I've also been told I have little tact, so if this offends you simply ride on.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

What's in a Word?

Holy Crap!  It's raining again today!  This is almost like living in Seattle... or Tacoma, I know, I lived there for a year back when my ship was in Bremerton dry dock.
And, of course, the world is questioning the Idiot's latest Tweet:  Covfefe.  It could be an anagram for 'Coffee' with a typo.  Or, it could be an acronym, though I don't know if the Idiot has that much... intelligence.  I mean, if the last 4 letters stood for "Fuck Everybody, Fuck Everybody," well, then maybe I might believe this was the case.  Let's be perfectly honest here, I'm sure those two words pop out if his mouth on a regular basis.  And this whole thing is funny and not in an endearing, humorous sort of way either.  This is just one more example that helps to define his idiocy; just another target for people to aim at, and boy their slings and arrows were ready.  This was one of the best I've seen, guy named Jackson Dame came up with this.

I do have to admit that one does make me laugh out loud.
Evidently the Tweet was deleted early this AM.  Soon after another Tweet took its place, questioning whether people could decipher 'covfefe.'  And sadly, there are those few supporters of his out there who are desperately wanting to believe this was his way of mocking the media.  Delusional, aren't they?
Oh, and I guess Flynn is going to start cooperating, beginning to hand over documents.  I suspect he sees the writing on the wall.
And while I'd thought I'd seen everything, until I saw this:  both Putin and the Idiot blaming the Democrats for fake news.  This, in itself, is most likely fake news, but that doesn't mean it isn't funny.  You know?  Putin coming to the Idiot's rescue, so to speak.  Simply Hysterical.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Canary in a coal mine

Holy Crap!  I slept in this morning, not getting up until 0630 and now I'm racing to get things done in time to go to work.
On my Mom - she was moved to another room because she was arguing and yelling at her roommate.  If you don't cater to her, you're always going to be on her shit list; this is how it's always been.  Evidently her dementia is accelerating, she was telling people this AM that she only had one son and he was dead; maybe that's why she always looks so surprised when I walk into her room.
One of the fun things I did yesterday was watch the 6 plus hours of the Paris-Roubaix cycling race from April - on an off, mind you.  It was great!  I'm a Cannondale fan so it was nice to see one of my team on the podium.
And what about the racist Republicans down in Texas?  Don't they make your canaries sing?  Or maybe I should say die.  Miners took canaries as a warning sign with them into mines since gas would kill them first and yesterday they'd have been dropping like flies.  Can you believe that one of those GOP morons called ICE because of protesters?  The asshole's name was Rihaldi.  What was supposed to be a racists celebratory photo op with the Republicans clapping each other on the racists backs has turned into a national embarrassment for the GOP.  Oh, sure, the racists who voted for the Idiot are no doubt jumping around doing their yippy skippy dance, but their numbers are shrinking.
Oh, and one of the Idiot's communications directors abruptly quit yesterday - he's getting his ass off of that sinking ship.
What we really need to do is clear that stinking crowd out completely and start standing up to the Ruskies!
What final note.  I was talking to my friend Betsy last evening and she believes that Trump is the "abomination of desolation."  Not being the religious type, I asked her what that was.  She explained that he is the sign of the 'end of times..' ie "the anti-Christ."  Gimme a break.  I did a little research and evidently quite a number of people have been identified as being the "abomination of desolation," including Barack Obama,  Pope Ratzenberger (?) the current Pope, George W. Bush... and, well, the list goes on and on.  Now, while I believe the Idiot is, by all accounts, an abomination, I know he will be out of office long before he desolates the US... and our allies.  While Republican canaries are starting to die all over the place, every body else's are starting to sing!

Monday, May 29, 2017

What's in a name?

Well here it is Memorial Day, in the entire store I'm probably the only not schedule to work and... it's raining.  That's right.  I had planned to do some yard work, but...  I guess I'll have to do stuff inside, like maybe do laundry.  I was supposed to go to the movies but that's been moved until Thursday.
This is the day we're supposed to be giving thanks to those who have served in the military.  For those who don't know, I was in the Navy.  Actually, I'm considered a Vietnam Vet, even though my boots never touched ground in Vietnam.  Here's a blurry, old picture of my grandmother Lily and me in my sailor suit.

She was born Lily Granger (granddaughter of a little, ginger Irishman) and married Levi Daubert.  For years everybody thought Daubert was German, that my great, great, great grandfather had come to this country from Germany, after a brief stop in Holland. until my uncle took the Northern Lebanon High School Band to perform in the Rose Ball parade.  Everybody gathered around their television screens to watch the band play on National TV, and everybody was truly shocked when they pronounced his last name D'aubert.  Of course everybody scrambled, believing the announcer had been wrong... but he wasn't.  Turns out my great, great, great grandfather had migrated from France, first to Holland, and then to America.  I am part French! and Irish!  and a lot of German.
Back when 'W,' the last Republican Idiot to corrupt the White House, wanted to take the world into Iraq and the French said "no," my conservative parents started to denigrate the French, until I reminded them that We... Part of Our Bloodline... our Lineage, hailed from France, something I am very proud of; the French pretty much helped save our asses during the Revolution... we owe them a lot.  
My Boxer, Lily, is named after my grandmother, and when I registered her with the AKC I used the French pronunciation.  She is Lillian D'Aubert.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Foul Ball

Well, the Idiot is coming back to Washington.  He's claiming to have hit a home run - not so at all, more like a foul ball.  His supporters, however are happy, but then they didn't see the Idiot curtsy to the Saudi King; conservative media didn't report on that.  While the majority of the world saw those pictures of he and the Pope as bad press for the Idiot, his Evangelical supporters, most of whom really don't like Catholics in really huge way, saw things differently.  They saw a triumphant president standing next to a Pope who looked as though he'd just been read the riot act.  Perception is everything, you know.  Just to remind you, these people are the enemy.  You and I watched the Idiot shove his way through a crowd to put himself center stage, and then preen like a very, very over the hill porn star.  They watched as their leader demonstrated American superiority, making sure he stood above all of those smaller, European leaders.
Except, they pretty much treated the Idiot like white trash, a man who's caused so much pain and suffering in his life without caring.  Except for his minority group, most saw a fool.  I'm sure Moscow saw someone they believe they already got hooked.  They don't understand Putin sees the Idiot as the home run, hitting the Idiot out of the park means taking the US out of the game.  And that's what Putin really wants.  Of course, his Idiot followers don't realize this... because that would mean he's nothing more than a Ruskie pawn, an easy pitch to the losers who voted him into office.

Of course, now that the Idiot's back, the Russian shit is going to once again over whelm his administration.  That stink is continuing to grow, and grow.  And this is going to be so bad the Idiot's not even going to be able to bunt his way on to first base.  Heads will start to roll as he begins to realize the only way out of this is for a sacrifice play... except he doesn't realize there isn't anybody on base.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Jane (and her vagina) has left the building

Permanently.  For those who don't know, Jane (not her real name) was a 77 year old cashier who I managed until this past February.  About a year ago she'd had some sort of surgery to keep her sagging genitals from... well... falling out.  She was rude to associates on a daily basis because she felt she was entitled to treat them in what ever manner she deemed fit.  Oh, and she was a rabid supporter of the Idiot in the White House, even taking time off from work to go see him when he was campaigning in Harrisburg.  In other words, she felt empowered to tell everybody else what to do... and always rudely.  Once, after she had barked an order at a Hardware Associate, I'd told her that she needs to be a bit more polite and ask, not demand.  Her response was "I never ask."
And yesterday, a little before 1 PM, she was escorted from the building.  No loss.
And just like her, I have no doubt, the Idiot in the White House will be escorted from the building... unless of course he runs away first.  Historically, that seems to be his "modus operandi."  In the past, when his bad decision making has caught up with him, he's filed for bankruptcy.  During the campaign he claimed that this proved how smart he was.  Horse shit.  Only fools like Jane believed him.  There are a lot of fools in this country.  Not so in Europe, they realize he's a bumblehead.  There was an interesting article in the LA Times this AM.  Very few were even slightly impressed.

Since I am no longer a manager, I was not privy to the reasons for Jane's termination, though whispers have said customer complaints were increasing to almost a daily level, which is precisely the same issue the Idiot has, terrible customer service.  It is totally beyond his ken to realize that we, the American People, are his customers, and that's all of us, not just that shrinking minority who voted for him.  The one lesson the Idiot failed to learn from all of his bankruptcies was that they do not wipe his slate clean.  His bad judgments have ruined people financially.  His inability to learn from past mistakes has led others to one hardship after another.  At 70 he is way, way too old to start learning.  As a result he will end up being removed from office, only the 2nd president in our history to get himself walked out the door.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Donald Trump - toilet demon

So, Montana stayed red.. no surprise there.  I wasn't expecting to see a change in what would have to be classified as a rural state in which the population is overwhelmingly white.  Georgia, however, will be different.  And wait until North Carolina votes now that the Supreme Court has ruled that the GOP gerrymandering in that state was completely unconstitutional.  Why is it that Republicans seem to hate people of color?  Do you have any idea how many times they've been taken to court because of their illegal laws regarding voting?  Texas just got a smack back because their voting laws were written to intentionally discriminate.  This discrimination was aimed at a very large voting block of non-white, Spanish speaking people.  Of course, we should have expected they would try something like this, the Texas turn out for the Idiot in the White House was really, really huge, what with him promising that Wall of his.  Except now it looks like there isn't going to be a Wall - sorry racists.
Oh, and you know how they say a picture is worth a thousand words?  What about that snap of the Pope standing next to the Idiot... or any one of the videos that people are watching.  His facial expressions say everything.  It's obvious that he's thinking "I can't believe I'm standing next to the Shit Demon from "Dogma."

There was another funny video making the rounds in which the Idiot pushed aside the Prime Minister from Montenegro in order to make sure his egoness was center stage for a photo-op... and the whole world got to see him preen. And I don't think the GOP has any idea how terrible that looks, that the rest of world saw that little shove and thought... 'what an asshole.'  To be perfectly honest, I believe the Shit Demon probably has better manners."

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Idiots unbound!

For those who didn't know, trying to survive on a minimum wage, putting food on the table and making sure there is a roof over your head is just a 'state of mind?'  At least that what Ben Carson believes.  That's right, poverty is a state of mind.  Have you ever heard anything more delusional?
Something truly monstrous happened in Manchester, UK, and the Idiot in the White House tweeted that the word monster was too good for the terrorist, that 'loser' was better....  Got that?   When a terrorist detonates himself in order to kill innocent children he's not a monster... he's a loser.  Well, now we know just how far down the stupid spectrum the Idiot is located.
Body slams anybody?  Those crazy conservatives are really coming unstrung!  In Montana this Republican candidate is beginning to body slam reporters who question him about... oh, little things like the GOP Healthcare failed plan.  Nice, huh?  They are fraying at the ends.  You see, the American people are telling them they are wrong, and... well... how can that be?  Don't that make you laugh?
And the Hell Hole that most of the world calls Brussels is not happy that the the Idiot is in town.  For those who don't remember, the first time he flew over Harrisburg, PA he said we looked like a war zone.  So, it seems as though the Idiot feels an inherent need to characterize people and  places with names because... well they demonstrate his superior intelligence.  Of course, that's why the most popular adjective used to describe him is Idiot... oh wait, that's a noun, but then he will never know the difference.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Messiah Village Fail

So, the past 2 days were my weekend and I had so much I planned to accomplish and... well, that didn't happen.  They are ready to move my Mom out of the hospital, however they want her to go where she can have soft core rehab.  So, we're sitting there my brother's crazy christian wife says "I don't see why we don't send her to Messiah Village." Now, I have a big problem with Messiah.  They are the only facility that require you to fill out at financial application.  That's right.  Even if you're only going there for 2 weeks of Rehab, they need to know how much money you have in the bank, how much is in your 401K, what annuities you have, if there are any investment accounts, as well as your monthly income.  Also, they need to know if these are owned individually or jointly.  Oh, and don't forget, they're Christian.  Right.  They're out to make money.  There is even a sentence that states "I represent the resources listed above are and will remain available for payment of services I may receive at Messiah Village."  See what I mean?  They will reject you if your finances don't meet their requirements.  They are not Christian.
We're going to go with Manor Care.  They actually accepted my Mom yesterday afternoon without any questions about her finances, all we're waiting on is the transportation.

I suspect that my brother and sister-in-law are not happy.  This is life.  She was already looking dismal yesterday when I reminded her that my Sister would not want to drive the distance.  Actually, my sister-in-law lost the battle when she said that the day before my Mom had mentioned twice about her desire to go to Messiah Village.  My Mom has dementia.  I have little patience for a phony Christian who lies.  And tomorrow, I have another meeting at 8:30 in the morning.  Yippie skippie.

Monday, May 22, 2017

The Idiot... and the Orb of Doom!

Well, it looks like the Idiot not only wants to have impressively low approval ratings, we find out that being President of the United States is only part of his ambition.  What he really wants to be, more than anything else, is Emperor of the World.  He'd originally set his sights on being 'King' of the World, but James Cameron already has his name plate on that door, so he's going to have to settle for Emperor.  This means (drum roll please) he's going to have to invade the Marvel Cinematic Universe!  And I understand Disney already has a working title:  "The Idiot... and the Orb of Doom!"

Which means the Idiot is going to have to fight, and lose, to The Avengers, as well as The Guardians of the Galaxy!  Stand back Conservatives!  Your evil plans will be foiled and smashed asunder by a shirtless Chris Evans and a shirtless Chris Platt!  Holy Crap!  The Idiot's going to get dunked by a double Chris, super charged, super hero, twin pack of six pack abs!  This is going to be huge!  really, really huge!  I can't even begin to imagine what ticket sales are going to be like.
Of course, this is all make believe, but then that's where the Idiot, as well as most Conservatives and Republicans live; out of touch, and out of mind, inhabiting a planet easily grasped in the Idiot's tiny, tiny hands.  Reality is a far flung universe to them.
Unfortunately, there will be no teaser to a sequel halfway through the credits at the end of this one.  This doesn't mean there isn't going to be a sequel, we're talking about the GOP here, they're going to keep repeating their same shitty message to an ever dwindling crowd, just like Michael Bay and his shitty Transformer movies.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Bow commoner, Bow

So, the Idiot met the Saudi King.  Fox news shows the handshake, they don't show the bow, or as some are calling it, the curtsy.  Call it want you want, he bowed his head then did a little dip, or maybe you want to call it a booty drop, which is totally acceptable when you remember how hugely impressed he is with strong leaders, and let's be honest here, the King of Saudi Arabia is about as authoritarian as you can get.  What makes this even funnier is that prior to the Idiot's dip, someone said, "Bow commoner, bow before the King," in Arabic.  Don't you love the 'commoner' bit?  Let's face it, the Idiot's about as common as lower case letters can get.
And I think it's funny how the Conservatives heaped criticism after criticism on Obama while totally failing to point out that there guy did the very same thing.  The Washington Post, a conservative media outlet (whom the Idiot hates because of their honesty) does a pretty good comparison.  But then we know crazy conservatives will never, ever acknowledge how screwed up they are.

Next stop on the journey?  Israel, where I understand that his suite is going to be bomb proof.  As I'd said before, the security for the Idiot's visit is going to nearly bankrupt smaller countries, like Israel, and Italy.  
Well, it's off to work.  For some of you this maybe Sunday, but for me?  It's Friday... again; off Monday and Tuesday.  They will be my last 2 days off in a row for the next 2 weeks - Memorial always screws up days off, though I'm not schedule to work the actual holiday.  Go figure.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

With Billion Dollar Friends Like These

So, the Idiot is in Saudi Arabia, home of the holiest of Muslim sites - Mecca.  There were, I believe, 2 Saudis involved in the 9/11 Terrorist attack and the country has been known to have been sponsoring terror groups for years.  And this very Muslim country was not on the banned list.  Doesn't that make you go hhhmmmm?  Obama wasn't to keen on the Saudis because he knew they were more interested in buying arms then they were in fighting extremism.  Of course with the Idiot all they had to do was wave a fist full of green backs, buckos, you know?  "Arms Deals" is the magic phrase for the Idiot, as it is for all Republicans, for them, nothing beats making money.
I understand the Saudis are preparing to fork over $100 billion for helicopters and missile defense systems, and most like a whole laundry list of other weapon related merchandise.  Woah!  someone in the good ol' USA is going to make mucho grande millions.  That's right.  The munitions manufactures have always been high donors for the GOP.  A long time ago, when we were involved in a little skirmish we called Vietnam, the vast majority of the country was anti-war... not, however, those who were making the bombs and the bullets.  They were making money hand over fist. not the people who were actually in the assembly lines, nope, they just got their everyday paycheck with a little Overtime now and then.  It was the big guys who were making the money, the CEO's, the Chairmen of the Boards, the ones who donate heavily to the Conservative Party.  And it looks like they're going to make a lot of money again!
Of course, he's only in Saudi Arabia for 2 days, after that he's going to have to go to Israel, whom he betrayed to the Russians.  Holy Crap!  I just got this vision of Judas in my head.  What if the Idiot tries to kiss Netanyahu on the cheek!  Wouldn't that be like sooooo perfect?

Especially after laughing it up with the Muslims in Saudi Arabia?  And for those who didn't know, this whole Muslim 'ban' had nothing to do with Terrorism and everything to do with giving the haters of his base a cherished little something to call their own.  And I suspect that his loyalty to any one country is tenuous at best, unless, of course you're Vlad, the impaler of Democracy.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Sit on it and spin

So, my Mom is back in the hospital... again.  We went, oh... 3 weeks this time.  And there's nothing wrong with her besides old age, and dementia.  She actually called 911 herself because she thought the people at Graysonview were too slow.  She's in a regular hospital room rather than ICU, or CCU since there's nothing really wrong, and they'll run a battery of tests looking for something other than the dementia.  When I saw her on Wednesday she said "the only thing I really miss was having to give up all of my dogs to come here (Graysonview).  She didn't have dogs, she had a fat cat.  This is how it goes.
On the light side of politics, I saw saw this article this AM regarding our Vice President, and found it very telling.  Sounds a lot like the GOP is not going to circle their wagons around the Idiot.  The fact that they're saying the Vice Idiot was kept in the dark?  Well, isn't that the kind of shit you put out when you think Plan B might be the only viable option left on the table?  It's kind of like subliminal messaging the rabid, core Idiot supporters that it's a good possibility that a change might be coming.
Oh, and Joe Lieberman for AG?  Give me a break!  Now, this might piss some people off, but at 75 old Joe is way, way too old.  Even in his prime he was never the brightest crayon in the box, now he's even worse.  In fact, it seems to me that the Idiot trying to stack the deck with another clown.

And, of course, the Idiot is leaving tomorrow for a Middle Eastern, European Vacation.  I bet he's expecting to get souvenirs.  He is, more likely to be disappointed.  He has already started changing his itinerary.  He was supposed to speak at Masada, but now that's off because they won't let him land his helicopter on the top.  He doesn't want to land at the base and take the tram up like other presidents have done because... he's special.  And you know they're all going to smirk when he walks into the G7 conference, and laugh at him behind his back.  He's going to want to take charge, and they will, no doubt, tell him to sit on it and spin.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

The Truth about GOP Porn.

Okay, so the light didn't get completely installed in my kitchen yesterday.  It's big, about 16" square, and I have almost 10 foot ceilings which means I needed to use my 8 foot ladder to rest it on while I did the wiring.  You know, the 8 foot ladder I gave away a couple of years ago because I never thought I'd need it again.  I do have a 4 foot ladder, but this light is just a bit too big.  This means that tomorrow, before I leave work, I'll pick up another 8 foot ladder.
Oh, and in case you didn't know, there's a 'witch hunt' going on, at least that's what the Idiot in the White House is calling the "independent council."  Someone really needs to sit this loser down and remind him that every time there is a Democrat in the White the GOP is caught up in a continuous 'witch hunt.'  And they never let it go.  Here's a outstanding example:  this morning while looking at Facebook, I saw someone had posted a picture of Bill Clinton and brought up Vince Forster.  Yeah, that's right, conservatives are still peddling shit about something that happened what? Twenty four years ago?  Actually what they really need to do is to stop masturbating with this Clinton hate.  The Idiot played this at every rally and they oohed and aahed, and shrieked and moaned every time he said "lock her up," which is, I guess, about as close to verbal frotage as you can get.  They love it, you know, all of those neurotransmitters humping their little Clinton hate receptors.

I was going to use a GIF but realized it was too much like GOP porn
Anyway, since I can't finish hanging the kitchen light, I went out and did some yard work until it got to hot.  Right now it's around 92 F.  It was hot yesterday as well.  Next week it's supposed to be cooler.  Can't wait.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Bad, Bad Republican Karma

Karma has always been working against the Republicans, the Conservatives, the Tea Party, what ever name they want to give themselves.  This is an historical fact.  Mostly this is because they totally refuse to see themselves as the Grand Old Party.  Even when someone tells them they're not so grand their arrogance sidelines any chance of comprehension.  They truly believed that Reagan's landslide win made their shit a perfumey and that they could do what they want... and we ended up with the Iran Contra Affair.  And then George H. Bush swept that shit under the carpet, of course he only managed one term because their trickle down, Reaganomics were falling apart.  That was all bad karma.
And then we had George W who got into the White House on a technicality.  Right off the bat their bad karma started smacking, not only them, but America as well. We started a war in the Middle East over phony weapons of mass destruction, and then weekly color coded terror threats to terrify Americans into voting W in for a 2nd term... and then we got the worst recession in American History.  All of this happened while they were in the White House.
What happened when Clinton was in the White House?  The 'Dot Coms' hit and everybody made oodles and oodles of money... except Republican states... bad Karma.
And now we have the Idiot in the White House... holy smackarinis!  Let's talk about bad Karma! Ever since the Idiot got in through a technicality, the GOP has had so many stinky racing stripes in their tighty whities they're starting to call it a pattern... and, well, it is, a pattern called Bad Karma.  And, just as they always do, they're trying to point the finger at anyone but themselves.  In fact, pointing fingers is the only thing they've ever excelled at, so much so that it has become the defining characteristic of credibility in any and all opposing voices.

Anyway, this is my Saturday so I'm going to try and do weekend stuff.  Yeah, you know, like mow the grass.  And I want to try and hang a new ceiling light in my kitchen.  We shall see.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Idiots abound

And not only in the White House.  We have them here in Central PA.  Here are some examples:
Two nights ago a couple tried to return some paint.  You see they'd bought it over a month ago planning or repainting their house and, over the past 4 weeks, ended up changing their minds.  When the manager told them we were not going to return $450 in paint they grew furious... and dropped the name of our competitor.  For those who don't know, our competitor has a store less than 1/4 mile away and customers think that spitting out that little name is going to make us cave... no way.  We hear it daily.
I'm serious.  Yesterday morning I'm talking to a customer on the phone who's moved past Idiocy 101 into his 2nd semester.  He's hemming and hawing about the carpet, and then says "Lowe's is coming out to measure tomorrow, they're going to do it for $400 less."  That's his way of telling me he wants me to take money off his already cheap carpet.  He thinks he's a smooth operator.  My response?  "Okay, let me know if you change your mind."  That got me a few moments of silence before he finally said he'd let me know.
Then last evening, about 20 minutes before the end of my shift, I took a walk down to our Returns Desk to see if anything needed to be put away.  And, as I'm walking by our A/C display a customer stops me.

This is Idiot #3.  He asked me if we were going to be bringing out any more units.  I glanced over and saw that we had about 15 different sizes of A/C units there, and it was packed out full - it's been cool and rainy here so there hasn't been much of a demand. So I say to this gentleman "I don't know, that's a Seasonal / Appliance product.  We may have some more in the back.  I can get an associate to help you."  Now, I don't know what he wanted me to say, but my answer was not what he was expecting.  And, I kid you not, the first words that came out of his mouth were "Well, than I guess I'm going to have to go to Lowe's." To which I said "okay," at which point he began muttering about my lack of customer service skills.  He muttered all of the way out the front door, not loudly, but constantly.
So many Idiots seem to have this air of entitlement about themselves, a 'you need to give me what I want' attitude.  They neither listen, nor do they try and understand.  It's almost as though they think understanding diminishes them in some way.  And in every one of the instances above you could replace the customer with the Idiot in the White House... no difference.  Idiots seem to be abounding around us and for too long we've been catering to them rather than tell them to shut up.  Maybe it's time we changed.

Monday, May 15, 2017

The Eclipse that is Trump

Am I like the only one wondering what our Idiot Ringmaster is going to put in the Center Ring this week?  Let's be honest here.  People are finding themselves hypnotized by this slow motion political demolition derby.  This is a rare occurrence.  Like a once in a lifetime chance to be directly under an eclipse waiting for the darkness to fade to bright, white sunshine.  Now, I know there are some who are terrified that we are standing smack dab in the middle of ground zero and they are waiting for the bomb to drop... but that's not going to happen.  Only 29% of the American People approve of the firing Comey... that's the hard core crazies at the heart of the GOP.  No one else.  This is a minority group that is constantly shrinking.  If any one is standing at the center of ground zero it be they.
And, of course, he's going on another vacation... well, supposedly the Idiot's supposedly going to visit the Middle East and Europe.  Can you even being to imagine the security they're going to need?  The expense this foul fool is cost these governments.  And the Europe bit?  I believe it's for the G7 Conference, something Putin isn't invited to because his shit stinks so bad.  Wouldn't you like to be a fly on the wall when the Idiot walks into the room.  He's going to try and commandeer the whole thing and in unison all of those other leaders are going to say "shut up."  And, of course, he'll huff and puff... and they'll tell him to shut up again.  They're just going to say "no.
The way one of our Managers did to the couple who tried to return 10 gallons of paint.  "Absolutely not!"

One more thing about the eclipse we are now standing under... always remember to shield your eyes to avoid blindness.  Just look at what happened to the conservatives.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Evangelical and Clueless

Okay, so it's another crappy day here in Central PA... that's right, drizzly, rainy, foggy out with the chance of a thunderstorm this AM.  On the bright side, I'm going to work today - yeah, I know, that's not too bright.
I was talking to my friend Betsy last evening, she's going to have cataract surgery on Thursday, not that she's truly concerned... well, sort of, she's much more worried about the Idiot in the White House.  She truly believes he's capable of doing some terrible evil against humanity.  She's worried that the military will end up interceding and, as she put it, "I don't want to have a coup in the United States."    I personally think things will not go that far.  He's stupid, but not that stupid... at least I hope not.
He spoke at Liberty U. yesterday and castigated Washington and those Evangelicals lapped it up.  They are such hypocrites.  His downfall will be their downfall.  They don't understand that historically, when things go bad for him, he files for bankruptcy.  This has always been his policy when it comes to decision making and he will do that with the presidency.  And those crazy social conservatives will be left holding an empty bag.  It was his Karma to win, and will be their's to lose.
I was going to go to the gym this AM and... ugh, I can not wait for this dreariness to end.  We had the same thing in May for the last 2 years, maybe 3 years running.  April, when we're supposed to have all of the showers, was warm and balmy.  It's like the 2 months decided to switch - no doubt the result of climate change.

To give you an idea of how clueless Social Conservatives are, Friday morning, when I had breakfast with my brother, who's a part-time Methodist minister and a social conservative, I told him that whether he wants to believe it or not, he's part of a minority.  There was no connection, no comprehension with what I was saying.  They don't understand, nor will they ever.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

The Price of Loyalty

So, I called off work today.  Rainy weather, combined with a pressure system has my arthritis aching... and I just didn't feel like trying to sell carpeting or blinds to non-existent customers; rain truly does effect the footprints passing through our store.  Even though it's been over a year since I last called off, I still got the same, curt response:  "okay, I'll put you in," and then the disconnect.  This is how life is, there is no question of my loyalty, just the aggravation of being short staffed, even on a weather crappy day.  They're not going to use that as a reason to fire me... unlike the Idiot in the White House.
You see, one of the Idiot's many problems is that he believes that because a minority party managed to squeeze him into the Oval Office through the back door of the Electoral College, he is now the Supreme Commander.  Someone needs to tell him that the Supreme Commander is only a character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and even though he looks cartoonish as hell, Disney would never hire him to play that part.  This is, however, beyond the Idiot's comprehension level; he's a business man, remember.
The Idiot, it seems, feels that he deserves unwavering loyalty, a dedication which supersedes all that is fair and good and right.  He wants people to say "yes sir," with out question.  Democracy?  Get over it, people.  The Idiot is in charge... right.  I suspect there is so much seething hatred running through the Idiot's brain right now just about everybody is disloyal, which means all of his sycophants must really have their hands full.

And this is fine, you know?  Because all of the disrespect people have for the Idiot is burning little holes in his brain, and instead of learning from his mistakes, he just fills those holes with lies and blame.  The Idiot loves to blame.  He claims that fake media is to blame... not that it isn't in a minor way.  What he's done is throw red meat to the media, and they're on it like a dog on a bone.
In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if all of this disloyalty isn't making the Idiot rather paranoid.  I mean... who is loyal to him?  The military?  Hhhhmmmm, could be?.... not.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Yestival and... of course...The Idiot's amateur hour

So, I'm sitting here waiting for tickets to go on sale for Yestival 2017.  Most of the original members of the group 'Yes' will be at the Hershey Theatre on August 14, and I couldn't think of a better venue to see these neo-classic rockers.  The pic below is close to where I'm going to be sitting, those a bit closer to the center.  Show should be great!

Prior to shows, clouds will actually move across the ceiling and when the theatre darkens the stars come out.  Neat.
And the terribly choreographed song and dance amateur hour continues at the White House.  This morning I was sitting in a restaurant having breakfast with my brother when my phone vibrated with a BBC New update, that's right, the BBC, one of my favorite news sources,  According to them, the Idiot threatened Comey in a Tweet, something about 'hoping there aren't any tapes' of conversations between the two of them.  I know some are thinking the Idiot did the recording, but me? Not so much so.  I'm wondering if the Idiot, himself, might not be worried Comey might have been wearing a wire.  Ah, I'm sure those conversations would be juicy as hell.  No pussy talk.  Just an angry Idiot furious that he might be one of those under investigation.  Now wouldn't that just be ducky?
And, of course, by now, everybody who is anybody is shouting out about the Idiot's slightly veiled threats.  This is how the resistance grows, how every time he opens his trap his minority of supports shrinks.  I'd say pardon my language but... what's to pardon?  This guy is dumb as a fucking brick.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Trump... Idiot in Chief

So, I saw this poll reflecting the Idiot's approval rating, which continues to drop, and had to laugh.  Way down the list, question 9 asks "what word would you use to describe the President?"  And the number one answer is (drum roll please) "Idiot."  I've been using it for quite some time.  "Liar" is pretty close to the top of the list as well.  And, all of this is so very funny.  I wonder if his loyal supporters work their asses off trying to keep all of this negativity for effect his pea brain?  Of course, when he does see it, I'm sure they tell him it's nothing but fake news.  And I wonder what those Idiotic members of the House and Senate think?  It's kind of like the Idiot is the Lemming Chief, and he's jumping up and down and waving his arm shouting, "this way!  this way!  the cliff's this way!"
You would think that there might be at least one person in his administration who'd have the balls to sit him down and slap him up side the head and say "yo, Idiot, America hates, you need to change your tactics."  Evidently there isn't.  And this is funny.  He has, basically, shit in his Depends" and doesn't know he needs to change it.
He is the Chief Idiot.  Patience is a virtue.  His downfall approaches.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Trump is much worse than Nixon

So, Comey is gone.  I heard that yesterday afternoon and had to laugh.  That's right.  I think there are some Republicans out there who are finally beginning to speculate that the Idiot is going to use their Brand to wipe his ass.  And they deserve it.  For years they have hate mongered against Centrists and Progressives and Independents.  They have shrieked about a war on Christianity, using that claim to constantly attack.  As I've said all along, this whole thing is Karma.  It was Hillary's Karma to lose, not so much because she was bad and ran a bad campaign, she lost so the Idiot could win.  If you thought her Karma was bad, don't even attempt to contemplate how bad the Idiot's is, for this is going to be a Universal Payback.  And for the GOP?  This is going to be a smack down, smack back like nothing they have ever seen.  You see, the Idiot is going to end up making Richard Nixon look like a choir boy.  Repercussions are going to rattle through the bones of the wealthy for years to come.  And those who support the Idiot?  They will lose faith in a political system that doesn't fuel their hatred or seed their bias among others.  This might be their last stand.

There is a light at the end of this tunnel, and every time the Idiot does something stupid, which seems to be daily, it gets a little brighter.  In the end, I do not doubt that the Idiot will chose to exile himself to Russia from where he can Tweet daily about his hatred for all that is good and American.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Guardians, Disney, and the Idiot's Flynn fail

So I went to see "Guardian's of the Galaxy, Vol 2" last night.  I liked it, a lot.  That's right, I'd even go so far as to say it's very good.. and it's about 'parenting' of all things.  My only complaint would be: Disney! stopped tacking on all of the bullshit during the end credits!  Holy Crap!  Except for the promo for the next Guardian's installment, everything else was a waste.  Like "I am Groot."  The friends I was with sat and counted all of the times "I am Groot" appeared in the end credits - totally pointless, and not amusing at all.  When I stood up to leave, my one friend said, "but you might miss something."  Nope, I wasn't going to miss anything at all.  I know, because we stayed until the credits were totally finished.
And, of course, Sally Yates testified yesterday and what really stands out above all else is the fact that the Idiot in the White House waited 18 days to do anything about Flynn.  Of course we all know why, he's saw nothing wrong with Flynn's behavior.  The Idiot likes Russia.  He claims to be a business man and Flynn's dealings were just... business, nothing more.  And his supporters don't seem to care because they cherish the Idiot's phoniness.  They swim in his river of lies, paddling around as though they were tubing down a lazy river on the 4th of July.  Idiots all.
And the Appeals court is skeptical about the Idiot's travel ban.  Sounds like they realize it's nothing more than campaign hatred.  Like the Idiot's Wall, it was meant to unite the haters and racists in this country and tried to call bigotry 'populism.'
Finally, yesterday I put a new back splash in my kitchen.

It's an iridescent glass mosaic.  This is what happens when you become a Decor Specialist!  Ah, well, as long as it adds value to the house it can't be bad.  Mostly neutral colors, it will go well with my cabinetry when I paint it... and yes, I'm going to paint my kitchen cabinets.  And since I know a little bit about painting I'm sure they will look stunning.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Grooting for France!

Well, it's Monday, and my 2nd day off in a row with another day off coming on Friday.  Retail, you know?  At least since I stepped down from my mgmt position I no longer have to get up at 0300.
Last evening I finished my 1st play through of Mass Effect, Andromeda - that's not saying there's going to be a 2nd play through.  Since a lot of people never complete a game, those that do get certain very nice perks.  This game, however, had a lot of problems right out of the gate so I will probably sit back and see what kind of fixes Bioware makes.
A big Congratulations to the people of France who voted in a Centrist by a landslide.  That's the kind of victory the Idiot would have like to have had and failed to get.  This means that the Idiot's only ally in Europe is Theresa May... and everybody knows that the EU is going to send her a plate of shit to smoke when it comes to trade deals.
And Sally Yates is going to testify this week... and the Idiot has already started his negative Tweeting.  Evidently the Obama Administration warned the Idiot... but, well, this is why this guy's the Idiot in the White House.  In fact, I wouldn't be surprised it that warning didn't send Steve Bannon into a giggle fit.  He would have thought that a very, very strong endorsement... in fact, I'm sure the Idiot, himself, didn't tell Steve that "this is a huge, a really, really huge sign Flynn needs to be on our team."
Now, I and the dogs are going to take a little nap.  Later this afternoon I'm going to grout.  That's right, I said grout... not Groot.  I'll be Grooting later this evening.

And tomorrow it's back to work... and the gym,,, the stuff I live for.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

A crack in the heart

Yesterday, as I was selling some carpet to some customers, I heard a page over the loudspeaker regarding a phone call for the flooring department that was on hold.  I said, "excuse me," to the customers and picked up the phone.  A woman's voice on the other end of the line asked me how big was our largest storage container.  I told her we carry we have some very large containers, up to 55 gallons and asked her what she was using it for.  There was a pause, and she started to cry, and said "my dog just died and I need to bury him."
Remembering how a little over a year and a half ago how I felt when Gertie died of a heart attack, I excused myself from the customers and went back to the storage aisle while she talked about her dog, a standard sized poodle.  And I thought about the weather.  Yesterday was a dreary, rainy day here in Central Pa.  And I felt so bad for that poor woman who had just lost one her best friends.  And about having to dig a grave for that friend on such a terrible day.

We love our pets.  The loss of one can be heart rending.  Standing in front of our storage containers yesterday, giving dimensions over the phone, I had to pause and wipe a couple tears from my eyes because her grief had managed to crack open my heart.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Froggy Trump, and other things.

So, it's Saturday and I have to work.   Of course, I'm then going to have off for 2 days which is a nice thing.  The weather's been shitty: overcast, rainy, drizzle and cool.  People are not stopping in to buy carpet, or blinds, or flooring.  On a bright note, the woman who's unmarried and pregnant with her 4th is moving to another department, one where she's going to be on her feet for her 8 hour shift.  Bet that's going to change.  She sold carpet to 2 customers last week who opted to change the color prior to their purchase.  And she never updated the color change in the system.  And the installers showed up ready to install carpet that was... the wrong color.  And she did it not once, but twice.  Hhhhmmmm
I saw where Macron's campaign was hacked.  Of course.  I'd read that the American Far Right was pleased as punch.  For them the word Global is a curse.  They want another Brexit, except that's not going to happen.  Like I said, these people want things to back to the way they were.  And, of course, they're going to fail.  They hate the wonderfulness of Democracy.  They love the Idiot's Executive Orders because it's the closest they've ever been to a Republican Dictatorship.  When he squeaked into the Presidency through the back door they all danced around with glee because it's not just that they want to tell people how to live their lives, they dominate, and dictate, and say 'bend over buddy.'
I've nearly completed my play through of Mass Effect Andromeda - while there are some moments that are good, mostly it's lackluster and uninspiring.  Character Creation was dismal.  Usually when I play through an RPG I make myself hotter than hell - in Andromeda they didn't give you enough options.  Bioware touts the fact that you can have 'same sex' relationships - but there were some serious limitations here.  The Forums are filled with players and fans complaining about... well, everything.  I much preferred Fallout 4 where you could dress your companions up or dress them down, where there weren't any bad CGI cut scenes with CGI characters to constantly remind you it was a game.
And evidently some ingenious, creative person out there realized that the Idiot looks great with a Froggy face.

He looks so real, doesn't he?  As though this is how God wanted the Idiot to look.  Of course, maybe this is the way he paints his face when he goes to war.  I'm sure that after his supporters get a gander at this, they too will want to have their faces painted as well.  Here's a link if you want to see the animation of Froggy Trump.  And I would be surprised if the didn't start chanting 'Bud.... Bud... Weiser."

Friday, May 5, 2017

TV Evangelism Led to this Hell

Yesterday afternoon when I read that the Idiot in the White House had signed an Executive Order on Religious Liberty, I realized he might actually be the Anti-Christ... well no, that's not right exactly, it just became much more apparent that this man is truly evil.  He will do what ever he can to feed his ego.  His constant lying is only the tip of the iceberg.  And, of course. those Evangelicals who voted for him are jumping around, demented by their zealousness.  We have TV Evangelism to thank for this hell.  Prior to the "700 Club" and "PTL" there were not nearly as many Evangelicals in the US, however, the minute crazies like the Bakers, and Schuller, and Falwell took to the airwaves the evil was let loose.  The message changed.  Mega-Churches swelled their ranks with people who were told that if you believe, you'll get your 'just rewards' here and now.  I did watch portions of these shows on occasion and always ended up turning them off because they were so phony.  They always included a 'special guest' who's business had become successful after he'd had his epiphany.  That's right, money, strong faith always meant more money.  Now that they have a president who's rich and seems to be giving them everything they want they're happier than pigs in shit.

It's all about feeding their own self-interest, and the Idiot in the White House has become the Top Dog Evangelist of all time.  We have 3 cashiers in my store who believe him when he says they're all going to make 'real' money... again.  These people have been primed for years for this moron.  
Concern should be real, for when this idiocy comes crashing down real damage is going to be done to many innocents.  Let's just hope we are not among the millions of walking wounded.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Failure to evolve from Brexit to Washington

I saw the Theresa May went ballistic at dinner, at least that's how one media source reported it, because the EU is going to play Hardball.  Like that shouldn't have come to anybody as a big surprise.  Of course, Boris Bonehead, one of Brexit's champions, never said things might get really, really difficult, that's not how you win voters.  You win votes by telling people what they want to hear, "Brexit will make England Great Again."  I don't think they wore cute little, red baseball caps they way the did over here, but that was pretty much the tag line.  The problem is that the UK is great except in the minds of some people, those who long for the good old days.
We have the same problem in the US.  We have an Idiot in the White House who campaigned on the same promise and appealed to the same kind of people, those who hate change.  They want the bi-lingual signs gone since they're a reminder that not everybody speaks English.  There are some who want to label all of these people as racists, and while a lot are, there are a lot that aren't.  They're from rural America where towns might have one or 2 black families, or Hispanic families, and no one from the Middle East or India or Asia.  These people don't deal with change at all.  They believe you need to treat minorities differently, that they get special treatment.  They want to take America back to the 1950's where segregation kept them safe from change.

Unfortunately you can't turn back time.  In fact, what we're seeing is Darwinism, the survival of the fittest; those most able to adapt and change.  Those who don't, the ones who wear the red baseball caps, who fight change, will inevitably die off.  It may take them a while.  And, occasionally they may create a bit of a disturbance, but time is working against them and their past tense ideals.  If you can't evolve you'll die off.  We're seeing that now, whether you can believe it or not.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Tit for Tat?

Well, from everything I've been reading, it looks as though the Idiot in the White House is going to be signing another Executive Order tomorrow, the dreaded Religious Freedom Order.  I have no doubt that this is his Tit for Tat.  I don't even question it because he's such a small minded man.  He's petty.  His budget got kicked to September, the Democrats pretty much dictated what they wanted and... get this... he signed it.  He approved 'no boarder wall.'  In fact, there are a whole bunch of "no's"  in there that he wanted, and in his mind it's payback time.  He's going to make the majority pay by allowing a minority sect of Christianity discriminate against... gays, because they don't like gay marriage.  But rest assured, this order allows them to discriminate against more than just gays.  If you're a devout Evangelical you believe Catholics worship idols... well, this order is going to let you treat them like shit... and get away with it.  If you're dark complected and might a Muslim... "we're sorry, we don't serve you here."  The same thing goes with Hindi's, I mean, holy crap, Hindi's have more than one god!  And you never know, every Asian out there just might be a Buddhist.  Which is why this thing will be signed and then head off towards the Supreme Court where they're praying Gorsuch will give it his nod of approval.

The sticking point for the might be the fact that even though Gorsuch's a social conservative, he's also a constitutionalist, meaning that his interpretation would have to be that "Freedom of Religion" applies only to Christianity.  I suspect this hot potato will be punted back to the courts, which means he's going to resort to more tit for tat.  One of these days the Idiot might understand that America is growing tired of him shaking his sagging, old man boobs every time things don't go his, and that's just going to piss him off more.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Is Orange the new Stupid?

So, yesterday I went to work, punched in, sat down and talked to the Store Manager about gaming, worked my way back to flooring desk where one of my fellow associates looked at me and said "you're not supposed to be here today."  And, of course, he was right.  Evidently, when I stuck my latest schedule on the frig, I somehow managed to throw out the wrong week and I was working last week again.  Shit.  That hasn't happened in oh, I'd say about 8 years.
Suddenly I had a whole day to myself and... I did chores around the house.  That and climb on board my eliptical for 35 minutes.  In case you want to see what my workout looked like, you can see it here:  Yesterday's cardio.
They were calling for bad thunderstorms last evening and they... failed to materialize.  We had some rain over night, but that's about it.
Today I do work.  In fact, today is the first of a 5 day stretch.
I did take the dogs to the park this morning.  They love it.  Lily is always pulling, and Big Seig?  He just ambles along beside me.  The only issue I have, and it isn't a big one, is that he hates getting into the back of the car so I need to pick him up... that's right, I pick up a 111 pound dog and put him in the back.  He has no problem jumping out when we get to the park, and when we get home, but getting in... well, that's another story.
I see the Idiot's giving interviews, all of which make him sound the the leading contender for Buffoon Ignoramicus of the United States.  With every turd that slips from his lips he makes it more and more obvious just how stupid he truly is in regards to everything... except himself.  He loves to talk about himself, or I should say Lie about Himself.
I mean, the Andrew Jackson thing was hysterical.  He is the 'everyman' of bragadocia.  To call him stupid would be too nice.  Really.

And I will admit that yesterday, sitting at the Specialty Desk, for about, oh, 2 or 3 seconds I did feel a little Orange, but that passed.  There is a difference between throwing out the wrong schedule and saying Steve Bannon is not part of the Alt-Left (yeah, the Idiot said that).

Monday, May 1, 2017


Last night, after a long day at work, and a quick hour of gaming, I went up to bed to discover the sheets asunder.  Evidently Big Seig and Lily had invited a friend over for a threesome...  and the friend was still there!

How's that for a bit of levity?
Anyway, I saw in Bloomberg this AM that the country is going to stay financed until at least September.  Of course, to do so they flushed a number of the Idiot's promises down the toilet.. where they belong.  The Wall is gone.  The Military is going to get a lot, but not nearly as much as the Idiot bragged he was going to spend.  And I'm sure this is going to piss off the Conservatives... a lot.  In fact, from what I've been reading, the Democrats have carried the day.  His followers, no doubt, will roll over too since they love this guy even though he's turning out to be a failure when it comes to fulfilling his promises.  Wouldn't that be a shame, if that was all they wanted. Empty promises.  And these people thought that the next 4 years were going to be fun.  Holy Hell, if he keeps caving like this, they'll be the ones shrieking to have him impeached.