I've also been told I have little tact, so if this offends you simply ride on.

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Frankie the Chameleon

 I slept really well last night, making up for the night before.  According to my watch, I got almost 7 hours of sleep.  

My new plants for the tank arrived yesterday.  One of the Baby's Breath plants got tossed.  Before dumping it in the compost bin, I weighed it.  Over 12 ounces.  That sucker was big.  That one plant grew to be bigger then a basketball.  Amazon Swords now replace it, and the fish have more room to swim, and I clean the algae on the tank wall it was hiding.  The other Baby's Breath plant is going to go to.  What they do better then anything else is trap lots of uneaten food.

Those angel fish were the size of a quarter when I bought them a year ago

We're supposed to have snow flurries in a few minutes.  As a reminder to those who don't know, we have had some serious snow falls in Central PA during the month of April.  The one good thing about those is that they melt away very, very fast.  Today, we're not even going to have a dusting.

Scanning through the headlines this morning, I see Republican desperation growing.  That makes me smile.  Some of things that are popping out of their mouths can only make you question their sanity, especially when compared to their previous comments.  That stale, aging cracker Frankie Graham said, after the Chauvin verdict, "justice has been served."  I must say Frankie has really flip-flopped from what he was saying at the time of the protests.  Back then, however, he was a loyal ass-kisser of Loser #45.  Maybe we should call him Chameleon Frankie, since he finds it so easy to change the color of his comments.  Don't forget, underneath his 'justice' comments he's still a White Evangelical.

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

How the world turns

 Dearie Me... I slept in again this morning.  Not because I stayed up late.  Nope.  Actually, there are 2 reasons.  The most obvious is that my alarm is not set for Wednesday morning for some reason.  Number 2 is doggy bladders.  Biggie out off the bed twice before finally deciding he needed to go potty outside... at 1245.  Then it was Lily's turn.  At 0230 I was standing down by the back door waiting for her to do her after midnight pee run.  And that little lady took her time.  Long enough for me to eat a slice of cheese.

I'm set up to get a physical down at the Lebanon VA on 4/30 with Dr. Haverstock.  I'm staying with the Optometrist I have at the VA in Harrisburg, but all my other health care, which isn't much to speak of, is going to Lebanon.  I'm fine with that.  I grew up in Lebanon.  This place is big!  The building Center Left with the white roof is their YMCA - that's where I was vaccinated.  The building Top Center with the white roof is where I had my hernia surgery.  My new doctor is going to be in the large building in the Center, on the 5th floor.

And what a great day we had in America yesterday.  The hair stood up on my arms when I heard the Jury had reached a verdict.  Of course there was trepidation.  So many times before juries have sided with the police.  Yesterday was different.  When the verdict was announced I will admit a tear ran down my cheek.  And though yesterday's decision was a big step forward, in truth it was only a very small one.  Last evening the white, conservative pundits began raising their voices denying there is racism in this country.  Their fear is growing because they are losing their fight.  Evolution is winning.  It has always won.  This is how the world turns.

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

My Big Boy, and other things.

 Well, the veggies have been planted, all 5 plants.  This year, the tomatoes are in the ground, not in pots, let's hope I get a better yield.

My Big Boy

I baked another loaf... white bread this time, however, I accidentally used the setting for a 1.5 pound loaf rather the the 2 pound loaf, and, of course, I had the ingredients for the larger loaf in the pan.  Son of a bitch!  The bread tastes great, however there was a large air bubble just inside the top crust, and when I say large I mean 2 inches high and 4 inches across.  Oh, and perhaps the butter wasn't quite at room temperature...  I'm calling it a very tasty learning experience.

A ride had been planned for yesterday and ended up being scrapped.  There was too much other stuff needing my attention.

Some new plants were ordered for the aquarium, plants that don't take up too much space.  Right now there are 2 Baby Tear plants that have grown way out of control.  They take up well over a cubic foot of space, which is a lot.  One of them is going to go, being replaced with more grass like plants.

Oh, and I get to go back to work today.  My next day off is on Friday.  After that I'll have a regulars, 5 day work week before I get another mid-week weekend.

Greece has begun opening up for tourists.  Go Greece!  I suspect that for some time to come, their future relies completely on their past.  There's nothing wrong with that.  Being the home of one of the greatest civilizations is nothing to sniff about.

For those who didn't see it, Xi gave a speech yesterday complaining about the world's hegemony.  Basically, what he was doing was complaining about our democratic influence on other countries.  China is, of course, not a democracy.  Xi has managed to get himself installed as president for life.  Basically, he's managed to get himself set up as an emperor.  Unlike Putin, the faux emperor of Russia, he has yet to run into problems.  They will come.  People are people.  They don't want a strong arm government telling them what to do for too very long.  Life is not like in the olden days.  Like his counterpart, Vlad the Dumb, he longs for a return to those grandiose times when nations bowed down to their leaders.  This is what Loser #45 and the Republican party tried to do in this country, dress a dictatorship up in the costumery of democracy.  There are too many variables for Xi to ever get his plan to endure for longer than a generation.  Look at Vlad the Dumb, he has fires cropping up all over the place.  People are people.

Monday, April 19, 2021

Good News for Centrists

 Slept in again on my day off.  Of course, I stayed up watching Star Trek, Discovery.  I think of it as a little treat.  While I like the Star Wars movies, I've always preferred Trekking through my science fiction.  One series grounds itself in science, the other in fantasy.  One is geared towards adults, the other towards a toy buying younger generation.

Yesterday was very busy up until around 3 PM, then things began slowing down.  That's fine with me.  One of my customers shelled out $4000 for new carpet.  She told me, her and husband have used every stimulus check for home improvements.  "It's what we're supposed to doing," she said.  I banked most of mine, but you better believe it's going to be spent eventually.

I also picked up some veggies yesterday, including an eggplant.  The selection was really rather lame.  I ended up with 2 tomato plants, 2 pepper plants (1 hot and 1 sweet) and an eggplant.  There were a hell of a lot of lettuce plants... not my thing.  I'm not a salad kind of guy.  I like them occasionally, but having one every meal is... well, a bit too green for me.

Anne Marie wanted to see my loaf.  Can I have a drum roll, please?

It has a good taste, but I'll be honest, I prefer baguettes rather then loaves, so this will probably the last time I use the maker for baking French bread.  I have the option for using the machine only for mixing, kneading, and letting the bed rise.   At that point, you can shape it into a loaf and bake it in your oven.

And I did get a chortle when I saw that Republicans are looking forward to the 2022 elections.  They see  themselves has winning back both the House and the Senate because of Immigration and the soaring deficit.  They are so delusional.  Almost 49% of the voters in this country are registered Democrat.  Because of January 6, many Republicans will sit out the next election because they're disgusted with the direction of the party.  These are facts they totally ignore.  Their fatal flaw is only believing what they want to believe.  Only a few will learn when they're proven wrong, which is good news for Centrists.

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Shoot that Poison Arrow

The French Bread I baked in my new bread maker is... delicious.  The load shape is odd.  Oh, and because I used the timer and the mixing, kneading process began while I was still sleeping, I didn't have the chance to removed the little kneading paddle.  This meant cutting off the bottom of the loaf to remove the little sucker.  Pain in the ass.  I may try an artisan loaf tomorrow, since I'm off work.

Yesterday at work we were hectic busy for a while in flooring.  Our Garden department went through the roof as far as sales were concerned.  People are spending money.  So am I, but not to the same degree.  Tonight, after I punch out, I'm going to pick up some furnace filters (my central air uses the same venting), and veggie plants.  I'm also going to stop off at my local Giant and do my shopping, rather then go tomorrow.

One of the managers at work flipped the radio station to the 80's again yesterday and this little gem played.  I bought this album.  Loved it.  As I listened, I realized the lyrics were very usable to a writer who crafts mysteries.  Take a listen and tell me if you don't agree.  Hhhhmm.  Who knows where they might show up.

And since I can't leave the dogs and fly down to New Orleans, I've been watching YouTube videos.  The walking tours are chock full of good information, and a great way to sit in your armchair and flesh out possible settings.

Oh, and I saw where Marjorie Taylor Greene has decided to claim she's abandoning her white supremacist group.  Personally, I think this is just her putting on her liar's mask to please the complainers of both parties.  There's no changing the evil in her heart.  Remember, she's one of those Q heretics.  There's no way she's going to privately eliminate the ugly from her system.


Saturday, April 17, 2021


 Yesterday was very physical.  I lifted.  I carried.  I pushed and pulled.  Oh, and yeah, sometimes I was a little high... up in the air.  Yesterday I unpacked a pallet of freight... by myself.  Well, I will admit to using a tool.  We call it a Ballymore.  Think of it as a small freight elevator on wheels.  This piece of equipment is used to put heavy product in the overhead, since using a ladder can be dangerous.  This is a good tool.

Right now I have a loaf of French bread preparing to bake in my new bread machine.  I was a little off in gauging the time.  i was an hour off, so instead of my popping it out of the pan at around 0730, I'll be doing that around 0830.  Since I don't leave for work until 1000, there's still time for a slice... or two.  Looking in through the little window in the top, I can tell you the loaf looks great.

And then, of course, there are the Tools who do everything they can to try and bury they nation.  The Covidiots, who believe their fallen leader with his big lie.  He is leading his supporters to their death.  This is how it was supposed to be.  Honestly, how many tools are in this group.   Of course, anytime you see the name of Marjorie Taylor Greene involved, you know it's about white supremacy.  Here the call in Anglo-Saxon political tradition.  Evidently that stupid woman is attempting to redefine just who the Anglo-Saxons were.  They were white, but their political traditions were anything but Democratic, and I can't help but wonder if this is her way of telling the world she wants the United States to feudal, with thousands of city / states?  She is an extraordinarily broken tool.

Friday, April 16, 2021

The Egg Salad Sandwich

Hello, Friday, not that I'm excited.  Monday there will be a little excitement in my words; I'm off.

When I checked my sales yesterday, I was already past my goal.  One of my customers is putting hardwood throughout their upstairs.  Smart move.  I always tell people, if you have hardwood, hold onto it.  Think of it as an asset.  And contrary to what some may think, older hardwood is more valuable then younger hardwood, as long as it ages well.

We have veggie plants at the store.  I didn't get a chance to peruse them yesterday.  Since I'm off Monday I'll give them a gander Sunday before I leave for the day.

And some might consider this blasphemy, but I've bought myself a bread maker.  A Cuisinart.  There are those who find therapeutic value in kneading.  And I find nothing wrong with kneading.  I just think I'd like to knead a little less.

I am aiming to get a little  run / jog in this morning.  What will I watch?  Dunno.  Definitely something less crash inducing.

As I was eating an egg salad sandwich for breakfast (your stomach doesn't know what time it is), I realized that the next book, The Body in Repose, will be more atmospheric.  You might want to think of it as Eli and Max meet Kolchak.  I was going to show a clip of that TV series but realized it might imply supernatural shenanigans.  There aren't any.  So instead I thought I add this clip.  As people are getting vaccinated, things are beginning to open up.  This if from the Broadway version of "Frozen," performed in Sydney on March 29.  Sometimes we could all use a little Disney.

As for politics, I find it quite amusing to watch Republicans shit their pants, and they're doing that quite frequently, almost daily.  They're beginning to realize the real problem with have Loser #45 as president, every day Biden is feeding him and his lackeys cesspool salad.  As a result, they're growing more and more extreme.  Looks like someone has finally let the Cracker Jack Crazies out of the box.


Thursday, April 15, 2021


I accomplished much yesterday.  Hey, I even got my lawn mowed!  During a drizzle!  Took an 11.83 mile ride in Bavaria - that was ok, the first half was downhill which does nothing for strengthening legs or burning calories. 

 Worked on the aquarium.  I cut back the plants.  They're growing like pizazz!  If I'm not careful, they will fill up the tank.  Here's what it looks like now.  The angelfish are over 4 inches from top to bottom.

I sent an email to the VA yesterday morning in which I politely detailed my disappointment with their performance.  Around 1100 I received a phone call from a scheduler to make an appointment.  At this point, my shoulder doesn't feel that bad, so I declined.  However, she did give me her extension so if ever "this sort of breakdown in communications" happens again, I can reach out to her.  I'm wondering if this breakdown is rather common.

Damn, I have a mosquito bite on my left elbow and it itches like hell.  

Oh, and I don't know if any of you saw, but China says they are now our equals.  If this is true, you can blame the Republicans. In case you haven't noticed, the only thing they've been concerned about for years has been to push their social conservativism into every American home.  Science is important.  Covid comes along and they turned away from science.  They have been more concerned with putting the 10 Commandments back into classrooms, then they have of scientific advancement.  Now we are in a struggle to keep from falling behind.

Also, sanctions against Russia were announced this morning.  I suspect they're not happy.  Uncle Joe's not going to kiss Putin's ass like Loser #45.  He knows a dictator when he sees one.

And finally... legislation has been introduced in both the House and Senate to increase the number of judges on the Supreme Court to 13.  It'll may never happen.  But what it does do is send a clear and concise message to the court.   If you try and change a largely, centrist country conservative to satisfy your on personal beliefs, we will change you.  There must be balance.

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Survival of the Fittest

 Okay, so Wednesday has arrived.  I get to go back to work tomorrow.  I'm not excited.  This is how it goes.  When I sit down at the flooring desk, I know there is work I will need to catch up on... sales calls that will need to be made.   Making calls is not one of the highlights of the day.  Most of the time they go into voicemail.  The message I leave is always the same, and quite often it elicits the same response.  Very few people return calls.  Too many people initiate the process without understand the cost involved.  Carpet estimates are always close, but laminate?  Or hardwood?  Or vinyl?  Sometimes those estimates aren't even in the ballpark because those products require smooth and fairly level floors.  Like people, as homes age things begin to sag.

I want to mow my lawn later this morning.  For the first time in years we seem to be getting April showers... and everything is green and growing.  My tulips are beginning to bloom.  Nice.  Now if only I could get a hold of some veggies to plant.

Peonies are in the background

I was talking to my friend Betsy last evening, telling her how, with so many getting vaccinated, the virus was going to begin cycling among the unvaccinated masses, you know, the Republican / Evangelicals.  And I reminded of Darwin's theory regarding the survival of the fittest, however in this case fit does not mean surviving Covid over and over again, but rather those smart enough to be vaccinated.  She had to laugh when I told her we were actually living through evolution.

Of course, more and more corporations are joining the complaints against Republican sponsored voting limitations.  It's in their best interest to keep their customers happy.  An unhappy customer will take his business elsewhere (I'm in retail, remember).  Republicans have never understood Customer Service.  Their egos get in the way.  Yep.  They are all too much like Loser #45.  As a result, they're going to partisan themselves out of politics, where the survival of the fittest award does not go to 'no' saying diehards.

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Treadmill crashing

 I had a lot of things I planned to do yesterday, hit That Fish Place was one of them... however, a quick scan of their inventory on their website was enough to tell my a trip to Lancaster was not worth the time.  Instead, I spent a small bit of time unsubscribing to some of the numerous political emails I get daily.  Everybody wants me to part with my money for the cause.  The sad truth is that they will bankrupt you given the chance.  Believe me, I have no problem scrolling to the bottom and hitting the unsubscribe button.  The reason I give every one of them:  'you're sending me too many damn emails.'

And then, of course, I crashed while on the treadmill.  I blame the video I was watching.  The guy wearing the GoPro was jogging along, passing the occasional person on the trail, as he made his way through the snow around Loch an Eilein in Scotland when he came to a gate.  There was a couple standing there.  They realized the guy with the GoPro was approaching as they started through the gate, and then they stopped.  He jerked to the left to avoid crashing into them, and I did likewise.  My foot hit the side of the treadmill and down I went, sliding off the back and into my dumbbells.  No worries.  I've learned how to fall well.  So, I turned off the video and got back on to finish, knowing I basically needed to change my route and never watch that video.  This is called learning.  Oh, and half an hour later I was on my bike riding around St Moritz.

Loch an Eilein... and yes, there's a ruined castle on an island

A number of top legal law firms are girding up to challenge racist election laws like the one passed in Georgia.  You know, this pisses the hell out of white Republicans.  Their supremacy is being challenged from every angle.  Oh, well, tough shit.  You see, they're running on their own treadmill, watching their own little video, and something herkie jerky happens and they crash and fall down.  However, instead of learning anything, they take a step to the right and get on another treadmill which is playing the same video.  They're falling down more often and learning less each time.  This is how evolution works.

Monday, April 12, 2021

The Charioteers

So I slept in again this morning.  This was mostly because the sun chose to hide behind a blanket of clouds.  There's a 60% chance of rain today.  Last night, around 10:30 (PM) it rained like hell.  Many, many bolts of lighting lit of the sky.  For around half an hour there was not one second when the rumbling of thunder paused.  Not a lot of wind.  

And I had odd dreams last night:  I was a colonist sent to a new planet in suspended animation, when we got there we had to walk everywhere and I was surprised a vehicle of some sort hadn't been included in our trip.  In a later dream I was a telephone repairman.  I was stopped by two lesbians with a lot of cats who wanted me to sign one of my books for them.  Since they only had the Kindle version, they printed off the cover page for me to sign.  It was a strange night for dreaming.

Yesterday, while looking for some Egyptian Belly Dancing music, I stumbled across this video of them Golden Pharaoh parade last week (Treaders had mentioned it).  I'll be honest, there is a lot of spectacle here.  I kind of got a bit teary eyed when the charioteers came riding down the boulevard.  I mean, when was the last time we actually saw charioteers?

Evidently Loser #45's fiery speech this past weekend was not what wealthy GOP donors wanted to hear.  You would think that by now the truth of his negativity would have knocked some sense into them.  Nope.   They wanted to hear about a bright future for the GOP and got slapped silly by his dead fish of a Big Lie.  According to the article, applause was sparse.   They are beginning to realize he is an horrific detriment to their party, as well as the upcoming elections.  Also spent a bit of time complaining about Saint Biden, and the current administration.  He will never understand the charioteers he's waiting for are never going to arrive.  He will never get his parade.


Sunday, April 11, 2021

Too late to Right the Wrong

 Of course today begins my 4 day stretch... no work, no health check, no face mask, except for when I go shopping later this morning.  My laundry routine has commence, the 2nd load is prepped and ready to go.  Outside, the skies are overcast and there is a constant drizzle.  I will probably light some candles to Amun Ra later, not because I believe he exists, rather I do find the idea of lighting candles to a sun god a bit on the exotic side.  Exotic can be good.

Or maybe I'll just settle for making candles.  I have enough wax on hand for three or four.

And I want to get a ride in or a run.  Alternating between the two of the next for days would be great!

I've also been researching PT exercises for my shoulder since my personal care physician at the VA seem more interested in letting her assistant do her work.  What I've also decided to do is switch to the Lebanon VA for my doctor's visits.  I still go to the New Cumberland clinic for my bloodwork and eye care, but everything else will be shifted to a facility with working doctors.

Because the location for the next book is going to be New Orleans, concepts for characters and the way they speak have been bubbling around in my brain.  There will probably be a character named Bianca.  Here's an example of a descriptive sentence which popped into my consciousness while I was showering yesterday morning.  "She spoke slow and forcefully,  her smooth southern accent wrapping the sounds of her syllables tightly around her words, so there was no misinterpretation of meaning."  Now, ain't that nice?

Oh, and evidently John Boehner's book is filled with obscenities.  He is angry.  Loser #45 is to blame for everything.  Oh, no John, the GOP is sitting on the left side of Satan because of you.  You, and your spray-on tan were the loud voice of the party of NO.  Now you swill your wine and point your finger at others, doing what you, yourself, as well as every other Republican has done:  Blame someone else.  It's too late to try and right your wrong.

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Charting the Way

 Well, a good Saturday morning to you all.  This is my version of Friday.  I have four (4) days off beginning around 7(PM) this evening.  To celebrate, I've already begun separating my laundry.  

I didn't receive a response from the VA yesterday, so I'll call them again this morning.  While the process is frustrating at times, I must admit applying pressure to force them into activity is not unsatisfying.  Perhaps this is a result of my years in customer service, knowing which pins and needles work for customers to get what they want provides me with an advantage.  Truly, I do believe we should all enjoy injecting responsibility into those who fail to understand their irresponsible actions can have an effect on many, many people.  I will jab them a little more in an hour or so with another voice mail; they're closed on weekends.

We've begun selling a new hardwood product:  Malibu Wide Planks.  It's very grainy with a matte finish.  I wouldn't put it in my house because I have dogs.  The graininess, you know?  There are so many little pores waiting to trap dirt.  Kids have the same problem, except kids don't run through shit... well, sometimes they do.

As I leave work this evening, I'll see if they've gotten any of the veggie plants in I'm looking for.  Scores of lawn tractors and gas grills are waiting to be sold, a beefsteak tomato plant?  Nope.  No pepper plants, either.  And I thought this year I might do eggplant as well.  Of course, there is the possibility I may a bit over anxious to put things in the ground.  Perhaps I should demonstrate a little restraint and follow this chart.

And of course, to the slight consternation of Social Conservatives, Biden announced the formation of a committee to study the effects of expanding the Supreme Court yesterday.  Consternation... I like that word.  I do wonder if this is a serious endeavor on the part of the administration, or just a way to apply pressure on those conservative justices the Republicans tried to shove down America's throat.  I do like the idea of term limits.  That would be a way of eliminating the choke put on the country by a minority group, of course, it would take time.  I mean, I wouldn't be opposed to adding three more seats to the bench.  Given the opportunity, the Cracker Jack Crazies will ruin this country.  Look at the damage they die with Loser #45.

Friday, April 9, 2021

Chipping Away

 Well, I'm getting a little frustrated with my personal care provider at the VA.  She's new.  I've never met her.  That may never happen.  I've been trying to make an appointment to get my shoulder checked out and all I get is her assistant's voice mail.  Her assistant returns my calls but... I'm working.  Her message is the same:  provide explicit details so a decision will be made whether I need to have X-rays taken before I can set up an appointment for a consultation.  Rather then make an appointment to actually talk to someone, it seems to me as though they want to diagnose me through voice mail.  My new doctor may be one of those doctors who never actually sees a patient.  I do believe a complaint might be in order.

I had purchased a Surface tablet a few years back... Microsoft.   I was not impressed.  I like their apps, their internet?  Bing, or what ever it's called is never used in my house.  Clunky.  That being said, I used it for research on my first book.  Right now it's downstairs updating, since I'm thinking of using for a similar purpose on the next.  I paid for it.  I might as well put it to good use.  We'll see.

And it's raining outside.  I did check at the store on veggie plants... we have a meager supply.  They are not shipping in on a timely manner.  Last year, during the pandemic, all we got were tomato plants and herbs.   Lots of herbs and cherry tomato plants.  Not much of anything else.  I'm suspecting this year might be a replay of last year.  Perhaps their trying to grow computer chips rather veggies in those greenhouses.

I haven't been paying attention to the Mattie Gaetz story recently, but I vaguely recall hearing yesterday that Loser #45 said something in his defense.  If that's true... well, can you hear me laughing?  Oh, and his associate is going to strike a plea bargain.  Just think, if Mattie goes to jail, he might have to shave his head.  Can't wait for those pictures.


Thursday, April 8, 2021

Your Legs are the Engines of your Body

Yesterday was a bit surprising.  Actually, a lot surprising.  About an hour before I was supposed to leave a couple started looking at the vinyl planks.  As I began talking to them, he turned to me and asked if I had worked for International Paper.  Of course, you can recognize people with their masks.  He started to explain he had been our physical training advisor, when I remembered him.  Believe me, it's so nice to recognized while after 14 years, even when wearing a mask.  He's the one responsible for my becoming involved with working out, helping me set up training programs.  Shawn is the one who first taught me a a truth I have repeated many times in this blog:  Your legs are the engines of your body.  Of course, he also said "you know you got a good leg workout in if you throw up when it's finished."

I did pick up one of those cheap area rugs before I left.  This is how it's done in retail, you buy it when you leave.  I rarely make a special trip to the store.  One of these days, I'll wander back through garden and see if the veggies have arrived.

Evidently, many of those who have received stimulus checks are like me, banking the cash.

"The Body in the Loch" is with reader #2.

Of course, as time passes, the effects of Loser #45 are becoming more and more apparent, and not in a good way for Republicans.  For them, the only way to win the culture war is to go farther and farther to the right.  The staunchly refuse to accept the fact that America is changing.  We are evolving as a nation.  Thanks to Loser #45, Democrats now outnumber Republicans by 9%.  That's a large percentage.  And it's growing.  They are desperately searching for a message to unite their hateful minority, and their intentions are causing the average voted to take a big step back and wonder what in hell is wrong with Conservatives.

Oh, and the funny comment of the day belongs to Georgia's Lieutenant Governor who blamed their severe voting restrictions on Giuliani and 'the big lie.'  Those are the words of a desperate Republican.

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

No fixing stupid

 Crap, I get to go back to work for 4 days... and the weather is supposed to be beautiful.  Today they're predicting a high of around 76 (F), which is around the perfect temperature.  In 5 days, however, when I have a mini-vacation, the temps are supposed to drop back into the 60's.  Ah, well, nighttime temps are still going to stay above freezing.  Let's hope they get the veggies in soon at the store.

I've begun the process of getting someone to see my shoulder... not the easiest thing during a pandemic.  With the VA there's no simple way to do things.  Firstly, I need to arrange for a consultation and it is that (hopefully) face to face which will be used to schedule an appointment with orthopedics.

I made oriental meatballs yesterday with lots of ginger and garlic.  They will be my lunch today and tomorrow.  I always use real garlic, rather then the salt of the powder.  If you're like me, you know that you can't use every clove in a head of garlic.  There are little ones left over, too small to chop or mince.  So, here's a bit of Dave's advice on what to do with those little cloves.  Take a pokey thing (tool) and make a hole in the ground.  Shove in the clove and cover.  And wait.  Once you see it sprouting, you know it's busily making other cloves.

And yesterday I shared a picture of my peach blossoms.  Today it's the nectarine tree.  There are lots of blossoms.  Last year the squirrels got them all.  Let's hope that doesn't happen this year.

I saw where little Stevie Miller, Loser #45's favorite racist has formed a group to fight against the ACLU when they take a case to court.  He's another loser.  This man's going to die a bitter, old man in an ever shrinking community of biased, hateful white men.  Good.

Oh, and there was an amusing article in the Washington Post yesterday regarding the 2 groups who are refusing to get vaccinated.  Not surprisingly, they are the Republicans and the White Evangelicals.  Did you see what I just did?  I named one specific group, not two.  Yes sir, I am talking about one group whos buffooneries amazing.  Obviously they don't understand the virus will take advantage of their unprotected state.  Unable to infect those who have had their shot (s), and since natural immunity is only good for 6 - 8 months, Covid will continue to circulate among them, making them sick over and over again.  Oh, well, you just can fix stupid.

Tuesday, April 6, 2021


Okay, so I drove over to the store yesterday to buy baby veggie plants and an area rug and bought neither.  Evidently it's still too early in the season for the plants, except for herbs, your standard parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme.  As for the rug?  I didn't even go into the store.  I don't like going there on my days off.  If I need something, I'll pick it up before I leave.  So, if that area rug is still there tomorrow, I'll buy it as I'm walking out the door.

The dogs and I went for a walk.  They love walks!

My replacement phone charges!

And I rode over an hour on my bike, burning off 533 calories in the process.  There were three nice hills, and my legs were a mite sore last evening.

Here's what my peach blossoms look like this morning.

I saw where Mitch McConnell's flipping out because corporations are complaining about the Georgia election laws.  Evidently Old Mitch, and I'm not using that name loosely, doesn't understand these corporations employ many, many minorities.  Neither he, nor the Republican Party understand these corporations are just sticking up for their associates.  This is called loyalty.  Like Loser #45, Old Mitch and his party believe loyalty is purchased; you donate to our campaigns, we'll drop your taxes.

And a friend and I had a bit of a discussion on Americans dropping their church affiliations, mine being that Evangelical Christianity was one of the main culprits.  And lo, the Guardian hath sayeth unto the masses this beith the truth.  Now, how ironic is that?  Evangelicals are slowly killing their own religion.  "How can this be?" they cry out in disbelief, "for we are special.  We, and Loser #45, are the chosen ones."  Nope.

Monday, April 5, 2021

Crocodile Tears

 Well, yesterday turned out to rather fine weather wise.  Temps here in the heart of PA hit 71 (F).  I got a little yard work in, lots of loads of laundry, a little cleaning, and made shrimp lo mien for dinner - your usual Easter day agenda.  And in case you're wondering, no, I did not have an Easter bunny hunt for the dogs... they were too fast for me to catch.

Oh, and I got one of my jogs in.  I'm rather please to say I did a four minutes stretch where I was cruising along at 8.2 miles per hour. 

This morning I want to zip over to the store and pick-up my veggie plants for the season, as well as an area rug that's now at half price.  Having hardwood floors, I use a lot of area rugs, and every one was purchased after it had been marked down.  I guess this means you could classify my d├ęcor as cheap.

I'm also going to pick up my replacement phone this morning.  It will be nice to have a phone that actually charges again.

And as of yesterday, over 100 million Americans have been vaccinated.  One article said we were racing towards herd immunity.  With the number of variants croppy up, however, we may wind up having to get booster shots every year.  Since most understand that Covid is worse then influenza, this will be no problem for many.  For Republicans, however, it's another matter.  This means they will get sicker more often, and die more often, and weed themselves out of the gene pool faster then they believed possible.  No tears here.

And I saw that the number of Republicans believing the elections was stolen has dropped to around 50%.  This must gall the hell out of all those GOP congressmen who pushed the lie.  At the same time, however, I saw that around 72% of them feel voting should be made more difficult.  This is amusing since many of them are getting older, and many of them are refusing to get the vaccine.  I saw this in the Washington Post:

A party assured that it had a popular message and appealing candidates would seek to increase voter turnout. Instead, from Arizona to Georgia to Texas, GOP state lawmakers continue to push unnecessary new laws designed to suppress voter turnout.

This tells us that they are passing all this legislation because they know their unpopular.  They know they have to cheat to win elections.  Rather then learn to compromise, something our forefathers intended when they wrote the Constitution, they're simply going to try and say "screw you."  It's our job to teach them a lesson.  Oh, and prepare yourselves for their crocodile tears as they try and find another way to cheat behind your back.

Sunday, April 4, 2021

The White Gloves

 So, it's Easter Sunday and I'm quite pleased to say I slept in a bit and already have one load of laundry in the washer.  Work shirts.  Now, if you'll excuse me for a few minutes, I'm going to put them in the drying and pop in my 2nd load, sweat pants.

There, that didn't take long, did it?

I had a customer stop by the Flooring Desk yesterday who frequents the Paint Desk.  He took up about a half-hour of my time asking questions which always ended with 'don't you agree?'  His behavior hasn't changed since I used to talk to him about paint.  He never bought paint, but wanted to reassured his viewpoints had validity.  I don't remember him every buying paint, but he still shows up over there at least once a week.  He will never buy carpet.

There was also a couple who were interested in Plantation Shutters.  I set them up with an appointment for a representative to talk to them.   Shutters are very expensive.  They will never buy.

A few months back I purchased a small, inexpensive table to put beside my desk downstairs.  As I unpacked the parts and readied them for assembly, I found a pair of white gloves had been included.  I didn't use them while putting the table together, however they do come in quite useful when I'm handling the photo paper for printing off color pictures.  No finger prints.

And for some, today is important for religious reasons.  Notice, I didn't call it a holiday.  Holiday infers to a day that is supposed to be fun, a vacation away from work.  The Cracker Jack Crazies take today very seriously.  Me?  I'm going to drive over to my local Giant supermarket, and then clean up the dog crap in the yard.  I want to get in a ride or a run, it's been too long since my legs have done either.  For me, there is nothing holy about this day.  The fact that Easter is not a fixed day, but rather changes yearly should be an indicator it's not nearly as important as they want to believe.

Saturday, April 3, 2021

Sunny Optimism

 It's the weekend... well, almost.  My weekend begins tomorrow.  Oh, and it lasts for 3 whole days.  I'm excited.  And what am I going to do on my days off?  Oh, a little of this and a little of that.  The things I normally do.  The weather's supposed to be nice, so the dogs are going to get longer walks then usual.  The love walks!

Yesterday was simply just so - so at work.  I have a bit of an attitude, something created by working so many days without a break.  I've almost hit my sales goal for the week, something which should happen by the end of today.  Really, I don't do anything to get these people to buy.  I don't believe in high pressure sales.  Mostly, I treat people the way I want to be treated.  They seem to appreciate that.  Oh, and if they have pets, we talk about pets.  

I will be picking up my new phone tomorrow.  After that, I might drive down to That Fish Place.  There's a possibility I might put that little adventure off until Tuesday, since the forecasters are calling for drizzle.

If you're one of my readers helping me prep for the publication of The Body in the Loch, you might want to play this.  Think of it as sunny optimism with a hint of darkness.

And I understand Pro-Lifer's seedy little hearts are beginning to fill with consternation.  You see, the Supreme Court, which Loser #45 loaded with social conservatives to gain votes is dawdling.  There appears to be little interest on the part of the judges to pick up cases which will undercut, overhaul, or simply overturn Roe V Wade.  Now tell me, wouldn't that be rather amusing if all of those Evangelicals will have sold their souls to Loser #45 for naught?  This is what happens when desperation overrides sanity.  The inaction of those they've chosen will lead to bitterness as their imaginary wounds will never truly heal.  They will never get to experience Mr. Blue Sky.  That's a good thing, something they deserve.

Friday, April 2, 2021

In November

 So, I'm sitting typing this while I eat my breakfast.  For those who don't know, breakfast is almost always the same thing:  Oatmeal.  Well, not just oatmeal, I mix in dried cherries, almonds, walnuts and honey to make a tasty treat.

This is my Thursday, and I'll be honest, my attitude is beginning to suffer.  I will have had one day off in an 11 day stretch.  Work.  We can't live without it, at least not in the way most of us want.  Being comfortable is nice, without having to worry about bills.  Being able to purchase things we desire without having to put ourselves in debt for months at a time.  We have some seniors working part-time because they want to, the hours at the store get them out of the house.  We also have some who work because they need to, mostly to help them pay for their meds.  I'm not concerned about being in the latter group.  And I've also been thinking about going part - time.  Last night, Biggie woke me up a little after 0100 for a potty call, and as I was walking down the stairs to take him out I decided I was going to celebrate my next birthday by going part - time.  Then I realized that was 8 months away.  Shit.

One of the great things about writing fiction is that it's fiction.  This means I can create a swanky Egyptian nightclub, name it The Amen-Ra, and stick it in the heart of the French Quarter.

And isn't that Matty Gaetz growing slimier by the day?  I'm surprised those around him aren't wearing hazmat suits.

And Tony Perkins is on the verge of out psychoing  the actor Tony Perkins (who was much more attractive).  Evidently he's flipping out because Crack Head Pompeo's rules and regulations are being flushed down the toilet.  You see, his intumescent fantasies of making the United States into a bloated Evangelical bastion are shattering before his eyes.  Tough shit, Tony.  This is how life works.  Your little mythology doesn't have strong enough legs to keep it from falling down, and you anger and hatred is unequivocally weak.  The truth is you were born to fail.

Thursday, April 1, 2021


 Happy April First!  I don't do fool's jokes since I've always thought the jokes to be more about tricking people rather then fooling them.  Only the initiators seem to think their jokes are amusing.  And I have yet to meet a person on the receiving end who slapped their knee and roared with laughter.  Honestly, no one wants to be treated like a fool.

Yesterday was kind of boring at work.  I expect the same today since we have rain.  The forecast is for showers on and off, with temperatures hovering around 47 (F).  This is my hump day, no fooling.  After today I will have 3 consecutive days off.  I am anticipating those approaching hours.

Something has changed at work, however.  One of the managers picked a new radio station / playlist.  Mostly 80's music.  So now we're listening to ABC, The Eurythmics, Frankie Goes to Hollywood.  I have to chuckle whenever Frankie comes on.  I bought that double album, and I'll never forget my surprise at opening the jacket to find a giant penis inside.  That was rather bold and brave of Frankie, wasn't it?  Oh, wait, can I show this?  The blog's supposed to be rated PG 13?

Click to boldly embiggen

Well, I guess that was a bit of tomfoolery, now, wasn't it?  Actually, I don't know if the model's name was Tom or not, so tomfoolery might not be the correct word.

And Uncle Joe revealed his infrastructure plan yesterday followed by an almost ear shattering, collective shriek from Republicans.  They hate it when Americans are put first.  Most of them couldn't even give him a grudgingly nod of approval when he signaled out Amazon as paying no taxes.  You see, Republicans love their lie about trickle down economics and if we start taxing Amazon, we'll also start taxing other large corporations like AT &T.  Remember that big tax cut they gave AT &T?  Remember how AT&T made headlines by giving a meager portion of that back to employees?  Well, that gift only happened once.  Well, AT&T was one of those corporations still getting that nice tax break when Covid hit... and they started cutting jobs.  Believe me, there was no tomfoolery there.

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Carpet This

 Wednesday, March 31 - will the month go out like a lion or a lamb?  Well, rain is in the forecast, but not storms.  No hail or high winds are supposed to strike.  Do they even say things like that anymore?  Or is that is something we used to say back in my childhood? 

Yesterday was fine at work.  Hours were sketchy, but this is always the case here lately.  Spring hiring in in full force.  There will be lots of new faces.  Many of them will not be here two months from now.  Most of those who will leave will not be 'let go' because they were hired as temps.  Nope, a lot of them will simply stop showing up.  I should add that while many of the them are students, many of them are not. And neither race nor gender defines who is in this group.  They have never developed a work ethic and simply don't know any better.  These are the people who used to spend their lives working factory jobs, however, since there are so few factories now, they have moved to retail.  This is the way of the world.

I also had a customer ask me if we sold Camo Carpet...  Think about it for a second.  The answer is 'no.'  However, if you can buy if you are so inclined to camo your house.

The only thing missing is a MAGA hat stand

And what about Matty Gaetz and his 17 year old girlfriend?  He's claiming it's extortion, however the investigation was started over a year ago by the Justice Department.  And a GOP operative who flaunted his connections with Matty has already been charged with sex trafficking.  Ouchy!  And Matty's claiming he and the girl were just friends.  Of course, we all know Matty's an honorary member of the MAGA Hat Society.  Hhhhmm... I wonder what kind of carpet he has in his bedroom.

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Evolution of Religion

 Tuesday... and my work week begins again.

Yesterday was... busy.  I did several loads of laundry.  (Fun stuff!)

A new phone has been ordered for me.  My Pixel's been having battery issues.  At random times, it will turn itself off, and no matter how long it's been charging it never get's more than 50% charged.  Rebooting used to fix the problem for a while, but not anymore.  And, lucky for me, the phone is still under warranty.  So in a few days I should be getting the replacement.  That took up time yesterday morning.

Another thing taking up a bit of time was a 'chat' I had with Amazon Music.  I used to be able to buy new music from their App on my computer.  This is not longer possible.  That App is now just a library for purchased music.   To purchase music you need to go to Amazon or pay for a subscription to Amazon Unlimited.  While $8 isn't much if you listen to a lot of music, one of those who needs to hear the newest releases, for someone like me who only listens to music when I'm running, walking, or cycling, it's a waste of money.

And, look what's hanging my peach tree:

And what a Mitch McConnell wanting all Republican men to get vaccinated for Covid?  Has he no regard for Republican women?  Of course he doesn't.

Finally, I found this more then a little interesting.  Evidently church affiliation in the United States has dropped to below 50%.  You can bet this is making all those Cracker Jack Crazies shed bitter, burning tears.  According to projections, in 30 years there will be no singularly dominate religion in America.  Ouchy!  This is how evolution works, and yes, even religion evolves.  This will be a hard pill for many of the overly zealous to swallow... in fact, I dare say many may actually choke on this truth.  But this has always been the case with mythologies.  What will be the overriding belief system in the future?  I suspect something with a more philosophical lineage, where gods are not seen as actual beings, rather they will be a representation of belief patterns.  We shall see, won't we?

Monday, March 29, 2021


 Good Morning!  Today's entry is made up of a variety of stuff mostly because this is my weekend, both Saturday and Sunday all wrapped up in one.  Today will be spent doing laundry, hanging a few bits of art upon the walls, and playing Valhalla.  Tomorrow it's back to work for another 5 days in a row.  Now, doesn't that sound simply wonderful?

We had a lot of rain yesterday, so heavy at times you could hear it pounding on the roof of the store and then, just before I left, the winds began blowing away the clouds.  Nice.  The Temps are cool now, and the breeziness is still here.

I watched the last episode this year's The Expanse last evening.  I thought the ending weak.  Most of the 10 episodes were building towards a war between the earthers and the belters... and that really didn't happen.  The proto-molecule was released (in case you're interested), which means Thomas Jane will return for next season.

Tom's the one in the hat

One of the bits of big news is that the big boat in the Suez is moving.

And isn't Debbie Birx spilling her heart out?  Every time I glanced at the media yesterday there was some headline about her, or a phone call from the Spawn of Satan, or how she felt she might actually help by staying silent, or some such nonsense.  

Of course, there were more shootings.  Virginia Beach this time, I believe.  They're happening too often.  A day doesn't pass without a shooting headline.  And the embattled NRA is silent.  This is what they wanted: daily shootouts.  

And finally, I saw that Biden's approval rating has hit 75% for his handling of the pandemic.  That will also translate into higher approval ratings in other areas.  Republicans hate this shit.  Perhaps if they hadn't chosen to embrace the fringe elements of society they might get more respect... nah, that'll never happen.  They're too desperate to dictate and control to ever consider changing.  They don't care how low their approval ratings go as long as they're in charge.

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Faux French Cat House

 Today my 5th consecutive work day ends.  Tra la la!  And they're bringing in Mission Barbecue for our meal!  Part of our Success Sharing!  And tomorrow I have off.  I've already begun the laundry.  Nothing wrong with getting a bit of a jump start, you know.

The store was booming yesterday.  Warm sunny weather brings out the Spring shoppers.  In fact, we were so busy I spent about a half-hour on one of the garden registers.  Believe it or not, that can be a lot of fun.  Sure, there is always a chance you're going to come face to face with a legendary asshole, but that's how life is in general.  Most of the silly MAGA's have stopped wearing their hats.

Today, business will will be off.  Heavy rain is in the forecast.  In fact, the drops started falling just a few minutes ago while Biggie was out.  I toweled him off when he came in.  He loves that.  In fact, being briskly rubbed with an old, but still luxurious towel, is probably the only reason he will go outside in the rain.  That and a biscuit, of course.  I just bought 7 lbs of Gravy Bones, their favorite.

And I spent some time looking at old photos of old night clubs.  I was not impressed with The Stork Club, though back in its heyday it was the favorite watering hole in New York if you were a celebrity.  People were packed in like Sardines.  Ciros, on the Sunset Strip was more spacious, though all the draperies kind of give it that old faux French Cat House look.

And what about Debbie Birx now saying hundreds of thousands of lives could have been saved?  Guilt is a terrible burden.  Not being a particularly religious person, I don't know for sure but I'm thinking she believes simply being silent sold her soul.  Good.  Let her spend the rest of her days drowning in regret.

And finally, I understand Ted the Liar, went to the Mexican boarder and filmed some sort of mockumentary report... and all he did was earn people's laughter.  But then you laugh at fools and their mockumentaries, don't you?  Ted the Liar's future history was made when he decided to jet down to Cancun for a vacation during that horrific Texas Freeze.  Selfish, self-centered, and full of shit, this sucker's going down fast.

Saturday, March 27, 2021

I will not ruin my sausage

 So, it's day number 4 in my 5 day work week and, unfortunately, I had read my schedule wrong.  It's Monday that's one, lone, single day off before I have to work another 5 days straight.  Of course, after that it's 3 off work for before I have another mini-vacation.  Anything over 3 days off counts as a mini-vacation in my books.  Three day weekends?  They're just 3 day weekends.

I turned off my calorie counting for this most of this week because of our Success Sharing celebration.  We are being inundated with food and being a grazer, that counting calories simply doesn't work in times like these.  Yesterday we had Wendy's breakfast sandwiches all day.... let me repeat that, all day.  Their sausage and egg sandwiches were great.  I wasn't to wild about the chicken, while there was bacon, the chicken tasted honey dipped.  Not for me.  Some might find this surprising, but I don't like sweet meat.  When I go out for breakfast, my pancakes are always ordered as a side; ain't no way I'm dipping my sausage in syrup.

This is how you ruin a good sausage

And the white supremacist governor of Georgia signed a very restrictive voting rights law yesterday.  And, of course, there was an immediate response from America... and it was far from being one of approval.  Those white legislators of Georgia are now playing defense.  And, of course, there have been at least 2 legal challenges.  There will be more.  You see, those legislators want legal challenges.  They are praying this bill gets taken to the Supreme Court, where they believe the Conservatives will approve of the racism.  That's not going to happen.  It will be overturned by a lower court and the Supreme Court isn't going to touch it.  They will sit on it for a while, the way they've done with the gerrymandering cases, and then send it back saying it is something the state needs to fix.  Or, as in the Pennsylvania case where the State Supreme Court said the Republican gerrymandered map needed to be fixed, they will simply sit back and say the decision has already been made.  Oh, and this will take time.  The Maryland and North Carolina challenges took a number of years.  The Georgia racism is not going to be fast-tracked, so no matter how badly those legislators want to dip their sausages in the syrup, it ain't going to happen soon. 

Friday, March 26, 2021


 Oh My Gosh, it's Friday, also known this week as my Hump Day because my Friday is on Sunday, which is not Easter, that happens next week and is again my Friday.

Speaking of Easter.  I've got 2 mailers from churches advertising their 'services' on Easter Sunday.  One is actually and invite to a Zoom meeting.  Now, ain't that nice.  This is their way of Zooming me in to Jesus.  One of the adverts included a picture of Jesus surrounded by his disciples... and everyone was white with brown hair.  Can you guess which crowd this is aimed at?

Work was slow yesterday.  All those measures I got over the past week, however, are turning into sales.  As of last week, I've racked up over $110 thousand in the past 2 months.  Busy, I have been.  They will hate me for saying this, but I don't mind the slow down.  Honestly, I've been thinking.  Last year this time I cut my hours down to 30 a week which is considered part-time.  Those hours are guaranteed Spring, Summer and Fall, however not over the winter.  Right now, I'm banking much of what I earn.  This means it's time to pull out the calculator and look at the calendar.  And, of course, the change would only knock off about 10 - 12 hours a week.

And what about Dominion suing Fox News?  All they needed was one nut to crack and admit 'no reasonable , and that was Powell admitting 'no reasonable nutjob adult' would believe her lies.  Their little wall of deceit is starting crash down around their ears. 

Oh, and Biden ignored Fox during his first press conference.  It looks like the administration is going to treat Rupert Murdoch's tabloid video channel as just that.

Oh and the Georgia hate machine has passed an unbelievably bill of restrictive voting regulations.  You do know they're hoping this goes to the Supreme Court so the Conservative Majority give white Republicans what they truly want, a path to white dictatorship.

Thursday, March 25, 2021


 They're forecasting a high in the low 70's (F) today, though there will be drizzle and showers throughout most of the morning and afternoon.  I work, so I can live with that. 

I've decided to replace my dahlias with poppies.  Originally I thought of doing a separate bed, planting them among the ranunculus, but whimsy took over, and I'm sure that by now most of us know what happens when fanciful steps onto the stage.  

A fellow blogger opined that many masculine gay men are using their masculinity to hide their true effeminate nature, of course I had to disagree.  That's like saying lipstick lesbians are really hiding their true desire to shave their heads and buy a Harley.

Isn't it interesting that there was a bit of discussion on this blog about Kamala Harris not being in the limelight just a tad bit more, and then yesterday comes the announcement she's going to spearhead the immigration issue.  Damn!

And... of course, yesterday Rachel Levine was confirmed as Assistant Secretary of Health.  Two Republicans voted for her:  Murkowski and Collins,.  Rachel is now the highest ranking transgender woman in the Federal Government.  Can we talk about making history?  Or maybe the topic should be the evolution of America.  The prayers of so many Cracker Jack Crazy Christians that she be denied this position were left unanswered.  In fact, many of their prayers are being given the cold shoulder.  This is a lesson they cannot learn.

As for Rachel?  She's a Pennsylvania girl!  Now ain't that nice!  Let's give Rachel a round of applause!

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Political Humor

I get to go back to work today.  This is going to be one of those odd weeks.  Rain today, and tomorrow.  The temps are supposed to be warm, but few go out buying their garden supplies in a constant drizzle.  This is also the week of our success sharing bonus - I understand the theme is Circus, Circus, Circus.  We used to have big events where the entire store gathered together to celebrate.  Now we have safely distanced smaller events with more food.  I prefer the new ones over the old.  I'm not a big event, celebratory kind of guy.  Going to a big party is not my idea of fun.

Yesterday much yard work was accomplished, the dogs were walked around the block, and a played Valhalla.  Oh, and I went for a bike ride somewhere in Germany.  The rides are fun, though in a survey Tacx sent me, I noted more rides in America would be nice.  Right now there are 7, and they're GPS rides, meaning there is no real video, just a GPS map your icon moves across.

Polls indicate LGBT individuals are finding more and more acceptance in America.  You know this is driving the Cracker Jack Crazies... well, crazy.  I don't know if you've seen or heard about any of the Rants from Tony Perkins, but according to him America is teetering on the edge of a quick slide down into hell.  His real problem is that those accepting his mythological basis for hate are in the decline.  This has always been a problem with mythologies, time always reveals how much they're based on fiction. 

And now for a smidgen of political humor.  Sydney Powell has filed paperwork in her defense against Dominion's lawsuit stating no 'responsible' person would have believed her claims of election fraud.

This means Tucker Carlson is... has no sense of reason.  Neither does Rudy the 'G,' or Loser #45.  In fact, now Sydney is claiming that the entire Republican party, a group of individual who back her crackpot lies because it suited their purpose has no sense of reason.  I'm wondering if Rudy the 'G' is going to crack as well, and if he does, who's he going to blame.

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Cherry Blossoms and Belly Dancers

Yesterday was nice and sunny.  Temps rose all the way up to 70 (F) here. They were supposed to reach that high today, now, however, the forecast has changed.  We're only supposed to reach the upper 60's (F), which is still fine.  Tomorrow, when I go back to work, we expecting rain... and on Thursday as well.  Remember, we are in spring and April, with it's showers, is approaching.

I took a picture of the Spring Tree yesterday, even though I'm still waiting fora few more glass beaded ornamental birds.  It's kind of pretty with garlands of cherry blossoms and birds, and bees, and butterflies.  Some of the birds are foam with real feathers and need to be higher then Biggie's mouth.    

 I watched this yesterday in between cleaning out my peonies and uncovering my hostas and, since I'm just in the preliminary stages of The Body in Repose, thought a bearded, belly dancer might make an interesting suspect.

While I realize the Biden administration is still in fledgling status, I do think we need to see Harris having a more public persona.  I do know she was down in Florida talking about the need to get vaccinated, however she needs to be seen as more than simply a PR representative.  There are a lot of white men in the country who need to see her as a viable candidate for the white house and we can't wait until Biden's third year in office for this to happen.  Start early and finish strong.  This is not the time to find ourselves in a position where we need to play catch up since the Cracker Jack Crazies are not going to let up.  We need to blunt their wedge now.


Monday, March 22, 2021

This is how Evolution works

 And the new week, as well as my weekend, begins.  The temps are forecasted to hit the high 60's and tomorrow, if the forecasters are correct, Central Pa is going to have bushels of sunshine with a high that's going to hit 70 (F).  Now, won't that be nice.  Of course, that doesn't mean the other rather mundane household chores are going to be skipped.  Nope.  Laundry awaits.

Spring is definitely in the air, and I can tell people are jumpin' at the bit to put winter, as well as the past year behind them.  They're spending those stimulus checks as if there's no tomorrow.  This is what we're supposed to do.

Of course, so many of those 'jumpin' don't understand Covid is still here.  Too many think now that we have vaccines, the can do what ever they want.  Wrong.  Not the case.  Variants are out there, and they're nasty, more contagious and more lethal.  Covid keeps on changing.  There are people who seem to think this is just like the flu, and that it will go away.  Remember how it went away last spring?  The same thing is going to happen in spring of 2021.  Nothing has changed... well, one thing has:  MAGA's who refuse to get the vaccine with get sick, some will die, and then in 4 -5 months they'll get sick again.  Because of them, we are seeing how evolution works.

Like so many things which highlight their limitations, Conservatives don't believe in evolution.  They like to believe they were created special.  This is not the case.  The fact that the human species is evolving challenges their basic beliefs.  As a result, they are getting crazier by the moment as they desperately try and hold onto a past that is fading fast in the rear view mirror.  And evolution is moving at a breakneck speed.  Gone is the precept that millions of years need to pass before changes occur.  Humankind has never lived through a time like this, when the changes are happening almost faster then they can be documented.  History is happening, and it's not going to look kindly on Conservatives. 


Sunday, March 21, 2021

Breaking News

 Sunday slow day... and I think not, though this is my Friday.  Take note all you who work a Monday through Friday work week, I celebrate because tomorrow you will go back to the drudge and I will have a lay-in.  Well, probably not a lay-in, since the temps are supposed hit the high 60's (F).  This is spring, and the lawn work beckons.  

I picked up some ranunculus and poppy tubers yesterday.  They're going to be an addition to the my bulb bed out front.  The poppies are orange.  I had planted some a long time ago, after I had first moved in, and the 2nd year they turned scarlet.  And yes, I know, that means more digging in the dirt.  More grass being overturned means less that I have to mow and more that I need to weed.   I guess the only thing left to say is that spring has sprung.

And speaking of spring, Spring Break is preparing to take its toll down in Florida.  Remember last year?  How all of those jubilant merrymakers started a wave of Covid?  Well, it's happening again this year.  Goody.  This one will take more Republican voters and once again they'll whine that the elections are rigged.  They are one stupid group of selfish people.  

One of the headlines trending on reddit yesterday was "Fox News has turned the GOP into a death cult."  Oh... my, can this be true?  Of course it is.  You see, Fox News has become the Anti-network.  The anger and hatred spun out by their highly paid Entertainers like Tucker Carlson turns everything into a target.  This is their desperate attempt to grow their ratings.  They have become the anti-vaccine channel, not by out right damning vaccinations, but by sowing extreme caution.  They repeat things like "you don't really know what's in the vaccine, and just what it's going to do to your body."  This is not how you grow your ratings, unless your target audience is the uneducated and easily influenced.  They simply don't understand that dead people can't turn on the TV.