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Saturday, August 28, 2021

Bigge at the Vet

 Well, Biggie went to the Vet yesterday.  He was so well behaved.   They kept calling him handsome, which no doubt helped.  He's lost 3 pounds, and is down to 114 lbs. and has full mobility in his back legs.  The Vet did give him meds, a mild pain reliever that needs to be used only when necessary.  They also did bloodwork just in case his dosage needs to be increased.  I gave him 2 when we got home because and he slept the rest of the afternoon, except for dinner. 

And I'm back to work today for just one day, and then for one of my Sunday / Monday weekends.  I'm only working 32 hours this week, since I've an eye appointment scheduled for the 2nd.  One of the odd things about going part-time is going to be my reduction in hours.  Part-time hours handily cover all of my living expenses, 

I'm back on my oatmeal breakfast again.  The cholesterol doesn't bother me, but evidently eggs are not one of the best foods around for those of us who have arthritis, at least not the egg yolk.  I guess I could always start eating egg white omelets.

Sitting here, looking at all of the warnings flashing all over the internet telling people to NOT INGEST worming meds to fight Covid, I couldn't help but wonder if people are dumber then I think... or you think... or we think.  So, I did a little search and found this wonderful article in the BBC!  The more inept people are, the smarter they think they are... now tell me, isn't that a very succinct definition of the Republican party?  That's also a perfect description of their leader, Loser #45, who was blustery as hell but set new heights on the Ineptitude Scale.  I suspect this is also a very accurate definition of Conservatives.  They're all mouth.  Any action they do manage to achieve only benefits themselves, and no one else.  Personally, I have no problem with them divesting themselves of parasites on their way to a cozy Covid health crisis.  If they survive, I guess this means they can graze any pasture they want until their next deworming.



  1. It speaks volumes that people have to be warned against taken horse medications when a vaccine is readily at hand for all of us.


  3. My goodness, that's one heck of a big puppy!

  4. Oh, and I was going to mention the Dunning-Kruger syndrome, then saw it mentioned in the BBC article. We had a former HR director who was totally incompetent. TOTALLY, but thought she was the best at everything, and I never could figure out if it was Dunning-Kruger or that she was a flaming malignant narcissist. In the end a group of 10 of us went with "narc" and filed a complaint against her for harassment (amongst other things) and we won - even though the mad bitch had diplomatic immunity. I think we were right to go with narc though because she has been fired from at least five jobs that we know of. A kinda "Loser 45" syndrome I guess you could call it.

    1. We all work with people like that, usually only until they move on.