I've also been told I have little tact, so if this offends you simply ride on.

Wednesday, May 29, 2024


 Wednesday has arrived.  Temps are comfortable.  The sun is shining.  All that's supposed to change late this afternoon as thunderstorms move into the area.  I'll have to deal with that.  Looking at the long range forecast, I'd have to say that summer is approaching: more sun and less rain.  I like this type of weather.  Are there scorching days ahead of us?  Can't say, but if the weather pattern holds, if this year is like the past 2, then I'd have to say probably not.  By the way, temps are cooking in those rabidly Right Wing states of Texas and Florida.  That's fine with me.

Usually, on my first day off after working 3, I tend to do as little as possible.  Not that I'm worn out, or tired, I just like to... well, do nothing.  No, that's wrong, I did things, just not chore related.  Reading, writing, and just a touch of cleaning, like doing the dishes by hand.

I shoved the two area rugs that had been in the writing room into my garbage can and took it to the curb for pick-up.  When Waste Management took over, they gave everybody oversized garbage cans, so they easily fit inside.  The cans are so big, I can fit just about anything inside, except for the dog sofa.

This morning, I'm going to either cancel my Amazon Prime, or reduce it greatly.  There's nothing interesting to watch, except for the occasional originals, and I can't see paying for something I'm not going to watch.  Netflix, however, has things I like.  Last night I finished watching "Bodies," which I really liked.  It's the story of 4 detectives investigating the same murder victim decades apart.  It's almost like an anthology series since each detective is dealing with issues, and all of them choosing to make a sacrifice.

Of course, they had closing arguments yesterday in Trump's election interference trial.  He was a little miffed that his defense team couldn't go last, which is odd.  After all of the people he has sued, you'd think he would have realized that Karma was going to put him in the same shoes as all of his victims.  One of the things I've found very satisfying is that while he pays his attorneys to call him Mr. President, Judge Merchan calls him Mr. Trump.  That, among so many other unpleasant things, must be burning his ass.  In fact, for a few moments I'd thought of calling this entry Burning His Ass, but decided would only lead to too many truly vulgar thoughts.

Tuesday, May 28, 2024

The Holiday is Over

 We have sunshine!  How wonderful.  Temps are predicted to be moderate this afternoon, hovering around in the mid 70s (F).  I can deal with that.  Humidity might be a little high, but I can deal with a little sticky, sweatiness.  We have a higher chance for thunderstorms tomorrow, but I can deal with that, too.  What we really need is the sunshine to dry things out.

And I did work yesterday.  We had customers in the morning and none in the afternoon, no doubt because of picnics and cookouts.  It was Monday and seemed like Sunday, and was mostly boring.  I do get holiday pay (4 hours since I'm part-time) which is nice.  I did explain to a few associates what Memorial Day was, and why it was a National Holiday, but only one person at work thanked me for my service.  Food, of sorts, was provided: burgers, chicken tenders, and hot dogs on the grill, but that's it, none of the fixin's.  No deserts or beverages were provided, I was told this was because they didn't have enough money.  The orange retailer is punishing us.  They used to provide Fun Funds for holidays, and they still do, only now those $$$ are limited.  You can increase those funds by winning credit card contests: the top store in the district to sign up new credit cards, or the top store to get leads or measures.  To do either of those you need customers.

It seems as though no one went to the movies this holiday weekend, usually one of the biggest of the year.  Perhaps that's because 2 niche films were released.  The fact that someone, somewhere thought Garfield was going to be a hit tells you a lot about the lack of rational thinking in Hollywood.  Going to the movies has become super expensive because of Corporate Greed.  People need a reason to plunk down all those buckos.  Mad Max and Garfield provide no reason what so ever.

Here's a view of the writing room from the staircase.  The updating of the floor should be finished by tomorrow.

With the Holiday over, politically things should get back to their chaotic normal.  For those who missed it, Trump was photographed walking around a parking lot at some Naas car race waving, and gesturing, and saluting no one in particular.  While he looked zany, his team was filming bits to edit into crowd reactions to make it seem like he is extremely popular, something he needs to do after so many media outlets reported on his getting booed badly.  Remember, everything he does is staged.  Everything he says is a lie.