I've also been told I have little tact, so if this offends you simply ride on.

Friday, March 22, 2019

So, how long is that thing?

Well, it's Friday.  For me, this is the hump day of my week.  Next week I have Jury Duty.  Who knows how that's going to go.  The last time I went through the selection process twice, and failed to get selected.  This is for Civil Court, not Criminal.  As I've said before, my belief is that most of these civil cases arise from individuals who feel they are "owed."  Now I'm not saying that there are times when there are legitimate claims involved, but too many times I feel the emphasis is less on restitution and more on greed.
For those who are interested, here's the First Draft of "The Body in the Tower, A novel of mystery and suspense."

At present the word count is around 81,000 and it prints off at 172 pages. Now is when I start stroking my creativity.  A rub here and a squeeze there and it will grow... bigger.  If you're into size comparisons, right now this book is almost 10,000 words longer than the first.  This is the fun part, you know?  Playing around with it until it explodes!  You know?  At the climax?  (That is a literary term for those who might think otherwise.)
And yesterday the Idiot Jerk in the White House decided, since he believes himself to be the supreme ruler of the United States, to recognize the Golan Heights as part of Israel.  Isn't it interesting how the Conservatives jumped all over comments by Rashida Tlaib and then do exactly what she said they were doing, putting loyalty to Israel above everything else.  And just to make sure the world understood this, Mike Pompeo basically used Upper Case letters to say God had sent the Idiot Jerk in the White House to save Israel.  Holy Shit!  These people have taken their selfish little beliefs and wrapped them so tightly around their heads rationality has disappeared.  The fact that their actions may lead to wars doesn't even occur to them.  In their minds, they can do what ever they want because they're special... they've been chosen, and it is all about that last word: chosen.
They are going to get very ugly when they realize they have not been... chosen.  We can see that already in their desperate actions.  They will fight evolution tooth and nail... and will, as always... fail.  Hold on tight.  Their judgment is coming.

Thursday, March 21, 2019


Okay, so it's Thursday morning and I'm sitting here eating my oatmeal.  We're going to be getting some rain today... maybe a lot.  That's fine, as long as it doesn't turn to ice.  The dogs hate ice.
It's that time of year when my massive retail home improvement chain hands out bonus checks to every associate.  Our store was number one for the last 6 months of the fiscal year.  To help celebrate, my store is throwing a Back Yard Barbecue this weekend, both Saturday and Sunday.  Free food is always well appreciated.
New Zealand passed a superior piece of gun control legislation.  They are banning nearly all semi-automatic weapons.  To do so was relatively easy because New Zealand doesn't have a bunch of crazies who have sanctified guns.  In New Zealand the lives of human beings are much more important than the ability to own any, and every, lethal weapon you want.  Will we, in this country, ever learn... someday... after the Conservatives are ousted from power.
 And what about the Idiot Jerk and his followers whining about how he never got a Thank You after John McCain's funeral?  Yes sirree, he has fans who are shrieking almost as loud as he is about this, believing it's a sign of disrespect.  Holy Shit!  They are talking about the Idiot Jerk in the White House here, a man who show absolutely no respect to anybody.  Even when he's pumping phony praise towards someone you can tell he's lying through his teeth... or maybe I should say dentures.  In fact, the more he rants about McCain, the more George Conway appears to have nailed the perfect diagnosis on his mental state.  What's funny is that there are a number of medical professionals out there who have come to the same conclusion:  The Idiot Jerk in the White House is nuttier than a rabid squirrel.
Okay, and we have the associate at work who is a very nice individual.  Commons sense, however, sometimes flees when this person starts to talk.  Yesterday, while a number of us were in the lunchroom, this person was watch the weather channel on the big screen TV and suddenly turned to everybody and said, "you know?  we'd all be a lot safer if we lived behind a dike."  This, of course, is the image which flashed through all of our heads.

Of course, this is what she was really talking about.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Rate this

Today is the first day of Spring!  Right now, the Temp outside is 29 (F).  That's a chilly -1.6 (C)  Of course, let's be honest, 29 (F) is still a bit too cool to be running around in a T-Shirt and shorts.
I got a really good cardio in yesterday.

You might have to touch it with your mouse to make it grow
Having some free time yesterday, I did a little digging into the declining approval ratings of the Idiot Jerk in the White House - I was spurred on by his claim that he was at 52%...   Sean Hannity must be feeding him numbers again from the bullshit grading scale.
Gallup has him sitting at a solid 39%.  That's not as low as he's been, that was an approval rating of 37%.  Yet he says his approval ratings are high... I mean, can we talk about fake numbers here?  The funny thing is that back in January even Faux News was ringing the alarm bell.  Of course, in his world of superfluous bullshit those numbers can't be right.  In his mind, people love him.  Keep in mind, he is mentally ill.  He has some sort of narcissistic specialty disease which cause him to constantly lie about how important he is even in the face of the truth,
An interesting statistic these polls point out, even the one from Faux News, is that his base is eroding.  His approval rating from Evangelical Christians has dropped from 78% to 69%, and they are the highest group of religious supporters.  Only 30% of Catholics approve.  This might be one of the reasons he went to church this past weekend.  However, I suspect sitting in a pew and being scolded by a minister on 'hate speech' must have burned his ass.  He no doubt thought his ears were going to ring with praise.  Oh, dear me, was he disappointed.
As for me, I have to go to work today.  Five days in a row.  Shit.  And then I have Jury Duty for at least one day. 
Oh, and I saw where USC is not letting those students who bribed their way in register for classes.  Boy, that must really piss off the Loughlin clan.  They didn't spend half a million in bribes to be treated like everybody else.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Okay, who cut the cheese.

Happy Tuesday morning people!  Now that yesterday's sleepfest is over, I'm raring to go!  Lots of shit planned for for today.
My appointment is set up for my 'consultation' regarding the mole.  June 4, is the soonest I can get in.  They are not too concerned about it, so neither am I.  As time goes on it looks less angry.  Still, I will have them remove it just to be on the safe side.
The gent doing my editing is giving me back pages which need correcting.  Holy Shit!  He is finding so many little... flaws.  He doesn't like my use of the word 'and.'  I, like it.  So, we had a bit of a discussion about my 'style,' and how 'and' helps define my 'style,' and how I like how those three letters join subjects, or phrases, or statements together.  Hence, the 'ands' are staying.
And I understand from AM and Bob that the Idiot Jerk put in an appearance at church this past Sunday.  That's what?  Three times since he's been president?  And I'm not counting that time he sat like a grumpy toad at the Bush funeral.  You know, when everyone looked at him as though he'd just cut the cheese?

Perhaps he went to church because he needed to take a break from his hate-filled Twitter storm.  I found the fact that he brought up the 'dossier' again rather telling.  My guess is that something in it must have been verified.  Even more telling was Megan McCain calling him pathetic.  Maybe she doesn't know that in regards to the Idiot Jerk, 'pathetic' is a minor compliment.
Since they're not going to be doing the 'mole' thing until June, I will be doing my Jury Duty on Monday.  The last time I didn't get picked and was only there for one day.  Hopefully the same thing will happen again this time.  This is Civil, not Criminal.  This means someone is suing someone else because they feel they are owed.  At least, that's what I think. 

Monday, March 18, 2019

Shaving it off

I slept late this morning.
And then I went downstairs and did... nothing.  This is one of those do nothing days.  Later this afternoon I will turn my brisket into something delectable.  No, I don't use cabbage with my corned beef.
The report is back on my little mole.  They call it a papule.  They don't think it's anything I need to worry about, but they want to biopsy it anyway.  That's right.  They're shaving it off.  That's how they put it.  When I called to make an appointment to have it shaved off I was told that the request is still pending and they will most likely give me a call tomorrow.  I have no doubt that they're going to want to shave it off next week, when I'm supposed to have Jury Duty.  Prepping for such an event, I've already sent the Jury Duty contact an email.
Boy, didn't the Idiot Jerk in the White House flip out yesterday over Jeanine Pirro's suspension?  He loves his racists, you know?  He desperately wants the world to know how much he hates Muslims... unless they happen to be Royal and are very, very wealthy.  The New Zealand shooter likes the Idiot Jerk's view of Muslims... though said he's a terrible leader.  Isn't it funny how the White House is trying to put as much distance as possible between the Idiot Jerk's comments and what happened in New Zealand, while at the same time defending Pirro's anti-Muslim rant.... 
My cardio yesterday was super.  How good?  They look at your average heart rate and give you a recovery time.  My recovery time was 22 hours.  The stronger your heart gets, the lower your recovery time.  That's why it's called Cardio.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Celebrating your brisket

Sunday morning, and I slept in... even the dogs slept in... until 0600.  I do feel rested.  Yesterday was hectic at work... lots of customers.  My sales were good.  One of my customers bought over $8600 in carpet.  My numbers are going to be fine for next week.  On the way home I stopped off and picked up a ham Stromboli... and ate it... and felt like a bloated cow afterwards.
This morning I'm going to drive to Carlisle to find the parking garage for my jury duty.  The last time I got there late and had to park on the street.  They don't compensate you for that.  This time I'll get there earlier.  I'll also be taking the first draft with me and editing that throughout the boring, boring day... unless I get selected.
Quite a few Democrats want to be contenders in the race to evict the Idiot Jerk from the White House...  many of them are finding little or no traction, like Amy Klobuchar and Kirsten Gillibrand and Cory Booker.  This is Democracy at work.  Anybody can run for president.  Anyone of them can win the nomination, many will be cut from the venture by public opinion.  The only candidate, the one who's still not running, the Republicans fear is Joe Biden.  While Joe embodies "Family Values," they will stick with their Moral Degenerate.  Think about that.  "Family Values."  Those 2 words were always burbling out of their lips and now you never hear them.  Now it seems all they talk about is immigration, and keeping immigrants out of the country, and bans on Muslims entering the country.  They follow a Moral Degenerate who only vaguely denounces white supremacy.  By 2045 white people in the United States will only make up 49.7% of the population.  The changes in diversity will become much more apparent much, much sooner.  This evolutionary process terrifies them.  Everything they have been telling themselves about how special they are is... wrong.  There's no truth there.  And like the truth, they are turning away from their claims of family values in a losing bid to maintain control.  Their failure is a guarantee.  Now, ain't that tough shit.
And, finally, today is St. Patrick's day.  For those who don't know, I am part Irish.  That's right.  On my mother's side of the family.  The Grangers came from Ireland.  This means there is some ginger in my jeans... I mean genes.  That's right, I like corned beef.  You could say that I'm a bit of brisket eater.  In fact, I have one soaking right now... brisket that is.  Later today I will turn my brisket into something joyous.  For those who don't know how, you should really learn how to celebrate your brisket.  Let me tell you, it is a wondrous thing!

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Men on Bikes

Yesterday the temperature reached 76 (F).  Of course, I was working.  The skies were clear and blue and I was sitting at the Flooring Desk.  Don't that suck?  When I got home I opened the back door and left the dogs out.  When the temperature is that warm I usually leave the back door open.  The dogs love it.  So do flies.  A little after 6 (PM) a very large fly flew in.  Dogs do not know the difference between a big fly and a little bird.  Excitement was in the air.  You have no idea what funny is until you've seen Big Seig snapping at a fly zooming past his face.
Yesterday, the Idiot Jerk in the White House vetoed the bill aimed at shutting down his Emergency Declaration.  His Idiotic white base loved it.  They see him standing for white supremacy values.  If you tell them their white values are racist they'll stomp their feet and shriek "no they're not!"  They are a desperate group of people who hate the truth science reveals.  If Evolution is happening, then their core beliefs are broken.  Unfortunately for them, this late in the game, it is far too late for those core beliefs to... evolve.  They do not understand the life preserver they are clinging to is waterlogged and will only drag them down.  Nothing is going to change that fact.
In "The Body in the Tower" I talk about the peloton.  For those who do not know, the peloton is the main body of cyclists in a race.  Breakaways happen when a few cyclists ride ahead of that main group.  Since they are pedaling at speeds of around 25 to 30 miles per hour, helicopters are used to film the peloton.  Here's a shot of the peloton taken this past Monday during the Paris : Nice race.

The peloton in the Tour de France is much larger, usually starting out with 125 -145 riders.  That's a lot of men on bikes.  By the time the Tour gets to Paris and those men are riding down the Av. des Champs-Élysées that number has been whittled down to around 110.  That's still a lot of men on bikes.  Just think of that.  It's almost enough to give one the vapors.