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Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Main Stream Media's Failure

 The temp was 76 (F) this morning when I woke up.  When I checked out the forecast for today there was one word:  Toasty!  That being said, the drapes are pulled in my upstairs windows.  Remember, my upstairs windows are very old, quite possibly the original windows installed when the house was built in 1905.  This means that when the sun hits them, they turn into magnifying heat rays raising the temps upstairs into the mid 90s (F).  The central air helps, but it can do little to combat  the problem with the windows.  In about 6 weeks this problem will be solved.

I'm also preparing to order the new chair for the writing room.  I'd have ordered it earlier, but I didn't want it arriving while I was in Greece.  

Since it's so hot, I'm not planning on going for a walk in Adams-Ricci today, or possibly tomorrow.  Temps should be dropping on Thursday thanks to the rains we're supposed to be getting from Beryl.  That might turn my lawn back to green.  No one in the neighborhood has mowed their brown grass lately.  

I planted 2 grape vines, one is growing nicely, the other?  I water both daily and I discovered that one not growing had been snapped off at the base.  I don't know how that happened, but suspect that means that it's a goner.  Of course, that happened to one of my Itoh peonies and it took 3 years before it began to sprout.  I don't know anything about grapes, so maybe the same thing will happen.  Here's a pic of the one that's growing, ignore the bird poop, I wasn't going to clean it off for the picture.

Evidently, the Orange Anus had not been seen in public in 10, no make that 11 days.  Biden, on the other hand, has make 18 appearances, and at not one did he appear feeble.  Apparently Trump is supposed to have some sort of rally today in Florida, where the temp are supposed to be in what?  the low 100s (F).  It's very close to one of his Florida properties, and he gets chauffeured to every location.  So, if it takes place, he'll probably show up.  We shall have to wait and see.

One of the ironies of this election is that in 2016 and 2020, the Republicans shrieked against polls and the Main Stream Media, this time, with they're not, in fact, they seem to be getting quite cuddly with the same groups they disparaged terribly in the previous 2 elections.  One thing Democrats have learned, is that polls lie, and that the main stream media will is more favorable to a candidate who's promising to give them tax breaks.  They simply don't understand that their advertising would go to shit if an authoritarian government ever gets elected because they'd all have to report the same shit, and any media group that didn't follow policy would be shut down.  You'd think these dummies would look at how things are really done in Russia, or China, or North Korea. 


  1. Oh, you know the Repugs will shriek if the MSM touches Cheeto's dementia or his Epstein friendship.
    The media is confident they will not be attacked but if Jabba the Orange gets back in power, they'll be singing a totally diffrent song. Idiots. All they want is clicks.

    And love the idea of a vine!


    1. It'll be about 3 years before I get any grapes and about 4 before I get enough to try my hand a wine making.

  2. I can see Biden getting frustrated with some of the Dem party and the media.....they won't let up on him stepping aside. Looks like he close to telling them to STFU!!!!

    Miraculously the lawn here is pretty much green still. All the trees up.

    1. I do believe Biden's already told several of them that in private.

  3. The heat bothers him because he turns into a lump of sweating SPAM.