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Friday, August 13, 2021

The Brick

 Good Morning!  Today I am half way through my work week, and that makes me happy.  After tomorrow another of my Staycations will begin.  I do like them.  A week off here, a week off there, and in a few weeks I'll be going part-time.

Yesterday was very slow at work.  Blame it on the heat which topped off at 99 (F).  The forecast for today has changed.  We're no longer going to hit 100 (F).  Nope, we're going to graze close by the 3 digit mark, only getting up to 97(F) ... with thunderstorms.  We've had storms almost every evening this week, nothing bad, gusty with 15 minutes of rain, nothing more.

And I had a recurrent customer before I left last evening.  I've talked to her several times, always about some form of hard surface going into her den: vinyl, laminates, or hardwoods.  She has 8 quotes in the system for different products.  Of course, she showed up around 20 minutes before I was scheduled to leave... and she finally signed up to have the room measured.  She's a very nice woman, though very indecisive.

What about that voter mess out in Colorado?  Oiy!  Tina Peters!  What have you done? (Can you hear me laughing?)

Evidently evidently this bottled blond surreptitiously signed into a voting computer to show how easily it could be done (?) using her own password (which she didn't redact).  Oh, and she sent the information to a Right Wing nut job who posted everything, including her unredacted password.  This was done before she went to that loser Pillow Guy's cybersecurity lie festival.  That's right, she a MAGA.  And now she's under criminal investigation.  Pardon my French, but this woman is dumb as a fucking brick.


  1. Leave it to a Repug to be sloppy AND corrupt. The thing is, I think they believe they'll never be held accountable for their fuckery. Agolf Twilter is their role model, see?
    And it's been HOT here too! Ugh.


  2. If I were a brick, I'd be highly offended!

    1. I can't think of anything that wouldn't be offended.

  3. Mesa county is also the part of Colorado with the highest covid rate.