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Friday, May 22, 2020

His ass is Grass

I am now halfway through my work week.  I'm excited.  Can you tell?
I did have to suffer through a bit of a catastrophe yesterday.  The wrist band on my Fenix 3 began falling apart.  There's no chance of it falling off my wrist, but it now flops a little bit.  I ordered a new one that's supposed to arrive tomorrow, army green.
After a day off the bike, I did put in some mileage yesterday as well, 14 to be exact.  The San Remo Cycleway, considered to be the 'best cycling path ever.'

Bicycles only
There are 3 lanes: two for bicycles and one for pedestrians, no traffic for over 14 miles.  Loverly.  this was the 4th time I've done this ride, which means Strava has started ranking my times.  After logging in over 16,000 steps at work, my legs felt a bit slow and I thought I was going to do poorly.  Wrong.  Fastest time ever, by 34 seconds with an average speed of 17.8 mph (.3 faster than the 3 early rides).  I was happy.  
If you want to look for them, there are pics of the Idiot Jerk in the White House wearing a face mask as he toured the Ford plant in Michigan.  His was black, of course, covering his mouth of doom.
He also said if there's a bit spike in Covid - 19 this fall the country is not going to shut down (I don't think I need to repeat that for you).  He needs the economy to be booming if he wants to get re-elected.  An interesting read in the NYT opined that Covid - 19 has done brutal damage to his campaign.  For him the economy has always been the key to another 4 years, so he downplayed the virus.  Bad mistake, but then he has a history of bad business management.  By the time his team realized the seriousness of his mistake it was too late, and then he made another bad business decision:  he was going to turn the daily briefings into mini-rallies to celebrate his successes.  People turned in for the science, not the Ego.  The more he talked, the more people realized he was a dumb fuck.  His only choice was to pivot back to the failing economy.  That's a no win situation for him.  Since his odds of getting re-elected are in slow motion freefall, he's going to go pedal to the medal.  He doesn't care how many die, without the economy his ass is grass and the American Voters are going to mow him down.
Finally, a bit of fluff on Alexexandria McCabe (aka Tara Reade).  And the NYT is reporting that there's no record of her obtaining a Bachelors Degree under either alias at Antioch University, in fact, that learning establishment is refuting her claim.  For years she provided 'expert' opinions in domestic abuse cases and now many of those rulings are now in jeopardy.  Her shit storm is just beginning.  Lawsuits will be filed.


  1. reade is a gold digging lying ugly cunt.

  2. San Remo, huh? Fancy, that ride.
    And about Cheeto: he's going to try to keep the country open without any regards to lives lost: he, like most Repugs, is counting on the mainland not being affected. Most of the victims are essential workers who happen to be overwhelmingly black or what. Not a big loss for him, right?
    Wrong. The virus is gonna reach his beloved pockets of white anxiety and then the shit will hit the fan. Not to mention that he alone can keep the country open when the virus spikes again (and it most probably will).
    As for Ms. Reade, it was shady from the beginning. Like you said, the shitstorm is just beginning.


    1. Actually, he doesn't care who dies as long as he gets enough votes this Novemeber.

  3. He actually said something I agree with ... he looks a little better wearing a mask.

    1. Even better if there's a strait jacket attached.

  4. I felt immediately there was something off with Reade, turns out much worse than I thought!
    The best campaign speeches for the democrats are giving by donald trump these days!

    1. Yeah, she's like a tuna sandwich that's been left out in the sun for a couple of days.

  5. I Loved the Comment about 45's "beloved pockets of White Anxiety" that sixpence coined... that might become my favorite Label for them now!