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Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Mine are bigger than yours

So, the drawing of my blood went fine.  Four vials.  I don't know why they take so much of my DNA.  About 4 hours later, I got a voice mail from them (I don't carry my phone around with me) advising that appointment next Tuesday and been switched from and 'in person' visit to a phone call.  So I sent them an email and said "nope."  I have never met this doctor.  I told them that as an Essential associate, I have come face to face with 100's of people since this thing began.  If I can do that, then this doctor should be able to sit down and have a 'face to face' with me for 5 minutes.  I'm hoping they say no.  Results of my blood work will be posted next week in my file.  I do understand the need for caution, but there's a difference between caution and paranoia.  
I added dumbbell training to my workouts.  No soreness so far.
We're also under a heat advisory today, from noon until 8 PM with humidity.  Hopefully it will lead to rain.  We did get showers last evening.  Those around us had a thunderstorm, not where I live.
And the Idiot Jerk gave a briefing for his base.  Now he's saying it's good to wear a mask.  He also said things are going to get worse before they get better... but Covid is suddenly going to disappear.  His administration is having problems putting out a unified message.  They're worried about making him look like a lying sack of shit.  They will twist their message into an impossible shape in order to keep him from being wrong.  His base is going to believe he caved to pressure, which is what he did... kind of.  People want to hear science and what the get is dumb shit spluttering out some sort of half-assed campaign speech.
And, of course, people are looking at what he's doing in Portland.  His campaign ads are growing darker and darker.  Barry Goldwater used this approach trying to be a harbinger of nuclear war.  He failed miserably.  Remember, he wants to be a dictator in the worst kind of way.  And he's beginning to understand not only that he's unpopular, but that Americans hate him.
Finally, I made croutons yesterday, for salad as well as for snacking.  They're tasty.  And they're large.  Believe me, I have no problem admitting that mine are bigger than yours.


  1. I like them big, too!
    The croutons, that is. I think the tiny ones are annoying. If I'm gonna have them in my salad, I better be able to taste them.

    And Twitler is 'pivoting' once again. He wants to be in power forever, though. There's no way around that. He's now mixing the message with a patriotic mask because too many people are dying. And many more will until it 'goes away'. Inept MoFo.


  2. "They're worried about making him look like a lying sack of shit." - but he IS a lying sack of shit, blanche, he IS!

    is some fairy supposed to wave a magic wand so that COVID-19 easily disappears?

    the swamp is worse than ever.

  3. Women are turning the tide in Portland and we all need to stand with those women, now and in November.

  4. I love croutons, the bigger the better. I make my own too. And as AM says, "The swamp is worse than ever."

  5. He's pivoted before and always goes back to his regular state of Being, he just can't fake it long enough for his Handlers to rest on their Laurels and run enough damage control behind him and what falls out of his Mouth!