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Thursday, December 16, 2021

The Truth

 Holy Crap!  It's Thursday, and I'm scheduled to work a full 8 hour shift!  Of course, I'm off tomorrow.  Saturday is the last day I work this week.  Of course, the downer bit is that the schedule posted yesterday for 3 week out has me working 4 days.  Ouch.

While almost all of the reviews for West Side Store have been very good, I did see 2 that slammed the movie.  Andrea Gonzalez-Ramirez wrote for New York Magazine that the 2021 version, just like the first version, as well as the original Broadway show failed to truly show the Puerto Rican experience.  Richard Brody, from the New Yorker, cited the fact that one of the neighborhoods referenced in the movie was a black neighborhood and there was only one black speaking part in the movie.  I'm sure these people must have hated The Sound of Music, the most popular musical ever put on film, because the story is an almost complete fictionalization of the Von Trapp Family experience.  There was no escape from a music festival, no hiding in a nunnery, and no climbing over every mountain.  Nope.  The Von Trapps simply packed up their belongings, got on a train, and moved to Switzerland.  And as for the movie's portrayal of nuns?  Well, I don't believe there were any actual nuns cast.

This  Never Happened!

And aren't the Fox Fools funny, throwing their little hissy fits about their texts being made public?  I think so.  I also think it's rather sad that the red-handed lies are being revealed and instead of showing remorse or contrition, the part of the Orange Anus is simply lying even more, or denying the truth.  This is the 'do nothing' party showing their true colors.  They don't like democracy.  They want to be in charge of an authoritarian government that dictates.  We've heard it from them over and over again, so this should come as no surprise.  "Shut up!  We're in Charge."  This is why they needed to be voted out and taken down.


  1. Your right about the nuns in the Sound of Music. The one lead nun was played by a english actress, Anna Lee. She later went on to portray the part of Lila Quartermaine on General Hospital for 28 years till her death.

  2. Fox idiots acting like they have been saying all along that this was an insurrection and not some tour group.


  3. Good luck making it through your shift today mostly unscathed. I can only imagine how much "fun" it can be dealing with customers this close to Christmas.
    I have heard mostly good things about West Side Story but you are right about people shitting on it because it isn't authentic enough or they take a few liberties. Have a good one.

    1. specialty isn't too bad this close to Christmas. Funny thing about the PC Police, it was pointed out to one of them that several of the dancers were Cuban, not Puerto Rican, and by her purist standards they should have been fired. She had no comment.

  4. Oh, the Faux News loons being hypocritical assholes? Who would have thought? They were caught red handed but they'll show no contrition. They'll double back. It's part of their duty.
    And I have WSS in my watch list. I have heard mostly good things, too.


    1. Fox News has been phony for far too long to be taken seriously.