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Monday, August 6, 2018

Koch patties

Monday.  This is the middle of my work week, kind of.... this is my 3rd day of 4 in a row.  Then I have a mid-week weekend, and then get to work for another 5.  I can feel the need for a 32 hour work week... and it's bad.
Yesterday wasn't bad... hot as hell here in Central PA.  There were heat alerts.  When I left the store at 4:30 (PM) the temp was 97 (F).  They're forecasting 90 degree temps again for today... and tomorrow.
And the new regime is beginning to click.  I did 35 minutes on the elliptical when I got home from work yesterday.  The day before I got in a 30 minute bike ride.  Tonight, well I should do free weights, but I'm skipping that in order to wack away at my weeds.  I could wait until Wednesday, when I'm off, but they're calling for thunderstorms on Wednesday.  There have been enough rain delays.
Oh, and I see that the Idiot Jerk is now saying Junior Scumbag did meet with the Russians... to get dirt on Hillary.  He's claiming such meetings happen all of the time.  No wonder he's been singing "collusion is not a crime."  All he's doing is edging that scab, knowing that ripping it off suddenly might give his followers a reason to pause.  It's going to get ripped off whether they like it or not.  Prepare yourselves for the screams!  Some of his Centrist hoard will drop off.  The right wing nut jobs, the ones who really hate America will hang on as dingle berries.
And China has taken a long, difficult look at the Idiot Jerk's tariffs and said "fuck you."
Another hardy Ha Ha goes to the Koch brother (s).  They spent years funneling millions to Republican campaigns because... they could manipulate their conservative views.  Or, so they thought.  While they did donate quite a bit to other Republican candidates, they pretty much sat out the Presidential Race.  And now they have to deal with the Idiot Jerk in the White House.  He doesn't like them (him) because they (he) doesn't kiss his ass.  And they (he) hates the Idiot Jerk because he embodies everything they've been fighting against.  The Koch consortium is being shredded by the Idiot Jerk, who calls them names.  He says they're stupid.  And, that does not sit well.  Ha Ha.  They're more than a little responsible for creating this mess.  Hence, this damage control mode they've jumped into.  That's right, they saw a cow patty, wanted to step close to it, but not in it and not only stomped it dead center, but fell on their asses.  OOPS!  For years they totally ignored the anger their candidates were stoking - now it's too late.  They managed to get the uncontrollable Idiot Jerk elected.  Way to go, bros!


  1. throw junior under the bus! this is the bed the koch brothers made, now they can sleep in it, shit and all!

    1. They've always been rich and self delusional.

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