I've also been told I have little tact, so if this offends you simply ride on.

Sunday, November 29, 2015


I went to the Colonial Park Mall today, hoping to return my Mom's FIOS box to the Verizon store and, as I was approaching the last red light before turning into the parking lot, I noticed that the brown pickup in front of me was boasting a 'Trump 2016' bumper sticker.  The light changed red and I stopped, however, the driver of the pickup truck drove right through it.  Damn the cross traffic, he was not going to stop, the sign of a true Trump supporter.  There are a lot of them out there, you know?  Trumplodites:  white, high school education or less, both racist and bigot, and blaming the Democrats for everything they don't like.
And every time Trump makes a public appearance he throws his Truplodites some rancid red meat.  He calls Mexicans 'rapists and killers' and his Trumplodites cheer him on.  He insults Carly F.'s looks and they shout with joy!  "This guy tells it like it is," they squeal.  He lies about seeing thousands of Muslims cheering on 9/11 and his Trumplodites begin stomping their feet in unison.  He says all Muslims in the United States should be registered, and, though they cover their mouths with their hands, they still cheer him on.

And they do this without comprehending that Americans came, as immigrants to this country, to get away from rulers and dictators like Trump.  They do this because he feeds them rancid meat.  They are his pet Trumplodites.  Their cheering and their squealing and their stomping of their feet warms the cockles of his heart.  He brings out the worst in America, and, not surprisingly, most of the worst in America happen to be Republicans.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Reese's candy catastrophe

Evidently there's this big to do going on about Reese's and their peanut butter Christmas trees and, since the Reese's factory is just down the road from me, I thought I might as well comment.  First of all, you have to remember that this is a piece of peanut butter candy dipped in milk chocolate.  Secondly, this is mostly to be eaten, not looked at.  I don't know anybody who unwraps a piece of candy just to look at it.  In fact, there is only one reason this candy tree even exists, and that is to be eaten.  You're not going to frame it and hang it over your mantle.  You're going to take a bite out of it.  It should not be about how it looks, but how it tastes.  Get over it people.  Still, there are those out there who want it to look a lot like this:

Gee, now ain't that cute.  Bet it's homemade.

What's actually inside the wrapper is something like this:

Now, I'll be one of the first to admit that this does not look a lot like a tree.  And I will also admit that perhaps Reese's went a little too far in calling it a tree.  Christmas lump might be more apropos.  But then I also have to admit it is just meant to be eaten.  In fact, the truth is most people will unwrap this bulk produced candy and shovel it into their mouths with out so much as a curios glance.  People, get over it!  There are more important things to think about in this world then they way a freaking piece of candy looks.  Like... will I be finding the new Fallout Four under the Christmas tree this year.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Black Friday

Tomorrow is Black Friday and... I don't have to open the store.  I actually don't have to be there until 9 am, which is a first.  It's so nice not having to get up at 2 am to get to the store by 3:30 am so I can get the donuts and coffee ready.  In a way I will miss seeing the big, burly contractors running down the aisles towards the stockpile of shop vacs the way 12 year old little girls chase after Justin Beiber.  And then there are the church people.  Church people you ask?  Yes, the church people.  Every year we sell poinsettias in 6 inch pots for  $2 a piece, with a limit on 2 per customer.  And every year this one church sends in 15 - 20 of their most religious to buy as many as possible in order to decorate their church on the cheap.  Last year they managed to get about 80 before we put the cabosh on the their sneak tactics, you know, changing coats in the parking lot, putting on a hat, going to different cashiers.  They sure know how to make Jesus proud, don't they?

Anyway, tomorrow I'll get to sleep in until about 6 am, if the dogs will let me, and that will be nice.  I won't have to deal with the people who complain when the "limited" quantities run out, or those who create a scene when they realize the Ryobi Combo Kit that's on sale is not the combination of tools that they want.  I won't have to deal with the people who order something on line at 6 am and expect their purchase to be pulled and waiting at the service desk at 7 am, and then complain even louder because there's a crowd of 40 people ahead of them.  Or that idiot who decides that the best time to return that toilet seat which just isn't soft enough, ten minutes after the store opens. Believe me, people return shit at that hour of the morning.  And then they get pissed because it just happens to be Black Friday and there are crowds of people everywhere.
And I will miss out on all of that fun tomorrow morning..... oh, darn it.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Caitlyn Jenner - Lesbian?

I haven't written anything for a while, and with all of the shit going on all over the world, some may be surprised that my subject today is Caitlyn Jenner.  Glamour magazine recently named her Woman of the Year.  I find this rather funny.  Evidently Jenner has spent millions on facial reconstructive surgery in order to look like Caitlyn, and no doubt spent another small fortune in order to achieve an hourglass figure.  From the belt on up you do see Caitlin, however, from the belt on down, it's still Bruce.  The transition is incomplete, and, from what's getting spewed out over the Internet, that surgery might probably never occur.  So are we talking about  man or a woman?  Sexual orientation comes into play here.  Heterosexual women tend to have sex with men.  Yet according to Jenner that's not going to happen until after the surgery.  Which makes one wonder if Jenner is still having sex with women, and if that is the case, is that an indicator of Lesbianism?
I don't care if Jenner's a Lesbian or not, but only having sex with women is a major complication, especially since there is guy gear involved.  This means nothing needs to be strapped on.  And, of course, is Jenner truly transitioning if the attraction is only for women.  There are women out there who have spent a surgical fortune in order to look like Barbie - that doesn't make them Barbie.  Emotionally Jenner may identify as female, but as long there's guy gear getting used in the bedroom, and there's no indicator of that guy gear ever getting removed, anatomically he is still Bruce.
Should Jenner have gotten the Glamour magazine Woman of the Year award?  Nah.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Ben Carson: Phony life = political suicide

I have to admit to feeling more then a little amused as I watch Dr. Ben Carson's personal world implode in slow motion while he simultaneously commits political suicide.  Oh, sure, he's blaming the liberal media.  Honestly, all of his problems can be traced to one guilty party, and it's not the media, liberal or otherwise.  The only one to blame is Dr. Ben Carson.  You see, he wanted to be special, and not just in your ordinary special way.  He wanted to be be more then just liked, and loved, and admired as a brilliant neurosurgeon.  No, Ben wanted to be adored.  So much so, that back when he started writing about his life's history, he began altering facts, padding them, even simply just creating them in order to wow the bejesus out of adoring fans.  Now they believe he is blessed.  They believe he has been Chosen.  And really, all he did was lie.

Oh, and he seems to be rather stupid, too.  I mean, he's old enough and been around long enough to know that any fool who wants to be president is going to be put under a microscope.  Every word, every syllable, even every glance he's made is going to scrutinized.  And all of sudden, this supposedly brilliant man is coming across as a phony.  Everything thing he's done has had one goal, to enhance his public image.  And it's not as those these investigations are difficult and complex, they're actually nothing more then people being asked "do you remember this?"  No one is digging deep into shit to turn over a rock in order to find something really stinky.  They're just asking that one question, and evidently it's that one question Ben Carson never thought people would ask.  Except for the Krazy Kristians who will vote for him simply because he claims to be one of their own. his political career is over.  And it is funny, watching him squirm as he gets shoved out into the holy light of honesty.  What a phony.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

The GOP and Divine Wrath

I've been thinking about Ben Carson and his inability to get the record straight.  I say this because under scrutiny a lot of his personal history, the stuff he uses to manipulate people, seems to have been padded.  Now he is saying all that jazz about being offered a scholarship to West Point was really a problem with semantics.  Dropping the "semantics" word bomb is a clear indicator that a lie has been told, and this is Ben's way of tap dancing around the truth.  However, because he's a Krazy Kristian a number of other Krazy Kristians believe he's the real thing... how quickly they forget.
Remember George W?  He was also a Krazy Kristian.  He's the one who said to Bob Woodward "I talk to my Higher Father."  There were a lot of jokes back then since it did not seem as though his Higher Father was actually listening to him.  Of course the Krazies ignored the sarcastic humor because they were in love with his words.  He was the answer to their prayers, his presidency a gift from God.  Except nothing really good came out of those eight years.  In fact, if you think back, it seems as though we were actually suffering from Divine Wrath.

Pat Robertson makes a lot of predictions about what is going to happen to the United States since Marriage Equality has come to pass.  However, every one of those predictions has already happened to us during the George W. Bush presidency: worst terrorist attack in history, failed war in Iraq, Katrina, the second worst economic catastrophe in American History.  Someone needs to tell Pat Robertson those were not our salad days.  In fact, someone should point out to the Krazies that the last time one of their guys was in the White House, this country was smacked back again and again and again.
And, of course, the Krazies, and the GOP, will put the blame on someone else.  The fact that their phoniness, just like Ben Carson's, may have resulted in Divine Wrath is totally beyond their ken.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Elections skew towards the center, oh, and Kentucky fails.

As many know, yesterday was Election Day.  Here in Cumberland County, PA, there was not a large turnout, at some polling station it was as low as 20%.  That is not a good thing.  Special interest groups tend to do well when this happens because the Crazies rally.  This is how we get wack jobs like Ted Cruz in Congress.
Out of 153,000 registered voters in my county, only a little over 40,000 voted.  What I did find interesting while looking at the numbers is that out of 40,000, a little over 14,000 people voted straight down the party line.

Straight Party Votes

Candidate NamePartyElection NightAbsenteeTotal Votes
Independent Judicial Alliance
Independent Judicial Alliance
This means that while the number of voters in this mid-term election is rather low, most of them are paying attention to just who they are voting for, not just voting straight Republican or Democrat, and this is a problem for the Republicans because this is a Very Conservative County.  Instead of sweeping power into their corner, it's split between both parties.  This is a long way from one Party domination, in fact, this is very centrist voting.

On a side note, I saw that Kentucky now has a GOP Governor, some walking failure who supported Kim Davis.  How do I know he's a walking failure?  He has promised to "gut' Obamacare.  This guy is dumb as a brick.  His name is Blevins.  He's going to shit away a lot of Kentucky money trying to do what both the Republican controlled House and Senate have failed to do. Oh, and he's going to give Kim her way and diminish the value of marriage in Kentucky, but that's okay because at least there's a Republican Governor in Kentucky, and that's what's important.