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Friday, August 31, 2018

Pecking things apart

Okay, so it's Friday.  I get to work today... and tomorrow, and then I'm off for 3 days.  Can I wait?
Yesterday I took off because my friend Patty needed to have some sort of surgery for an Occipital Orbital fracture.  Translation:  she broke her eye socket while walking her dogs... Yorkies, little ones.  Seems like one pulled to the left and the other to the right... and she fell.
Anyway, the surgery was performed at the Hershey Medical Center.  I hate the place.  Way, way too big, with terrible parking.  You can walk a mile (literally) or rely on their valet parking.  Traffic congestion is horrendous, the only thing worse would be having to sit through "How it Ends" a 2nd time.  You need to see the crowds to believe the crowds.  Everybody wants to go there because their medical care is very good.  My friend Betsy was in their Neurological ICU after suffering a serious stroke.  Believe me, it's like walking onto the bridge of the Enterprise.  But there is a price to pay:  crowds of sick people, seriously congested parking, and... the expense.  They are pricey.  Had it been my Occiptal Orbital fracture, I would have asked "Am I going to look like the hunchback of Notre Dame?"

If they'd have said "no," I would have passed on the surgery.  Some of us have serious medical problems that need to be fixed.  There others, however, who buy into the suggestive power of medical professionals we want to trust.  Just remember, these professionals are in a business.  They make money by getting you to buy services which may not be necessary but which do tend to be rather lucrative.
I saw where that Pecker from the National Enquirer has boatloads of shit on our Idiot Jerk president in his vault.  Excuse me, but am I like the only one who understands that "dirt" makes the Idiot Jerk susceptible to BLACKMAIL?  And if Pecker has that much, we probably can't even begin to imagine what's in Putin's vault.  I'm not just talking about 'golden showers' here. 


  1. He's gonna be brought down by a porn star and a pecker.

    1. My, now isn't that a catchy turn of phrase...

  2. Peeper, Pecker and pee, you've got it all covered!