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Saturday, October 24, 2020

The Unanimous Decision

Saturday, and the temps are beginning a slow slide downward, but then this is what we should be expecting in autumn.  I do need to get out and rake the leaves in the backyard.  Tomorrow the high temp is predicted to be around 50 (F), so I expect they will be falling like rain.

Of course, Covid is spiking big time, I believe there were 80,000 new diagnosed infections yesterday, and all those fools who test negative?  Well, I don't think they understand that test only proves they haven't caught it yet.  I suspect this third wave is going to be crushing because we're not going to go into a full lockdown.  And you know there are all those MAGA heads out there who believe if they get sick there is always Remdesvir... you know?  The miracle drug given to the Idiot Jerk in the White House.  They don't understand the treatment is going to cost them $3210, nor do they understand their insurance companies are not going to eat that.  Hell, no.

I did volunteer to be a test subject for a vaccine and didn't make the grade.  Here's a little video about it.  They're still looking for volunteers.

For those who didn't hear, yesterday the Pennsylvania Supreme Court in a Unanimous Decision, said mail in ballots can not be discarded because signatures on the envelopes don't match your voter's card.  I don't know about you, but over time my signature has changed.  It barely resembles the one on my voter registration card I signed 28 years ago when I moved to Enola.  This decision has pissed off the Republicans Royally since the US Supreme Court will not overturn a unanimous decision.

Evidently the only 2 media outlets airing anything on Hunter Biden are Fox News and the New York Post, both owned by Rupert Murdoch, friend of the Idiot Jerk in the White.  This is to be expected.

What you are beginning to see is a lot of speculation as to what the Idiot Jerk will be doing after he loses: so many, many lawsuits in his future.  As I've said before, he and his spawn will emigrate to Russia.

And finally, I still have a lot of color in my front yard:  Zinnias, and dahlias, and even some roses are still blooming.


Friday, October 23, 2020


 And so the weekend begins.  As I type this, Biggie is lying on the floor beside me his belly filled with breakfast.  Ah, the life of a dog... or any pet for that matter who's smart enough to twist his owner tightly round his paw.  Very shortly, he will stand up and lumber into the bed which is much more comfy then the floor.

Yesterday was slow at work.  One of my measures for a tile floor installation cancelled.  This was a bit of a relief because the customer was pushing for the job to be done fast.  She's selling her house.  She had bought cheap, clearance tile (probably not enough).  Yesterday she showed up at the flooring desk saying she had found a contractor who was going to do it... today, and I said fine.  Good contractors are booked ahead and you have to wait.  Finding one who doesn't have a waiting list is a good indicator his workmanship is lacking in both reliability and quality.

Oh, and there was another debate last evening.  Didn't watch it.  I did see a few muted clips this morning with subtitles, that's the only way I can take the Idiot Jerk in the White House.  Watching his eyes, however, as they slid from side to side, I could see he was looking for something to grasp onto.  His attacks weren't working.  He spit out some nonsense about Hunter Biden and Joe fired back a salvo using the 'secret Chinese bank account' as ammunition.  Neither Republican nor Democratic strategists see this last encounter as changing the trajectory of the election, especially with 42 - 48 million people having already voted.

And speaking of trajectories, I see that the Republican held Senate is most likely going to confirm Amy Coney Comquate on Monday.  This packing of the Supreme Court was supposed to help ailing campaigns and is instead turning into another Conservative Failure.  Americans want the court to be Centrist, balanced, with justices occasionally swinging to either the left or right. This is something the Republicans will never understand.  They hearts have this desperate craving to dictate and control, which is why they love their Idiot Jerk.  This is just one more stupidity which we're going to have to fix.

Oh, and in case anyone is wondering, Biden is being declared the winner of the final debate... as if that's any surprise.

And now finally, another pic of one of my pink dahlias.  Seeing it up close and in person it's a bit exquisite.