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Sunday, November 29, 2015


I went to the Colonial Park Mall today, hoping to return my Mom's FIOS box to the Verizon store and, as I was approaching the last red light before turning into the parking lot, I noticed that the brown pickup in front of me was boasting a 'Trump 2016' bumper sticker.  The light changed red and I stopped, however, the driver of the pickup truck drove right through it.  Damn the cross traffic, he was not going to stop, the sign of a true Trump supporter.  There are a lot of them out there, you know?  Trumplodites:  white, high school education or less, both racist and bigot, and blaming the Democrats for everything they don't like.
And every time Trump makes a public appearance he throws his Truplodites some rancid red meat.  He calls Mexicans 'rapists and killers' and his Trumplodites cheer him on.  He insults Carly F.'s looks and they shout with joy!  "This guy tells it like it is," they squeal.  He lies about seeing thousands of Muslims cheering on 9/11 and his Trumplodites begin stomping their feet in unison.  He says all Muslims in the United States should be registered, and, though they cover their mouths with their hands, they still cheer him on.

And they do this without comprehending that Americans came, as immigrants to this country, to get away from rulers and dictators like Trump.  They do this because he feeds them rancid meat.  They are his pet Trumplodites.  Their cheering and their squealing and their stomping of their feet warms the cockles of his heart.  He brings out the worst in America, and, not surprisingly, most of the worst in America happen to be Republicans.

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