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Monday, April 13, 2020

Republicans Need a Scapegoat

It's Monday and I get to go back to work!  I get to go back to work!  I get to... wait, I've been working all along.  When do I get to stay at home?
Yesterday was an odd day at work.  We had a lot of celebrants in the store.  One woman argued with an Assistant Manager because some of the cashier were wearing masks.  Neither she, nor her husband, were wearing masks.  No gloves either.  And she thought wearing them inappropriate, that they were frightening people.  That's right, she said inappropriate.  Damn Republicans.
Otherwise, lots and lots of little plastic Easter eggs were hidden around the store for associates to find.  Three of them had Gift Cards in them.  The rest of the eggs had candy inside.  I prefer candy over gift cards.  Candy is yum.  Weighed myself this morning and found I had gained 1.8 pounds, and that was after riding over 14 miles yesterday afternoon in San Remo. 
Weather is supposed to be crappy today.  Storms with some high winds.  That will keep the customers down at the store.  I am putting together a list of things I'll need to buy as I'm off tomorrow.  I also plan at stopping off at Giant on the way home.  As a single person living alone, I don't have a lot that I need. 
Evidently there's some sort of petition going around to have the guy in charge of WHO fired.  This is from Fox News, so I'd say it's very safe to say that most of those signing this are Republicans.  You know how they are.  Always find a scapegoat.  Always blame someone else.
And I also saw that an interesting bit about those little updates the Idiot Jerk celebrates daily.  His base loves them.  I do believe they seem them as a reality show.  The other half watching his antics hate them, they're turning on for the Science Guys.  It turns out his viewers are extremely partisan.  He can crow as much as he wants about his rating, he's not growing his base.  In fact, he's actually damaging himself with Independent voters.  This is all fine.  Come November, his base is going to be stunned.  They'll never realize all he did was bedazzle their brains.
And, of course the time has come for me to tease with a bit of the Cover Art.  Without further ado, here it is...


  1. tease! (about the book)

    some people at my weis market were not wearing masks/gloves either yesterday. I had to tell one of those bitches BACK OFF! when she got too close to me. she snorted and went her way. hope she dies.

    1. And you know they're all Republicans, the ones who think this is a hoax until Granny Lou dies.

  2. What rock are these people living under that they don't know we should all be wearing masks.

  3. Inappropriate? Wearing masks and gloves to protect themselves and others? What kind of fuckery is that? But of course they’re following Hair Furor’s idea of how to fight a pandemic. Idiots!
    And you know the repugs and IMPOTUS are gonna deflect and deny any responsibility when it was THEM who got us into this. Ugh.
    BTW I feel you with the pounds you gained. I’ve gained three. And I’m trying to eat LESS, HA!


    1. Central Pennsylvania is Conservative. so this is behavior we expect because they do believed they are entitled.

  4. Have at to be to a store of any kind yet. I will need some staples by weekend end me thinks. I don't realize how many conservative dumb assets were in central pa. Since moving out back 2000...i would have thought they moved with the times.

    bwhahahahahahahahahaha haaaaaaaha!

    I have not heard people complaining about such things here. Buy i haven't been out. We shall see. I intend to be very observant.