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Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Winter Bud

 My plan was to sleep in this morning, since Tuesday and Wednesday are my weekend, of course the dogs, with their little bladders which filled over night, decided an override was necessary.  As a result, I'm sitting here with a cup of coffee typing this at the usual time.

Because today is Tuesday, it's also Ab day.  I really do need to begin burning off the calories I've been saving up for winter.. since it's here, or will be in 2 weeks.  And a nice ride on the bike as well, is planned.  Tis the season for slumping, if you know what I mean.  There's something about the shorter days which seems to compel one to do less.  If I'm not careful, I'll turn into a bear.

One thing that is nice, is my not having to do is take my temp and do my Health Check.  The UK started vaccinating, which I'm hoping is a good thing.  There was an interesting article in the NYT on how these vaccines need to be seen as firehoses, pointing out that they work better with smaller fires.  The Covid fire in the US is raging, because of Republicans, and it's going to take some time before those flames are doused.

And the newly conservative Supreme Court handed social conservatives a 'bite in the ass' loss yesterday.  They let stand a decision which permits transgender children to use the bathroom of their current gender, rather then force them into restrooms of their birth gender.  Ouchy!  Ouchy!  This is not what those Cracker Jack Crazies have been praying for, and for them you can can bet their dismay is unraveling.

And I want to finish putting the snowflakes on my all season tree today.  At first I just had them hanging there, and then I realized they were multi-layered paper and by pulling them apart I could make them 3 dimensional.  Wowy!  Of course, that means I need to sit down and unfold them in order to make them really pop.

Yesterday, as the dogs and I were returning from our morning walk, I saw something amazing.  One of my rose bushes had put out a winter bud.  The temps are too cold for it to survive, still, it is a rather nice sign about the good things to come.


  1. At some press conference yesterday, someone asked Pelosi about if Joe Biden had the power to let trans children play sports and use the bathrooms that match their gender identity and if she agreed with him.
    She said: "Yes he does and yes I do."
    Zero fucks to give, that Nancy.

    1. I believe the reporter who asked the question was from the Christian Broadcasting Network

  2. My mother said she just clipped off the last two buds off she roses. Her landscape man has no pruned and got them ready for their winter sleep.

    And just because the dump appointed and won seat of the SCOTUS doesn't mean he gets his way. Looks like they may be doing their job correctly. for now.

    1. Hopefully they will uphold the constitution rather than their religious beliefs.

  3. That rose is so pretty! We have not had snow, but the temps have been really low at night. No more flowers for me.
    SCOTUS is going to be at odds with the country the next four years, that's for sure. And the Talibangelicals are gonna have a cow when they see the seats they bought are not giving them victories when it comes to their 'religulous freedom'. Idiots.
    I read Bitch McConnell and top repugs are refusing to recognize they're working on the Biden transition. Fucking bitter assholes. Hate them all. I hope Cheeto leaves for Florida and never comes back.


  4. "If I'm not careful, I'll turn into a bear." - I LOVE HAIRY BEARS!