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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Trump... Idiot in Chief

So, I saw this poll reflecting the Idiot's approval rating, which continues to drop, and had to laugh.  Way down the list, question 9 asks "what word would you use to describe the President?"  And the number one answer is (drum roll please) "Idiot."  I've been using it for quite some time.  "Liar" is pretty close to the top of the list as well.  And, all of this is so very funny.  I wonder if his loyal supporters work their asses off trying to keep all of this negativity for effect his pea brain?  Of course, when he does see it, I'm sure they tell him it's nothing but fake news.  And I wonder what those Idiotic members of the House and Senate think?  It's kind of like the Idiot is the Lemming Chief, and he's jumping up and down and waving his arm shouting, "this way!  this way!  the cliff's this way!"
You would think that there might be at least one person in his administration who'd have the balls to sit him down and slap him up side the head and say "yo, Idiot, America hates, you need to change your tactics."  Evidently there isn't.  And this is funny.  He has, basically, shit in his Depends" and doesn't know he needs to change it.
He is the Chief Idiot.  Patience is a virtue.  His downfall approaches.


  1. yeah, even morning joe is screaming at rethugs to STAND UP AND RESIST!

    (tick tick tick...)

  2. Amen, brother! "Shit in his Depends and doesn't even know it."

    LOVE IT.