them what they want, and if that's the case such a war would be a Holy issue.  I'm wondering how many of those phony devotees of Evangelicalism will send their children off to fight.  My money's saying those volunteers are going to be few and far between because in their little, black hearts they are gutless. They don't want to go and possibly get themselves killed for their beliefs.  No way.  They're going to leave that job to someone else, someone who's not as special, which is why they are so much worse than a cowardly embarrassment.
So, I'm probably going to go see John Wick 3 on either Monday or Tuesday.  It's getting good reviews.  Now hows that for a stunner.  This is a movie filled with over the top, comic book violence.  Still, I have to admit, it's far more believable than one of Tony Perkins' spawn volunteering to go to war for this country.  That will never happen because they're just too.... special.
Oh, my the evil Lily has entered the room... and Biggie's laying snoring on the floor.
I have turned on my ceiling fans.  They will run for the rest of the spring and summer season.  Eventually, when the daily temps hover in the upper 80's I'll turn on the Central Air, too.  In the winter I like to be warm, and in the summer I like to be cool. 
I thought I'd end today's entry with a shot of one of my peonies.  One of the things I'm planning on doing tomorrow (my day off) is to tie up the bush out front.  The blooms get very top-heavy and I don't want them laying on the sidewalk.

Dazzling, eh?