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Sunday, July 26, 2020

My Zins

Okay, like this is the first day of my 3 day weekend... and I got up at my standard early morning time.  No sleeping in.  I was briefly tempted to turn off the light and visit slumber land for another hour or so but remembering my 'to do' list chose not to.  Call me determined.
Yesterday was so slow at the store... not that we didn't have customers in flooring, I just didn't want to be there.  Attitude, you now?  
Hanna hit Texas.  She will move inland for a bit and then north, hopefully bringing us some desperately needed rain.  Mowing the lawn is far better than having brown, crunchy grass underfoot.  My little container garden is suffering, as are my flowers.  There isn't going to be a single leaf on my River Birch by the time fall gets here.  The only color I have in my yard are my Zins.
Here's one:

I'm planning on a fairly long ride today.  Maybe Corsica.  They'be been odd for the past 2 days.  For those who didn't know, Garmin has evidently been hacked with ransom ware.  According to Velo, the hackers were asking for $10 million.  Everybody is waiting to see if Garmin will pay.  Where is America's Cybersecurity?  Oh, that's right, they have been downsized to keep them from discovering Russian hacking in November.
I did see a funny comment by Anthony Scaramucci regarding the Idiot Jerk:  "he makes a terrible president, but he's a pretty good stage performer."
His tactic of pivoting to law and order is failing him since the only people who see any justification in sending in Federal Agents are white Republicans.  There is no stopping his campaign's slow death spiral.  As a failed businessman with 6 bankruptcies under his belt, he has always made bad decisions.  When this whole thing is over, Americans are going to find out just how poor he really is, of course, the only ones who are going to be surprised are his base.  Even then, they will claim it's fake news and bury their heads back in the sand.
For a final note on this Sunday morning, here's another photo of My Zins.


  1. multi-petal flowers.

    the dump is a "pretty good stage performer"? WRONG, mooch! the dump ain't fit to lick my toilet clean!

  2. Central intelligence has already said three countries are running election interface already.

    Beautiful Zin. As you know they are one of my favorites. The lady up the road has a huge field of them. Color as far as the eye can see. For $8 one can clip a bouquet of them.

  3. Trump is a comedian's dream but not fit for much else!

    1. You're so right. Everybody makes fun of him.