I've also been told I have little tact, so if this offends you simply ride on.

Friday, January 31, 2020

About your Johnson

Today is anything but your normal Friday.  For one thing, I am pleased to say that today really is my Friday.  I'm off for 4 days.  After that mini-vaca, my Friday will be on Sunday for 3 weeks.  I can deal with 40 hour work weeks as long as I get my consecutive days off, the fact that my schedule is fixed for the next three weeks is the cherry on the top.
Today is also Brexit day.  (Sigh)  Many Britons believed Bobo Johnson when he said their lives were going to be better.  Jobs they saw as being unfairly held by foreigners will move back to the continent as corporations move to a more safer financial environment.  Oops. Prices and unemployment are going to go up.  Washington does not see them as equal partners and as such will offer them a trade deal which will hit them below the belt.  Scotland will probably vote for independence and will probably rejoin the EU.  Life in the UK is going to change.  Bobo Johnson is wrong.  Here's a bit of slang for my readers around the world.  In America, your johnson is another name for your dick.  This quite accurately describes Bobo... and this is what he's going to do to the UK.

Today is also the day in which the Republican controlled Senate is castrate the impeachment process.  It's the only way they can keep their tinfoil dictator in power.  I saw where Collins says she will vote for witnesses.  You can be Moscow Mitch approves of this; he desperately wants her ass re-elected.  This is not going to help her.  When November rolls around, Susie's going to hear the snip, snip, snip of the voting public as they shear her from her position.
And just one final musing, a lot of Evangelicals feel the 10 Commandments should be not only posted in classrooms, but in every place the public gathers.  If that ever happens, they're going to have to snip, snip, snip and edit, unless they decided to just borrow the Idiot Jerk's sharpie and draw and line through 'Thou shalt not bear false witness.'  hhhmm.  Actually, I think the sharpie's the way to go.

Thursday, January 30, 2020


The dogs got me up at 0400, early morning potty calls, and instead of going back to bed for 45 minutes I turned on the coffeemaker.  I couldn't see the point in trying to get what would amount to another 35 minutes of sleep.  This is how things go sometimes.
I haven't ridden my bicycle since 1/26.  Looking back over my history, I can tell you it is that time of year.  Right now my focus is getting The Body in the Well in good enough shape so I can get copies out to the three readers who scribble and mark on the manuscripts before handing them back to me.  I'm also approaching the point where I just want to get it finished.  Since the first word was typed on 4/28/19, I spent 21,664 minutes, or 361 hours, working on the manuscript.  Last evening I finished Chapter 7 in the editing process, only 25 more chapters to go.  I'm hoping to shut the door on this stage in about two weeks.
Anyway, panic is really beginning to spread about the Coronavirus.  This morning, for the first time, I saw a comparison to the Spanish Flue of 1918.  I don't think my annual flu shot is going to help with this one.  One of the things our store has had to do is put a limit on how many dust masks customers can buy.  Asians really believe this is the way to go, though they are not the only ones buy masks.  We've also had a number of senior citizens interested as well, and not just in masks, in ventilators, too.  And there are what?  4 known cases in the US?  And evidently (this should strike fear into the bones of every hypochondriac) you can be a carrier without showing symptoms.  Keep in mind, the vast majority of those who do get sick survive.  This is not "The Stand."

And, speaking of standing, it looks as though the GOP is still desperately trying to push through an acquittal vote on the Idiot Jerk's impeachment without calling any witnesses.  That's their desperate attempt to keep him from being obliterated in the 2020 election.  They know they're going to fail, they're just trying to find the most cushy spot to crash.  And those senators voting for acquittal?  I'm sure some of them understand those votes are going to be career killers.  This is fine.  I'm waiting to see how many of them throw themselves on their swords trying to save a dead political party.  What a dishonorable way to go.

Wednesday, January 29, 2020


Okay, so here it is Wednesday and for a change today will be my Hump Day... kind of.  Since I'm not working a full week, I only get a few moments to celebrate.  Where's the champagne?
I didn't ride last evening because my quads were sore.  Back on 1/26 I rode I rode 13 miles on 'Crow Road, South Side,' a route in the UK which is two long hills with a valley in the middle.  I kept the gear low and pushed my legs.  That night I woke up as they started to ache.  Ouch.  On the 29th they were actually sore to the touch.  Soreness is not a bad thing.  Soreness means I used those muscles harder than normal resulting in very minute micro tears in the tissue.  I know this might be difficult for some to believe, but those tears are a necessary building block in muscle growth.  The new cells healing those tears build muscle strength, as well as size.  Tonight I ride again.
For those who keep track of such things, we are gaining about 2 minutes of daylight every day.  That will slow down as we approach perihelion.  Isn't that a nice word?  I learned it back when my brain was a young sponge soaking up everything it could.  Because of that, I get to squeeze it now and then and wonderful words drip out.  Perihelion.
I read where Crater Face Mnuchin is not too happy with the way trade talks are going with the UK.  I'm wondering if BoBo Johnson has come to understand those great deals the Idiot Jerk talked about were seriously one-sided.
And what about the Impeachment?  The Idiot Jerk's defense team wrapped up yesterday.  During their three days, his talking heads spent more time blaming then defending.  Isn't that always the case with Republicans?  Prepare yourselves... Moscow Mitch is going to delay the vote on witnesses as long as legally possible.  Even though a majority of Americans desperately want to hear what John Bolton says, having witnesses will be the death knell for the Idiot Jerk.  Witnesses will bring about the downfall of the Republican Party.  How do I know this?  Just look at Moscow Mitch's face.

Stewing in his own sin

Conservatives have reached perihelion... and it is cooking them alive while most of the Northern Hemisphere is shivering.

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

The Big Reveals

Oh, my gosh!  Here it is Tuesday already and I get to go back to work.  Luckily for me it's only for 4 days.  I'm sure I'll be able to endure the torment for at least that long.
The elliptical is gone... well mostly.  While some parts are still sitting on my front porch, others have already been snapped up by the scavengers who drive through neighborhoods prior to garbage day.  You know who I'm talking about.  Those people who fill their pick-up trucks with our throw-a-ways; the ones who see value in the old particleboard dresser, or the steel deck and rollers of an old Sole 95 elliptical.  And believe me, it took me a hell of a lot longer to put the thing together than it did to take it apart.  Now I have space.  I'll even be able to touch up my trim lines.

I went to see "Bad Boys for Life" last evening.  It was very entertaining.  The weak spot was... Will Smith who evidently the film was a star vehicle for his resume.  Martin Lawrence was much more entertaining.  The story was so... so.  I kept waiting for them to put the simple facts together to get a resolution.  Unfortunately that mystery had a lot to do with a reveal and so the story line dragged.  Except for a night club sequence which I thought was so 'been there, done that' ho-hum, the action kept you from thinking.  That's okay in a film like this.  It's designed to make money, not win awards.  I do have to mention Jacob Scipio, the villain.  Let me tell, this guy has no problem doing the twist.

And, of course, there is the Republican Circus they're trying to call an Impeachment Trial.  Vast numbers of Americans want to hear from John Bolton, a hard ass Conservative whose revelations are rattling the very foundations of the Republican Party.  They turned out in droves in 2016 to elect a Moral Degenerate and now the ugly truth is being revealed.  The Idiot Jerk's defense team has been left flat-footed because they they all looked crooked as hell.  There are rumors that when (and right now the 'when' is more likely than the 'if) Bolton testifies, they're going to shriek Executive Privilege.  The instant they do that, the Republican Party vacates their bowels all over their dinner plate.  Oops.  I only wonder how much damage Moscow Mitch will let happen before he squeezes his two minuscule cojones together and tells the Idiot Jerk that for the good of the party, he needs to resign. 

Monday, January 27, 2020


Monday, the second day of my weekend off.  I'm so sorry some of you have to go back to the drudgery of work.  That will happen to me tomorrow.  But only for 4 days, then I have another mini-vaca... 4 days off.
Yesterday I began the disassembly of my elliptical.  Today I'll complete the task. 

I can wait until the thing is gone, which is rather sad when you realize how much it's been used.  But then I think about all of the space I am gaining.  We're talking about a lot of square footage.  I can't wait to see what my writing room looks like when I'm finished.
I was wondering, does anybody know if the white Idiot Jerk in the White House Tweeted anything about the death of Kobe Bryant?  I didn't see or hear anything.  Of course, to do so might alienate his white supremacist base.  I guess he was too busy throwing a shit fit about John Bolton's forthcoming book... the one in which he details the Idiot Jerk's abuse of power.  Where Bolton says the Idiot Jerk is a lying sack of shit?  And, of course, there is a rising tide of voices clamoring for witnesses in the impeachment trial, something Moscow Mitch desperately doesn't want to do.  He's terrified the trial will stretch out, which is really unusual since Republicans love kicking dead horses.  Except this time it isn't a horse... it's a dead Republican elephant.  Sniff... sniff. And it's stinkin' up the whole country.

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Due Process

My weekend starts today, so I slept in the morning... but only by an hour. 
My chores for today are the usual: clean and do laundry.  Working on the book is a given.  That happens every day.  I'll also turn on the Xbox One.  Since Cyberpunk 2077 has been delayed until September, I've begun playing the original Mass Effect... for a 3rd time.  My character is more of a renegade this time through... can you imagine that... me... a renegade.
One thing that is going to be very good for today is that the sun will shine throughout.  The temps are going to be in the mid to upper 40's (F).  So far, this has not been a terrible winter.  We had rain from Friday into Saturday and the little snow we had was washed away.  This does not mean I didn't have to sit and listen to customers complain.  One woman griped about how "it rained all night... at least it wasn't snow."  I just sat there and smiled.  Some people can never be satisfied.
I also need to get a ride in today.  My total mileage to date is only 120.  To hit by goal of 2500 miles, I need to ride 209 a month.  There's no way I can ride 89 miles in the next 6 days.  The same thing happened last year in both January and February.  The fact that we still have a little over 10.5 hours of light per day is, I think, the main reason.  I do like to ride when the sun shines.
And don't you think it's funny that the Idiot Jerk's defense team, instead of offer a robust defense, is focusing their attacks on Adam Schiff?  There is absolutely nothing new and unusual in this tactic.  Those lawsuits against contractors?  His legal team did not provide reams of documentation on shoddy workmanship, rather he sued the contractors themselves, blaming them for offering services that were never going to satisfy the Idiot Jerk.  Attack rather than show innocence.  And quietly, behind the scenes, you know his team is terrified the Senate will vote for witnesses.... the last thing they want is for the dreaded Bolton to speak.
The people who read and critique my work have gotten dribs and drabs of The Body in the Well.  The first criticism I received was... "you started with the word 'and.'" I was told that was bad form, no writer begins a novel with the word 'and'.  And, of course, my retort was "well... I do."  This morning, walking into the writing room with my morning cup of coffee, I saw the open manuscript lying there and thought you might like to see what I see.

Don't you like the way it almost glows in the morning light?

Saturday, January 25, 2020


Hello Friday!  For some of you out there, however, this is Saturday and your weekend is now half over... awe.  My weekend doesn't start until tomorrow when some of you will already be dreading the return of your work week.  And next week, let me grab the salt, I'm only working 4 days before I have another mini-vaca.... That's right, another 4 days off.  Holy Hannah's Banana!
The dog collars I ordered a week ago arrive yesterday.  Because of their lateness, a credit had already been issued to my account - I'm Amazon Prime.  I notified Amazon, ready to return them, and I have to say... the woman I dealt with was so... dense.  She kept saying "we can give you a $5 credit because they are so late," and "your credit has already been processed.  It took me explaining for several minutes before she said... "as an exception this time, there is no need to return them, you can keep them."  Heavy Sigh.  So I shot a little video this morning of the dogs... wearing their new collars.

Editing "The Body in the Well" is going well.  Sixpence asked about nookie... sorry, no nookie. I write adventure mysteries in which the main ingredients are: mystery, suspense, and action (and a bit of humor).  This one is no different, except there are snakes.  I'll leave the nookie to the women who write gay romance novels.  Here's the intro:

Chapter 1 - Colorado.

“And there were gunslingers camped out on the ridge above the Uncompahgre.  A body had been found hung up on the rocks at the bend in the river, murdered for his three tiny nuggets of gold.  They were that kind of killers.  Knowing a posse was headed up from Rattler’s Den, they had chosen to rest for a few hours before heading down to Pope’s Pew.  In the smokey glow of their small campfire they waited, with nary a whisper among them.  They knew there was going to be hell to pay.”  Sunny looked at the tourist faces gathered around her, dressed in their brand, spanking new western gear bought specifically for this trip.  Sitting on their Palominos, they were expecting tales spun from the truth about the three ghost towns on the tour before she wrapped things up with the Bar-B-Que in Bartlett’s pear orchard.  Of course, she always cleaned the tales up, didn’t tell them Dan Bailey was shot in the back of the head, or that his entire gang, except for one, was killed in that final gunfight.  Even glossing over the details, the stories of gunslingers and the blood they spilt were gory enough for most.
 “Look,” one of the tourists shouted, pointing over Sunni’s shoulder to a spot on the ridge.   “Is that one there?  A gunslinger?”
Turning and using her hand as a visor, Sunny peered up, trying to pick out some motion in between the rocks and timber pines.  Ah, yeah, there it was, small and moving fast

Can you hear my evil laugh?

Friday, January 24, 2020


What can I say?  Friday's Thursday, for me at least. 
So, I took a credit for those collars last evening since Amazon said they were most likely lost in shipping hell.  This morning I checked... and they suddenly arrived in Camp Hill at 0355.  This means they'll be delivered at some point today.  Monday I'll send them back.  Principles, you know?  Every year I pay Amazon a certain $$ amount to be a Prime Member.  I do this for the benefits... like expedited shipping.  If I buy merchandise with 'Next Day Delivery' and it arrives 7 days later... well, that's failure.  Should Amazon say I can keep them for a highly discounted charge, then I might keep them.  Reliability is a building block of Principles.
And, speaking of Amazon... what about Jeff Bezos' phone being hacked by Saudi Arabia.  The first thing I thought of when I heard that was that this was another example of the Idiot Jerk in the White House abusing power.  He loves the Saudi's, they are very wealthy, and he hates Bezos, who owns The Washington Post.  That paper is critical of the Idiot Jerk in the White House.  Now, after finding out how the Idiot Jerk was handling aid for the Ukraine, wouldn't it make sense for him to apply his lack of principles to Bezos and ask the Saudi's to help?  This sort of shit is right up the Idiot Jerk's alley.
Last evening I began the corrections on the 2nd draft of "The Body in the Well."  This is the draft I give to my three readers, though this time I may have 4 people read it.  I'm thinking of sending a copy to my friend Patty, the Patty who lives in Beverly, Massachusetts.  I already have a Patty who is a reader, she's local.  I think that's kind of amusing, the fact that I'm going to have two Patties reading the book.
Finally, when I made a joke about the Coronavirus yesterday I was being seriously funny.  I actually read an article in which the author called it a 'pandemic.'  Could the Coronavirus turn into a pandemic?  Possibly.  Right now, in spite of all the press this disease is getting, it is less serious than the flu.  The worse influenza pandemic as the Spanish Flu of 1918 in which the mortality rate was 2.5%.  Those who have died have underlying conditions.  MERS actually has a higher mortality rate.  I do believe this is an instance where the media needs to be more principled in the information they are promulgating.  Some of them seem to have turned into The Weather Channel for viral infections.

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Peel This

Well, I'm still waiting for the dog's collars.  Because I've waited so, so very long, I am now eligible for a refund.  I'll wait a few more days.  The dogs aren't whining "where are our new collars," so there's really no rush.  I will, however, give the vendor a bad 'shipping' review.
This evening I'm going to the changes for "The Body in the Well."  Some of them are extensive.  This always happens when you're working off of a first draft.  Sometimes whole pages disappear.  I did get some sort of email from Kindle informing me that people have begun reading the earlier books through the Kindle Library.  That's not something I would do, I like a solid copy in my hands.
At work, our new displays are going up.  The Peel & Stick floor tile, which had been at the end of the aisle, is now beside the flooring desk.  There are Sales Specialists who are not going to like that one bit.  It's all about merchandising: you put a lesser value product next to the sales people in order for them to upsell to more expensive product.  It doesn't usually work, but that doesn't mean they're not going to expect us to try.  Besides, Peel & Stick are very durable.  They last.  You can even put spacers in between the tiles and grout them.

Anyway, quite a few Americans are paying attention to the Impeachment, and a large number of them want to see witnesses, Bolton and Pompeo in particular.  I doubt very much if that will happen.  The minute either of them step into the witness box the Idiot Jerk's defense shatters.  The Republicans will not allow that.  They'd like to get Biden in the witness box, not so much for his testimony, as to try and force a bad example.  Like every charlatan since the dawn of time, they rely heavily on smoke screens. 
And just what is the Idiot Jerk doing?  Well, he's going to the March For Life.  He will give the Crazy Christians everything they want in order to keep their votes.  Believe me, if he thought sacrificing goats in the Mall would keep them loyal, there would be goat carcasses from Pennsylvania Avenue to the Washington Monument.
Oh, and if the Impeachment isn't enough, we've got... what is it?  Eight days until Brexit.
Crap... and I forgot to mention the Corona Virus.

...   ... What?  It isn't named after the beer?

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Red Herrings

Remember those collars I ordered for the dogs?  Well, they're not here yet. As an Amazon Prime Member I get 24 hour shipping on most things.  I ordered them on the 18th, a few hours later they arrived at the shipping facility (Parkland, Md) and 45 minutes later those collars were out for delivery.   For those interested, Parkland is 124 miles away.  Right.  20 hours later I got a delay message: 'possible delay, product arrived at the wrong shipper facility.'  There was no activity on Sunday.  On Monday, they shipped from Parkland and in the same minute were delayed - wrong shipper facility.  The same thing happened yesterday.  I chatted with Amazon.  They gave me a $5 credit on my next purchase.  Of course, no one knows where the collars are.  Oh, and they were shipped through the US Postal Service.  If the collars don't arrive today, I can file for a full refund tomorrow. Yippee.
Yesterday afternoon I had the joy of sitting at my car dealership for 45 minutes while they reprogrammed my ignition coil...  My recall was not related to a specific part, rather, there was a glitch in the programming which on some occasions continued running the ignition after the motor started.  Everything is fixed now.  The code is in order.
red her·ring
/ˈˌred ˈheriNG/
  1. 1.
    a dried smoked herring, which is turned red by the smoke.
    put-up job
  2. 2.
    something, especially a clue, that is or is intended to be misleading or distracting.
    "the book is fast-paced, exciting, and full of red herrings"

Can you hear my evil laugh now?
And Moscow Mitch struck up the crazy, conservative, republican band yesterday and played the tune everybody was expecting to hear.  He is a desperate man struggling to keep the Idiot Jerk's base from questioning... anything.  He wants to make sure those little republican robots pull the little republican lever when they're in the voting booth 10 months from now.  He realizes the truth.  In 2016 droves of voters stayed away from the polls because they believe Hillary was going to win.  They may not have liked her, but they decided to stay home and let other Centrist voters put her into office.  While those voters sat on their hands, the Idiot Jerk's base showed up at the polls in droves.  In spite of that, he still lost the popular vote, slinking into office through the Electoral College.  In 2020, all those Centrists who didn't vote are going to lined up to pull the lever.  The Idiot Jerk is going to be fired.  Moscow Mitch understands this quite well, so he will do anything and everything to keep the republican base loyal.  At this point he's no doubt praying for a marginal lose by the Idiot Jerk.  Sorry, that ain't going to happen.  

Tuesday, January 21, 2020


Today is Tuesday and it's my day off.  The first non-working day after 6 in a row.  As is my habit, I slept in.  For me, 6 days is more than I want. And it isn't as though I don't have chores to do.  This afternoon Faulkner Subaru is doing some sort of recall check on my car, it's supposed to take a half hour.  Till the whole thing is done, I'm going to lose over an hour in the middle of my day.  And this is my only day off until Sunday.  Son of a Bitch!
Anyway.  The Devil's Food cake is gone.  I stepped on the scale this morning.  Holy Poundasaurus!  And here I am planning on frying up around 2 dozen egg rolls late this afternoon. 
For those who don't know... we're 1/3 of the way through winter, give or take a day.  So far the temps have been a tad warmer than usual.  They're forecasting rain on Friday, changing over to wet snow early Saturday morning.  Can you feel my excitement?
Another thing planned for today is the dismantling of my beloved elliptical.  The thing is nearly 12 years old and was used heavily, unfortunately no one wants a heavily used, old piece of exercise equipment, even if it's free.

You may think it looks small, but it isn't.  Size you know?  From the front to the back, it's 8 feet (2.43 meters) long and it's just as tall.  I ride bikes now and they are much more fun.
And, of course, the Idiot Jerk's impeachment trial begins today.  Moscow Mitch is desperately trying to control the damage as much as possible without making the situation any worse than it already is; the last thing Republicans want is for their base to start thinking.  He is walking a very thin line.  Voters need to believe the illusion that fairness is in play.  Of course, there are two definitions of fairness here, the Republicans believe kissing the ass of their tinfoil dictator is fair, they want him to stay in power, while the Democrats define fairness in terms of the constitution, that great document which binds us together into one nation.  Democracy will win out.  So many Blue elected officials are going to be fired in November.  And Moscow Mitch will go down in history as just one more loser who sold his soul to the Idiot Jerk in the White House.

Monday, January 20, 2020


Okay, so today is finally my Friday, unfortunately my weekend only lasts for one day.  Then it's back to work for another 4 days.  Not that much is probably going to be accomplished.  Our most $$$ productive aisle is going to be shut down in order to do a reset: new racking, new displays, new products... and it just happens to be our vinyl flooring / laminate / hardwood aisle.  Oh, dear is me, I should have taken some vacation time.... No.  Because of the slowness of the season I'm only being scheduled 32 hours per week.  That's fine with me.
And, as I wend my way through the first edit / reading of The Body in the Well, I include certain teeny weeny details... like who gets to carry the Baretta.
Not this one:

This one:

Oh, my, I think I just dated myself, didn't I... did I just make a pun?
Anyway, I read where Crazy Al Dershowitz spit out some inanity about the Idiot Jerk in the  White House... about even if he's found guilty he should remain in office for the rest of his term.  Also, depending upon who you're reading, this ding dong dandy is either intimately involved with the defense team... or he's only an adviser circling in some far flung orbit.  Personally, I think Al's main goal is to send up Flak.  For those who don't know, the Nazi's started using Flak in WW2 and is the detonation of hundreds of smaller explosives around bombers and other enemy aircraft, the main purpose being to make them crash.  This sounds about right for the Idiot Jerk's defense team.  There's no way they can win on truth.  In case you don't know what Flak looks like, here's a pic.

This is probably the best picture you're ever going to get of their defense strategy.
And finally... Hello Ecuador!  Thank you for reading my blog!

Sunday, January 19, 2020

In the uncharted waters of Crazy Land

Can you believe we're at Sunday already?  I mean, the time is simply flying by.  Only 5 days ago I was bemoaning the fact that I needed to work for 6 days in a row.  That stretch ends tomorrow!  And here I thought I my need to take a day off to reset my mind... wait, at this point in my life I don't think I can reset the damn thing.  Looks like the world is stuck with me the way I am. 🙌🙌😈😈
We did get some snow yesterday, about 2 inches, plus a thin coating of sleet.  I waited until this morning to shovel... that's right, my walks and most of my driveway have been cleared.  Now, ain't that nice?
I've also ordered new collars for the dogs.  Choosing a pattern is always important.  I never get leather collars, they simply don't last.  Not with 2 dogs who see collars as handle to drag and pull at each other's neck.  Nope, nylon's the way to go.  Right now they have expensive collars that were fluorescent green for about a week before the color started fading.  They were also had reflective threads running through them, the idea being they were going to glow in the dark.  Nada.  Never happened.  This time I went cheaper.

And, of course, the Idiot Jerk's defense team appears to be a number of Michael Cohen clones.  Now, isn't this to be expected?  In the Idiot Jerk's mind, litigation has always been the way to go, and, since quite a number of Evangelicals feel the Idiot Jerk was sent by God, they have no problem with this.  The fact that there isn't a single minority on his legal team is fine.  In their dark little hearts they realize he's a wanna be white supremacist... and they're fine with that, too.  What makes this interesting is that the highest ranking Republican in Virginia has warned white supremacists and other hate groups to stay away.   The ugly truth is that the Idiot Jerk in the White House doesn't care if something ugly happens in Virginia.  He will do and say anything to keep his base loyal, even if it means taking them into the uncharted waters of Crazy Land.

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Every Day

I celebrated my Hump Moment last night with a cup of tea and a small dollop of whole milk.  I will have to stop off at my neighborhood Giant on my way home from work to pick up another half gallon.  Here's hoping the traffic isn't too bad.  We're supposed to be getting snow, and ice, and rain... maybe as much as 2 inches.  If they had kept their forecast of between 4 and 8 inches I would have used a personal day.  Rats!!
The weather is going to damper on business today.  Lucky for me, I have an appointment, not that it will amount to much.  The couple is having their kitchen remodeled.  The 'footprint' is being changed (cabinets are being removed and an island added).  Even if they choose to put down tile or hardwood, we can't send someone out to measure until the demolition is complete.  This is going to take me about 10 minutes.
And I did get some bad news the other day.  "Cyberpunk 2077" and RPG which was supposed to be release on 4/20 has now been delayed until 9/17.  Son of a bitch.  The only game being released that I might have any interest in playing is "Doom Eternal," a First Person Shooter.  The problem with First Person Shooters is usually their story, if I don't find it interesting I simply stop playing the game.  Here's a gander.

Oh, and I saw where the Idiot Jerk in the White House drew a direct line between the 2nd Amendment and White Supremacy yesterday.  You know?  The authorities in Virginia arrested 3 leaders ahead of a Gun Rights Rally.  And the Idiot Jerk in the White House claimed that arresting those 3 individuals was a direct attack on the 2nd Amendment.  I'm sure that received a rousing cheer from his white supremacist base.
And there was also the tidbit about Alan Dershowitz joining his defense team.  You remember Al, don't you? He got OJ Simpson acquitted. And don't forget the Jeff Epstein plea deal.  And Kenny Star is on the team, too.  Remember Baylor?  Oh, my.  Republicans and Evangelicals will accept any moral degenerate as they struggle to retain power.  Every day, more of the Idiot Jerk's true nature is revealed.

Friday, January 17, 2020

The Perfect Phone Call

Since I'm working on a six day stretch, at some time this evening I will have my Hump Moment.  Originally I had thought to take a personal day tomorrow because they were forecasting snow and that seemed like a good excuse.  Well, the forecast has changed somewhat.  We're still supposed to be getting snow, however the total accumulation has been downgraded to about an inch.  Calling off because of an inch of snow would be embarrassing.  The temps will be colder, but that doesn't seem to be enough to ferry in some of the white stuff.  I hope we gets some, just for the dog's sake.
Unfortunately, I didn't get to follow any of the impeachment proceedings yesterday... my phone failed to charge the night before and I didn't notice it until I was on my way to work.  There is a charging station in our lunchroom, but my phone so I gave it a shot and... my phone didn't charge.  Not too long ago I purchased a new charging cable and that worked, but now there seem to be issues with that.  I am thinking it might be the port on the phone.  In about 2 months this phone is going to be 4 years old.  I don't really want to spend the money on a new one, but I might.  I'm looking at one of these.  My only concern is... well, how perfect would my calls be.

And, as for the impeachment, nothing but pomp really happened yesterday.  Well, that's not quite correct.  A nonpartisan watchdog group declared the Idiot Jerk broke laws with his decision to withhold funds from the Ukraine.  The Idiot Jerk, himself, Tweeted an all-caps complaint about being Impeached for making a Perfect Phone Call.  People mocked him for that mostly because he was actually impeached a while back, but also because no one knows what the Perfect Phone Call truly is.  Think about it.  Is the Perfect Phone call like the Perfect Storm?

Obviously the Idiot Jerk in the White House wanted the Ukraine to Feel his Fury and to do that he withheld aid.  And the Evangelicals have no problems with this...   Can you think of a better way to demonstrate compassion?