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Saturday, November 28, 2020

The Recount

 Good Morning People!

Black Friday has come and gone.  There were no big crowds, though Garden (Christmas) and Hardware (Tools, Tools, Tools) did a bang-up business.  My department was on the slow side.  This is normal.  Most people don't go carpet shopping on Black Friday.  This doesn't mean we didn't get questions about what we had on sale.  Lumber gets them, too.  Like who in their right mind would actually think we'd run a special sale on 2 x 4's?

Grace the Spider has disappeared.  Does anybody know what happens to spiders in the winter?  Do they hibernate?  I'm off tomorrow, so I'll broom away her web, it is rather voluminous.

I'm at that point in The Body in the Loch (around 60,000) words where there is a moment of importance, an occurrence which kicks things into a higher gear.  In The Body on the Lawn it was a trip to a dance school in Baltimore.  In The Body in the Tower it was a candy incident.  So what is the moment of dramatic intensity unfolding in Dun Adair, Scotland?  You'll have to wait and see.  Oh, and for those of you wondering, I'm at Day Four.  Eli and Max always solve their murders in 5 days, so they are ready to hurtle towards the denouement. 

My 80 something reader is retiring, so I'm in the market for a third party to help with the proofreading.

And here in Pennsylvania a Republican judge, appointed by the Idiot Jerk in the White House no less, handed the Idiot Jerk another plate of shit yesterday.  The Court said they are not going to throw out several million Pennsylvanian votes on groundless conspiracy theories.  Of course, Giuliani and his minxy little Cracker Jack Christian cohort shrieked they were going to take the case to the Supreme Court.  The longer this continues, the more absurd the Idiot Jerk looks.

Oh, and that recount the Idiot Jerk paid for in Wisconsin?  They found more votes for Biden.  Ouch.

And my dusty Christmas Cactus is once again bursting into bloom.


  1. "Like who in their right mind would actually think we'd run a special sale on 2 x 4's?" - uh, a dumpturd?

  2. My favorite _____ Voter Fraud story is that he spent $3M in Michigan to check the vote and it turned out they miscounted ...and Biden got 132 MORE votes.

    For $3,000,000.00!!!!

  3. When it's cold, in areas like ours...some spider species go through a process of cold-hardening to survive the winter. Beyond the chemical transformation in their bodies, many spiders seek shelter in piles of rocks, leaves or wood. Once snuggled up, spiders enter a slowdown state called diapause similar to hibernation.

    1. I'm going to get rid of her web because it's way too big and I'm afraid I'll walk into it with my head

  4. Raising my hand to be a proofreader Dave.

  5. I have offered before. I would love to proof read your work.

  6. Thanks, shoot me an email.