I've also been told I have little tact, so if this offends you simply ride on.

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Foolish Sean

 Today's the last day of September,.  It's also my first day off after working 6.  Following my SOP, I usually stay up later watching movies.  Last evening, rather than torture myself with the debates, I watched The Old Guard.  While I enjoyed this Science Fiction / Action movie, I thought the plot too simplistic: immortals fight to keep Big Pharma from getting their DNA.  At the end I realized The Old Guard was really nothing more than a 2 hour set up for a sequel.  

Oh, and evidently there was something that in very lose terms could be called a debate last evening.  As I said, I didn't watch it.  Reading through the news this morning it devolved into something less civilized than most were expecting.  While some are saying Biden, on occasion, allowed himself to get caught up in the verbal melee, most of the responsibility lands directly in the lap of the Idiot Jerk in the White House.  This was a make or break event for his campaign and so he chose to be as belligerent as possible.  He interrupted Biden 73 times, according to CBS.  Many are blaming moderator Chris Wallace for not maintaining control.  Personally, I don't think there was anything he could have done other than mute the Idiot Jerk's microphone.  Maybe we should just chalk this up as a learning experience.  Next time, if there is a next time, kill the mikes.

Who won?  Across the board most are saying Biden simply because he didn't succumb to the attacks by the Idiot Jerk.  Quite satisfying to most Democrats, were those times when he called the Idiot Jerk a 'liar,' a 'clown,' and a 'failure.'  He even told him to 'shut up.,' not that the tinfoil dictator listened.  Who lost?  By most counts the American people because one of the candidates tried to forge his own, new rules about debating.  This man shoveled more lies and shit in 90 minutes than most sewage systems can handle.  Oh, and he refused to denounce white supremacy... and that's making big headlines.

Most important, Conservative pundits are admitting he failed to do that thing which was most important to him... jumpstart his failing campaign.  Oh, and when I say most I'm not including the Idiot Jerk's propaganda machine known as Fox News.  Evidently Sean Hannity love the interruptions, said the Idiot Jerk was steamrolling Biden.  Foolish Sean.  He doesn't realize that after the Idiot Jerk loses on November 3, his ass is going to be steamrolled right into court.

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Approaching Frenzy

Today's my Friday! (For those of you who can't hear the excitement in my voice).  

According to Accuweather, rain showers are in the forecast, tomorrow, too.  I can deal with that.  This past summer was dry... and hot.  Growing up I can remember the temps being warm, anything in the upper 90's (F) was called a heat wave.  Temps in the mid 90's were common this year and low 80's were almost considered cool.  Climate change, you know?

Of course, everybody is talking about the Idiot Jerk's taxes.  What about that $70,000 deduction for haircuts.  Yep, that's right, supposedly he paid $70,000 during one season of his reality show for someone to wrangle that rat on his head.  That's right.  $70,000 for this:

I wonder if that figure includes the tip?  Probably not.  I don't see him being a big tipper unless he's trying to impress someone.  More likely, he's one of those people who says, "I'll get the check, you get the tip," and then adds the check to his expense report.  Now we know why he's approaching his lost bid for re-election with such frenzy.  His bill is coming due and the United States is not going to be there to pick up the tip.

The debates are this evening.  The Idiot Jerk's team is already beginning to tamper down expectations because... well, he's not really a fast thinker.  Occasionally words pop out of his mouth that are ridiculous as hell.  Supposedly he hasn't prepared, which makes perfect sense.  How can you prepare yourself when you do nothing but lie?  No matter what the question, he will do nothing but bear false witness, over, and over, and over again.  His taxes prove he is nothing but a fraud. an embarrassment to the rich and famous, whose ranks he desperately wants to join.  

Monday, September 28, 2020

His Little Wanker

 This is my Thursday with a stutter.  In your normal 5 day work week to day would be my Friday, but I'm repeating my Thursday... or maybe I've got that wrong and I'm going to repeat my Friday.  That makes sense, too.

One thing is true, we are approaching the end of September and fall is not really in the air.  I needed to run the ceiling fans last evening.  We've had some crisp mornings, but so far nothing frosty.  I don't mind the frost, the way it paints lightening jagged patterns on the windshield of my car and a crispy little rinse of frozen white upon my lawn.  Rain is coming later today, and tonight, and tomorrow, so the temps are going to drop.  Sometime soon, we will be getting the inevitable Frost on the Pumpkin.

And, in case anyone is wondering, that is not my yard and that is not my pumpkin.

I see where the Idiot Jerk in the White House is now suggesting Biden should undergo a blood test to prove he isn't using any mind enhancing drugs.  You know what I think they should do?  Both men should sit down at the very beginning of the debate and let America watch each of them have blood drawn.  That's right, a sample from each.  It doesn't take long to test for mind enhancing drugs.  By the end of the debate the world should know if either of them has been popping pills.  Of course, they'd also be able to tell what type of meds each of them has been taking.  I think that's important.  And, while their at it, why not do a pee test?  Though I can't think of one person who might really be interested in watching either of them pee in a little plastic cup.  Though, I'm certain in the Idiot Jerk's mind there's millions of Cracker Jack Crazies out there who desperately dream of seeing his little wanker.

And what about his taxes?  Of course, he shouting Fake, Fake, Fake.  I know that many in his base are brain dead and will never remember, but the fact that his multiple bankruptcies have been used to avoid paying Federal Income Taxes is not new news.  That little clip is from a 2016 article in Forbes.  They estimate he avoided paying taxes for 2 decades.  Shit, when this man screws America, he screws America.

Sunday, September 27, 2020

Just Call Me Captain

 Halfway through my 6 day work week.  They happen every now and then, but back to back is not in my normal game plan.  Only 2 more week to go until I my schedule changes.  I don't mean to decry my 8 - 4:30 shift, it's something so many desperately want, but when you're a morning person that 0800 start time come way too fast.

Yesterday was Italian food day at work.  I had the Chicken Parmigiana, it was... okay.  There was a lot of mozzarella, a lot of breading... and a little chicken.  I prefer more meat and less filler.  At least the bits of chicken were real and not process, a problem if you happen to buy one of the frozen Stouffer entrĂ©es.  Anyway, I did get the chance to dress up as Captain America.

Notice, I didn't comment on how much I resemble Chris Evans.

As expected, the Idiot Jerk nominated a Cracker Jack Crazy christian to the Supreme Court, a move which is intended to get the Cracker Jacks to the polls... Duh.  Someone should have told him they have already committed their souls to him.  Oh course, he's believes the Reagan lie, that there's a silent majority of conservatives out there.  As I've said before, Reagan started the lie, the Idiot Jerk in the White House is going to end it.  Permanently. 

And there's a debate coming up on Tuesday.  I never watch them.  Don't like them.  You see, the candidates don't really debate.  What you get are slow, ponderous responses to questions geared around generalities.  Debates prove nothing since no candidate fulfills everything he promises.  They have become nothing more than a verbal blood sport.

And while I don't watch them, I will be interested in Wednesday morning's opinions this year.  You see, the Idiot Jerk is continually challenging Biden's acuity, even as his aides are working on the sidelines tampering down expectations.  You see, all the Idiot Jerk has are the same old lies, innuendo, and conspiracy theories which will make his base dance and sing.  America will listen to Joe.

Saturday, September 26, 2020

Cracker Jack Crazy

 Crap, I got home yesterday prepared for a ride... and the bluetooth wasn't cooperating.  Since I tend to lack patience on certain things, I find issues like this time consuming.  In the end, it turned out to be a fixable problem with the radio transmitters of my Ant +, the dongle that connects to my Tacx.  

It's Italian food day at work today.  Chicken Parmigiana, or Vegetarian Lasagna... and one other entre are on the menu.  I hope they have cannolis.  Tomorrow it's supposed to be Ice Cream day...  and I don't believe we're talking about simple cones or sandwiches here.  Can't wait to find out.

I realized this morning I'd forgotten to respond to your comments yesterday... the bike thing took almost an hour to resolve.  Damn!  And by then I had to move down to the kitchen to cook.  Using the rest of the taco beef and rice, I made stuffed peppers.

Two are in the freezer, one will be Monday's lunch.

And I see where the Idiot Jerk is going to nominate a Cracker Jack Crazy Christian to the Supreme Court. He's going to give his ultra-conservative base everything their dirty, little hearts crave.  I believe most of us knew this was going to happen.  This is part of his deal with the devil.  Power needs to be taken away from this minority group, other wise they will destroy the country, preferring some dystopian horror to democracy.  I think Joe Scarborough has a pretty good idea what's going to happen.  Every one of their evils will be undone.  For some of them, reality is going to be cruel.  They deserve it.  They are selfish, uncaring, and unsympathetic.  We are seeing the culmination of the Reagan lie, that the country is overwhelming conservative.  The time has come to end it and send their despot fleeing to Russia.  We need to teach them a terrible lesson.  Good.

This is amusing:  Lindsey Graham appeared on Fox pleading for Cash.  His campaign is in trouble.  Woe is me, Lindsey Belle.  This loser doesn't understand he's going to be sent packing back to Hell with his boss by the voters of South Carolina.  It's time to put the champagne on ice.

Finally, I saw where the Idiot Jerk's #2 spawn, Eric has said his father would accept a peaceful transition if the voters "blow him out of the water."  Eric... start packing now.

Friday, September 25, 2020

Heading to Russia?

 After yesterday, I only have 5 consecutive work days left until my weekend begins.  Rats!

On the brighter side of work, we're celebrating our Succession Sharing at the big orange retailer I work for, that's when associates working for at least 6 months prior to then end of the half year (3rd fiscal week in July) get bonus checks.  The $$$ you get depends upon your rate of pay, total years employed, and total hours worked during that time frame.  We did very, very well during this pandemic.  Even part-time associates are getting nice check. And on top of that, they feed us, too.

Last week, up in Luzerne County, some moron opened 9 military ballots that had been mailed in and then, because that person invalidated them, they were thrown in the trash. Seven of them were for the Idiot Jerk in the white House.  Luzerne County is overwhelmingly Republican... so they're making a big stink.  Don't worry, they'll end up blaming Clinton.

The Idiot Jerk went to supposedly pay his  last respects to RBG and was met with protestors who chanted "Lock him up!"  Can we talk about Karma here?  While his MAGA head supporters may have chanted that at his rallies about Clinton, there was no way that could happen because she'd done nothing wrong.  With the Idiot Jerk?  That's one of the main reason he'll head to Russia after the transfer of power.

I ended up putting overtime yesterday because our scheduler doesn't understand the meaning of 'coverage.'  Because I had to stay late, I didn't get to ride the bike.  I understand they've hired someone to replace the Specialist who moved to North Carolina.  I don't know when he's starting, but it can't be soon enough.

And finally, I got together with Cori about the cover art for The Body in the Loch yesterday.  I had thought of some sort of watery theme since the body is discovered floating in Loch Adair.  And then last week, while sitting at my desk checking the headlines on my phone, an idea picture suddenly blossomed in my brain.  I grabbed a piece of printing paper and did a little sketch.  When she saw it, she nodded, and then asked if she could add a personal touch.  Sure, I exclaimed, realizing how nifty it was going to look.  And since I like dropping little hints, here's a bit of concept art for a small section of the cover.  Nifty, huh?


Thursday, September 24, 2020

Bidin' their Time

 So I start my 6 day work week today.  I'm wondering how slow things are going to be, we're at that time of year, that fall lull in sales before Black Friday.  Oh, and we are having a Black Friday, however the sales are not going to be deep discounts they way they've been in the past.  No super duper specials.  Though they're still bringing in junk to clutter our aisles.  This will be interesting since that will be in the heart of Flu and Covid season.

And I did get my flu shot yesterday.  Hopefully that tick of one thing I might catch this fall.  

Speaking of Covid, the governor of Missouri has it... so does his wife.  She had symptoms first.  Cases are continuing to rise here in the states.  Temps are beginning to cool off.  The Idiot Jerk is continuing to lie about the severity of this pandemic.  His followers still believe the damn thing is just going to go away.  Well, they may not understand this, but it did go away in the summer about as much as it was really ever going to go away.  And now it's on its way back because they don't like to wear masks.  

Oh, and I guess that unless he wins the election, he's going to take his complaints to the Supreme Court, that's why he's trying to get this Cracker Jack Conservative installed on the bench as soon as possible, before election day is what he wants.  That would leave the Senate 35 days after the announcement is made on Saturday.  That might happen, but I suspect since Mitt Romeny said 'this year,' it isn't likely.  All most conservative Senators have wanted was a conservative court.  After confirmation, for many of them the Idiot Jerk becomes a handicap. I'm not saying there aren't a number of Right-Wing Nuts out there who desperately want a tinfoil dictator.  Many, I think, understand that chaos is only going to grow if he gets another term.  I many believe Biden's got this one in the bag, possibly by a landslide, and they're just bidin' their time.  I also think many of them understand that because of the Idiot Jerk, there's a good possibility they're going to lose the Senate.

And, if for some reason they do get a confirmation by Election Day, the Supreme Court has not been too friendly to the Idiot Jerk.  Perhaps because he calls them stupid.  When they don't give him what he wants he calls them failures. 

As for the Breonna Taylor decision?  Why would you expect anything else from a Conservative Grand Jury.

Finally, I made whole wheat flat bread yesterday.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Tacos, Minorities, and Gunslingers

Yesterday was relaxing to a point.  Many chores were accomplished.  One was not.  I went tp CVS for my annual flu shot.  I called first to see if I needed an appointment.  While none was necessary, they recommended one.  So, I put my name on their calendar and showed up at 10 AM, waited for the pharmacist to finished with the customer she was working with, only to be told they had run out of vaccine the prior evening.  When I informed her there was nothing on the store's website indicating they were out she just stood there... looking stupid.  And then she looked at another pharmacist, who looked at another who said "we're getting more in today."  I have a sneaking suspicion that when I show up this morning they will tell me that they've 'run out' again.

I also got a new ID card for Planet Fitness, my last one broke off my key chain.  I'm actually getting excited about... they gym.

And this evening, I'm having Tacos for dinner, though I prefer a dollop of sour cream rather than shredded cheddar.

I tried to pre-order my Xbox Series X yesterday and the pre-orders were sold out... everywhere.  Amazon's going to send me an email when they will be ready to order.  Their release date is November 10, 2 days after my birthday.  That would be a nice present to myself.

I read an interesting opinion in the NYT about the special Hell of the Idiot Jerks ability to name a third seat on the Supreme Court.  I find it amusing that Republicans are hoping this is going to rev up their Conservative Base and get them out to vote.  It's even more amusing when the author talks about how they are the party of the minority.  The line about Biden might need to win by more than 5 million votes is almost naive.  Of course, Republicans have never been too smart when it comes to numbers.  They are the minority party.  As I've said before, the time has come to treat them as such.

And, finally, since people seem to be somewhat enamored of my voice, I recorded this last evening.  The clock belonged to my grandparents... it's very, very old, no doubt made back in the days of gunslingers.


Tuesday, September 22, 2020

The Majority of Americans ( and a fish video, too)

My Saturday has arrived!!!  I did sleep a little late... in an odd sort of way.  I got up at my usual 0445, left the dogs out, pottered around for about 15 minutes and then decided to head back to bed.  After working 6 days, I do need to... relax... and prep for today's chores.  As a home owner, there are always things to do.

There was big news in the gaming world yesterday.  Microsoft is buying Zenimax (Bethesda Game Studios) for $7.5 billion.  That's right... billion.  The announcement was made a day before pre-orders go live for their X Box Series X.  Of course, I'll order one, probably right after I finish writing this entry.  

And the other 16 cent goldfish has died.  I got home from work yesterday and he was floating.  Since that little tank is now empty, I'll clean it out and head down to That Fish Place.  I'm thinking of getting a few mollies.  They're a nice addition to a community tank.  And speaking of my tank, I did a little video this morning (another reason why today's blog is a little late).  And is this one... I speak.

Even though a majority of Americans say the Senate should wait until after the election to try and fill RBG's seat, they're moving ahead with plans.  I suspect the reasoning is twofold:  1) they're certain the Idiot Jerk is going to most likely lose; 2)  if the election is close, they'd like to have a Conservative ringer on their side should the Court have to decide the election.  Their unprincipled craven need for power is almost laughable.  The will of the majority means nothing to them.  Every time they use the phrase "the people," they lie.  They totally fail to comprehend that a minority party, if it gets into power, as they have, needs to take the majority into consideration.  And they do think they're going to win this election.  How terribly wrong they are.
Everyday the reality of their loss tightens.  They believe (thanks to Reagan's lie) that there is a silent majority of conservatives out there.  They couldn't be more wrong.  There are no 'shy' supporters of the Idiot Jerk in the White House.  They have become the party of no values.  All they want, all they dream of, is a tinfoil dictatorship, and starting November 3, the majority of of Americans is going to start crushing that dream.  Will there be retribution?  Possibly.


Monday, September 21, 2020

On a Scale of Evil

 Monday.  My Friday.  After working 6 days in a row, I'm looking forward to tomorrow.  My list of chores is growing.  I'm already on my 2nd load of laundry.  I want to purchase my new storm door when I leave work today and tomorrow I may begin the installation process.

The one remaining 16 cent goldfish looks a bit odd.  His dorsal fin is down, not a good sign.  If he take the southern current, I'm thinking of replacing him with a Beta.  They're solitary, not at all social.  They like to pick fights.  They are both pretty... and pretty aggressive.  That teeny tank is small, so it would only be him.  Hhhm, something to think about.

This year the Tour was won by Primoz Roglic, a Slovenian who started off as a ski jumper.  Go figure.  Here's a nice snap as they head up the Champs Elysees. 

For those who don't know, the Democrats crushed fund raising records in the 28 hours after the death of RBG, 91 million.  And don't forget, the Idiot Jerk is running out of money.  I believe his war chest is down to around 300 million while Joe's is approaching 500 million.  Ouch!

And while Evangelicals are dancing with delight because he might nominate a Cracker Jack Crazy Christian, they are forgetting the one thing most important in his mind.  Getting re-elected.  Since they've already sold him their souls, their votes are a sure thing.  They're not even going to care if he betrays them.  It's the Latinos from Florida he desperately wants to rope in... which is why Barbara Lagoa seems to be in the ascendency.  While she is Cracker Jack Crazy, her heart isn't as full of religious hatred as some of the other women he's considering, she seems to hate on other levels.  On a scale of evil, with 10 being the worst and 1 being the best, Lagoa is about 7.5.

A majority of Americans say filling the vacancy at the Supreme Court should be done after the election, since when does that minority group, the Republicans, care about what the majority think, or say.  Remember, their credo is "Shut Up!  We're in Charge."  Well, that's going to change. 

Sunday, September 20, 2020

They're hitting the Panic Button

 Sunday isn't always Funday.  Sometimes work gets in the way.

I had an 84 year old man yesterday who wanted to put inexpensive carpet in his basement... himself.  He obviously thought he was physically capable to undertake his task.  He wore sunglasses through most of the 20 minute transaction until he exclaimed, "oh, I still have my sunglasses on.  That's why I can't see right."  His wife was with him.  She was too complacent.  Now, I'm not saying he wasn't sharp, he was, however his plans were designed for a much younger version of himself.  We all have our limitations, which is why most of us, at a certain point in our lives, pay someone to do the job.

One of the things I need to do on workdays is take my temp.  I'm a little over 95 (F), my reptile genes must be running the show since I seem a little cold blooded.

And I don't know about you, but from where I sit I can smell the stench of Republican Desperation.  The death of RBG is a chance to make the Courts Conservative.  The Idiot Jerk in the White House sees this as a way to give his failing campaign a kick in the ass to try and get it moving.  This is what you expect from a political party so out of touch with America.  And overwhelming every one of their actions is the silently terrifying fear they're going to lose everything which, is why Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death is causing them to hit the Panic Button.

Let me explain.  I watched a clip of Biden reading a statement about RBG's death and as he left the room a reporter yelled out "are you planning on increasing the number of judges on the Supreme Court?"  Republicans simply don't understand how easily their majority can be turned into a minority.

As for the Idiot Jerk's nominee?  It's going to be a woman.  Can we talk stupid here?  Not about the gender, but about the fact that he believes women will vote for him because his nominee has tits.  This tells you a lot about Conservative thinking in regard to women.  They don't understand women are intelligent.  They believe women will forget that they've been fighting for gender equality for years,  that they want to make their own decisions over their own bodies and not be restricted by rules some Cracker Jack Christian has put in place.

These Conservatives are phonies straight from hell, and it's time to send them back to where they belong.

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Incentive to Vote

 Yesterday was slow at work, at least in the flooring department.  Christmas merchandise started arriving back in Receiving.  Yes, it's that time of year.  

The transition of my old / new laptop into my fitness tracking computer is complete.  It gets its first run through tonight. I need to do a medium sized ride since I am not about 15 miles behind the pace needed to hit my 2500 miles.

Treaders mentions the constant whirring of helicopter blades overhead at the Tour de France.  There are at three sometimes four helicopters in the air televising the race, the French feed as well as other network / sports feeds.  There are also feeds for cameras on motorcycles (quite a number of those) focusing on different sections of the peloton.  Breakaways get their own camera man.  There is a lot of volume for a bicycle race.  I write about this in The Body in the Tower (notice how I'm tastefully plugging one of my own books?).

And last evening, while I was working on The Body in the Loch, I got the news flash about Ruth Bader-Ginsburg.  Everything in my head just stopped.  One of the greatest voices of America has been silenced.

 Of course, McConnell said there the Senate was going to vote on a replacement.  Believe me, he doesn't give a shit if you call him a hypocrite.  This is about power, the ability to dictate and control.  This is the wet dream of every Conservative out there, being able to name 3 Supreme Court justices, to force the country down a Conservative path that only satiates the animal hunger of a minority group.

This is the greatest incentive to go out and vote Blue in the annuls of American History.  I doubt very much if the Senate will be able to confirm before the election... too many Republican senators are at risk of getting fired because of the Idiot Jerk in the White House.  But then they're stupid, and they're power hungry, so who knows.

Keep in mind, Congress has the ability to change the number of sitting Supreme Court justices.   A lot of people don't know this.  Roosevelt tried to pack the court in 1937 with one new seat for every justice over the age of 70.  That didn't work.  However, a Democratic House and Senate, along with a Democratic president would have no problem adding two more seats the bench in order to keep the court Centrist.  Congress can also reduce the number of justices to do the same thing.  They could reduce the number of justices down to 7 and get rid of two of the Conservatives.  Also, keep in mind, justices can also be impeached.    

Our upper most Blue priority must be to insure this never happens again,

Friday, September 18, 2020

Danger Zone

 Okay, so I went in and changed my scheduled work hours yesterday.  On October 12 I will be back working the shift I originally had when I stepped down from management, starting at 1030.  This will give me about 4 hours in the morning to get to the gym (something that hasn't happened in a while), get in a bike ride, walk the dogs and get the blog written.  I thought I could easily shift things to an earlier time slot when I switched to the 0800 time slot... that didn't happen.

A really big Shout Out to Treaders who got experience the wonder and joy of the Tour de France!  She also got to experience first hand how in France everything shuts down the day the Tour arrives in town.  If you're a tourist in Paris only a few of the attractions will be open so you might as well head to Champs Elysees like everybody else.

I saw this in the NYT trying to explain how the Cracker Jack Christians have become a cult surrounding the Idiot Jerk in the White House and how they have quite a lot in common with a nasty conspiracy theory about his being under siege.  I can see where the verse from Corinthians has the potential of turning them into domestic terrorists.  Believe me, they will get worse if the Idiot Jerk manages to stay in power.  He's just as screwed up in the head as they are.  The last thing we want is the Evangelical version of the Taliban running our country.

A funny thing was mentioned to me the other day about the Idiot Jerk's taxes, a very viable reason why he's so desperately trying to keep them secret (other then the fact that there are some really big Russian buck keeping him afloat).  That reason:  once they are release, a swarm of forensic accountants will start stripping away the phoniness.  The end result will be that the Idiot Jerk is charge with Tax Evasion.  Add that to the charges of Bank Fraud and Insurance Fraud and you get 'jail time.'  This is why, when Biden is declared the victor, the Idiot Jerk will begin transitioning to Russia, the only country that will offer him safety and he will avoid at all costs any roads that take him back to the Danger Zone.

Thursday, September 17, 2020


 Yesterday was... fine.  Work was fine, but slow.  I mean it's not that I sit around doing nothing all day, customers do show up... they're just not jumping on the installation band wagon.  They've finally posted the specialist's position for my department.  The hours are 10 - 7.  I worked those hours and thinking back that schedule worked well for me.  Getting up at 0445 is growing tiresome so I might change my shift.

I'm going to have to get a bluetooth dongle for the new / old laptop.  The one of the Touch Screen never really worked that well.  Another sign that I made a bad choice when purchasing it.  These things do come back to haunt you.

I saw this morning where Billy Barr is pissed at the Department of Justice.  He wants them to cower before him as he leads the charge against Democracy... and they're not having any of his shit.  

And the Idiot Jerk is shrieking at the CDC Director because the man was honest with the American People.  His bubble has cracks shooting in great jagged lines like lightening bolts as his protective dome begins to shatter in so many places.  For the Idiot Jerk in the White House, the sky is falling.  The truth is attacking him from all sides.  Another law suit has been filed by a model who says he rammed his tongue down her throat back in 1997.  I can even imagine living with that horror for so long.  I do not doubt she's wished she'd had a knife back then to cut the sucker off.  We'd all be a lot saner now, if she had.

A while back SixPence noted his fondness for NIN (Nine Inch Nails).  Rock and Roll.  No wispy vocals from Trent.  He (they) are on several of my cycling playlists.  Adrenalizers, you know?  Not only is the music great, his (their) words can be used in so many variations.  Take this song: Came Back Haunted.  I would love to use a line or two of this in The Body in the Loch.  I love this video.  It almost brought a tear to my eye the first time I saw it.  

And in case you're wondering, there are no ghosts in The Body in the Loch.

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

A Fool for Generalities

 Well, I get to go back to work today... and I'm not excited.  Unfortunately, I like the money too much.  And it's not as though my job were difficult.  I'm suspecting will continue to slow down.  I haven't checked yet, but I do believe last week ended the Covid bonus we've been earning.  They sweetened our checks since the hours were cut - we're almost back to normal hours so that sugar's no longer necessary.

I'm going to be switching out my workout computers.  I've been using an inexpensive Dell I purchased 3 years ago because I wanted a Touch Screen.  Bad Decision. It's going to now be used for notes.  Interestingly enough, I'm going back to an even older Samsung that works well.  The only reason I switched to the Dell was because I was seduced by the idea of a... Touch Screen.  Lesson learned.  Yesterday I started copying over my files.  Easy Peasy.

Breakfast with my brother went well.  When he brought up Kamala Harris, and Jacob Blake, and the charge filed against him by his girlfriend I sensed desperation.   He asked if I didn't think she was being hypocritical by defending him in regard to the Me Too movement.  Like may social conservatives, he is grasping for straws.  They're looking for a dead horse to kick.  Republicans do that very well.  They get a little glow in their heart as they continually stomp something into the ground.  They did that to Bill Clinton and he won a 2nd term.  They will never learn since that entails assessing and evaluating their tactics, and to even consider that means questioning whether they just might be wrong.  This has always been their Achilles tendon.

The Idiot Jerk did a Town Hall last evening, supposedly with undecided voters.  I didn't watch.  This morning I played clips with the sound turned down.  I was struck by his eyes, small and glassy.  His anger is revealed in them.  He was furious his lies were being questioned, furious he was being forced to explain himself.  I will admit to reading the subtitles.  I had to laugh when he was pressed to explain his saying that Covid will disappear.  He repeated that again... and again.  Well, of course it will disappear... eventually.  Hell, even the pyramids will disappear... eventually.  He is a man who lives for generalities since specifics prove him to be a fool.

And, as a palette cleanser, here's another of my dahlias.  Pretty, eh?


Tuesday, September 15, 2020

The Right Thing to Do

 So, I got out my sweat pants and shirts this morning - right now the temp outside is 59 (F).  Sometime this morning I'll pull out the nice warm blankets from the cedar chest - it's that time of year.  Talk about rapid temp change.  Two weeks ago the temps were only getting down to the 80's (F) overnight.  Now it's almost time to turn on the heat.

I bought 2 little goldfish from Petsmart yesterday to put in the mini-tank now that the loach had died.  The clerk asked if they were going to be food for something else, or pets.  I told him fillers, that I just didn't want the mini-tank empty.  They were cheap.  16 cents each.  

Some of you might find this odd, but I volunteered to test a Covid vaccine.  I had to submit a video explaining why I was volunteering.  Can we talk simple here?  I said it was the right thing to do.  But then I've always been an easy sucker for volunteering.  I don't think I'll be chosen because of my age, still, I am trying to do the right thing.

I also baked a blueberry cobbler yesterday.  Damn! Can we talk tasty here?  That was another right thing to do.

Evidently some "religious" folks are changing their minds about the Idiot Jerk in the White House.  A number of Catholics and Evangelicals seem to understand the nature of his evilness.  I told my friend Betsy (she's religious) he sold his soul years ago and has been spending the last 3.5 years using a wide net to gather up lost souls. 

And, of course, everybody's talking about that Cracker Jack Crazy Michael Caputo's 26 minute Facebook rant yesterday.   That's right... in case you didn't know, there's a resistance unit in the HHS, so buy your ammunition now.  This guy's dangerous.  Unfortunately, this is what we've come to expect from the Loyalists appointed into positions of power by the Idiot Jerk in the White House.  


Monday, September 14, 2020

Stupidity Embraced

Day #2 in my long weekend has arrived.  Forecast?  nice temps and low humidity.  I'm planning on painting the old / new backdoor.  I primed it yesterday so it's ready to go.

And I did make Kung Pao chicken for dinner.  Here's a pic of it on a bed or rice.  Yes, there are also red and green peppers as well as some chili peppers.  In some recipes the only veggies are the chilis.  Can we talk tasty here?  Oh, and I don't sliver my green onions.

I see where the Idiot Jerk in the White House had an indoor rally in Nevada.  If you're a Democrat or an Independent voter who knows anyone who attended, take some serious precautions.  Republicans don't believe Covid is serious.  The deaths don't phase them, most likely because minorities and seniors are those hardest hit.  I watched about 15 seconds with the volume turned down. Can we talk about a sea of white people who don't believe in science?  Nope, there isn't one iota of a common sense idea among them.  Stupidity is embraced.

And another song has joined the list for inclusion in The Body in the Loch.  In case you're wondering, I don't have this long playlist in my head.  Now and then I will hear a song, and think about the lyric.  Sometimes in surprising places.  They keep playing this one at work, part of their oldies playlist.  It is a classic.  Now you're going to have to figure out how it plays into the story.

Sunday, September 13, 2020

The Fun Stuff

 Well, it's another lazy sleep in Sunday, the best way to begin my 3 days weekend.

Now, don't get me wrong, I do have chores to do, laundry.  Being the clothes horse I am, laundry is always essential.  Still, I do have 3 days in which to do every blessed load.  (That's pronounced bless - ed.  Believe me, the only deity blessing my undies is the holy Arm and Hammer).  That's right, I don't use Tide (y) on my white (ies).  There, isn't that bad for a Sunday morning?  Don't think about it too long.

The weather is being... nice.  Originally rain was in the forecast for today, we got the drizzlies yesterday.  Since that has already happened, we're due for some low 80's sunshine.  I'm hoping the stanky heat of the summer is now over.

I watched "Project Power" last evening with Jamie Fox and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  I found it entertaining, though some of those 5 minute super power pills lasted a little longer than 5 minutes.  I checked and was surprised to see that Gordon-Levitt is 39 years old.  Damn!  Seeing kid actors age before my eyes is... strange.  If they were to make a movie out of any of my books, at least for right now, I think he'd make a good Eli.

Because the weather is so nice, I have the back door open.  The dogs can go in and out when ever they fancy.  They like that.  I like that.  No getting up and having to open the door every time they see a bunny or a squirrel.  We're going for a walk later this morning.  This is the fun stuff of life.

Later on I may bake a blueberry cobbler... or possibly for dinner a zesty Kung Pao Chicken.  Both are yummy!

Saturday, September 12, 2020


 My Friday is your Saturday.  Nice.  Honestly, I should start prepping myself for the 6 consecutive workdays which are going to begin on Wednesday.  I have a suspicion they're going to be slow.  We have customers, and we're making $$$, but I suspect many have overdosed on Home Improvements.  We'll see.

I adjust my Chewy order this morning.  Can we talk complicated.  I'm switching the pooches back to Beneful for a while.  I ended up cancelling the Autoship and setting up a 2nd.  

And for those of you who don't know, EF Pro, the cylcing team I follow, won yesterday's stage on the Tour de France with a sprint... on a climb.  At 13 mph, they called it a slow motion sprint.  Here's the clip.

While talking to an associate at work yesterday, I mentioned the fact that the Idiot Jerk in the White House hasn't mention a single syllable regarding the fires out west.  This morning I saw that the Washington Post also brought up that hot topic.  They and I both reached the same conclusion:  talking about death and destruction of Americans requires empathy, a  capacity to understand and share that horrifically emotional experience.  That's something he can't do.  This is the nature of selfishness.

And, except for his base, people are wondering how someone who brags himself up as a successful businessman could have screwed up the finances of his campaign so badly.  The Idiot Jerk is now facing a perfect storm for fund raising hurdles.  This is mostly because his campaign did blow through $800 million in just a few months.  After he loses in November, I suspect there will be investigations into his campaign cash catastrophe and they'll discover much of the $$$ was spent at entities he owns, and to Ivanka Danka, Donnie Jr, and Eric because the greedy don't care where their wealth comes from.

Sadly, the bad fish I put in a small, separate tank has died.  I saw him floating upside on the bottom last evening.  I felt a little bad.  If he hadn't been attacking everything else he'd still be alive.

And, finally, here's another one of my Dahlias.

Friday, September 11, 2020

strapped for cash

 Tomorrow's the end of the week for me.  That makes more sense since specifying days doesn't really, what with working in retail.  Business is slowing down.  A Specialist I work with suggested that maybe people are starting to run out of money.  We have one of the largest Navy supply bases on the East Coast (essential), we are the state capital (essential), we have the University of Pittsburgh medical, Geisinger, and Penn State Medical Colleges (all essential), so lockdown here, except for the whining Republicans, was not bad.  Now, however, financial incentives companies were divvying out to their associates are beginning to dry up, unemployment is stuck in the 'red zone,' and store shelves are filled with non-essential items to hide their holes.  Money is getting tighter.  In my store, our foot traffic is slowing down.  Don't get me wrong, sales are still great, but cracks are starting to show.  Blame the Republicans who want to tell you how to live, but have no clue how to run the country.

I saw where Michele Bachmann was running her mouth again.  She exemplifies the biggest problem with Conservatives, their need to shriek their narrow minded beliefs over the sane voice of reality.  While I agree with going high while "they go low," sometimes we need to tell losers like Bachmann to just shut the hell up.  Remember when she shrilly shouted how war was being declared on Christianity?  That was a lie.  Evangelicals were declaring war on everything they couldn't control.  We need to begin calling these people and their lies out.  We need to just tell them in a very forceful voice to "shut the hell up."

Nineteen years ago 9/11 united the country and almost immediately afterwards the Republicans starting dividing it with lies about 'weapons of mass destruction.'  This election, we need to teach them a lesson.  

And don't you think it's funny that the Idiot Jerk, who likes to claim he's a brilliant businessman, has a campaign with financial difficulties.  Evidently they're cutting back on TV advertising in order to have a workable cash flow during the last 30 days of the campaign.  I don't know about you, but this is a terrible reference to put on a resume if you want to be re-elected.  Don't doubt for a second that he and his party will renege on their debts, especially when he loses.  I can already hear his attorney's saying "why should we pay you, you didn't help us win?"

And, finally, my zinnias are still blooming.  Here's a snap.

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Those Sunshiney Smiles

I am approaching the middle of my work week.  Yeah.  After today I'll be on that downhill slide.  Three days off!  Of course, there is always sobering reality to take the sunshiney smile from my face.  Following that 3 days, I get to work for 6. Then I'm scheduled to have 2 days off... followed by another 6 day stretch.  Groan.

Business is beginning to slow down - except for appliances.  We're running a good sale, though if you decide to purchase one that sunshiney smile will probably slide off you face when you hear how long you'll have to wait for delivery of your new washer, or dryer, or refrigerator (we don't talk about freezers).  Right now think late October or early November, unless you happen to be buying one of the extremely expensive models.  You can get one of those in about 2 weeks mostly because no one wants to spend $5000 for a refrigerator.  Damn.

In case you've were under a rock yesterday, you know by now Bobby Woodward has been releasing snippets from his upcoming book "Rage."  Of course, none of it is going to make the Idiot Jerk in the White House look... (dear, what is the correct word?)... (perhaps a phrase?)... like anything less then the evil, despotic tinfoil dictator he desperately wants to be. (Did I get it right?).  One of the mini-headlines I saw was "Kayleigh (I'm never going to lie to you) McEnamy lies he way through a very difficult press briefing."  That happy, sunshiney smile had been wiped from her face before she even opened her mouth.

Quite a number of people have been using these revelations in an attempt to evaluate the Idiot Jerk's mental reasoning.  Is he madder than a hatter?  Or just evil.  One of the most intriguing was in the Washington Post.  The idea here is that he lies just to get through a bad news cycle.  Yeah, he knew Covid was going to lead to bad press, so... he lied about it.  Yeah, that's right.  He was worried the terrible truth was going to wipe those sunshiney smiles off the faces of his loyal base.  Not only did he say nothing, he verbally attacked Governors and Mayors who attempted to slow down the spread.  This is what we've come to expect from the heart and soul of the Republican Party.

And finally, my roses are blooming... again.  Now, tell me these don't bring a sunshiney smile to your face?

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Bankrupt? Again?

 I do believe today is Wednesday.  I have not quite hit my hump day... that happens tomorrow.  I am looking forward to my approaching 3 day weekend.  Balancing that, however, is the fact that after that 3 days, I'm scheduled to work 6 days.  Bah.

I'm scheduled for an eye appointment for Monday.  I'm going to cancel.  Yeah, I know I pissed and moaned about the VA cancelling my previous 2 appointments, there is a 'however'... however.  You see, my Mom went to The Leading Edge eye clinic.  Twice I took her to appointments.  Neither time was I impressed.  My Mom liked the doctors, mostly I think because they catered to her.  They also convinced her to set herself up for the monthly purchase of an eye care supplement, something she was told would help with her Macular Degeneration... except my Mom didn't really have the serious Macular Degeneration which steals your sight.  She had old age.  Instead of just telling her this was part of the eye's aging process, they wanted her to spend some of her fixed income on a supplement.

AstraZeneca has put their vaccine program on hold... someone got sick.  Woah.  This is not what the Idiot Jerk in the White House wants to hear.  Nope, not at all.  Not that he really cares is people get sick from a vaccine rushed to market so he can improve his sinking chances of re-election.  He is desperately trying to keep America from firing his blighted ass.  Not that he has ever demonstrated any concern for human life.

And that lie of his about using his own money to fund his campaign?  Only the brain dead of his base will believe that.  He will do what he's always done when he finds himself in a money losing situation... cut his losses.  Six bankruptcies, remember?  He's a failed businessman.  He will borrow as much as he can from his Russian friends.  The only one he is loyal to is himself so at some point he will weigh the cost.  As always, he will save his own ass at the expense of others.  His maybe the first campaign in the history of American politics to file for bankruptcy.

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Treats and Bait

 So, my day off came and went.  The lawn was mowed, the trim was fixed, laundry was done, words were put into the computer, and I rode 12 miles in Burgundy - this is how I spent my holiday.  Now I'm starting into another 5 day stretch. Of course, after that I'm going to have 3 days off - another long weekend.

My friend Betsy called last evening a little distraught.  She works with people who have disabilities.  While she is only assigned to one individual, there are several others in the group.  Yesterday afternoon she received a call from one of the managers to let her know one of the group members has tested positive for Covid.  Betsy is now in quarantine.  She checked into getting tested and discovered they only test if you have active symptoms.  Now, isn't that the shits?

Speaking of the shits and being on a certain list, I went to my neighborhood Giant supermarket yesterday and forgot to pick up Pupperoni for the dogs.  For those uninitiated, this is what I'm talking about.

And since yesterday was a holiday, we got a brief respite from the vomitous spewed by the Idiot Jerk in the White House... well, kind of.  I guess he did some sort of press conference.  These things are never anything more than lie festivals.  His propaganda network (Fox) was the only one to carry it live.  This is what you call desperation mode, in case you didn't know, and is designed specifically for his base.  He is grasping.  Like a bad fisherman, he has no idea how to bait his hook.  He casts his line and those tiny morsels intended to lure in the big fish draw only suckers.  Or else they get caught in the bullshit rushes because he's too deep into the swamp.
His Law and Order message, like so many of his other messages, is not resonating throughout suburbia, except for his base.  He is warning about a pandemic of violence which in reality is closer to what he thought was going to happen to Covid.  His words harden only his base, and they really are a minority group.  We need to treat them the same way they treat other minorities until time has made them nothing more than a bad footnote in the history books.

Monday, September 7, 2020

Just call me Simple

 For many Americans, today's a holiday.  Labor Day.  They don't have to work, either from home or at the office.  To be honest, I didn't even realize today was a holiday.  I don't have to work either, though that's because this is the only day I have off in a string of 11 days   There's tons of shit I need to get done around the house.  Nope, no real holiday for me.  No relaxing.  The lawn needs mowing, new trim needs to be put around the new / old back door, my supermarket shopping needs to be done, and I want to get a ride in, right now I'm 18 miles ahead in my goal of riding 2500 miles this year.  Oh, and the Tour de France needs to be watched on TV.  Oh... and there's laundry.

I went to the movies last night.  Everything was super safe.  You needed to keep a mask on unless you were eating a snack or drinking a beverage.  Every other row was closed off.  There was hand sanitizer everywhere.  As we were leaving there were 2 associates waiting with a sprayer to go in and disinfect.  Personally, I felt far safer there then I do going to the store everyday where hundreds of strangers walk through the front door daily, no small number without masks... and touch everything.

And what film did I go see?  "Tenet."  Think time inversion.  The kid at the concession stand said "there are times when you really need to think."  That was an understatement.  A number of words are.. taped together to form a semi-cohesive thesis revolving around entropy.  Since most people know nothing about entropy, you might just was well say the film is about throwing cooked spaghetti against the wall and seeing how long it sticks.  As with Christopher Nolan's other 2 mind bending films, "Memento" and "Inception,"  the audience is there for the eye candy and the special effects.  No one is buying a ticket for a lesson in physics, it's a screenplay, remember?  Me?  Even though I liked it, I found parts confusing.  Of course, the only reason I bought my ticket was for a chance to go to the movies... and the special effects... and the eye candy.  Just call me simple.

Sunday, September 6, 2020

There is that sinking feeling

 Holy Crap!  I overslept!  By 15 minutes.  Now I've got to add a little pep to my morning routine.  I really do hate being pressed for time.

Yesterday was... well, your standard sort of day in the store.  I made some phone calls, dealt with some customers.  Two of the associates in my department are rabid supporters of the Idiot Jerk in the White House.  One of them reminded me yesterday that he had been behind in 2016.  Rather then point out the obvious, that 4 years had passed, that Hillary Clinton had been unpopular, that many voters felt certain she had the election in the bag, that there were so many radical difference between this year's election and that unfortunate stunner, I stayed silent.  I did say that the lying sack of shit in the White House was going to lose, of course, he didn't believe that.

There is this thread of commonality running through his base:  a lot of them are non-college educated white people, who not only believe Covid to be a hoax, but sincerely believe that on his inauguration day he will outlaw the wearing of masks.  That's right.  They will tell you that.  Masks are going to disappear.  And every negative thing you hear about the Idiot Jerk?  Well, in their minds that truly is fake news.  They really don't care about Democracy at all, just the fact that they're in charge and can tell you how you need to live your life.  Understanding there is no stopping the changes happening is completely beyond their comprehension.

One of the many new sources I read is Reuters, they give a European spin to what's happening in this country.  It's nice to know how we are being seen by the rest of the world.  Some of their journalists have been working the Falwell Jr scandal, digging up all sorts of shit. Jerry Jr, in his own snitty little way, warned them to stay away from his sons.   Evangelicals are... finding themselves caught in the cross-hairs here.  You see, it was Jerry Jr's super duper support endorsement of the Idiot Jerk which helped bring their votes to the Idiot Jerk.  Now, Jerry Jr's tainted, in a really bad way, especially since the Pool Boy joy was already beginning to cause problems in 2016.  That voting block is no longer a guaranteed whole.  They've fractured.

Anyway, now for a bit of foreshadowing.  There was boat parade yesterday for the Idiot Jerk yesterday down in Texas.  There were a lot of boats and some of them started sinking.  Some of them crashed into rocks.  Forbes has an interesting take on this.  Now, isn't that a nice comparison to sinking boats and sinking poll numbers.  Here's a visual.

Saturday, September 5, 2020

Of Baloney, and Bidets, and Blundering Breakdowns

Yesterday was my Hump Day.  I celebrated by having a German Bologna sandwich, with provolone and lettuce, for dinner.  You have to admit, when I go all out... I go all out.  Growing up, we called it garlic baloney.  Our sandwiches here made with either garlic baloney of Lebanon baloney.  Anybody ever hear of Lebanon baloney?  For those who remember, I actually grew up in Lebanon, the source of Lebanon baloney.  

And just twelve miles to the east of Lebanon was Hershey.  What joy my childhood was!  Baloney and chocolate!

 Yesterday was a first when it comes to questions being asked by customers.  I was heading back to the department from the Service Desk and I was stopped by a woman and her husband.  She asked me "where do you keep bidet hoses?"  At first I thought I must have misunderstood her, so I asked her to repeat her question.  "Where are your bidet hoses?"  As she spoke, her husband pulled a 6 foot hose with an... attachment... from a bag.  Now, I don't know if we sell bidet hoses.  Bidets are not that common in Central PA, unlike baloney and chocolate, so I pointed them to Aisle 4.  That's where we keep the sink hoses and to my knowledge, both hoses are about the same... except for the nozzle. 

By now, almost everybody in America knows about The Atlantic article regarding the Idiot Jerks real reason for not joining other world leaders at the celebration of D Day, besides the fact he was concerned that the rain might ruin his hair.  This man does not celebrate losers.  For the Idiot Jerk, in war there are either winners or losers.  If you happen to die in combat?  Well, for the Idiot Jerk, that means you're a loser.  Because he is ego driven, he has no problem telling people this.  He has said John McCain was a loser for letting himself get captured.  Because most sane people know this about him, they have no problem believing the article in The Atlantic.  This man is a hateful blundering fool.  Last evening he had a bit of a breakdown shrieking his innocence and blaming the 'fake media.'  The time has come to hold this man accountable for his lies and deceits.  Vote Blue.

Friday, September 4, 2020

It Fits

 Well, hello weekend?  What a shame I'm working.  Every day for the next 3 days I'll be at the Flooring Desk.  I am so excited.  No, not really, but I'll be perfectly honest, the money is nice.  I get to buy things while still adding to my my savings.  Nice.  And it's not like the job is brutal.  I haven't had to deal with a wacked out customer in a couple of week.

I just took my temp and it's 98 (F) according to the thin strip of a thermometer they gave us.  That's wrong, of course.  Every morning when I go to work I have my picture taken by a thermal camera.  Yesterday my temp was 96.7 (F).  I'm a cold one.  Even when I take it at home, with my 'real' thermometer, it's normal for my temp to be in the mid 97's (F).

We now have less than 2 months to go before the election.  Both Facebook and Twitter have said they're going to stop running all political ads a week before November 3.  YouTube needs to do the same thing.  For those who don't watch things on YouTube, let me tell you, there are a lot of political ads.  Some you can skip, others, however, are only 15 seconds long and you need to let those play through.  Most of the commercials I've seen have been for Biden.  I guess I just don't watch the same videos and the Idiot Jerk's base.

And, evidently, the Law and Order agenda the Idiot Jerk has been promoting is not taking hold.  I read in the Washington Post that only 10% of Americans prioritize crime as an issue.  Nope.  The vast majority are more concerned about... (are you ready) Covid 19.  And since the Republicans have been in charge 70% of Americans feel the country is going in the wrong direction.  That other 30%?  Republicans.  You have to remember, that 30% doesn't give a shit about anybody but themselves.  This has always been the selfish problem with Conservatives.  It's all about the "my."  They will never change.

And now for something light.  I saw this the other day and was impressed.  I have no idea why the character of Reno Sweenee has never been played by a man.  The lyric fits.

Thursday, September 3, 2020


 Yesterday was drizzly, with rain on and off, and very warmly humid.  I had turned the A / C off since the previous day temps had been fine...  And, of course, I forgot to turn it back on yesterday morning before I left for work, so when I got home it was steam room city in my house.  More rain is forecast for today, with  possibly a thunderstorm this evening.  California's supposed to get record breaking heat again this weekend... and like all weather patterns it will move east. Yippee!

Things seem to be slowing down at work.  That is normal for this time of year.  People become less active as the cooler temps of fall arrive.  Well, at least they're supposed to start arriving.  We are running a $5 pain rebate which means now's a good time to buy my hall paint.  The colors are slowly being narrowed down.  And some picture frames arrived 2 days ago.  I'm framing the original artwork for my book covers to display in my newly painted hallway.  

As for the possibility of the Idiot Jerk in the White House having Mini-Strokes?  Well, he has always been socially dysfunctional to a degree.  He has been manipulating the media for years, even his reality show was designed around his ability to skirt the edges of reason.  He has been pushing the boundaries of his own lunacy in order to get the attention he craves.  His success has always hinged upon his ability to spit out extravagantly outrageous criticisms. What we are seeing is his braggadocio becoming more outlandish.  My Mom had dementia and she would sometimes make things up as her mind slowly seeped into her own reality.  The Idiot Jerk?  There may be a hint of early stage dementia, but mostly he lies on purpose.  More and more, he's relying on the freakish nature of those lies as he desperately grasps for a means to get himself re-elected.  For him, to get fired, will be a mind crushing humiliation.  Come on people, let's humiliated the Hell out of him.

This being said, I don't find it surprising he's encouraging the residents of North Carolina to break the law by trying to vote twice.  This is not dementia, this is dirty desperation.  He will continue to be more absurd, which hurts him.  There is no rationality in his campaign.  He is throwing as much shit as possible.  Well, let him throw it.  All of that shit only makes him weaker and more vulnerable. 

For those interested, below are 4 of the colors I've chosen to eliminate for the hallway.  

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

From the Land of Dark Shadows

We had on and off drizzles yesterday, the temps were fairly comfortable, but there was humidity.  The forecast is the same for today.  The only difference?  I go back to work.
Here's a little irony.  I pay around $65 a year for NBC Sports Gold to watch cycling.  Yesterday, about 2 hours into the Stage 4 of the Tour de France, my TV went black.  Son of a bitch.  The TV was working, no problem there, so I went back into NBC Sports and got the following message:  "You have an update to this App."  Fifteen minutes.  I skipped the update since I had that option.
I put in a new threshold yesterday at the back door.  Easy Peasy.  Took me about 15 minutes.  Shame they couldn't have sent the notice about the update earlier.
Today's the first day I am required to do a Health Check before I can punch in to go to work.  I take my temp and fill out a survey while I'm at home.  Then, upon entering the store, I need to stand in front of a camera which will take my temperature.  If I have a fever of 100.4 (F) they send me home.  This doesn't bother me, though I'm fairly certain there are those Republicans in the building whom it will infuriate.  Good.
In spite of all the Idiot Jerk's machinations against mail in voting, his campaign is targeting his supporters, encouraging them to do just that.  Now the White House is saying it's only Universal mail in voting, where the states send out ballots to everybody, that's a problem.  He has no problem if his supporters vote by mail.  Excuse me, but didn't he just shit in his pants?
And what about the interview with Laura Ingraham?  Wasn't that a shit show?  I do believe the Idiot Jerk even surprised Laura with his decent in to Crazy Land.  Even she questioned his comparing the shooting of a man in the back by a police officer to choking on a putt in golf.  That was before she quickly cut to a commercial break in order to change the subject.  Maybe he was subconsciously vocalizing his belief that a putt is really nothing more than a mini-stroke.  Ouch.
And what about the Dark Shadows?  I sent my brother a text asking if, when the Idiot Jerk was talking about a plane full of thugs, (and now fascists), he was really talking about Barnabas.  Oh, dear Lord save us!  Was that unknown city Collinsport?  Was Roger Collins piloting?  Heaven help us if Angelique was one of the flight attendants!

Or, is he really dealing with dementia brought on by a series of Mini-Strokes?


Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Damned Liar

Hello September!

Yesterday the temps stayed on the cool side, we had drizzles on and off.  I spent a lot of my time working on the new / old back door, modifying the frame.  In a 115 year old house nothing is square, so I need to add to the trim.  No big deal.

And, of course, I had to make time for Stage 3 of the Tour de France.  When they crossed the Finish Line those Sprinters were pedaling at 62 kmh (38.5 mph).  Can we talk about having legs of steel?  Because of Covid, the cyclists are in a bubble, a very, very big bubble.  Everyone around them is wearing masks and social distancing.  While cycling, they themselves are not.  A vast majority of the fans are masked, and there are a lot of fans.  It's rather amazing.

For some time, the Idiot Jerk in the White House has been chiding Biden for staying in his basement.  Yesterday, he came out. He gave a speech in Pittsburgh.  That man is sharp as a tack, much sharper than the Idiot Jerk who's been known to shuffle from thought to thought.  As I was watching, I realized Biden is looking forward to the debates.  He's going to call the Idiot Jerk a Damn Liar on National TV.  We all know how poorly that's going to go over.  We may actually get to see 'lava level' anger.  My money says the more often Joe makes public appearances, the more resilient he shows his mind to be, the more the Idiot Jerk's advisors will begin to dread the debates.  Good.

For those who are voting by mail, make sure your ballot gets posted early!   And be prepared.  In some states they begin the verification process before the election, not so in Pennsylvania.  In this state, that process will not even begin until November 3.  There are a few states that don't even start to verify signatures until after the polls close.  In PA, they're trying to get that changed so votes can be counted more expediently.  However, we do know that the Republicans will do everything they possibly can to squash a fair election so I'm doubting if any kind of resolution will be passed. 

Finally, it's rose time again.  Here's one of my peachy roses.