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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Today's routine

Well, here it is Wednesday, my 2nd day off, (thanks to the personal day I took yesterday) and I'm loving it.  I got so much done yesterday, including 45 minutes on the elliptical - a nice way to burn off over 500 calories.
Today is supposed to be a bit warmer and a tad more humid.  That's fine.  I have central air.  I also want to get some yard work done - there is a tone of it, from the wacking of the week to the mowing of the grass.  In less than 3 weeks my vacation drops in and I"ll be able to start scheduling vacation days off again.
I saw where Twitter kicked off scumsucker, conspiracy theorist Alex Jones for one week.  This is just be beginning.  His lies and hate have been totally deleted from so many social websites.  He makes money off of his deceit so I'm all for letting him starve.  Supposedly there are crazy right wing websites clamoring for his content.  I doubt very much if they're going to be able to provide him with the same level of income he has now.  Looks like it might be beenie weenies for Alex.
And yesterday sometime, probably while I was mopping the kitchen floor, Sarah something or other, the voice of stupidity, admitted there actually might be a tape with the Idiot Jerk using the 'N-word.'  Someone needs to tell that honey the odds are heavily in favor of more than one tape in existence. 
And also, sometime yesterday, the idiot Jerk called Omarosa a dog.  Holy Shit.  Am I the only one who thinks this might a new show for the Lifetime Channel?  How about "Going to Hell in a Hand basket" for a title?  Or maybe a better one would be "Racist Republicans on Parade."  I'm sure with a little training Ivanka, Jarod, Melanoma, and Sarah, and Stevie Miller could all do some Busby Berkeley routine... with feathers!

If you stick with it, you'll even get a shot of Paul Manafort and Roger Stone ogling from back stage.
Oh, and speaking of Manafort, I saw where his defense did nothing.  No witnesses were called.  Evidently they had the courtroom sealed for 2 hours.  No one was allowed in.  When they opened the doors, Manafort's attorneys had rested their case.  Smart money is saying they didn't want anybody to watch him flip into somersault routine.  Either that, or they're expect the Idiot Jerk to swoop in wearing his red 'hammer and sickle' just in time to save the day.  That didn't happen.  Perhaps because the Idiot Jerk was too busy barking at Omarosa.


  1. Omarosa isn't telling me anything new.
    She's out to make a buck, just like her former boss.

    1. You and I know it's old news, but every time he calls her a dog it's another nail in the GOP coffin.

  2. It like watching Ringlings Brothers and Barum and Bailey circus

    1. Actually, I think this is more like a scary clown show.

  3. Replies
    1. It is funny. So many people hate this guy and he can't deal with that all.