I've also been told I have little tact, so if this offends you simply ride on.

Friday, July 31, 2020

Cycling in the Time of Covid

Remember when days of the week used to count for something?  Or, better yet, remember when we men needed to wear a coat and tie to work?  Is that too far back?  And then casual dress arrived on the scene and jackets were not required.  And then ties disappeared.  I still own ties, but most of them I gave to Community Aid.  In an odd sort of way, this is how evolution works.  Things that are no longer necessary slowly fade away, like your appendix, a worm-like appendage that sometimes has to be removed when it gets inflamed.  Just like the Idiot Jerk in the White House.  Like a really bad appendix, he's about ready to rupture.  An abscess is already forming around him.  He is going to lose the election... badly.  He is going to be treated the way he has treated so many others in his life and his little egocentric brain is about to pop.  It is not going to be pretty.
Congress shot down his silly, little balloon about delaying the election.  His little ploy is going hurt his approval rating.  While his base might want a dictatorship, a vast majority of Americans do not.  We like living in a democracy.  Sometimes things go our way, sometimes they don't, but everything stays Centrist.  The Idiot Jerk's hard core base hates Centrist.  They want to dictate and control.  And they are a minority group who's going to lose their leader this fall.  Yep.  The American people are going to politically cut off the head of the Republican Party.
I understand the Idiot Jerk's campaign has put a hold on buying more TV ad time.  He has been spending money like it's going out of style in Florida, and he's continuing to fall behind Biden in the polls.  I don't doubt for a second one of his smarter kids, probably Ivanka Danka told him he's wasting his buckos.  What's more important?  Getting re-elected or managing to transfer a couple hundred million $$$ into his personal bank account?  There are already issues of his campaign paying 3rd party vendors for services rendered.  I think the proper term is called Money Laundering.  I suspect his campaign money is being secretly transferred into his personal accounts faster than you can say 'shit.'
Finally, I've been playing around with the camera in my new phone... taking selfies, well, my version of selfies.  Sometimes I like what I do, sometimes it gets deleted faster than the Idiot Jerk in the White House can say "I."  There really are not a lot of photographs of me out there.  It's just the way I am.  Anyway, here's one I call Cycling in the Time of Covid.


Thursday, July 30, 2020

It started with Reagan

Since I only work 4 days this week, this evening I will hit my short week Hump day.  Believe me, I cannot wait for my next weekend, which just so happens to be 3 days long.    After that, it's a week of work followed by a week of vacation.  Hopefully the temperatures will be a bit cooler by then.
We have customers who have issues with seams in their carpets.  If the dimensions of your room are over 12' by 12' (3.66 M x 3.66 M) two sections of carpet are going to be seamed.  This is so extremely common since most of us have rooms that are larger then that.  Of course, we have a couple who have a room that is 27 ' by 16' (8.23 M x 4.88 M) and they only want one seam.  We do sell carpet that comes in 15 foot widths and they can get one seam, but to do that they're going to be buying a lot of extra carpet, several hundred $$$ worth.  Yesterday, they got angry and said they were taking their business else where (that always means Lowe's).  More power to them.
There was an interesting opinion in the Washington Post which matches up with what I've been saying for years about the Republican party:  It Started with Reagan.  How do they get taught a lesson?  The American electorate votes the snot out of them.  Remember how they treated Clinton?  We need to treat them the way they treated Clinton, kick them like a dead horse when they're down.  
I saw where Louie Gomert tested positive for Covid... they didn't say whether he had any symptoms or not.  I'm sure he's taking hydroxichlorquine since his deity has told him it works.
Oh, and Billy Barr has been running his on investigation into the 2016 election... and he's planning releasing his results prior to the election in November.  Does he really believe anybody besides the Idiot Jerk's base is going to believe him?  This is a desperate ploy to get them out to vote, to save the ass of the Idiot Jerk.  The minute Biden takes the oath of office, Billy needs to be taken into custody for treason to the constitution and the United States.
On my last 3 days off, I baked bread.  Doesn't it look delicious?

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

It's the Virus, Stupid

I use a Lenovo tablet as an alarm clock... actually, I use it for a number of things but rather than set the alarm on my phone or an actual clock, I use the tablet.  Two days ago they did an update.  Two days ago they did an update... and every app was disabled.  Now it has facial recognition, but this morning my alarm didn't go off because... the update turned it off.  I do wish that information had been included in the notes.
I saw where the Federal Agents are being pulled out of Seattle.  I suppose the Idiot Jerk in the White House realized that his show of force wasn't doing a damn thing to improve in ratings in the polls.  He is so damn stupid.  In his tiny Republican mind he thinks he's going to be able to do something which will make America forget about Covid.  Wrong.  Back when Bill Clinton beat Bush the Elder, there was a popular catch phrase which drove the Conservatives bonkers.  "It's the Economy, Stupid."  Well, the same thing applies to the Idiot Jerk.  "It's the Virus, Stupid."  Everywhere people start dying where ever people begin to die.  Because those voters realize he's a lying sack of shit.  He and his spawn started pumping that lie about Hydroxi again and their ads got shot down.  At this point, there is nothing he can actually do to save his presidency and conservatives are pissed, they bet the bank on him and they're going to lose it all.
And now for a funny, ha ha.  Watch McConnell blame the administration for the insertion of a new FBI building in this latest relief bill:

He just threw someone under the bus.
And finally, another bit of Ha Ha.  If you took the 2020 census, you might remember on the race questions, there a list of nationalities considered to be white.  I posted about it back then since the federal government decided Egyptians were white.  I have no problem with that.  However, they didn't list Iranians, perhaps they believe they're Arabic.  With this is mind, which of these two gents is the Egyptian.

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Approaching Chaos

Tuesday.  I received a text from my brother this morning, my cousin's funeral is tomorrow, do I want to ride with him.  I replied that I have to work and to give them my condolences.  I've seen my cousin 3 times in the past 8 years.  Her children are in there early 50's and I have never met them, well, I think I may have met her son once.  They are Republicans who like the Idiot Jerk in the White House and, from her sister's posts on Facebook, believe Covid is a hoax.  Sadly, I cannot think of one good reason to attend.  I'm tired of hearing people say 'we only see you at funerals.'  There's a reason for that.
John Lewis' funeral was yesterday.  Biden was there.  The Idiot Jerk said nothing and chose to go to North Carolina.  Spineless racist.
By now, most realize Biden is going to win in November.  Believe me when I tell you, his win has to be big... large... massive.  Because the Idiot Jerk in the White House is going to object.  He will do what he's always done, file lawsuits to drag things out.  He will cite massive voter fraud, the likes of which have never been seen.  The idea of being fired by American crushes his ego.  The fact that so many hate him is a sucker punch to his face.  What we really need to do is pummel him into the ground.  As someone in the Washington Post said, he will create as much chaos between November 3 and January 20 as possible.  I don't think the military will need to go in and evict him, as Biden has suggested.  Rather, I suspect he will loudly shriek his way into exile.  And then we need to start looking at the Conservatives who put him into power, for they are as corrupt as he is.
And I did take a little video of my tank yesterday.  Right now there are 11 fish in a 50 gallon tank.  They have lots of room.  They are not crowded.  Life for them is good.  I may get a few tetras yet, but just a few.  I don't need a school of fish swimming back and forth.  

Monday, July 27, 2020


Well, it's Monday and I did sleep in a bit today, woke up, turned off the alarm, and then dozed for another 45.  Nice.  Yesterday was busy.  Went to Giant, cleaned, did laundry, bought 8 more fish for the tank, rode 15 miles, as well as worked on The Body in the Loch.  And it looks like today is going to be a replay, including the weather, which they have forecast to be another stinker.
I did take a picture of my wall of zin to give you an idea what I had been working towards.  Everything is so dry.  My lawn is brown.  I have to water them every evening just to get them to look like this.

I see where the Idiot Jerk in the White House has said he's not going to be throwing out the first ball at the Yankees / Red Sox game.  Don't know why... there's not going to be a crowd so he doesn't have to worry about being booed.  Oh, that's right, he muttered something about working on the Covid problem.  Guess that means his staff is going to be showing him fudged charts and graphs in order for him to chose the phoniest.
With less then 100 days to go, one thing I suspect is going to become perfectly clear to everybody, during that time the Republicans are going to do their damnedest to screw the country up as much as possible for Biden, at least those who realize they're going to be on the losing end of the shit stick.  There's this fiscal aid package they're working on?  Well, many of them still believe Covid isn't real, that it's a hoax, and then best thing Americans can do is just go back to work.   For them, it is not about life or death, but about how many people they can get back to work.  Their focus on reopening the schools?  That has nothing to do with a return to normalcy, rather, their intention is to get parents back to work so they can stop collecting unemployment.  Stupidly, they have no desire to understand the science behind Covid or possible future complications.  They just want you to work, like a drone, or a worker ant.  They want you to spend money, but they don't want that money to come from relief benefits.  For them, that's a waste of their tax dollars.
And finally, I saw this and could only wonder at how stupid some dog owners truly are.

Why would anyone with a lick of common sense take a big dog hiking in the hills, in the middle of summer? Biggie weighs 118 lbs and during the winter he can handle long walks.  During the summer we will walk 1, maybe 2 blocks... in the morning and by the time we get home he is tuckered out.  I hope the owners of Daisy get charged with a stiff penalty for their stupidity.

Sunday, July 26, 2020

My Zins

Okay, like this is the first day of my 3 day weekend... and I got up at my standard early morning time.  No sleeping in.  I was briefly tempted to turn off the light and visit slumber land for another hour or so but remembering my 'to do' list chose not to.  Call me determined.
Yesterday was so slow at the store... not that we didn't have customers in flooring, I just didn't want to be there.  Attitude, you now?  
Hanna hit Texas.  She will move inland for a bit and then north, hopefully bringing us some desperately needed rain.  Mowing the lawn is far better than having brown, crunchy grass underfoot.  My little container garden is suffering, as are my flowers.  There isn't going to be a single leaf on my River Birch by the time fall gets here.  The only color I have in my yard are my Zins.
Here's one:

I'm planning on a fairly long ride today.  Maybe Corsica.  They'be been odd for the past 2 days.  For those who didn't know, Garmin has evidently been hacked with ransom ware.  According to Velo, the hackers were asking for $10 million.  Everybody is waiting to see if Garmin will pay.  Where is America's Cybersecurity?  Oh, that's right, they have been downsized to keep them from discovering Russian hacking in November.
I did see a funny comment by Anthony Scaramucci regarding the Idiot Jerk:  "he makes a terrible president, but he's a pretty good stage performer."
His tactic of pivoting to law and order is failing him since the only people who see any justification in sending in Federal Agents are white Republicans.  There is no stopping his campaign's slow death spiral.  As a failed businessman with 6 bankruptcies under his belt, he has always made bad decisions.  When this whole thing is over, Americans are going to find out just how poor he really is, of course, the only ones who are going to be surprised are his base.  Even then, they will claim it's fake news and bury their heads back in the sand.
For a final note on this Sunday morning, here's another photo of My Zins.

Saturday, July 25, 2020


This is my Friday, for those of you who keep track of my changing calendar.  Tomorrow begins a 3 day weekend.  I have a sneaking suspicion more fish will be joining the angels in the tank.  What will they be?  I have no idea.  Something safe.  Community tank oriented.  It's all about Compatibility, you know?

Like people, not all fish get along.  In fish, however, compatibility depends upon species.  Angelfish get along with Mollies and Barbs, but will nibble at the fins of guppies.  An Oscar will kill and eat your Angelfish faster than you can say 'oh.'  The babies of live bearers are always on the menu.
Tropical fish are a lot like political parties, and while you might want to believe Republicans eat babies they don't.  They will, however, disown if certain liberal behavior patterns begin to manifest.  If fact, there is a host of therapies, conversion tactics, and brainwashing techniques they have no problem applying to their progeny in order to force them into the tiny minded Conservative mold.  God forbid they should have a child who is a free thinker.
They are also the ultimate segregationists, and I'm not just talking about race.  You need to be a member of the right religion for them to even acknowledge you.  That's a throwback to their Crusader days.  They quietly look for heretics and phony Christians so they can be labeled.  They have no problem shunning their next door neighbor if he or she doesn't fit the mold.
Most of them support the Idiot Jerk in the White House.  In their minds he is 'the Chosen one,' in fact they gone so far as to tell him so.  Unwittingly, they've contributed to his insanity.  Not that they care, of course.  Both their minds and his are compatible.  Like the voracious Oscar, they will attack and eat anything, even their own kind and then gloat.  They love what is happening up in tiny, little Portland.  They think is shows their superiority when in truth it demonstrates their need to overwhelm and control anything they view as being incompatible.  
They are a minority group who needs to be segregated from the rest of the community.  Maybe, after they lose the election this November, they will all voluntarily decide to move up to North Dakota. Now, wouldn't that be nice?

Friday, July 24, 2020


We had rain yesterday... mostly drizzling showers, and then more last night.  The forecast for today is again drizzling showers, but only occasionally.  I'm satisfied with that.  I've got peppers (jalapeno and problano) and tomatoes.  I've got some cucumbers, too, but they're teeny weeny.  Now, what in hell am I supposed to do with a small pickle?
One of my fellow specialists is transferring down to North Carolina.  His daughter and grandchildren live there.  While the transfer doesn't go through until September, he's over 65 so he has that great chunk of personal time given to us by the big Orange Retailer I work for; I suspect he's going to be using a big chunk of that time, limiting his presence in the store.  This is a slow time of year anyway.
Chewy dropped off another big bag of dog food for me yesterday - 47 pounds (21.31 kilos).  That lasts them for a month.  This is way cheaper than buying the dog's food at Giant.  I may not get the gas points, but the money I'm saving easily makes up for that.
Oh, and by the way, the RNC Convention in Jacksonville has been cancelled.  Supposedly this is another pivot by the Idiot Jerk, another failing attempt to revive his dying campaign.  My money says he doesn't want to get to Florida and find out someone has packed his acceptance speech among the bodies.  Not that he would be the one to go in and dig it out.  Nope, most likely he'll send in Mark, or Kayleigh, or possibly Kellyanne.  Wouldn't it be a hoot if it was Ivanka Danka?  Picture her in a stylish HazMat suit prowling between the corpses...  hell, I don't think she'd have a problem.
This latest attempt is going to fail, of course.  Can you imagine the entertainment value of the Idiot Jerk's loss?  You can bet Donnie Junior's going to be out selling tickets.  Anything to make a buck.

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Blue on Top

Well, the first thing I had to do this morning was eliminate some Illuminati comments because some dumb shit doesn't realize I moderate my comments because of people like him... her...  It always feels good to clean house.
My appointment with the VA to go over the results of my bloodwork is being cancelled.  My new doctor only wants to do phone visit. I received this email from her assistant:  she will be canceling your appointment due to world wide VA COVID health standards during this time. Maybe in a few months, she added.  I'm not upset.  The results will be posted for me to see in about a week.  I have my results for the past 2 years and they've been spot on, if there's any variation I'll call the VA in Lebanon
In case you didn't see it, Biden called the Idiot Jerk in the White House a racist.  The only ones who don't believe Biden are the White Republicans.  They don't care.  Remember, in their minds, everybody else is wrong.
And I find it interesting that more and more Red states are making the use of masks mandatory.  I'm sure his base must be freaking out.  Red governors, like DeSantis in Florida and Kemp in Georgia have no idea how quickly their careers are going to come to an end.  
Federal agents are now being sent to more cities.  This should come as no surprise to anybody as the Idiot Jerk in the White house makes another desperate attempt to improve his approval rating.  This will backfire because of the Wall of Moms.  He is tanking in the polls, big time, partially because he is, as Biden said, a racist, but mostly because of his handling of the pandemic.  He is an unsuccessful businessman who's been making bad decisions most of his life, and many, many others have paid the price.  That's what's happening now.  Like the failed magician, he's trying to pull a little flawed slight of hand and divert attention elsewhere... and he's failing.  The body counts are going up in Trumpland.  

I find the blue on top rather symbolic.

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Mine are bigger than yours

So, the drawing of my blood went fine.  Four vials.  I don't know why they take so much of my DNA.  About 4 hours later, I got a voice mail from them (I don't carry my phone around with me) advising that appointment next Tuesday and been switched from and 'in person' visit to a phone call.  So I sent them an email and said "nope."  I have never met this doctor.  I told them that as an Essential associate, I have come face to face with 100's of people since this thing began.  If I can do that, then this doctor should be able to sit down and have a 'face to face' with me for 5 minutes.  I'm hoping they say no.  Results of my blood work will be posted next week in my file.  I do understand the need for caution, but there's a difference between caution and paranoia.  
I added dumbbell training to my workouts.  No soreness so far.
We're also under a heat advisory today, from noon until 8 PM with humidity.  Hopefully it will lead to rain.  We did get showers last evening.  Those around us had a thunderstorm, not where I live.
And the Idiot Jerk gave a briefing for his base.  Now he's saying it's good to wear a mask.  He also said things are going to get worse before they get better... but Covid is suddenly going to disappear.  His administration is having problems putting out a unified message.  They're worried about making him look like a lying sack of shit.  They will twist their message into an impossible shape in order to keep him from being wrong.  His base is going to believe he caved to pressure, which is what he did... kind of.  People want to hear science and what the get is dumb shit spluttering out some sort of half-assed campaign speech.
And, of course, people are looking at what he's doing in Portland.  His campaign ads are growing darker and darker.  Barry Goldwater used this approach trying to be a harbinger of nuclear war.  He failed miserably.  Remember, he wants to be a dictator in the worst kind of way.  And he's beginning to understand not only that he's unpopular, but that Americans hate him.
Finally, I made croutons yesterday, for salad as well as for snacking.  They're tasty.  And they're large.  Believe me, I have no problem admitting that mine are bigger than yours.

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

The Damned Squirrels ate all my Nectarines!

That's right, every single one of them.  The boughs are empty!  Stripped Bare!

There.  Now that I've gotten that out of my system, things are a little bit better.  Not much, since now I have to buy my nectarines.  I believe there netting you can buy to keep to keep the damned squirrels at bay.  This, I will have to look into.
Presently, I am fasting.  Blood work this morning.  At 0715.  That means I'm drinking my morning coffee black.  They prefer you only drink water, but I like mine flavored and enhanced with caffeine.  Because of Covid 19, everything has gone high tech, except for the drawing of the blood, of course.  I send them a Text when I arrive and they will Text me instructions.  This shall be interesting.
I saw where the Idiot Jerk Tweeted out a picture of him wearing a mask saying those who do likewise are being patriotic.  Boy, did he come to the party late or what?  Oh, and he's going to do a briefing tonight... stop laughing... did you hear me?  Stop Laughing!  This is what desperation looks like, in case you were wondering.  Someone should tell him, you can't change stupid.  And at the same time, he wants to eliminate funding for testing and tracking.  You see, he believes if you don't test, you'll never know how many are infected, and if you don't know how many are infected Covid 19 will go away.  Because in his teeny tiny mind it is no worse than the flu.
Here's another bit of hilarity.  The McKloskey's, those MAGA heads who waved guns at a peaceful protest, have had charges filed against them.  Supposedly, they are both attorneys... with a terrible sense of fashion,  I mean, she got the stripes right, they're just going the wrong way, but the stretchy black yoga pants?  With thighs like hers?  Dear Lord, what was she thinking.


Monday, July 20, 2020

It's Here

It's Monday.  Don't laugh, but for a few moments I thought it was Wednesday.  What's in the name of a day?
I am off today.  And Tomorrow, which is Tuesday.  But I do get to go back to work on Wednesday.  Today and tomorrow the temps are predicted to go into the high 90's (F).  Yesterday, when I left work, we were at 100.  By the time I got home to Enola, were were at 101.  That's hot.  I'm not planning on going outside today.  I have to keep an eye on the dogs when they go out.  Lily is fine, but Biggie will lay down and slowly start to broil.  
Tomorrow I get to go have my blood drawn for my annual physical which is about 4 months too late.  Thank Covid 19.  The physical is next Tuesday.  First time with my new Provider.  Dr. Wabnick retired last year.  Now I have someone named Grace.
Since I had off work today, I started watching "Cursed" last evening, which is a prelude to the Arthurian legend.  The show has a heroine rather than a hero... it's okay.  A little too predictable for me, and there's nothing attractive in it for me to keep watching.
Fox televised and interview with the Idiot Jerk in the White House yesterday morning.  I watched some short clips.  If the intention was to make him look good, Fox failed.  The polls showing how badly he's beginning to lose were called 'fake news.'  This is rather amusing.  Did anyone ever think we'd end up with a president whose fantasy world takes precedence over reality.  He deserves all the humiliation he can get.
Both Ronnie DeSantis (failed governor of Florida) and the Idiot Jerk in the White House have bragged about how they've managed to keep Covid out of The Villages, a very large retirement community.  Well, they failed.  It's there.  And it's spreading.  Many of the residents are Conservative, and as such have a very cavalier attitude towards the virus which is quite common in Republicans.  In their minds, the virus is serious for other people, not them.  Because of this, many will end up dying.  

Sunday, July 19, 2020


Okay, so is today the end of the week or is it the beginning of another week?  For me, as long as I can remember, Sunday has always been the end of the week.  I believe the answer has to do with your religiosity., something that really doesn't come in to play with me.
I know some of you are married to Henry Cavill, at least in your head, but what many don't know is that he's a gamer.  The Internet was a flutter last week because Henry built a gaming PC... and the even was recorded.

Shall we talk about hitting all of the erogenous zones?
I had a customer yesterday who was looking at carpet.  He told me the project was on hold until the dog had passed.  He said, "my wife loves that dog, it's like a kid to her."  My reply was "except kids grow up, dogs are children forever."
The Idiot Jerk continues to slide in the Polls.  I honestly believe he thinks American Voters are going to vote for the economy over human life.  He cannot comprehend that people are not as cold-hearted as he is, well, there is the Republican party, a minority group caring only for themselves.  He went golfing yesterday again.
Starting Wednesday, the large orange retailer I work for is going to require all customers to wear masks.  I knew this was in the offing, after Walmart made their decision.  I find it rather pathetic that Governors, and Mayors, and Retailers have to make decisions our self-absorbed government is to callous to make.  If some of the headlines I'm reading are true, his administration wants to cut funding for tracking and tracing that GOP Senators included in the next relief legislation.  It's almost as if they want this thing to devastate America.  
And finally, musical scores for games are so very important.  With Assassin's Creed Valhalla set to be released as a celebration of the Idiot Jerk's smashing defeat in November, viking music is becoming the rage.  So, light a campfire, grab your mug of mead, and dance away!

Thor is coming.


Saturday, July 18, 2020

In the Heart of Summer

Saturday has arrived and it's going to be a stinker.  Temps in the upper 90's (F).  In fact, we are on the crest of a mini-heat wave.  And not much chance of rain in the forecast to cool things down.  We are in the heart of summer when rising heat waves ripple and billow the air over sidewalks and parking lots as our lawns turn brown.
Yesterday was a standard day at work.  Steady, no crazy customers asking questions they've pulled from The Absurdist's Query Book.  Though, I will admit the store seem busier than usual for a Friday.  I have this sneaking suspicion people are growing wary of Covid's return.  They want to get a jump on things in case we go into another lockdown.  
John Lewis died yesterday.  A towering figure in Human Rights, he was a great man who deserves all of the respect being showered on him and his career.  
I saw where certain aides (Kellyann, of the Dimwit clan) of the Idiot Jerk in the White House want him to start his Covid briefings again.  They must really be getting desperate.  Evidently these fools don't remember how badly his briefings hurt him just two months ago.  If I were them I'd be worried he might advise his base to put Clorox in their coffee as a way of killing off... the virus.
On a lighter note, over 20,000 words have been written in The Body in the Loch.  A friend asked me what it was like, since it takes place in a castle, in Scotland.  My response?  "A lot like Downton Abbey if it had been written and directed by Alfred Hitchcock."
And a bit of glorious news:  Captain Tom, a centenarian who raised $40 million for the NHS, was knighted by the Queen yesterday.  

This was a wonderful thing.

Friday, July 17, 2020

Embracing the Dark Ages.

Well, today's my Hump Day.  The temperature is only forecast to go up to 92 (F).  The next 3 days, however it's going to be sitting around 99 (F) which is warm.  We haven't had and supercharged heat waves so far this summer (knock on wood), not like last year, of course with Covid 19 that would be a back page story.
Here in the US we shattered another record yesterday.  And Kayleigh McEnemy said we shouldn't let science interfere with the opening of schools.  You know, I heard that and do believe it set my life back about 600 years.  The Republican party is embracing the dark ages because they don't like what science tells them.  Conservatives despise science because it provides facts.  The only facts they like are those they decide are pertinent.  For them the ability to paint something as irrelevant is a strong tool in keeping people ignorant.  They love ignorance.  They find the ignorant are much easier to lead around by their noses.  Science is bad.  Vaccines will make your children autistic.  Masks attack your independence.  Injecting disinfectant is a very good way of killing... well, who really cares as long as people believe you, and support you.
Cracker Jack Christians love the Dark Ages.  As a group, they were never more powerful.  They led the crusades!  Back then Islam was leading the way in science, medicine, astronomy, and mathematics, and were far more tolerant.  Cracker Jack Conservatives love their intolerance.  They like to point fingers... and wear little red hats.  They much prefer telling the ignorant how to live their lives rather then deal with people who live by fact and reason.  This is because fact and reason make Conservatives look stupid.  They hate enlightenment.  They want you to put on a little red hat and embrace the dark ages.

An early image of Young Republicans

I don't know if this is true or not, but I heard the real reason for Brad Pascale's demotion was because he was banging Hope Hicks and the Idiot Jerk got jealous.  Sadly, that explanation makes perfect sense for this administration, dark and dirty.

Thursday, July 16, 2020


The Devil went down to Georgia...  oh, wait... it was the Idiot Jerk not the Devil.  Hhhm.  Same thing, for all intents and purposes.  It was just a short visit.  No rambling, stream of conscious stump speech.  I didn't see any pictures of him wearing a mask.  I do not doubt for an instant that in his mind wearing a mask makes him look weak.  He wants to be Macho Don.  He has 6 bankruptcies under his belt.  No one said he was smart.
It's Thursday.  Isn't this week just flying by?  In four more days I have another weekend.  I can't wait.  After that I'll be going into two 32 hour weeks, followed by a week of vacation.  I need to use it.  My anniversary date is 9/4 and I'll get another 3 weeks.  Yippee!
Of course, the virus is heading north again - thanks to stupid conservatives down south.  The ones who still believe it's a hoax.  And it's not just those southern crackers who think this.  I was talking to one of my friends last evening who works with an individual who makes that claim daily and then asks "Don't you agree?"  "Don't you think it's a hoax, too."  Stupid people.  And we are still in the first wave.
Walmart's enforcing a mask rule beginning Monday.  I brought it up in the lunchroom yesterday and there was a whiner there who said, "but what about my constitutional rights?"  I said nothing.  I know you might find that unusual.  I am not in management anymore.  Besides, he is in a shrinking minority group.  Those who adapt survive, those who don't?  They may be out of jobs.  There are a lot of people out there who have no problem adapting in order to get an Essential job.
Someone who didn't have an Essential job was Brad Pascale.  He heard the Idiot Jerk sing those magic words... "you're fired."  One thing I wouldn't want on my resume?  Being the Idiot Jerk's campaign manager, especially since that loser in the White House is slipping so far back in the polls.  That's not the kind of bullet point that looks good on your LinkdIn profile.
And finally, I have these purply things growing in my back garden.  

There are white ones, too.  Last year there were four, this year I have at least 12, and they're beginning to crash into my tomato cages.  They're pretty, but have no scent.

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Like Pigs

My work week starts today.  Who knows what it will bring.  Covid cases are on a rise in Pennsylvania.  Stupid people went on vacation... down south.  They went to the shore.  And they've brought back souvenirs to give to all of their friends and neighbors, and to their work associates.  Wear a mask.
The temps are forecast to go up to 91 (F) today and continue to slowly climb into the upper 90's by Sunday and Monday.  But, if Accuweather has any validity, theyll be coming down to the mid 80's after that.  Not a lot of rain in the forecast, but this is our dry season.
The RNC is evidently seriously looking at outdoor venues in Jacsonville since they are no expected to to try and move their entire convention outside.  According Weatherspark, summers in Jacksonville are long, hot, and oppressive.  Ain't no AC outside.  Those attending the convention are going to be sweating like pigs... though to be perfectly honest, I don't think pigs sweat... much.  I checked.  They don't... much.  Sweating like pigs has more to do with pig iron cooling.  This doesn't mean those convention goers aren't pigs, they're just not going to sweat that much, they will need a sty to wallow in... I guess that's one good reason to move the convention outside... now all they have to do is find a pig sty large enough.
True to form, the Idiot Jerk in the White House has claimed more white people die at the hands of police than black people.  However, any imbecile who looks at the ratio of white people to black people knows he's wrong.  Of course, this was directed at his white supremacist base.  There's a little video that comes with that link.  If you watch it, you'll see he's sweating like a pig... oh, that's right, pigs don't sweat.
I rode through Rome yesterday, almost 20 miles.  I got to see the Colosseum from both sides.  There were not a lot of tourists because the ride was filmed on a Sunday morning.  The last three miles are a time trial up the Tiber.  It's not as wide as I thought it would be.  Oh, and I did hit my Trek Challenge goal of 100 miles.  That doesn't mean I'm going to stop riding.
And finally, here a shot of my 3 little angels.

They're about the size of a quarter and eat like little piggies.  

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

There goes Florida

Yesterday was busy for me:  I had a nice bicycle ride down the coast of Ireland, Skibbereen, along the Atlantic Coast.  12.75 miles.  It was nice.
I had ordered more plants for the tank from Aquarium Co-op.  They're based out in Washington.  They arrived and have been planted.  The three little angels love them.  Pictures will be coming soon.
Oh, and I cut my hair!  How's that for excitement!
California  is in the process of shutting down... again... because of people.  Don't you find it interesting that one of the first thing that gets shut down... again... are bars.  There is that certain segment of America that is happy unless they're getting cocktailed.  And, of course, we've been getting a non-message from the administration because it's okay to spread Covid as long as you're spending money.  At least Gavin Newsome has a head on his shoulders, and knows how to think.  He's trying to keep California from becoming an epi-center.
Governor Ronnie DeSantis from Florida, however, is just beginning to realize his state is now a growing epi-center.  Over forty hospitals are maxed out - no room at the inn, so to speak, and it's getting worse.  And those Republican Senior Citizens down there?  They're mad as hell. They're realizing that Ronnie lied to them.  They want him to shut down the state.  And Ronnie?  He knows if he does that the Idiot Jerk in the White House is going to skin him alive.  You see the Idiot Jerk desperately needs to give his acceptance speech in front of a crowd... a very large crowd.  The way things are going, the Republican Convention is either going to be cancelled, or be seriously restricted.  Florida might actually be... shut down.  Ouch!  Can you think of a better nail in the political coffin of the Idiot Jerk in the White House?  Why are Republicans so stupid?  I do not doubt for an instant that Ronnie now understands his political career is ending.  Good riddance to Ronnie.
Finally, AI teammates come to Breakpoint tomorrow.  I'm excited.  I had played Ghost Recon: Wildlands and had a lot of fun.  The game was still difficult, but you can use your AI teammates to create distractions, to do re-conn.  They are very handy.  Ubisoft decide to eliminate them in Breakpoint.  They wanted you to to play what's known as co-play, joining up with other online players.  Ubisoft makes more money with co-play.  People spend more money buying accouterments you can't earn, weapon skins, uniforms, badges, even canteens.  Single player gamers hated this approach, and there are a lot of us.  The blowback was fierce.  Breakpoint was listed as one of the worst games of 2019.  Ubisoft listened.  Tomorrow, AI teammates come to Breakpoint.  I will start to play it again.

Monday, July 13, 2020

Only 6 States

While some of you go back to work today, my weekend has just started.  Retail, you know?
I dealt with no radical customers yesterday.  That doesn't mean my day was hunky dory, twelve minutes before I was scheduled to leave I got called to work with a mother and daughter purchasing new blinds... for a house.  Seventeen altogether.  People don't understand windows are not uniform in size.  I had to 13 blinds.  They were both very pleasant, not at all demanding, but instead of leaving work at 4:30 PM I left at 5:30 PM.  Being a creature of habit, that eliminated the possibility of a bike ride last evening.
Rain was in the forecast for today... we got it last evening so I should have nice sunny weather.  The lawn doesn't need to be mowed because with no rain it is now a nice tawny brown color.  This is summer.
The released some new way of calculating the age of your dogs.  Using this formula, Lily is about 62.  In a year or so she'll be older than me and I'll have to start calling her an old lady.  Biggie is about 58.  There are times when he acts like he's 80.  
I saw where Florida hit a record on Saturday.  This was to be expected.  And as also was to be expected, the administration is trying to discredit Fauci.  This is a standard practice for conservatives.  They hate science since it asks questions they don't want asked, and gives them the wrong answers to the questions they do ask.  They are the party of the Idiot Jerk in the White House whose only goal is to dictate and control.
There is an interesting opinion piece in The Hill this morning by Judd Gregg, a former Republican governor of New Hampshire.  He is terribly concerned the Republicans are going to lose the Senate.  He references Barry Goldwater, who lost to Lyndon Johnson by a landslide.  Gregg is thinking the GOP may lose 6 - 8 Senators because of their alignment with the Idiot Jerk in the White House.  His words are meant to grab them by their shoulders and shake the shit out of them.  Will they listen?  Hell no.  On their own they are a spineless mob, standing is difficult enough for them, walking away from the Idiot Jerk is impossible.  He is their crutch.  For those who are too young to know, Barry Goldwater only carried 6 states in the General Election.  If this turns out to be a replay of 1964, which 6 states do you think will swear loyalty to the Idiot Jerk in the White House?

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Count to 10

Well, even though it's Sunday, I suspect today's not going to be a day of rest for me... I work... at the store.  I had to deal with a really bad MAGA head yesterday.  A short, middle-aged woman without a mask.  "I need blinds cut," she huffed, and walked over to our roller blind section.  "Three room darkening."  I pulled out three light filtering and she barked "those are the wrong ones!  I said room darkening."  Another customer wearing a mask, who also needed a blind cut, joined us.  After cutting them, she said a fourth was needed, 37.5 inches long.   I informed her I'd have to cut a larger, more expensive blind.  "Well cut it!"  I looked through the larger blinds and found no room darkening.  I told her.  "There's a million blinds there," she yelled.  "You didn't look!  Move!  I'll look myself."  And she gave me one of those 'you are so damn stupid glares.'  Believe me, wearing a mask does not mean you can't glare back.  I did, as I politely said.  "Well, let me check," and I pulled out every blind in the bin, over twenty.  I stacked them nicely in the next bay since I didn't want to lay them on the floor.  No room darkening.  I told her.  "You didn't look through all of them!" she yelled, pointing to the cream colored and fabric blinds.  "I've never been treated so rudely!  I don't want your blinds!  I'm going to Lowe's!"  and she stormed off, leaving me with the blinds I'd already cut.  The customer who was waiting patiently, nodded her head and said "just count to 10."  I believe the real problem was that I was wearing a mask.  
When you look at someone who refuses to wear a mask, you are looking at the face of the Idiot Jerk's base.  And they are angry.  The core of his base has always been angry.  Through him, they vent their anger... and he's losing.  That makes them angrier.  His not wearing a mask legitimized their beliefs in him.  The pandemic is a hoax, they believe... and then yesterday he wore a mask in public.  That will make them angrier.  They will think he caved... and he did, out of desperation.  While I can stand there and count to 10, they cannot.  They can't even get to 5 before their anger boils over.  They're furious because their savior is turning out to be a loser... just like them.  
Here's a little bright spot.  Another one of my dahlias.

And remember, all we have to do is count to 10, and wonder if they'll even make it to 5.

Saturday, July 11, 2020


Well, Fay turned out to be nothing more than a sorry assed tease... spritzles, nothing more.  This means this evening I'm going to have to pull out my hose and water my dahlias, and zinnias, and these purple and white fluffy things... not to mention my veggies.  Nature is not being very cooperative.  Though, to be honest, we are almost in the middle of July and that does tend to be our driest month of the year.
I have 29 miles to go before I hit the goal on my Trek Challenge of 100 miles.  The next level is at 500 miles.  It would be nice to hit that, but working full time puts a crimp in that objective.  Riding half of that is fine with me.
Still no sign of the errant angel.  Someone at work suggested he might have pulled a Nemo... I've never seen that movie so I have no idea what he was talking about.
The Idiot Jerk in the White House cancelled postponed a rally set for today in an aircraft hanger in New Hampshire.  GOP officials have been leaking the reason was the prospect of low attendance bad weather from that sorry assed tease Fay.  He likes his crowds large and loud and a lack of enthusiasm weather related low turnout might make New Hampshire look a lot like Tulsa.
Oh, and he commuted Roger Stone's sentence.  Like that wasn't to be expected.  Criminals of a feather roost together.  
I guess at one point Biden was saying the GOP was going to reach an epiphany when the Idiot Jerk gets his ass drummed out of the White House.  That's changed.  I believe he's realized nothing is going to change the hatred in their dark, little conservative hearts.  This is why we need to vote them in to extinction.
I ran out front this morning and snapped a picture of one of my dahlias.  It's pink.  There are some who try to coordinate their colors.  Not me.  I just plant them.

That way every year is a surprise.

Friday, July 10, 2020

Now, isn't that taxing?

Things are beginning to slow down at work... again.  There is always a lag going into the middle of summer.  Families plan their vacations.  A trip to the shore is always nice, unless there's a pandemic going on... or you happen to be a Conservative... or just damn stupid.  There are a lot of stupid people out there.  This means our flooring sales will drop as they take vacations and infect themselves.  
One of my little angels has disappeared, at least for now.  It's a big tank.  He might be hiding.  If I find him floating along the bottom?  Well, this is what happens when you set up a new tank.  They weren't expensive, so it's not a big financial loss.  If they all kick off, I'll zip over to PetSmart and pick something up.  I just need something pooping and peeing in the tank till it gets established.
The Body in the Loch is moving along nicely.  For those who've read the earlier books, Cook has a stronger presence in this one.  For those who don't know, Cook is Eli's cook, whose last name just happens to be Cook.  She does get a first name in this book, but everybody still calls her Cook.
And I see that Fay is moving my way.  Good.  We need the rain.  It's been very dry.  Passing thundershowers don't do the trick. They're predicting we might get as much as an inch of rain.  Golly, that would be nice.  My plants would love a good soaking.  Right now, they're getting hosed down nightly.
The Idiot Jerk flipped out yesterday, or rather I should say he started ranting about the Supreme Court decision regarding his taxes.  That sad sack of shit in the White House has been spouting out about how he's above the law... wrong.  The Supreme Court smacked him back with a big NO.
A little birdie told me that Ronnie DeSantis, the Idiot Jerk's toy governor from Florida, has been quietly advising Republican donors not to give to the Idiot Jerk's campaign.  If this is true, is he doing it because he realizes that at this point donations are a waste of money?  Or, is he royally pissed because as a toy governor he did what the Idiot Jerk told him to do and now his state is being screwed by Covid?  Or could it be that his political career is going up in smoke?  We will have to wait and see.  One thing's for certain, the Republican Convention in Jacksonville is going to be a real cluster fuck if it happens.
Finally, Biden gave a speech in Scranton yesterday and Steve Bannon (of all people) said it was a good speech.  He has a motive for everything.  I'm betting he's hoping to not get indicted once this shit storm is flushed from the White House.

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Well, I get to go back to work today... ho... hum.
Yesterday I drove down to That Fish Place.  After reading Jennifer's blog about the difficulties Greg was having setting up the school aquarium, I should have been better prepared for all of the holes on their shelves... and empty fish tanks.  They, too, were Essential, I was told "and everybody decided lockdown was a good time to start a new hobby."   As a result, my tank looks a bit sparse.  I only picked up 3 plants.  There had a tank with a small number of small Discus, but $50 a piece was a bit pricey.  I opted for 4 teeny, weeny Koi Angelfish, each about the size of a quarter.  Believe me, that's about all they had in freshwater fish.  
I also rode 19 miles up the coastline of Corsica yesterday.  My legs were a bit achy, but otherwise I was fine.  I'm doing the Trek Challenge again this year.  I need to ride 100 miles in July.  So far I've got 61 under my belt.  One guy taking part in the challenge has already ridden over 1300 miles... yeah, that's right, over 1300 miles.  And it's only July 9.  Can we talk obsessive / compulsive ?
Betsy DeVos has decided all children must go back to school this fall.  This is coming from a woman who's children have gone to prestigious private schools.  She is nothing more than a wealthy bitch.  A woman who believes her buckos in the bank make her an authority needs to be removed from power.  One thing the Idiot Jerk's administration had proven time and time again, most wealthy people are cold, ruthless, and dumb as bricks.
And, of course, there are Covid 19 spikes all over the place.  In Tulsa, for example.  Can you imagine that?  City officials are saying their spike is due to the protests and the rally, in that order.  For some reason, protests have not led to major spikes.  This is interesting, since there have been some very major protests.  However, in Tulsa they're claiming their spike was due to the protests first... and then the rally.  Republicans... always needing to blame somebody else.
For those who are interested, this is what the tank looks like so far.

More will be added.

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Tucker, the Cracker Jack Conservative

Well, I finally got a ride in yesterday, after I got the tank filled and the filter running.  I ran a hose from the kitchen sink, so it didn't take long at all.  

The inline heater is attached and the temp set for 78 (F).  Today I'm going to zip down to That Fish Place and pick up plants, and maybe a fish or two.
Aft my ride, I decided to make me some waffles.  Since the recipe makes 12, I always freeze the leftovers.  The first batch turned out fine.  The second looked a bit odd, not quite brown enough on the top.  With the third batch I realized the top heating element was going on my waffle maker.  It's now in the trash.  In case anyone is interested, you can use waffle batter to make pancakes.
I understand that racist Tucker Carlson has been going after Tammy Duckworth.  I can remember when he used to wear bow ties and was just a little Cracker Jack Conservative, now he's gone full blown hate monger.  White Supremacists love him.  If you want to know how many there are in the United States, just look at the number who turn him to listen to him rant.  Not surprising, more people turned on the last episode of the Idiot Jerk's reality TV show then watch Tucker.  And Tucker thinks his ratings are great.  Ouch!
And I understand the RNC is planning on running a full court press when it comes to testing and tracking in Jacksonville.  Isn't that odd?  What ever happened to their claims this was nothing more than a hoax unleashed by the Democrats?
The Idiot Jerk's niece, in her new book, claims he sees cheating as a way of life... okay, so what else is new?  If that's a revelation this far into his presidency, you have not been paying attention. 

Tuesday, July 7, 2020


Good Morning! or afternoon! or evening, when ever it is you happen to be reading this.
We had a bit of a storm last evening.  A lot of the leaves blew off the river birch I have in the back yard, it's not doing to well.  I live on a large shale hill.  I have about 3 - 4 inches of topsoil before you hit the shale.  Other tress, maples, and the ginkgo have taproots that handle shale.  While river birch trees can live to be 75 years old, according to what I've been reading, many barely survive 20 years.  Mine are about 14 years old.  I should have done my research and picked something much more hardy.
The Idiot Jerk's racism is picking up steam.  This was predictable.  He's down in the polls.  The economy hasn't stabilized.  That was supposed to be his ticket to re-election.  States reopened, people going back to their jobs, unemployment dropping...   But then infections started going through the roof because... well, Republican politicians are more interested in the economy then human life.  They've always been a greedy bunch.  Not that I don't  like money, but Democrats in general have a much clearer perspective on income.  Republicans, on the other hand, can never have enough.  That's why Florida reopened so fast.  It was all about the money.  And now they're starting to shut down... again, which does not bode well for his convention.  Right now they're saying it's too soon to tell if Jacksonville will even be close to being ready for the onslaught of a full convention.  I'm betting there are going to be some serious restrictions if it happens at all... and then we'll get to see the Idiot Jerk throw another shit fit.  Senator Chuck Grassley has already said he'll be a "no show."  He is just the first.  Ooops.
I have lots of flowers on my cucumber plants, but I've yet to see any baby pickles.  I do have tomatoes.  No peppers yet.  Oh, and my dahlias are beginning to bloom.

I picked up 50 lbs of gravel for the tank yesterday.  I'll pick up another 25 today. And start assembling .

Monday, July 6, 2020

Hello Dolley

Okay, so I was sitting at work yesterday thinking on how I really didn't want to go to work today, it being my sixth day in a row, and after pondering for several hours decided it wasn't going to happen. So, on the way home I stopped by my local Giant and picked up a bottle of Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc.  And in spite of what I'd written yesterday morning, I didn't ride last evening.  This is how life happens sometimes.
The store was fairly busy up until about noon, but then began to slow down.  By the time I left, most of the shoppers were foreign nationals.  We still did great business.  People are spending their government checks.
Since I now am off today, I'll drive over to Petsmart and buy my gravel today.  And a net.  And a test kit.  The heater arrives also, this afternoon.  I may actually begin to put water in, too.
I saw an interesting article in Bloomberg on the Idiot Jerk's base.  When the virus spreads among them, support for him withers.  This doesn't mean they'll vote for a Democrat.  They're just going to avoid their local polling station they way they would avoid the plague.  
Before he was elected, the US was a major player in world politics.  We were the good guys next to the Russians and the Chinese.  That is no longer the case.  He is turning us into a minor player leaving a void which both Putin and Xi have eagerly been trying to fill.  They must have given him special financing on his loans for him to do that.
And, of course, every speech he makes is aimed directly at his hard core conservative base as he tries to drum up their hatred.  He is becoming a very angry man as fewer and fewer people accept his lies.  Anxiety is growing in the Senate as he has yet to put out any clear message as to what he plans to accomplish in his second term other than create a statue garden at Mount Rushmore.  He thinks statues of confederate losers, and Dolley Madison (?) are going to be a great draw.  Dolley?  Did she do anything besides make ice cream? 

Oh, for quite some time she was evidently the best known of the First Ladies, and was considered the queen of Washington.  

Sunday, July 5, 2020

Tonight? I ride.

I hope everybody out there in America had a nice, quiet, and very safe Fourth of July.  The family up on the hill behind my house had a backyard bar-b-cue; I could smell the burgers on the grill when I left the dogs out.
The store did its usual holiday business - customers till around noon, but they they thinned out.  I'm always surprised by how many people feel the need to shop for a sale on a holiday.  I mean, it's not like this is the only day they don't have to work.  And though we do offer special sales, but if you look at the product and the cost, you'll soon realize it's a deal only in advertising, nothing more.
Last evening I put the door on the tank stand, vacuumed up half a million little pieces of Styrofoam, and unpacked the light.  Inexpensive plastic, a lot like the Fourth of July deals we offer in the store.  So I jumped on Amazon and ordered a nice LED light that's good for both plants and fish.
The Idiot Jerk in the White House turned the celebration in Washington into another hate rally.  This is why he's going to lose... badly.  His swallows this moments like sugar coated gobbledygook.  Someone needs to tell him that fascism is a far right ideology, not one that belongs to the far left.  Someone also needs to tell him Robert E Lee is not one of our 'Founding Fathers,' unless he was very, very old at the time he lost the Civil War.  Let's be honest here, Robert E Lee was one of the biggest losers of all time.  So was Jefferson Davis.  The confederacy didn't almost win the Civil War, they lost badly.  The North crushed them.  Sherman's March to the Sea shattered them.  He set fire to Atlanta, burned the jewel of the south.

  Someone needs to tell the Idiot Jerk this.  He supposedly hates losers, and yet here he is backing the biggest bunch of losers America has ever given birth to.
Finally, for 2 days I've worked on the new tank stand without climbing on the the saddle of my bicycle.  Tonight?  I ride.


Saturday, July 4, 2020

Happy Fourth!

Happy Fourth of July!
I'm going to celebrate by working!  Well, let's be honest.  I'm working because I've been scheduled.  They are going to feed us, mostly to mollify our discontent at having to work.  How busy will the store be?  Well, we'll get the people who think there's going to be a big sale.  NO SALE.  The aisles are not cluttered up with special deals thanks to the need for Social Distancing.  One bit of news: we were supposed to start staying open until 9 PM, but that's now been put on hold indefinitely thanks to the infection rate in Republican states.
Speaking of the Republicans... I understand the Idiot Jerk's re-election campaign's focus on Covid 19 is to tell America to just "live with it."  They don't understand the reason for the lockdowns is to contain the spread... so hospitals are not inundated with patients.  The more you cripple an ICU, the higher your death rate is going to go.  That is something they just do not understand.  They will never understand until one of their loved one's is dying in a hospital hallway because there's no bed.
I did not ride or write last evening after I got home from work.  Nope.  My aquarium stand arrived yesterday, mid-afternoon.  A very big... heavy box was sitting halfway up my front steps.  Once I'd gotten it into my living room, I sat down and started assembling.  It took me about 3 hours, and the doors are still not attached.   I took a picture this morning to give you an idea of what it looks so far.  I'm off work on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Tuesday I'll go get the gravel and fill it up.  Wednesday I'm planning on going to get the live plants.  

Friday, July 3, 2020

The Season of Sweat

It was hot yesterday.  Today will be hot as well.  Temps in the 90's (F) are forecast well into next week.  This is what temps are normally like in July in Central PA, upper 80's and 90's.  We are now in the season of sweat.
Yesterday was rather slow at the store.  Not that we didn't have customers, there were, however, not the numbers we normally see approaching a holiday.  In normal years, after the Memorial Day sales, customer counts tend to go down because vacations start.  There is the slow simmer of anticipation of an approaching school year.  This year is different.  I do not doubt schools will reopen in the fall, but vacations?  They are another matter.  My brother in law's family rent a house down in Duck, NC every year.  They're going. But then they're staunch Conservatives.  Catching Covid is no sweat off of their brow.  Since, in their minds, the numbers are low, they probably won't catch it.

There was some sort of odd comparison in Bloomberg regarding China's improving economy and that of the United States after yesterday's jobs report.  The author was trying to point out similarities.  He missed a big one:  China shut down completely and America did not.  China's infection rate is very low... ours is going through the roof.  China's people are sitting in a carefully controlled sauna.  We, on the other hand, are stuck in a sweat box.
Yesterday, the governor of Texas suddenly mandated the wearing of masks in every county where there were at least 20 cases of Covid 19.  This after his Lieutenant Governor Patrick said Fauci had been wrong every single time.  In case you've forgotten, Patrick is also the fool who said people shouldn't mind dying to spur on economic growth.  Patrick isn't sweating this infection.  Nope.  For him, every death is just another human sacrifice.
Finally, Conservatives have been bandying about their claim that the virus is spreading because of young people going to bars and restaurants.  They have no idea how self-incriminating those claims are since they were the ones who want the bars and restaurants open.  Are they now trying to say they thought unlimited access to those establishments meant no one was going to go?  How stupid are these people?  Now they're beginning to sweat their little nads off because the infection rates in these states are going through the roof... because of decisions they, themselves, made.
And summer's just getting started.

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Name That Tune

Anybody out there remember Name That Tune?  An old game show that was very popular for a few years, contestants wagered on how many they would need to hear to Name that Tune.  We played a homegrown version at parties: be the first person to name a song correctly when it began playing on the radio and you were fine, everybody else had to drink.  Those with good memories stayed sober the longest because no one really wants to get drunk under the table.  My mind was usually pretty sharp until after the 2nd six-pack, then everything went down the tubes.
I got a notification yesterday that my tank stand had shipped.  The arrival date was 7/8, however, I checked when I got home from work and UPS has it arriving tomorrow.  That will be just fine.  The inline heater is going to arrive Monday.
Blond Kayleigh Mc (something or other) told reporters the Idiot Jerk is very well informed.  I keep waiting for one of them to remind her that she promised not to lie.  Not that it would phase her, I'm certain she's too focused on choosing which pretty, little house dress she's going to wear next.  Sadly, I wouldn't be surprised if that's what got her the job in the first place.  She was smart enough to with a print instead of a pattern.  Like so much 'Pop' she doesn't have an original bone in her body.
And the Idiot Jerk told Business Insider he believes Covid 19 is just going to disappear...   ....  Oh, and that wearing a mask might not be a bad idea.  He, however, will not wear one in public since that might diminish his greatness.  He didn't really say 'greatness.'  In fact, I understand he came across as a bit distracted.  No doubt he was dreaming of how nice it would be if he could get America to rewrite the Constitution so he could stay in power until 2036, just like his Blow Bro Vlad.  He plays like a broken record... skip... skip... skip.
Needless to say, everyday the Covid 19 infections seem to be breaking more records through out the south and south west, and the sunbelt... and the west.  We, up here in the northeast, should be concerned since it will move north again.  We have not developed an immunity.  This is the same old song pandemics have been signing since time began.  Covid will continue to spread until another hit comes along.
And, in case you didn't know, this is how the Idiot Jerk in the White House makes America Great Again.
Now, here's a bit of a stroll down memory lane for some of you.

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

The Fine Print

It's Wednesday.  Does anybody still refer to it as Hump Day?  Did anybody in their right mind ever think Hump Day would turn out to be a trendy colloquialism and nothing more.  I went to visit my sister yesterday and my niece, who lives at home, was working... at home.  She works for Blue Cross (I think, not Highmark, I know that).  While we were sitting out on the patio talking, I could hear her inside chattering on the phone.  She knows how cruel insurance companies are being to people who get Covid 19.
Evidently there's a large group of Republicans who are flipping for Biden.  This is funny since they are the ones who had no problem with him in 2016.  It was just as obvious 4 years ago as it is today that he's nothing more than a dinglberry from Hell.  Now they're going to have to deal with being call treasonous by that Cracker Jack Crazy Mike Huckabee.  Of course, now everybody realizes he's nothing more than a dingleberry hanging on the ass of the Idiot Jerk in the White House.
And a lot of Cracker Jack Crazies got all giddy yesterday when the Supreme Court said religious schools could be funded by state programs.  Freedom of religion, you know?  They don't understand Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world.  Hinduism is right on its heels.  And Cracker Jack Crazies?  They're just not making the required number of babies to stay in the lead.  Since the Supreme Court used the "freedom of religion" escape clause, Muslim schools and Hindi schools are also included.  However, like most Conservatives, the Cracker Jack Crazies never read the fine print.
The new tank arrived yesterday, as did the pump.  I'm going to order the new heater shortly.  It's going to be an inline heater... one less thing dangling off the back of the tank.  This is what the new tank looks like unpacked.

It wasn't until I sent this picture to my PC that I realized you can see my reflection.  Good thing I was wearing something decent when I snapped it.