I've also been told I have little tact, so if this offends you simply ride on.

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Frankie the Chameleon

 I slept really well last night, making up for the night before.  According to my watch, I got almost 7 hours of sleep.  

My new plants for the tank arrived yesterday.  One of the Baby's Breath plants got tossed.  Before dumping it in the compost bin, I weighed it.  Over 12 ounces.  That sucker was big.  That one plant grew to be bigger then a basketball.  Amazon Swords now replace it, and the fish have more room to swim, and I clean the algae on the tank wall it was hiding.  The other Baby's Breath plant is going to go to.  What they do better then anything else is trap lots of uneaten food.

Those angel fish were the size of a quarter when I bought them a year ago

We're supposed to have snow flurries in a few minutes.  As a reminder to those who don't know, we have had some serious snow falls in Central PA during the month of April.  The one good thing about those is that they melt away very, very fast.  Today, we're not even going to have a dusting.

Scanning through the headlines this morning, I see Republican desperation growing.  That makes me smile.  Some of things that are popping out of their mouths can only make you question their sanity, especially when compared to their previous comments.  That stale, aging cracker Frankie Graham said, after the Chauvin verdict, "justice has been served."  I must say Frankie has really flip-flopped from what he was saying at the time of the protests.  Back then, however, he was a loyal ass-kisser of Loser #45.  Maybe we should call him Chameleon Frankie, since he finds it so easy to change the color of his comments.  Don't forget, underneath his 'justice' comments he's still a White Evangelical.

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

How the world turns

 Dearie Me... I slept in again this morning.  Not because I stayed up late.  Nope.  Actually, there are 2 reasons.  The most obvious is that my alarm is not set for Wednesday morning for some reason.  Number 2 is doggy bladders.  Biggie out off the bed twice before finally deciding he needed to go potty outside... at 1245.  Then it was Lily's turn.  At 0230 I was standing down by the back door waiting for her to do her after midnight pee run.  And that little lady took her time.  Long enough for me to eat a slice of cheese.

I'm set up to get a physical down at the Lebanon VA on 4/30 with Dr. Haverstock.  I'm staying with the Optometrist I have at the VA in Harrisburg, but all my other health care, which isn't much to speak of, is going to Lebanon.  I'm fine with that.  I grew up in Lebanon.  This place is big!  The building Center Left with the white roof is their YMCA - that's where I was vaccinated.  The building Top Center with the white roof is where I had my hernia surgery.  My new doctor is going to be in the large building in the Center, on the 5th floor.

And what a great day we had in America yesterday.  The hair stood up on my arms when I heard the Jury had reached a verdict.  Of course there was trepidation.  So many times before juries have sided with the police.  Yesterday was different.  When the verdict was announced I will admit a tear ran down my cheek.  And though yesterday's decision was a big step forward, in truth it was only a very small one.  Last evening the white, conservative pundits began raising their voices denying there is racism in this country.  Their fear is growing because they are losing their fight.  Evolution is winning.  It has always won.  This is how the world turns.