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Thursday, January 30, 2020


The dogs got me up at 0400, early morning potty calls, and instead of going back to bed for 45 minutes I turned on the coffeemaker.  I couldn't see the point in trying to get what would amount to another 35 minutes of sleep.  This is how things go sometimes.
I haven't ridden my bicycle since 1/26.  Looking back over my history, I can tell you it is that time of year.  Right now my focus is getting The Body in the Well in good enough shape so I can get copies out to the three readers who scribble and mark on the manuscripts before handing them back to me.  I'm also approaching the point where I just want to get it finished.  Since the first word was typed on 4/28/19, I spent 21,664 minutes, or 361 hours, working on the manuscript.  Last evening I finished Chapter 7 in the editing process, only 25 more chapters to go.  I'm hoping to shut the door on this stage in about two weeks.
Anyway, panic is really beginning to spread about the Coronavirus.  This morning, for the first time, I saw a comparison to the Spanish Flue of 1918.  I don't think my annual flu shot is going to help with this one.  One of the things our store has had to do is put a limit on how many dust masks customers can buy.  Asians really believe this is the way to go, though they are not the only ones buy masks.  We've also had a number of senior citizens interested as well, and not just in masks, in ventilators, too.  And there are what?  4 known cases in the US?  And evidently (this should strike fear into the bones of every hypochondriac) you can be a carrier without showing symptoms.  Keep in mind, the vast majority of those who do get sick survive.  This is not "The Stand."

And, speaking of standing, it looks as though the GOP is still desperately trying to push through an acquittal vote on the Idiot Jerk's impeachment without calling any witnesses.  That's their desperate attempt to keep him from being obliterated in the 2020 election.  They know they're going to fail, they're just trying to find the most cushy spot to crash.  And those senators voting for acquittal?  I'm sure some of them understand those votes are going to be career killers.  This is fine.  I'm waiting to see how many of them throw themselves on their swords trying to save a dead political party.  What a dishonorable way to go.


  1. our senator toomey (fuckhead) wants no witnesses; casey does. I e-mailed Toomey, told him what a dickwad move he was making, and that I would remember this move come the next time he runs for re-election.

  2. Everybody should call or email their senators to have them ask for witnesses! Ugh. IMPOTUS needs to learn he’s not above the law.
    The whole coronavirus is confusing. Hopefully it won’t spread.
    January is a hard month to exercise. I barely go for my walks anymore. Too fucking cold.


  3. I see just now that WHO has declared the China virus an international emergency, so I guess you'd better order some more masks!

    1. The population is about 330 million and people are panicking with 4 cases, what are they going to do when we have 20?