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Monday, July 8, 2024

What Americans Think

 We have heat warnings again for today with temps expected to be in the mid to upper 90s (F).  The same warnings are in effect for tomorrow.  Wednesday, it looks like we're going to be getting some rain, though I suspect they will be spotty at best.  We're in the dry days of July and August, when rain is usually a tough commodity to come by, so unless we get the remnants of a tropical storm or hurricane we can't expect much in the way of precipitation.

Work was boring yesterday.  Not a lot of customers.  This is normally a slow time of year.  People plan and go on vacations.  Kids are home from school.  Most importantly, when it's as hot as it's been, people don't want installers keeping door open and letting the expensive cooled air out.  Spring and fall are our best times for installation.  Corporate understands this, that's why are measure quota drops.  At least they understand one thing about the economy.

I've bought a couple of pair of walking shorts in anticipation for my trip to Greece.  Some are new, some I picked up at Community Aid.  I've never been a clothes horse.  This means I don't need to dress up, just look presentable.  

And this is one of my short weeks at work: today, Thursday, and Sunday.  I took Saturday off because I have a memorial service to attend in the afternoon.  It's one of those outside affairs where the deceased's ashes, per her wishes, are going to be floated down a stream... I'd say I was going to take pictures, but that might be too tacky... or then again, maybe not.  We shall have to wait and see.

Well, I guess it's time I started working on this.

One of the things that bites my ass is Democrats suddenly asking Biden to step down.  Mostly, I think, they're doing it because they don't think he's going to get the votes in November.  Believe me, if he's nominated, he going to get the votes.  At the same time, should he step down, I don't think it really matters who the Democratic nominee for president is, he (or she) is going to get the votes.  This is not a beauty pageant.  Voters are not that stupid.  They're not going to vote on what the New York Times says, or NBC news, they're going to vote on the issues.  While some might see the words Status Quo as being too normal, that is what American wants,  Status Quo is balanced, unchanging, something that you can count on.  America wants reliability.  Americans don't want an authoritarian government telling them how to live their lives.  That's what they see when the look at the Republican party.  They look at the Supreme Court's ruling on Roe v Wade, and at court's recent immunity decision, and they don't like what they see.  They don't like Project 2025.  People are very pissed off about that, and Republicans, in their own tiny minds don't care what a majority of Americans think.  Republicans just want to say "shut up!  we're in charge!"


  1. Rather than ask him to step down, howsabout coming out strongly in support of him and his agenda, which has done pretty well so far?
    Band together!

    1. I agree Bob. Right now our party looks in complete disarray. I feel sorry for Biden. Hell...even if he gets in and passes away in his next term...Kalama would still be a better choice...then the party of ROT taking over.

    2. In spite of how it looks, there's more organization than the MSM thinks.

  2. I have read that there's MANY things that a candidate has to do and complete before they run. Nobody could do that before November. The money Biden/Harris have is also for THEIR campaign. It cannot be just transferred via Venmo.
    People asking for Uncle Joe to step down are idiots and are working for Cheeto and Project 2025. Idiots.
    Also, Biden IS the best man for the job.


    P.S. I'd try Duolingo or Babbel to get into Greek. You need a system that lets you practice speaking the language and gives you chunks to learn (as in 'where is the restroom?) without dwelling in grammar too much. You need communication.

    1. He can't just step down. This is the work of the MSM, they think that if Trump gets in office they'll all be rich and the reverse will happen.

  3. I hope you bought short shorts!!!!! What with your legs.! Who knows maybe you'll come back with a Greek man!

  4. In 1932 there were elections held in America and Germany. America elected a man crippled by polio, some said he was unfit and unelectable. Germany elected a man with a crippled mind, many said he would save their country.
    Today in America we have a similar situation, one man is said to be too old and unelectable, while the other one it is said will make America great again.
    I would rather go with the man too old (Biden) than the criminal with a crippled mind (Trump). Vote blue, our great nation has gone through many tribulations, let’s keep the evolving democracy envisioned by our founders in 1776 not the sickness espoused by the loons of project 2025. -Rj

    1. I like to tell people that America is great, it's the Republicans who aren't.