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Monday, August 16, 2021

Movies, Music, and Mandates

Oh My Gosh, it's Monday!  The weather forecast is looking a bit damp, with showers and thunderstorms supposedly in the offing.  Figures, don't it?  I'm off and rain comes into the picture.

Speaking of pictures, I went to see Suicide Squad last evening.  The theater was nearly empty.  I don't know if that's because the movie isn't that popular, or Covid.  I'm suspecting a little of the first but more of the latter.  The movie was quite enjoyable, a lot of very dark humor...yes, characters die.  There's also a fair amount of 'in your face' parody of  superhero movies.  Viola Davis gives a standout performance as the 'official' who practices her golf putts while the dying is happening.  But honestly, every one in the cast is spot on in their performances, over the top but not cartoonish.  And in case you're wondering, it is very funny.  

In case anyone is wondering, all the lyrics have been chosen for The Body in Repose.  And, of course, Imagine Dragons dropped this little gem.  Perhaps I can use a line or two in the next book.

And, as might have been expected, the Texas Supreme Court sided with Abbott on his refusal to mandate masks.  This is almost as ridiculous as those dumb shits who are having prayer vigils when their dearly beloved find themselves intubated.  Sometimes stupidity has no bounds.  They simply don't understand the world is watching, and what they are seeing is a slow motion Judgement upon those whose daily lives revolve around Republican Selfishness.  Let them die, for those who live will not care.



  1. Abbott is now threatening to revoke the liquor license of any restaurant that has a mask mandate.
    Meanwhile, his hospitals are full, and ICUs can't take any more patients.
    Don't get sick or hurt Texas because there's nowhere to go for help.

    1. And model after model after model are showing that it's only going to get worse.

  2. Oh, I loved The Suicide Squad. It came up on HBO and I grabbed the popcorn right away. Dry, dark humor and Idris Elba and Joel Kinnaman in tight t-shirts AND John Cena in tighty whities? Yes, of course.
    And Texas is gonna Texas until we get to a million people dead. And then the Repugs will blame Uncle Joe. It's simple.


    1. They're going to try and blame everything on him. Oh, and that million dead? Many are going to be Republicans.