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Sunday, September 13, 2020

The Fun Stuff

 Well, it's another lazy sleep in Sunday, the best way to begin my 3 days weekend.

Now, don't get me wrong, I do have chores to do, laundry.  Being the clothes horse I am, laundry is always essential.  Still, I do have 3 days in which to do every blessed load.  (That's pronounced bless - ed.  Believe me, the only deity blessing my undies is the holy Arm and Hammer).  That's right, I don't use Tide (y) on my white (ies).  There, isn't that bad for a Sunday morning?  Don't think about it too long.

The weather is being... nice.  Originally rain was in the forecast for today, we got the drizzlies yesterday.  Since that has already happened, we're due for some low 80's sunshine.  I'm hoping the stanky heat of the summer is now over.

I watched "Project Power" last evening with Jamie Fox and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  I found it entertaining, though some of those 5 minute super power pills lasted a little longer than 5 minutes.  I checked and was surprised to see that Gordon-Levitt is 39 years old.  Damn!  Seeing kid actors age before my eyes is... strange.  If they were to make a movie out of any of my books, at least for right now, I think he'd make a good Eli.

Because the weather is so nice, I have the back door open.  The dogs can go in and out when ever they fancy.  They like that.  I like that.  No getting up and having to open the door every time they see a bunny or a squirrel.  We're going for a walk later this morning.  This is the fun stuff of life.

Later on I may bake a blueberry cobbler... or possibly for dinner a zesty Kung Pao Chicken.  Both are yummy!


  1. I agree about eli!

    I am slow cooking a pot roast for dinner tonight.

    I have had the air conditioner off for days now. it's lovely.

    1. My ceiling fans are on, but the windows are open... and it's nice.

  2. I have NO idea what's for dinner, and I'm the cook tonight!

    We've had cool nights, but the days kinda warm up a notch.

    This is day three of my weekly for day weekend due to COVID. I could, and will, get used to this.

  3. Kung Pao chicken!!!! Cobbler! Yum! Please share pictures if you made them.

  4. I found the premise of Project Power very interesting. Reminiscent of what J. Marion Sims did. And yes, Joseph is a man, now. A very handsome man at that.
    And you wrote Arm and Hammer and I read Armie Hammer. Yep, I'm gone.


    1. If Armie wants to do my laundry? Well, I'm not going to object.