I've also been told I have little tact, so if this offends you simply ride on.

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Crush This

 So, this is hump day for some of you.  Wednesday is always one of my days off, meaning this will never, ever again be a hump day for me.  I'm okay with that.

Tomorrow is my aunt's funeral.  There's a viewing at 1000 I had planned on attending but...  There is Omicron.  One of our associates died from Covid last week and quite a number are out sick.  Should I or shouldn't I?  I don't mind going into work because the store is huge.  Tomorrow, however, will be in a funeral parlor where the ceilings are not high, and there will be a long line of people waiting to give my four cousins condolences.  And since my aunt was elderly, mostly there will be a lot of old people there, old Republicans, to be precise.  As I type, I'm rapidly talking myself out of attending.

And yesterday Microsoft dropped some big news!  They're buying Activision / Blizzard for $67.8 billion and paying in Cash.  Now, I know some will shrug this off with a "I have no interesting in gaming," however this is bigger than gaming.  This involves the Metaverse: AI, Cloud Services, Virtual Services, as well as gaming.  This company owns one of the most popular mobile games in the world.  People waste their lunch time at the store playing this game, and I'm sure everybody out there knows its name:  Candy Crush.  By the way, I hate this mindless, little game.

Finally, yesterday court papers were filed by the New York AG claiming there was 'significant' evidence that Ivanka Danka and Donny Jr lied about their property, inflating and then deflating values to either get a better loan or to pay less taxes, thereby defrauding banks, and investors, and the Federal Government.  Why doesn't this surprise me?  This is what we should expect from a crime family.  

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Will there be Conflict?

Tuesdays are usually garbage days, except on holidays, or except when we have Mondays like yesterday with ice and snow.  Since those big trucks didn't go around yesterday, they make their Monday rounds on Tuesday.  Garbage day for me will be tomorrow.  Good.  I've a lot to put out.

I did drive over to my local Giant supermarket after shoveling and scraping my way out yesterday to buy myself an ice cream reward for all of my hard work.  No, the dogs didn't get any.  They didn't help shovel.  In fact, while Lily was outside for a bit, Seig was sleeping soundly on the sofa.  In case you didn't know, dogs sleep about 18 hours a day.

And yes, I did eat the whole thing

My aunt's viewing / funeral is Thursday morning.  I'll stop in to say to my cousins, but then leave.  I'm not a big funeral person.  They rarely celebrate the person's life, rather their intentions aim more to wring out a few tears and to propound upon an afterlife.  I don't think people even remotely understand how long an eternity truly is.

And I saw this in Al Jazeera yesterday, yes, I do find other viewpoints interesting.  Civil War in the United States.  I do believe many Conservatives have not problem with the idea of this country going to war with itself.   Let's be honest here, they are not intelligent.  I like the part where the author calls them 'hillbillies.'  Honestly, these people, the Cawthorns, and the Marjorie Taylor Greens, and the Boeberts,  have no concept of history, they believe themselves to be special, to be chosen.  These same thoughts prevailed in the Conservative south prior to The Civil War.  Many actually believed the 'war' was going to be over in a few, short weeks.  It wasn't.  What they thought was going to be an easy peasy victory turned out to be a long, bloody conflict.  In the end, they got their asses beat.  And the Republicans today?  Clueless as Hell.  The only way to peaceably remove them from power is to vote them out, otherwise conflict is possible.  Either way they're going to lose.