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Friday, August 20, 2021

Thank you Andrew!

Can you believe it?  Today is my Friday in more ways then one.  Firstly, it is 'that' day of the calendar week, and 2ndly, it's the last day of my Staycation.  Interestingly enough, I go back to work for a single day and then have another day off.  The temptation is there to take a personal day tomorrow, that would give me 8 days off in a row, but honestly, I don't mind going back for one day.

Lily loved her birthday cake!  She supervised the cutting, making sure Biggie got the smaller piece.  I'm going to slice up and freeze the leftovers for later.

And I had to order a new pair of glasses from Zenni.  The ear piece snapped off the pair I was wearing regularly.  For an entire 2 seconds I contemplated taping it back in place, but the idea of repeating the 'taped glasses' look I had when I was 12 was too much.  This means I'm back to wearing the old D&G frames again. 

And I printed off a NOLA map yesterday, it helps to know where the bodies are buried.  You can even see the location of the Amon-Ra nightclub.

Some of you are probably asking yourselves how, if I've never been to New Orleans I know so much about the city.  The answer is Andrew.  He has a YouTube series of walking tours.  The ones on New Orleans, where he lives, are quite informative.  For those of you interested, take a look at Andy in action. And here's a link to his website for those interested.

 Finally, for the Friday funny bit, did you know devoutly religious people do not believe in extra-terrestrial life?  Especially the intelligent type?  Except for the Hindu religion in which Vishnu (?) claims to be the 'destroyer of worlds,' no mention is made of life other than here on earth.  This is to be expected since those wizened old fools who created these theologies were only concerned about their own selfish power grab.  Nothing can exist outside the 'me' sphere of their consciousness.


  1. It's egotism that refuses to believe in live out there.

    1. Don't forget, it's not mentioned in the Bible so it just can't be.

  2. Did you really have the taped glasses look? I somehow cannot imagine you being 12.
    And I LOOOVE walking tours! I'm gonna check Andrew out. The amount of research that goes on writing a book is incredible! Continuity people take care of that in movies, but a book? It needs to be down pat correct.
    And I have no comments on people who believe on their Sky Daddy.


    1. The research is fun, and Andrew is a great guide.