I've also been told I have little tact, so if this offends you simply ride on.

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

The Internet is Eternal

Today is my Friday, of sorts, since I do have off for the next 2 days.  I suspect those working from home are no longer associating specific days of the week with long held tradition feelings.  Friday is no longer Friday if you're no longer going to the office, it's just another day working from your home office, or at the kitchen table.  The days of the week no longer matter when you no longer leave your house on a regular basis.
The large, orange brick and mortar home improvement retailer I work for gave us all forehead thermometers.  We're supposed to take our temperatures before going in to punch the clock.  Mine doesn't work.

After being held on your forehead for 15 seconds you should get a green dot on your temperature.  However, you may not get a green dot, you may get blue or tan dots.  If you get one of those, you either add or subtract a degree.  When I tried it yesterday, 96 (F) was tan and 98 (F) was blue, so I averaged them together. and got 97 (F).  I then took my temp with the old thermometer I've had for years... 97.2 (F).  That's normal for me.  I'm not as hot blooded as some might think.
Though I did get a little hot yesterday.  I was on the counting station reducing the customer count every time someone left the building, when some young MAGA head asked why we weren't letting everybody in the store.  I explained our policy.  His reply:  "This whole thing's going to be over by April 18.  It's going to go away once it gets warm."  Of course, I had to point out that there are countries where it's warm year round and Covid - 19 is still highly contagious.  He said "I'm a medic, I know what I'm talking about.  I don't know about those countries."  I told him he was entitled to his opinion... and he got angry.  He asked for my name and told me he was going to write a letter to corporate, as he walked away.  This is the kind of person who will cluelessly spread this thing.
Here's a little article in The Guardian about how the drug the Idiot Jerk is touting doesn't really work.  Evidently the CDC has once again altered the directions for prescribing it.  They had said it is "successful anecdotally" and many, many physicians complained.  Now all it says is that it's available.  I understand cardiologists are complaining because if you take it incorrectly, or longer than you should, Hydroxychloroquine can damage your heart.  Oops.
And, speaking of the Idiot Jerk in the White House... his sheer stupidity is once again show its ugly face.  Now he's attacking the WHO claiming they didn't give enough warning.  Evidently this dumb shit doesn't realize that the Internet is Eternal.  Every word the WHO has put out is there forever, as are every ugly Tweet his fumbling fingers have spewed to the general public.  It's all there... Forever.

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Killing off his Base

It's Tuesday and once again I have to go work.  I have to admit, yesterday was quieter than Sunday, a nice change.  Still, there were the residual morons who showed up to return a tube of caulk, or a pipe fitting, or a paint brush.  You know what I'm talking about, those essential returns what will make or break your bank account.
Actually, the day turned nice once I got home.  I did some lawn work.  I had ordered Yoga blocks just in case they might prove handy.  Well, the order got lost... at least that's what the email said.  The UPS tracking number provided was invalid.  So, I contacted Amazon and the credited back my points... you didn't think I was going to spend actual money on Yoga blocks, did you?  Anyway, yesterday afternoon they showed up.  Crap.
I also replaced my Debit Card; it was beginning to crack around the chip.  Very easily done, let me tell you.  A few minutes of chat on my computer, and then a pick up at the drive thru at my bank.  Easy Peasy.
We now have a police car sitting in our parking lot, no doubt monitoring how many non-essential customers are actually showing up.  You know who they are, don't you?  Republicans.  Here's a nice little article in The Guardian on how the Idiot Jerk is in the process of killing off his own base.  That's fine.  It's pretty much the same thing as inbreeding, if you know what I mean.  Sister Susie's going to give it to Uncle Andy, who's going to give Cousin Cathy, who's going to give it to Brother Billy Jo when they all get together for the Easter Sunday bar-b-que at Auntie Em's.  Unless they all happen to be living in Florida, then they'll all pick it up a church.
I feel bad about BoJo being put into Intensive Care. I don't care for the man's politics, and am fairly certain he's going through life ass-backwards, but I'm sorry Covid - 19 has put him in ICU.  The man is struggling to breathe.  Unlike our Idiot Jerk in the White House who lies to the American Public every evening in attempt to get his sorry ass re-elected.  He needs Florida to win... have you see what the projections look like for Florida?
Anyway, feeling the need for a sweet treat, I threw together some rice pudding last evening.  I used dried cherries rather than raisins.  Believe me, this is really tasty!

and so much more healthier than ice cream

Monday, April 6, 2020


It's Monday and I do get to return to work today.  Yesterday was... odd, is a very good word for it.  I spent a bit of time at the paint desk.  They're running out of paint.  There are big holes on the shelf.  Believe me, I have no problem telling customers we can't mix the color they want because there isn't any paint.  And I also enjoy telling customers "if we do get face masks in, we're donating them to local hospitals," which is what we are doing.  Not all customers appreciate this charity since they feel they are far more important. 
Apparently on Saturday, one of our illustrious customers purposely coughed on one of our associates.  The idea of waiting in line was a little too aggravating.  Must have been an ignorant Republican.  At that point our associates were standing outside the doors and letting people inside, now they wait inside.
And yesterday was Palm Sunday... I had to be reminded since it doesn't pop up on my calendar as day of importance.  Down in the Southern States Christians gathered for worship services... and contamination.  While New York may be peaking thanks to some serious Safe Distancing and Strict Rules, those southern states are racing straight towards catastrophe.  For 2020, I suspect the Darwin awards will have their first group nomination:  Evangelicals. 
This little article caught my eye regarding the Chaos Approach the the Idiot Jerk's administration.   I didn't know there was a power struggle going on between Jaded Jared and the Idiot Pence, but it... makes sense.  The idea the Federal Stockpile is for supplemental use hints that the Idiot Jerk may have selling it off rather than creating a... stockpile.  You do know that in his mind a stockpile would be a really big waste of money, just like the Pandemic Task Force created by Obama was a really big waste of money.  I'm betting there really isn't that much of a stockpile left.  I'm sure in his mind that money might better be used on something important, like his wall.
While I don't have the front cover art yet for "The Body in the Well," I did throw together something for the back cover.  They would prefer a photograph of me... good luck with that.  Anyway, if you purchase the paperback version (when it's available) this is what you'll see on the back cover.

And this is the back cover teaser.  I think it sounds a lot like the voice over for a 'B' movie trailer.

"The body of a half-naked, young woman found in the dried out well of Pope’s Pew sends Eli and Max deep into the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.  There, in the town named for the Rattler’s Den Silver Mine, they and their team join up with the local sheriff to search for a brutal killer.  There, where the sound of a rattle snake’s warning can be as soft as the whispering breeze rustling through the tall summer grass, they will delve into the world of ghost towns, and prospectors, and gunslingers as they race to solve the mystery of The Body in the Well."

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Under-performance by and Idiot Jerk

Well, it's Sunday and I get to go to work.  In just a few hours I will find out if I'm going to be wearing a mask.  I have one hear at the house, but I'm saving it for special occasions, like when I go to the supermarket.  I don't have any snazzy handkerchiefs I can turn into face masks.  If I get really desperate I can pull an old T-shirt up over my nose.
Yesterday I mowed my front lawn for the first time this year.  It needed it.  My mower's battery powered so there was no need to go fill up the gas can.
I also baked bread, again.

And it is out of reach of doggy paws.
Of course, you've have to be in a coma to not understand the reason the Idiot Jerk in the White House uses his daily updates as a campaign platform.  Normally, this would lead to a surge in his approval ratings.  Remember George W after 9/11?  His approval went through the roof.  I knew, when I saw him standing on the ruins of the Twin Towers there was no way he wasn't going to get re-elected.  That was W's presidential moment.  That hasn't happened for the Idiot Jerk in the White House.  People tune in to his briefings for 2 reasons:  Birx and Fauci, the only 2 people on that stage who don't lie.  Who is it that people are paying attention to?  Governors and Mayors across the country who give daily updates have approval ratings that are soaring. Those who side with the administration are not doing nearly as well.  The governors of Florida and Georgia?  Not so good.  And not so for the Idiot Jerk in the White House.  He got an itty bitty bump.  That's it.  And that little bump is already fading away. 
And the Washington Post had this really snarky piece on Jared Kushner.  This guy should be flipping burgers at some seedy, greasy spoon, not standing at the podium in the press briefing room.  After the next election, I'm certain he will self-quarantine on some little island where he can grow grapes and raise chickens.
And finally, the last song whose lyrics made it into "The Body in the Well," is little gem by Dan Fogelberg.  This is the extended version, not the one on the album.

Rock and Roll, you know.  

Saturday, April 4, 2020


Normally today would be our 'Kid's Workshop.'  Things have changed.  All workshops and clinics are on hold until further notice.  Customers are allowed to use 1 entrance and 1 exit, and right now only 100 are allowed in the store at one time (that's still quite a lot).  And you can be parents will show up with their kids in tow because they want that free little, orange apron.  Even though children are walking germ factories, for these parents getting them out of the house is Essential.  I'm not working.  Believe me, there will be mild chaos.
In fact, I'm planning on staying home today.  Baking more bread is on the agenda, as well as cleaning up the yard.  I want to run the little battery powered lawn mower I have around the front yard, and maybe take a picture of my bulbs.  I planted a boatload.
I find it rather sadly amusing that the Idiot Jerk, who only had the economy to stand on, is trying to pivot to the Health Crisis facing the country.  This guy has a history of cutting his losses.  Don't believe me?  Look at his bankruptcies.  He's been told there are going to be so many casualties.  He has put that number into his dirty mental balance sheet and talked about it at his little podium, and then unapologetically written off all of those human beings.  Now he's trying to show his compassionate, presidential face to the public... and it lasts for about 10 minutes before the dribble starts draining from his mouth crack.  This tinfoil dictator he so desperately wants to be lauded with praise, he wants mayors and governors to fall prostrate before him... and it ain't happening.  Nope.  And his vile nature is cracking through to the surface of his artificially colored skin for all to see.
Anyway, the CDC is recommending everybody where a face mask when out in public.  Look what I have!

A Von Schierholtz porcelain candlestick made in 1895!  I'll sell it for the right offer (face mask not included).
I received an text from my cover artist yesterday.  She's begun painting the cover for "The Body in the Well."  I have to come up with something for the back cover...  I will have to ponder on that.

Friday, April 3, 2020

Crime Scene

Well, it's Friday and I get to go to work.  I can only wonder at what surprises the day is going to bring.  Two things happened yesterday
1.  When I got to work I found out that the store had gone to Stage 2.  This means customers can only enter through the main entrance and they have to exit at the cash registers.  Only so many customers are allowed in the store at one time.  Ropes have been set up to funnel them into the building.  Of course, this did not stop the dumbshits, like the gentleman who threw a shit fit because he could use the garden entrance.  He had parked down by garden so he wouldn't have to push his cart of mulch so far.  And then there was the middle aged woman who spent at least 25 minutes perusing flooring samples, picking them up and putting them back.  Until this effects them personally, they are not going to care... and you can bet they're going to whine like hell when they get sick.
2.  I got home from work to discover the dogs had eaten the 2nd load of Italian bread I had baked.  Yep, those sneaky buggers pulled it from the kitchen table and had a chow down picnic in the writing room and.  Crumbs all over the floor and on the sofa.  I didn't yell at them because I shouldn't have left it lying there, and they are dogs.  The only downside was all those little yeasty things in the bread gave them gas... really, really bad gas.  The kind that brings tears to your eyes.  I will never, ever leave bread where they can get it... ever again.

Crime Scene
Oh, and in case you didn't happen to see it, the House is going to begin an investigation into this administration's handling of the Coronavirus.  It didn't take long for the Idiot Jerk to start shrieking "witch hunt."  All I could do was sit back and sadly chuckle.  He has a problem. So much of what he said has been recorded for posterity on video and in those Tweets for which he is so infamous.    There is no way he can take those back.  And all those sycophants at Fox News who bow their heads in fealty to him?  They will pay, too.  As the death toll mounts, blame will be placed on the shoulders of those most responsible.

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Blood on his hands

Holy Crap!  I get to go back to work today!  Can't you feel the excitement racing through my bones?  Well, maybe not.  Pennsylvania is now under a Stay - At - Home order.  Does that mean people are going to listen?  Hell no, not those damn Conservatives.  They still think this is nothing more than Hoo Hah blown out of proportion by the media.  They will continue to spread this thing  and blow up the projection models used by the CDC.

Yesterday I went to Giant to buy more dog food.  I now have 56 lbs.  The shelves in the paper goods aisle were empty.  However, there was meat section was full.  I bought eggs.  They had milk and frozen pizza, and of course lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.  There were no bulk bins of dried fruits or nuts which makes sense, too easily contaminated by a sneezer.
In my workout room, I took down the muscle poster and replaced it with the small Samsung for my Yoga workouts.  I did do a 'flexibility' routine yesterday, but didn't ride my bike.  It was a really odd day.  There is this fascination with Covid - 19, trying garner as much information as possible, while reminding myself there quite a lot of bungled people putting forth opinions that are just as flawed as the Idiot Jerk in the White House.  My neighbor was telling me she had seen one 'specialist' talking about proteins and how the virus needs them to survive.  "Proteins are the food it lives on," she said, "so if you remove the right protein it's going to die." I just nodded my head.  She and the Idiot Jerk must be watching the same channel.
I did turn on the Coronavirus the Idiot Jerk does since the day before Birx and Fauci dropped a hellatiously big number on the American public.  Billy Barr was speaking.  I watched no more than 20 seconds, long enough to see and hear him laud the Idiot Jerk for his great leadership during these times of crisis.  Twenty seconds was long enough to make me want to retch.  I can never, ever remember having a president who needed to be congratulated and complimented on public TV, especially when you look at how horribly he has handled this entire thing.  The Boston Globe has a really good article on his failure right from the beginning.  What they are saying is very true.  Prepare yourselves.  As the death toll continues to mount his attempts to hold onto his base will become more and more desperate.  America is going to turn on the man.  It will not be pretty.

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

The Trump Death

Well, golly gee wiz... it's Wednesday. Today is a legitimate day off for me.  Today is also April Fools day and because of the inept handling by the Idiot Jerk's administration during the very beginning of this crisis and lot of Americans are going to die.  Son of a bitch.
I baked Italian bread yesterday, a first for me.  Without loaf pans!  Believe me, it is quite tasty.  The bake time give was 20 - 25 minutes, that was wrong, it's closer to 45 minutes.  I will play around with this one.  I did you a different type of yeast, one from Italy.

Since I don't speak Italian, I used Google translate, and I had to convert metric to imperial.  All being said, I was very satisfied.
I did another Yoga class yesterday and then rode 13.94 miles in Amsterdam.  The ride is flat, so it's more of an endurance thing than anything else.  I do not doubt I will be doing the same thing today.
And, of course, the Idiot Jerk finally let Birx and Fauci talk about the grim reality approaching us.  We are going to be the country that is most devastated by Covid - 19.  There are those out there who think he's been doing a good job with handling this plague.  That will change as the numbers continue to increase.  Who will suffer most?  The poor.  They have no healthcare, no safety net to fall into.  Where will most of the casualties be?  I do not doubt for a minute it will be the Idiot Jerk's base.  They are the ones who thought Social Distancing was a joke.  They still don't grasp the seriousness of this impending catastrophe.  They are still the ones believing the media is blowing this thing way out of proportion and unfortunately for them, they are old with underlying health issues.  You know who I'm talking about, the ones who came into the store wearing their little MAGA hats.  They will feel the brunt of Covid - 19.  That sounds so odd, doesn't it?  Covid - 19.  So clinical.  I would not be surprised if in a few weeks people start calling it by its real name:  The Trump Death
Perhaps if our government had paid attention to how South Korea, or China were handling this thing we might have spared ourselves the worst.  That ain't going to happen.
I suspect sooner rather than later I will start taking all of that personal and vacation time I have on the books.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Humans Caring for Humans

Well, golly gee wiz!  I thought I was scheduled off today.  Seriously!  So I bought myself a little bottle of wine (Giant sells beer and wine), and watched "The Pale Horse" (not one of Agatha's best) on Amazon, and slept in this morning.  Imagine my surprise when my phone chimed notifying me I had to be at work in a half hour.  Son of a bitch... kind of...  Guess who's getting three days off this week?  And 2 of them will be consecutive.
I understand the Idiot Jerk called in to Fox and Friends to talk to his mini-blow bro Sean Hani (something or other).  They are the only fake news network to let him play the Brag and Blame game.  Fools, they don't understand everything is recorded by numerous groups and these tapes can't be erased.  Snippets of his profound stupidity will be around for generations.  Scholars of the future will scratch their brows in amazement at how easily the network pandered to such an ignoramus.
Good news!  GM is going to mass produce ventilators by the thousands.
Bad news!  It's will take about 3 months for those thousands to start reaching the hospital.  Do not doubt, the Idiot Jerk will blame either Obama or Bill Clinton.  In fact, that is the only thing you can count on with spineless Republicans, their ability to blame someone else is, at this point, simply legendary.
I did read a bit about how Covid - 19 is is so many nursing homes and senior living facilities.  The number was rather high. That's a terrible shame.  Seniors should not have to worry or fear something like this.  What a tragedy their lives might end because of the ignorance of one single man.
On a bright note, there will be no Cracker Jack Crazy Christian Films hitting the big screens this Easter.  Oh, wait, they don't call them that, do they?  No.  They call them Inspirational Films,  How phony is that?  They totally want to disregard any message, any story that isn't tainted with their belief.  In this time of crisis, there are a lot of inspirational people out there and unfortunately for a certain religious sect they are not just Evangelical.  Nope.  Take your hats off to the Buddhists, and the Muslims, and the Hindus, and those with no religious affiliation at all who are fighting to save lives.  Isn't it good to know there are those humans out there who really only care about other humans.
And finally, Don, one of my three editing readers, returned his copy of "The Body in the Well," and he thanked me for letting him read it.  That's never happened before. He evidently liked it.  He said there are passages that are 'laugh out loud' funny.  Who ever thought my twisted mind could find humor in murder mystery set in the ghost towns of the Colorado Rockies?
Anyway, I'll let you guess which lines from this little song made it into the final manuscript.

Monday, March 30, 2020

The Liberty U Doodah

It's the first day of the work week and I, unlike many of you out there, have to go to work.
I ran through my first Yoga lesson yesterday.  I did order myself a set of Yoga blocks, due to arrive on Thursday.  I have lots of points on Amazon so they were free.  The lesson itself wasn't too difficult.  I practices a long time ago, though I'm older now and not quite as flexible.
I saw the residents of Lynchburg, VA are pissed off.  Remember when Jerry Falwell, Jr, a tongue in ass supporter of the Idiot Jerk in the White House decided to bring back students because Covid - 19 is "just media hype," and the Idiot Jerk said "it's not that bad."  Well, evidently a number of those kids are sick, 4 of whom have been hospitalized.  Oh... shit!  Now Jerry is saying returning students need to self-quarantine for 14 days.  Jerry Jr is starting to look a lot like an asswipe, isn't he?
Oh, and if you haven't heard, Social Distancing has been extended to the end of April.  I don't think that's quite going to work.  A number of countries in the EU are using that date to end their quarantine and 'stay at home' orders.  Those countries are also about 2 weeks ahead of us in this timeline.  I don't expect us to be getting back to work until the middle of May.  I had figured, if we had acted aggressively at first the duration was going to be about 7 weeks.  Thanks to the Idiot Jerk we were not aggressive.  Son of a bitch!
Right now I'm waiting for the store to kick into Stage 2 - limiting the number of people in the store.  This, supposedly, is going to cut back on browsers.
Finally, here's another song who's lyrics made it into "The Body in the Well."  This sucker's even older than I am.

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Separating Church and State

Sunday.  Yippee.  Yesterday morning the store manager asked if I'd work my first 2 hours in paint today.  No problem.  Homer buckets (5 gallon orange buckets) have been set up as a barricade in front of the desk to keep customers back and obligatory 6 feet.  There are dumbshits out there, you know?
As far as the flooring department goes, I got one call yesterday from a customer who had been measured and was questioning when the installs were going to begin.  My response:  "installs have been stopped until further notice."  The day before I received a call from a whining woman who's daughter's living room was supposed to get measured... and that was cancelled.  She wanted to be first up on the list when they started measuring again.  I put her in the system for 4/10, the first day available.  I told her that might change.  She's one of those simple minds who simply don't understand. 
If you read Random Thoughts you know Treaders lockdown was extended.  She seems to be handling it well.  When that happens in America (and it's on it's way) people are going to go bat shit crazy.  I know because yesterday the store was filled with browsers again; couples pushing around a shopping cart with just one can of spray paint, or a box of screws.  When asked, they will tell you, "we're just looking."  The idea that more people congregate in one area, the higher your risk gets for being infected.
And, speaking for congregating, Covid - 19 is giving us all a primary reason for why there needs to be a separation of Church and State.  A minority group of Americans has managed to get a dumb ass into the White House and he is going to try and give these Zealots every wish their selfish little hearts desire.  Because they are Zealots concerned only with their personal, selfish beliefs, they will ignore what is happening to the rest of the world.  It's only about themselves.  They beliefs put them above everyone else, they make them special.  Once this shit is over, we need to enforce the separation of Church and State.  They can believe what ever they want, we just need to take the power away from them and never let them have it again.
Finally, yesterday we had rain, slow and soaking through most of the day.  Last evening we had thunderstorms, with more noise than anything else.  In the afternoon, though, I ran out and snapped another picture of my nectarine blossoms in the rain.

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Evangelicals are demanding their sacrifice

Okay, so it's Saturday and I'm sure a lot of you out there are planning fun filled weekends!  I know there are a lot of people going to be hitting our 'life sustaining' garden center in order to purchase their 'essential' mulch.  For many, Covid - 19 is a serious issue... somewhere else.  Up in New York, for example, it's really bad.  Here?  We are on the cusp of going bad.  And, of course, people don't stay home.
My friend Betsy, from York, was called yesterday and told her position was being eliminated.  She worked one on one with handicapped individuals and new guidelines have been issued.  Those who are handicapped tend to have many more health issues than your average person.   From what she was telling me, it seems as though they are going to create 'safe houses' for them until this thing passes which makes her employer seriously over-staffed.  This is another casualty because of the incompetency in the White House.
And I'm beginning to see push back on the Idiot Jerk's decision to send everybody back to work around April 7, just in time for his Evangelical Base to celebrate Easter.  That's almost word for word what I read in Bloomberg, and that source is not alone.  There are 2 reasons he wants people back to work:  if the economy sinks, so does he, and his Evangelical base.  He needs his base.  He made a deal with them:  he would make this country as Cracker Jack Crazy Christian as they wanted if the supported him, and protected him.  And his Crazy Christian base?  They don't care how many Americans get sacrificed as long as they get what they want.  They are the selfish face of Christianity.  They are also Republicans... and their favorite pronoun is 'my.'  Covid - 19 is going to piss the hell out of them before it ravages them.
The weather yesterday was wonderful.  Temps were in the mid 60's (F).  I had the back door open and the dogs were running in and out... and in and out.  And then around 7 PM they crashed.  Tired puppies they were.
I did manage to take this picture of my nectarine blossoms.  Nifty, huh?

Friday, March 27, 2020

While Republicans Scratch their Ass

Well, here it is Friday, the end of the work week for some.  Surprise!  the work week has changed.  Because of Covid - 19 more people are working from home rather than going to the office.  Be aware that if your company finds this much more cost effective than paying rent for a brick and mortar building, this will become your new reality.  When you work from home, the protocols for a Monday through Friday work week change.  Be prepared.
As of yesterday, the number of Covid - 19 cases in Pennsylvania stood at 1687.  That's a spike of 560 cases in 24 hours.  Cumberland County is up to 15.  Conservatives still don't get it.  The believe this thing is going to end in a week or so...  I am serious.  The nod their heads every time the Idiot Jerk speaks.  For him he is the truthsayer.  Their inability to understand he's a lying sack of shit will be the death of them... well, some of them, not all of them, but probably enough of them to shake their little Conservative world.  They look at Spain and Italy and shake their heads... "so heartbreaking," they say.  In their heads it's 'over there,' it's 'not here.'  The can not even conceive of how infectious this thing really is, or that a lack of social distancing is going to increase the rapidness of its spread.
Whereas the Idiot Bush had his Katrina, Covid - 19 is going to be the Idiot Jerk's Vietnam.  The reality is we may lose over 58,000 Americans.
You have to look on the bright side, however, those taking the necessary precautions, who are avid about practicing Social Distancing are Democrats and Republican.  We keep a distance of at least 6 feet between us, and the scratch their heads.  We wash our hands and they scratch their ass.  We'll be keeping ourselves safe and secure and they'll be crying at Granny's funeral... well, they're going to learn funerals are going to become passe.  They'll find out that anyone touching Granny while she was alive is too sick to attend.
On a brighter note, "The Body in the Well" is heading into it's final edit.  I talked to Cori yesterday and reminded her that April is fast approaching.  Let's be honest here, reading a new mystery / thriller might be the best way to spend some of that self-quarantine time.  Since I like to let readers know which songs have found their way into the manuscript, this is the last song from which I've sampled lyrics.   Don't you just wonder how this could play into the story line.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Dressing a Hoax

It's Thursday and I get to go back to work... for 5... maybe 6 hours.  Most of our customers still do not understand the seriousness of the situation, they see this as more of an inconvenience.  They still believe the media is blowing this way out of proportion.  This is what our state looked like yesterday around noon.  In their minds, there is no connection between the fact that people who test positive were tested because they're sick, not because they were just nervous, and those that test positive?  They're all self-quarantined at home.  The fact that hospitals are clamoring for supplies doesn't sink in... at all. 
I guess the Idiot Jerk in the White House has set the hounds of his legal team on a Liberal Pac which is running an political ad in which he claims Covid - 19 is a hoax.  Of course, what he actually said is on record.  They're claiming what he said was the Democrat's attempt to politicize this were a hoax.  The truth is he spit out word salad and his attorneys are trying to say the dressing he used was mild, almost bland.  Unfortunately for him, this is not the case.  This was said at the same time he was blaming the media, and telling the country Covid - 19 was no worse than the flu.  This has always been a tactic of his, use corrupt lawyers to litigate any opposition to death.
And in case you're wondering, Chloroquine works no better than the meds they're already using to treat patients.  In case you've forgotten, this is the same med he had a "really, really good feeling about.  It's going to be a game changer."  Remember, this guy will sell you snake oil of you give him the chance.
And yesterday I did get quite a bit accomplished, including a ride through Burgundy.  Sometimes I ride fast.  Here's a video of me going through a couple of turns.  They were difficult to film because I tend to lean.  It's more fun when you blow it up.

Finally, I'm still waiting for the artwork for the next book cover.  It will be interesting to see an artist's rendering of what I'd like.  Cori and I talked about a number of different elements which would make it snap... including... well, to be a blunt... a touch of blood.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

The Putin Upstage

Wednesday!  And another day off.  Sadly, the forecast is for drizzly weather for most of the day, with temps only in the mid 40's (F).  Not a good day for lawn work.  Yesterday was sunny and mild.  My peonies are zoom zooming all over the place.  Of course, this is to be expected because it is "spring."  Both my peach and nectarine trees are filled with burgeoning blossoms.  Here's a pic of the peach tree looking towards the front yard.

And, for those who are really worried about Covid - 19, don't worry.  Evidently everything is going to go back to normal by April 7.  This is what the Idiot Jerk in the White House says.  He says this is to help the economy.  At least, that's what he's saying publicly.  Personally, I think it has more to do with his resorts... you know, the ones that are closed down?  I don't doubt he is more concerned about losing money than he is the safety of the American People.  He has no problem putting people in danger just to make a buck.
Of course, one of the most preposterous things this dimwit has done is set a timeline for when this is going to end.  For those of you who are really devout, rest assured, you'll be able to go to church on Easter Sunday.  Didn't anybody think to tell this duffer that the worst thing you can do in a pandemic is set and end date?  Just a few hours after he carved that date in stone an urgent warning was made to all those people leaving New York:  self-quarantine for 14 days.  Son of a bitch!  Still, he has to satisfy his base.  The Cracker Jack Christians desperately need to be sitting in a pew on their most holiest of days.
Raise your hands if you think Liberty University is going to turn into a Covid - 19 hot spot.  Those young people are just coming back from spring break, and they're still under the belief they're almost immune, and so they didn't self-quarantine, and....  Oh... Shit.
Legislation has been passed to help those most destitute during this crisis:  the corporations.  Oh, sure, the small guys are going to get some help, but mostly it's the big guys who are getting bailouts. As someone who work in retail home improvement, it's the little guys, the Mom and Pop contractors that are going to be hurting more.  Conservatives have never really cared for them.  Nope.  Their fascination with greed has always drawn them to the flame of corporations.  The same thing happened when they did the bailout for farmers because of the Idiot Jerk's trade wars.  Most of the buckos went to the corporate farms rather than the Mom and Pop farms.  It's a size thing, you know?  For Republicans, bigger has always been better.
I'm sure everybody saw where Putin, donning a hazmat suit and venturing into a hospital, upstaged the Idiot Jerk in the White House.  The Russians also admitted that Covid - 19 is far worse in Russia then they had led the world to believe.  Like many other European countries, they are on the verge of going into a complete lock down which will most likely last past Easter.  Our Idiot Jerk is not going to do anything as risky as that... the hazmat suit, you know?  He might dress Melanoma up in some frilly, designer suit and maybe have her stand outside a hospital, followed by a 2 month isolation period in that building he owns in New York (aka Ground Zero).
Finally, I'm considering yoga if we end up having a 3 or 4 weeks shut down.  You know, something to include in my cycling adventure.  Yesterday I had a nice ride in Gascony.  The other day I took a ride through Burgundy and got behind a grape (harvester, or picker, or what ever it's called).  Damn those things are big.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

The Buck Stops at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

Well, here it is, the first day of my weekend, which starts on Tuesday this week.  Surprisingly, most of my laundry is already done - I left work early yesterday.  I'm only working 5 hour days this week and next week.  What happens after that?  Hell, it's anybody's guess.
The store was steady yesterday, slow in the morning, but then business picked up in the afternoon as bored people, forced to stay home from work, decided to take advantage of our 'life sustaining' status.  They are all dumb shits who say things like "well, not everybody's going to get it," and "it's a hoax," and "this whole thing's been blown out of proportion by the media."  Keep in mind I live in a very Conservative area.  We have a lot of loyal, old Republicans living here... for the time being.
What are my plans for today?  Well, as I type this, I'm also clipping my fingernails.  Later on, I'm going to drive to Giant to pick up dog food, they should have started restocking by now.  Sometime this morning I'm going to one of my reader's homes to pick up "The Body in the Well."  Her initial response: really like it.  This is the reader who thought "The Body in the Tower" was a bit dry because of the cycling bits.  After that, I'm going to make a corned beef and take a ride on my bike, and the work on my Greek.  Busy day for me.
I saw where the Idiot Jerk wants everybody to go back to work after 15 days.  Because of the economy, you know?  Remember way, way back, about 4 weeks ago, when Covid-19 first raised its ugly head, he had been saying things like "it's not going to be that bad," and "you can go to work with it?"  Well, his thinking has never really changed, has it.  His base has never really comprehended the seriousness of this illness.  And you know those Evangelical advisers who lay their hands on him are whispering "don't worry, God will protect us."  You know who I'm talking about, don't you?  Human stains like Joel Osteen, who's discovering 'live streaming' can be far more lucrative than he initially imagined.  And then there's that dumb shit David Green, who owns Hobby Lobby.  I saw this on I Should be Laughing and was morbidly attracted by the sheer stupidity.  Holy Shit!  This is a first class example of Evil Greed.  I can see the headlines now "Hobby Lobby Hot Spots Spread Covid-19."  And then there's that dumb shit Lieutenant Governor from Texas, Dan Patrick who say he, and other grandparents, don't mind getting sick and possibly dying as long as it helps the economy.  I wonder how many grandparents and seniors citizens he is really speaking for... my guess is not many.  He is terribly concerned that Covid - 19 is going to change the 'American Way of Life.'  This man is a soon to be 70 year old fool.
Change is on the way, and that terrifies Conservatives.   It horrifies Evangelicals.  They want the world to be rigidly orderly.  For them blessings are big bank accounts, and they're frightened at how fast this little virus is draining their assets and leaving only liabilities.  Tough Shit.  Someone needs to pull out the passage in the Bible that says 'believers get rich.'
And in this country, the Idiot Jerk wants everybody to go back to work.  He actually said they are working on masks for those infected so they can go back to work.  That is simply insane.  He doesn't understand the buck is going to stop at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
Finally, to end on something a little bright, here's the latest picture of my peach blossoms. 

Tomorrow, maybe a pictures of my nectarine blossoms.

Monday, March 23, 2020

Prostituting a National Crisis

Monday, the beginning of the non-work week for many unless you're home working, or happen to work in essential 'life sustaining' positions.  Certain retailers are considered 'life sustaining' because of the products and services they provide.  They are open for those people out there who are experiencing emergencies.  Say your refrigerator dies and you need a new one, or your water heater explodes, these retailers are open for those people.  Believe me when I tell you, yesterday the definition of 'life sustaining' was seriously challenged.  People were browsing the 'life sustaining' floor samples and buying the 'life sustaining' paint.  They showed up at our garden center eager to purchase 'life sustaining' mulch.  One woman complained about our mulch pricing of 3 for $10 when the bags of mulch rang up at $3.33 each.  There were a lot of MAGA hats walking though our front doors, but to be perfectly honest, there were just a lot of dumb fucking people.
I understand things are going to be different today.  Certain decisions have been made to curtail the casual shopper who shows up simply because we are open.  I suspect certain non essential 'life sustaining' departments will be closed.  Customers will most likely not be allowed in to test the patio furniture.
Evidently there's a lot of complaining about our Idiot Jerk's daily updates regarding the plague he so easily dismissed a few weeks back.  I was talking to a friend last night who said she turns them off when he starts talking about himself.  I asked "does he?" and she replied "hell, yeah."  I checked this morning and complaints are coming from so many on how he's turning these updates into mini-campaign rallies.  You have to remember, he is a reality TV Host who will use any and every opportunity to sell his orange ass.  His supplicants will bow down in adoration.  Sane Americans, on the other hand, are turning off his lies.  How like a Conservative to prostitute a National Crisis in his bid to get re-elected.
Finally, I took a pic of one of my daffodils.  Is this sucker bright or what?

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Evolution Works

We were very busy yesterday.  You know, this is what happens when you're declared 'essential' and everybody else shuts down.  Stupid people believe that if there's only one place open in town, in spite of State of Emergency, they need to go there.  It's Saturday, they think, my day off, I need to go somewhere.  Never underestimate the stupidity of people.  A rather young gentleman asked me "hey, why is the store so busy today?"  I responded, "because we're considered essential, we're one of the few places allowed to be open."  His reply:  "Really?"  I kid you not.  We had a customer complain to the Service Desk that we were more interested in talking about being sick than waiting on customers.  Yep, that happened.
This area is populated by stupid Republicans who cannot believe their Idiot Jerk would lie to them. They say things like "the media is blowing things way out of proportion."  They will only understand the reality when it effects them personally, and until that happens they will smugly pass judgment.
I did change my schedule, I'm only working half days.  As Conservative minds begin to crack and shatter at the truth, they will begin to stay home to avoid being contaminated.  A week from now they will be seriously concerned as the death toll in the state continues to rise.  Because of their Republican mindset, we are going to be just like Italy.  A lot of the older conservatives will die.
To give you one example of just how damn stupid these Republicans are, both the House and the Senate attempted to push through legislation overturning the Sate of Emergency declared by Governor Wolf.  They said it was 'unconstitutional.'  They have absolutely no idea they just shit away their future in politics.
In case you didn't know, this is how Evolution works.  The smart ones sit patiently at home waiting for the dumb ones to out, get themselves infect, and the die.  We are seeing Survival of the Fittest... and smartest.
Finally, I was going to pop in a pic of some of my daffodils but then last night, as I was going through another slow edit of the book, I looked up and saw Biggie sitting on the sofa looking at me.  I call this "Biggie Waits."

Saturday, March 21, 2020

The Nasty Question

It's the weekend!  Of course, with so many now working from home and so many non-essential businesses closed, we're heading into just 2 more days.  There's no going to the bars, they're closed, nor is having a nice dinner out a possibility, or taking in a movie, or a nice concert.  I feel sorry for the bar crowd.  For a lot of gay men, that is their social network.  Now it's shut down... and for how long?  Nobody knows. 
Just like the bars, we also have non-essential customers who shop our store one, maybe two times a week, not to really buy anything, but just to walk around.  They nod to us as though we're old acquaintances.  We don't strike up long conversations with them, that's not why they are there.  We provide a safe environment for them.  Most of these non-essential customers are seniors, the ones who are most at risk.  And it's not just home improvement stores where they go to hang out.  My Mom used to go to K-Mart.  She knew a lot of the sales associates.  They became her friends.  Covid - 19 is shuttering down those friendships.
Of course, there were also a lot of assholes in the store yesterday, as well.   Contractors who were defying the Governor's orders, and that group which it turns out is putting so many people at risk: the millennials.  I can tell you, a lot of them are pretty damn clueless as they browse the aisles, looking at paint chips, and carpet samples.  For them, now is a good time to change their shower head, or check out the drills, or saunter through our patio sets.  I spent some time in the Paint Department.  It was extremely busy.  I suspect today is going to be much of the same.
And how about the Idiot Jerk's news briefing yesterday afternoon.  This man is brainless.  Reality does not match a single word coming out of his mouth.  "There's this drug," he exclaims, "we can use for treatment."  He doesn't tell people that if administered incorrectly it can kill you, or if it will actually be of any benefit because it hasn't really been tried yet.  And he becomes really incensed when you question him.  His insanity requires you believe he is the voice of authority.  For him truth is nasty.  Questions which try to ind out the truth are nasty.  The truth is that this video is nasty... I did watch it though and it didn't make me vomit.

And Pence, the putz, repeated that the effects for Covid - 19 will be minor for most Americans, and that we need to "stay vigilant."  Surprise, one of his staffers has just tested positive... and Pence is in that virus' target age group.  Oh, shit.

Friday, March 20, 2020

Conservatives on the Menu

Well, I went back to work yesterday.  For how long?  It's anybody's guess.  I am in that 'age' group you know, but not by much, and I do like to think I've kept myself fairly healthy.  No underlying health concerns as far as I know.  And, of course, there were some assholes shopping:  an older woman shopping for Bruce Hardwood Cleaner.  She said she was told it was in aisle 34 (kitchen sinks, clearance tile, and curtains).  An associate took her to aisle 11 - we're out.  She pleasantly told him he didn't know what he was doing and walked back to aisle 34.  About 5 minutes later I saw her coming out of aisle 31 and asked her if I could help.  Once again the aisle 34 nonsense, so I took her to aisle 11 and showed her the empty space.  Out of stock.  Losing her patience, she started getting close so I told her I interact with many people during the day and reminded her about the 3 feet.  Well, she stomped her foot and walked away.  This is how it goes.
There was the contractor who stormed down the aisle shouting obscenities because we'd shut down our free coffee dispensers.  And the older contractor, another woman, who needed a specific tile.  I could tell she was totally out of touch with what was going on in the real world.
And then late yesterday afternoon Governor Tom Wolf ordered all 'non-life sustaining businesses' shut down.  There should be less contractors in the store to day.  Dumb shit parents who see our store as a source of entertainment for themselves and their kids will undoubtedly still show up.  To be honest, I don't mind going to work if I don't have to... work.  I don't mind them paying me to sit at a desk without customers.
Of course I know that's not going to happen.  We've cut back our hours.  Now we are open from 0600 to 1800 (6 PM) for our contractor business.  With contractors now having to shut down, it's just going to be be the dumb shit parents showing up. 
And, as this virus spreads, truths will come out.  Like Richard Burr. This is why you don't elect Republicans.  He is a loyal supporter of the Idiot Jerk in the White House.  In his comments to a group of wealthy Republican supporters, he said that Covid - 19 is "highly infectious to a degree not seen since the Spanish Flu."  And then he sold $1.5 million in stock before the crash.  Even crazy Tucker Carlson of Fox News is pissed.  We sane folks have always known a feeding frenzy was just on the horizon... well, the dinner bell has just rung... and Conservatives are on the menu.
One if the many things I did during my 4 days off was move the futon back into the living.  The sofa, with the built in recliners, is now in the writing room.  The dogs were quite happy.

Thursday, March 19, 2020


Well, it's Thursday and I get to go back to work today.  Without a mask.  Practicing social distancing in a retail world.  As the white rabbit once said, "curiouser and curiouser."
China had no new home-grown cases of Covid - 19.  The only new cases they had were from those returning from other countries.  It took them what?  3 months of serious quarantines.  We are unprepared here... though I do have 20 lbs of rice and 23 rolls of toilet paper on hand.
Two members of the House have now tested positive... dear me.  Does anyone know of Ted Cruz has come out of his bubble yet?  Who am I kidding, that's never going to happen.
And what did I do yesterday?  Started prepping my staircase wall for painting.  Quite a number of years ago I coated it with a faux finish, something called Venetian Plaster.  It's a nice terracotta color.  However, the time has come for a change.  This means sanding off some of the texture.  Can we talk dust, here?  There's not as much as when you sand drywall, but there's still a lot. 

I'm going to do something to save the bas-relief and yes, that is my hand print in the upper right corner.
As the virus spreads, so do the lies of the Idiot Jerk in the White House.  They are like pablum to his base voters, many of whom might perish in the onslaught of Covid - 19.  He's now saying he knew this was going to be a pandemic.  Pardon my French, but this man is dumb as a fucking brick.  The truly frightening thing is that in his head, he truly does believe he knew.  All those lies that came before, about this thing being like the flu, and about it being over in a short time have been expunged from that jelly structure he calls a brain.

This is how his brain works
That's right, he takes a Sharpie, probably the same one he used to alter a forecast map, to strike out words and thoughts he no longer wants to remember.  The fact that is his inaction and failure to respond will lead to the deaths of many people isn't even a line that can be scratched out.  We do not exist to him.  This is why he, and his party, and his base, need to redacted during the next election.  He has absolutely no comprehension of the evil he has wrought upon America.

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

It Sucks to be a Conservative

Well, I baked 2 loaves of bread yesterday and... they fell.  That's right.  They were all nice and fluffy when I put them in the oven and 30 minutes later they were 2 inches high.  I'd show you pictures, but then I'd have to lie and tell you they were fat flat breads. 
There were primaries yesterday and Biden swept them all.  He offered an olive branch to the Bernie supporters and Bernie... gave a 20 minute live stream in which he talked about legislation he was going to bring to the Senate.  Hhhmmmm.  Not one word from his lips about the primaries or his continuing losing streak.  He knows which path he is walking down.  He knows his job now is to unite... and attack the Idiot Jerk in the White House.  Wow, it's really going to suck to be a Conservative.
I don't dwell on the virus much.  I only looked at a map of the United States once yesterday, and that was last evening.  As of 9 PM last evening, there were 10 confirmed cases in Cumberland county.  Up here, the liquor stores closed yesterday and my brother-in-law's favorite hang-out, the Lawnton Legion was closed.  Elton John has been postponed until sometime in either late July or August.  Most Americans have been taking this virus seriously for the past 3 - 4 weeks.  Who hasn't?  Republicans.  Who doesn't understand the need for quarantine?  Republicans.  They don't understand it's going to really suck to be a Conservative.
I saw where Governor Abbott, of the once red state of Texas, has admitted publicly Covid - 19 is going to spread through the state exponentially.  In fact, this thing is going to go through those deeply red southern states like shit through a goose (Patton said that).  There are not a lot of liberals or progressives in those deeply red southern states.  All those Republicans down there are wake up (maybe) one of these mornings, wipe the sweat from their brows and cry "damn, don't it suck to be a Conservative."
I see the Idiot Jerk is telling people he knew this was going to be a Pandemic long before anyone else.  Someone should tell this dumb ass there are thousands and thousands of sound bits and video clips out there of him making the total opposite claim, that you can go to work, that it'll be over in a few weeks.  Who believes him?  His Republican base.  I don't know if they will ever understand how much it sucks to be a Conservative.
Marc had posted this a few days ago.  I thought now would be a good time to repost.

Keep in mind who put this loser into the White House.  He is not going to answer their prayers, but they are going to realize how much it sucks to be a Conservative.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

The Target Market

Well, here it is Tuesday.  I'm going to bake bread today... and begin the painting of my stairwell.  I have chosen a nice, calming color,  soothing to the eye, imbued with hues relaxing and tranquil to quell the trembling of my battered aura... it's called Zen.  Shit!  Maybe I should switch to Romance Novels.
So, while the movie theaters are still open, I went to see "The Invisible Man" last evening.  It dragged at times.  The first half works really hard to make you sympathize with Elizabeth Moss... and I didn't.  She claims to be running away from an abusive marriage...  I tend to be very cynical about people who make generalized claims without be able to site specifics.  In the original, Claude Rains ran around naked to achieve full invisibility, this was not the case with Oliver Jackson-Cohen.
I did get some rather sad news yesterday.  My store is considered "essential."  That's right, we are not going to close.  This is because a number of contractors, plumbers and electricians, and so on, shop our store for their needs.  Personally, with Covid - 19 preparing to run rampant through the country, I would not want some stranger in my house.  I picked up my paint yesterday and there was a woman there with her kids... cause schools are closed.  And she was browsing paint colors.  Can we talk stupid here?  She has absolutely no clue it is going to be people like her who are going to be spreading this virus.
When I go back to work on Thursday, I will need to find out how they are going to deal with people like me... since the virus has designate people over 65 as part of its Target Market.
And I guess yesterday was also the day when the Idiot Jerk in the White House finally understood how terribly serious the situation is with Covid - 19.  He is going to be remembered not for the economy, but for how atrocious he was handing this pandemic.  Projections for the amount of deaths in this country are dire.  This moron now knows he's going to go down in the history books as the worst president in the history of this country.  Blame those who put this monster into power.
And... finally, to end on a nicer note.  Blossoms are sprouting all over my peach tree.  This is what spring looks like.

Welcome Spring.

Monday, March 16, 2020

Collect This

Well, today is my 2nd scheduled day off in a string of 4... of course, that might change.  As of yesterday there were 5 cases of Covid - 19 in Cumberland country.  That number is going to go up.  At some point things will be shut down to contain the virus.  Since I work for a non-essential home improvement retailer, I don't doubt at some point we will shut our doors.  The only question is 'when.'
Yesterday I did stay home, but today I might venture out.  There are certain non-essential things I want to buy... like paint for my staircase.  If I'm going to be home for 2 weeks, I might as well do something somewhat constructive, besides yard work.  I also want to stop off at my local Giant.  While I'm fairly certain most of their canned goods and frozen foods are gone, I'm feeling pretty sure their fresh fruits and vegetables haven't been touched.  People were looking for things they can stock up on and fresh food doesn't last more than a few days.
I saw where Devin Nunes (pronounced new nyez) was advocating for adults to ignore the health warnings and go out to bars.  He still thinks this is a hoax and there's nothing to worry about.  His beliefs are quite common among Republicans.  I do not doubt many of them will catch the virus and the older MAGA heads will die off.
And the Fed drop rates yesterday to between 0 and .25% in an attempt to stave off a crash of the stock market.  Almost immediately afterwards the S & P 500 dropped 4%.  Prepare yourselves, Wall Street is at the tipping point and soon it will go over the cliff.  While the average American is going to be hurt, the billionaires of the world are going to be brutally savaged.  In this country, Conservatives are going to be running around like their hair is on fire.  They put an Idiot Jerk in the White House, a man who has always too quickly jumped to bankruptcy as a way avoiding his incompetence.  Ouch.  Very shortly Betsy DeVos may not be able to afford her expensive haircuts.  If you think she's a bitch now, just wait until that happens.
Finally, because of the virus, quite a number of churches were closed up here.  I understand from Jennifer this was not the case everywhere.  For Evangelicals, Covid - 19 is stabbing them in the heart... well, maybe.  Like addicts, they need to feed on their drug over, and over, and over again.  Some will survive going 'cold turkey' and some will not.  Churches used to seeing large collection plate hauls are in for an ugly surprise.  Now, ain't that a shame.  Of course the big ones, like Joel Osteen's, will no doubt be calling members of the congregation and asking for their credit card donations.  I know Jimmy Swaggert does this.

But then he also drives a Porsche and cavorts with whores.

Sunday, March 15, 2020

3 Cases Here

So, left work late yesterday afternoon to begin my 4 days off in a row and decided to stop in at my local Giant.  There were a lot bare shelves, no paper products what so ever, though there were canned goods and frozen foods available for purchase.  While walking to their wine aisles, I ran into one of our cashiers.  He told that there were now 3 cases of the virus in Cumberland County and that the school districts were shutting down.  I had no problem checking out.  Right after that the panic buyers arrived.  An hour later, with all registers open, there was a 45 minute wait.  Me?  I did not alter my schedule one iota, I came home, drank some wine and ate some Ramman Noodles.
This is not the time to panic.  This is not the end of the world.

The 3 cases in Cumberland County:  2 adults and one child.  2 of them were in a country where the virus was prevalent.  They did not provide information as to how long ago that was. One case is looking like it might be part of a Community Spread; they are researching to find out where that person might have come into contact with the virus.  That is not good news, though oddly enough I am not really concerned.  I have no problem staying home from work. Should they decide to quarantine the state essential services will continue:  neither the Giant nor the Weis Market will shutter down.
Not surprisingly, 84% of Republicans feel the Idiot Jerk is doing a fine job handling this crisis.    My money says they are the ones who will break quarantine because the Coronavirus is "just like the flu," and "you can go to work if you have it," and "it'll be gone soon."  They are the ones who will continue to spread the Virus.  Stay away from Republicans... and Evangelicals, they are unclean.
I have a funny feeling I'm going to get a lot of lawn work done in the next couple of...maybe weeks.

Saturday, March 14, 2020

7 weeks

Well, it's Saturday morning and jumpin' Cracker Jacks am I up early!  Full bladders caused the dogs to get me up around 0330 and since I had the coffee maker already prepped, I decided to stay up for a bit.  I still have to go in to work, but I might sneak back into bed to take a bit of nap before then.
Yesterday I sold some blinds to a customer who... gets on my nerves.  She's loud and impetuous and is constantly asking "don't you like that?" and "don't you agree?"  In her 70's, she decided to buy a new (older)( ranch house and is basically having it rebuilt.  Her back yard is being turned into a Japanese Garden, pea gravel, no grass.  She has been going back and forth on the number of blinds she wants.  She wanted to avoid a vertical blind for her sliding patio door because she wanted to replace the door... until she discovered how much it was going to cost.  After she had paid for them and gone home, she realized she had ordered 1 to many blinds, so I had to credit her account for the full charge and rebuild her blind order with the change.  I don't have to be a licensed fortune teller to know there are going to be future problems.
So, the Idiot Jerk declared a National Emergency yesterday and the stock market rallied.  I had to laugh.  The Democrats had a Family Health package in place and the GOP baulked.  They wanted some of the Idiot Jerk's ideas included, like cutting your payroll tax, of course you'd owe taxes at the end of the year because they weren't going to change the tax rate.  They wanted something other than completely free testing for everybody because they believe their tax dollars are more important than human life.  This is to be expected.
I saw where Ted Cruz is extending his self-quarantine by another 2 weeks but says he has not tested positive.  Ted's a cowardly sack of shit, isn't he?  Supposedly deeply religious, he needs to put his faith in God and go out an mingle.  That'll never happen.  I think we need to change the definition of GOP from Grand Old Party to Gutless Old Party.
Companies shutting down for 2 weeks?  That's amusing.  The virus is active in humans for 37 days, so unless the entire nation shuts down for 7 weeks and nobody goes absolutely anywhere, or has an social contact what so ever, all you're going to get is 2 weeks paid vacation.  Three to four weeks from now there's a possibility you just might get sick.
As for the stock market rally?  That's a hoot from hell.  Because the administration downplayed and denied the seriousness of this virus, testing is still pretty much a shit show.  This means that unless you meet the specific criteria set up, you are most likely not going to be tested.  At present, under the limited testing, we are getting about 500 cases a day.  Son of a Bitch. This thing is all over the place, and it's the Idiot Jerk's fault.  His party is going to lose a lot of old MAGA heads.  As conditions worsens and more and more closure happen, Wall Street is going to go down.
Anyway, on the Brighter Side, my daffodils are preparing to bloom.

Stay safe my friends.

Friday, March 13, 2020

Saint Moritz, TP, Coronavirus & me

After one day off, I get to go back to work today and who knows what I'm going to find.  Our patio displays have been set and are ready for spring shoppers.  Usually they come in to peruse and sit down on a summer chaise or settee screeching halt...  probably not this year.  Why gamble on getting infected?  And think about installations:  someone you don't know coming into your house and touching things!  Hhhmmm.  Because this administration treated this as Fake News, and a Democratic Hoax, we are behind the 8 Ball.  This is everything we should have been expecting from an Idiot Jerk Administration.  I mean, he did spend the weekend before his speech golfing down at Mar a Lago.
And I did go to Giant yesterday and, as I had heard, the toilet paper and paper towel aisle was nothing but empty shelves.  I understand this is because people are stocking up just in case they find themselves self-quarantined.  Me?  I tend to buy in bulk.  Three weeks ago I purchased 20 rolls of Scott Toilet Tissue.

... Was that too much information?
Anyway, I also went for a ride up in Saint Moritz.  Hannah's Banana!  There were so many cyclists on that trail.  At one point there were 18 other people riding the same route.  Looking at the pic down below, all those little circles at the bottom of the screen are some of them.  Yeah, they show up.  If I click on them I can see their names and their stats.

Oh, and a little poll just popped up on my phone.  Evidently 44%, or less than half of all Republicans are not concerned about the Coronavirus.  My money says those are the Crazy Christians.  This why we need to keep them out of the Government. 

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Take a Deep Breath

Finally, my day off or, as tends to be the case, the day I clean the house, do the laundry, and go to the store.  I've already been told I will find the toilet paper aisle in my local Giant stripped clear because there is a respiratory virus sweeping the land.  Maybe fear of catching it is giving everybody the shits.
Yesterday was an odd day at work... the 'odd' people are coming out.  I had an interesting conversation with a nicely dressed woman who claimed to have just come from our Blue Competitor.  One of their ladders had been parked in front of a selection of blinds she had been looking at, and when she asked an associate if she could move it he responded by saying "it's one of our toys, we'll move it."   Well, "it's one of our toys" incensed her to no end.  She told me she thought him very rude, and all I could do was think of how bat-shit crazy this lady sounded. What she really needed to do was just take a deep breath and move on.

One of their toys
And, of course, the Idiot Jerk in the White House spoke from the Oval Office last even regarding the Corona... Virus.  That's how he said it, putting a pause between Corona and Virus.  And yes, I did watch some of it... and then I took a deep breath.
I didn't hear him say really pertinent, no comments about 'flattening the curve,' the reason people are being quarantined.  As of Friday, travel to and from Europe will be restricted because this is a 'foreign threat.'  Someone should have told him the virus is already here.  He wants Congress to waive Personal Income Tax so that even if you're sick, you'll go out to the stores shopping.  (That was a pitch of his re-election in case you didn't know).  Take a deep breath, now.
Because denied the Coronavirus right from the beginning, because he eliminated positions at the CDC, because his administration funneled funding for the CDC to other areas, because the initial test kits were flawed and gave incorrect results, because even now only those who fall within a narrow criteria are getting tested, we have no idea how many people are infected in this country.  But he is going to make sure small businesses can get low interest loans to help them through this crisis.  Take a deep breath, now.
He did say something about companies giving associates with the Virus 2 full weeks of sick time, of course to qualify you will need to provide test results, and... as we know, at this point testing is still fairly limited to the criteria the Idiot Jerk's administration has in place.  Take a deep breath.
Be prepared, he will try and use this to his advantage because he is a duplicitous sack of shit.

Wednesday, March 11, 2020


Oh, dear me, business was slow yesterday... really slow.  I wonder why?  People worried about coming down with a cold... or something?  I don't know.  Maybe it was just a slow day.  Tuesdays are like that sometimes.
Out of curiosity, I put a tad of cardamon in my oatmeal this morning.

The result is... interesting.  Normally, I only use this spice when I make Chai Tea.  For right now, I think that's where it will stay.  Oatmeal with peanut butter does not make for a good combination.
There were primaries yesterday... again.  Bernie continues to fall behind.  I saw where his speechwriter shrieked something about Warren, how her failure to jump behind the 'Bern' is hurting his campaign.  This is rather amusing since the same person was writing down words used by the 'Bern' to attack her.  While Bernie continues to 'moonwalk' backwards, Biden is beginning to accelerate forward.  Polls indicate most Democratic voters see Uncle Joe as the one best suited to wipe shit eating smile of the orange baboon's face.  You don't think I was too negative there, do you?
I read that as of yesterday the CDC could only verify that 4384 people had actually been tested.  Son of a bitch.  The director of the CDC has call the roll-out of testing a terrible blunder.  Hhhmmm, now who should Americans blame?  Probably the same person who wants to give Americans a great tax cut... until after the election.  You see, the Idiot Jerk believes Americans are going to endanger themselves by spending that tax cut.  His philosophy is the same as other Republicans:  if they got it, they'll spend it.  The Idiot Jerk doesn't understand that when grandmas and grandpas start dying out there, people are going to blame him... and his base.
And finally, I find it interesting that the Idiot Jerk has no rallies planned in the foreseeable future.  I understand he's a germaphobe, so this Democratic Hoax might be scaring him.  Or, it might be that the last thing he wants is for all of his aging, white supporters to die off before the election.  Either possibility is... well, quite spicy to think about.  I mean, the 5 phony bone spurs he used to stay out of the military shows how gutless this sack of shit really is, so a virus that puts a big target right in the middle of his back?  Priceless.

Tuesday, March 10, 2020


CPAC was a bad place to visit this year.  At least 5 Republican Congressmen have gone into self-quarantine.  You do have to remember, however, that CPAC is a gather of older, white Crazy Christians desperate to force the country down the narrow path they hold so dearly in their hearts.  It looks to me as though they've been given a Sign (capital S), not that they're going to recognize it as one.  That would mean they've made an egregious error.  Personally, I think it's a bit of a hoot, those holier than thou individuals on their way to becoming a Coronavirus hotspot.
There were some of the Idiot Jerk's supporters at the flooring desk, an older couple, he was wearing an camo cap with the Idiot Jerk's name emblazoned in red.  They spit out the same phony talking points the Idiot Jerk spits out: "more people die from the flu."  We all bite our tongues.  Correcting customers is not in our job description.  They do not understand, but every time the quote the Idiot Jerk, they are a Sign of his imminent downfall.  People want the truth.  He tells them what he thinks will make them happy.  The sad truth is he's only concerned about Wall Street.  The sadder truth is that this older white couple don't know they are the primary targets of the Coronavirus.
And, back to those 5 Congressmen in self-imposed quarantine (at least that's what they're claiming).  One of them just happens to be the 'new' Chief of Staff.  Son of a bitch!  How's that for bad luck?  My money says the Idiot Jerk is just about in a frenzy behind the scenes.  He's a fat, yellow-skinned (by that I mean cowardly) old man whose sloth-like body offers little defense against the new virus.
The sad truth is, rather than admit this is a serious health issue, he's going to wear a MAGA cap to the CDC because this is an election year.  Oh, and now he's talking about payroll tax cuts, and extending sick hours... for something he still calls a Democratic Hoax.  Really, all he's looking at is the Dow Jones.  You know how it works, a tax cut makes the stock market go up and his orange ass looks shiny.  If you give voters a tax cut they'll vote for him this November.  This is not the kind of Sign Americans are looking for, which is why he'll go down as the worst president of all time.
Finally, speaking of Signs, Tacx likes it when you post an image of yourself.  It can be a photo, or a letter, or drawing.  I had thought of using a picture of the dogs, but, well, there are 2 of them and their heads would have to be rather small.  Then I thought about where I live, not only in Pennsylvania, but in Pennsylvania Dutch country.  We do have images that represent us.  So I chose one of those to be my sign.  Here it is:

For those who don't know, it says "Welcome."

Monday, March 9, 2020


After today I'll be halfway through my 4 day work stretch.  I will be celebrating by having a single, 1, uno, un day off.  Believe me, my excitement is percolating quietly in the background... and you though it was your tinnitus.
Yesterday was the first day I got home from work and we had extended sunlight.  I went for a ride in Amsterdam.  It was... interesting.  There were lots of cobblestones, and people, and a lot of cyclists.  I passed a lot of cyclists with dogs on their bikes, and kids, and groceries.  For a while there was a young gentleman riding in front of me whose spandex was quite... revealing, way too tight.  I wonder if he knows quite a number of people in the world have seen his buttocks bobbling back and forth.  I will have to remind myself to take a video of him for you.
Not surprisingly, 2 members of Congress have decided to 'self-quarantine' after coming in contact with an individual now hospitalized for Covid-19.  Paul Gosar, a Republican from Arizona, said he had extended contact (can someone define extended contact) with the person, and Ted Cruz, a Republican numb-nuts from Texas claims he had a brief interaction (?).  They, as well as many others, were exposed at (drum roll please) CPAC, that Crazy Christian Political Action Committee meeting held this year in Baltimore.  Can we talk about irony here?  Or just good old fashioned Karma.  Knowing these 2 gents side heavily with the Idiot Jerk in the White House, I'm sure both have tested positive.  They might not get ill, but they are probably both Carriers.  And, of course, you have to ask yourself how many others were infected at CPAC?  And CPAC was 2 weeks ago.  A lot of old Crazy, Christians attended.  I don't know about you, but I think this is rather humorous... Crazy Christians spreading the disease among themselves.  I think I've already mentioned this is going to be devastating when it hit their Mega-Churches, and we already know they're going to blame Bill Clinton.  And for those of you who don't know, this is what a Carrier looks like:

Thanks to the gentleman above, someone's granny might die.
Anyway, yesterday I worked with an very nice Hispanic couple who were having their bathroom tiled today.  That's right, the work is being done today.   And they came to the store the day before to start making their tile selections.  I wonder why their contractor hadn't told them this needed to be done ahead of time.  You see, sometimes (quite often) we only have limited quantities in stock.  We do not have a warehouse in the back.  We do not carry unlimited supplies.  Unlike Ted and Paul, we are not Carriers.