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Saturday, July 6, 2024

What A Stinker!

 Our temps are predicted to stay in the mid 90s (F) again today.  If you went outside yesterday, you realized what a sweaty, stinker it was. If humidity had a value, yesterday was rich, and the same is predicted for today. For the last 2 years, we lucked out, our summers were cool and comfortable, this year that trend is broken.  The temp in the training, cycling, upstairs computer room was 78 (F), and as the day progress it is only going to get warmer.  Since that's the room where I ride, and walk, and row, and throw around my dumbbells, that locker room bouquet does tend to fragrance the air.

I did hit the nature trail at Adams-Ricci yesterday, in spite of the heat.  My only issue was a mother with 4 young children, each with a brightly colored, plastic butterfly net hit the trail before me, so I revised my route.  They were probably disappointed, because there are no butterflies fluttering about in the rocky shadows of that path.

For some reason, I have a problem with touch screens, especially cellphones.  Even with the sensitivity set low, it's not necessary for me to actually touch the screen to activate an app and so it's not unusual for me to put my phone in my pocket with Garmin Connect, or Accuweather burning up my battery.  Because of this, I always use a wallet phone case.  My old one has gone ratty, and my new one should be arriving Monday.  

I think this is important.

So, Joe Biden gave his long awaited interview on ABC News yesterday.  I didn't watch it, not even a snippet on YouTube.  He's an old man who desperately want a 2nd term to add to his legitimacy.  I'll admit that our choices this election cycle are not the best, but one is far superior.  This November Americans will get to choose the path this nation walks, one of Democracy, or one of Authoritarianism.  One guy wants to be president, the other a dictator modeled after his blow bro Vlad Putin.  Biden represents a group that is far thinking, while Trump heads up a group that simply want to shriek "shut up!  We're in Charge!"  The problem with the "shut up, we're in charge" group is that they don't understand America.  They don't want to.  Understanding is something they don't want to reckon with, yet it will reckon with them should they win.  All you need do is look at the Abortion Ballet Measures to see this is true.  It will not be pretty for them, and when the dust settles the Republican Party will be shattered, and those red states lying broken in the dust.


  1. The vote is not just for Joe, but for his team, for Democracy, for America.

  2. I'm with you on the touch screens. Although I love my ear buds, as soon as I take even one of them out of my ear my bloody phone starts trying to call someone from my contacts list!!!!

    1. And for me, it's always something that drains the battery in minutes, or so it seems.

  3. It’s true vote blue ! :)