I've also been told I have little tact, so if this offends you simply ride on.

Saturday, August 14, 2021

Cover this

 After today I don't have to work for 6 full days, now isn't that nice.  I am sooooo happy for that.  And just what will I be doing on my Staycation, probably not as much as I did on the one I took about 3 weeks ago.  But then, isn't this how life is supposed to be as we get older.  Do less while we do more?  This means I'm not going to laze around, though the temptation will be great.  There is a difference between doing, and accomplishing, one is a process and the other a completion.

Yesterday was really slow I work.  I had an appointment scheduled for 5:15 PM and the customer showed up 10 minutes before I was going to leave, over an hour late.  This was for a blind design.  Some customers will spend a lot of money on blinds, thousands of dollars.  Yes, you read that right, they will fork out thousands of dollars.  The associate I handed them off to is very meticulous with his designs.  Customers love him for that.  He will spend 2 hours making sure the design is correct.  Me?  I'll spend 10 minutes.  Yesterday's late customer will probably be much happier with him.

Here's a bit of something you might find interesting, concept art for the next book cover.  As I said, it was a fairly slow day at work yesterday.

I saw where Dum Dum DeSantis rolled out treatment for Covid: monoclonal antibodies.  Treatments are intravenous and take over an hour, and help patients with mild to moderate symptoms.  This is some of the same shit they shot into Trump when he had Covid.  This is doing nothing to stop the spread.  Wouldn't it be smarter to get people vaccinated, rather then wait until they were moderately ill to do something?  Not if your a MAGA.

Oh, and speaking of Loser #45.  Yesterday was supposed to be reinstatement day for him.  Stop...Laughing!  Stop...Laughing!