I've also been told I have little tact, so if this offends you simply ride on.

Sunday, November 7, 2021

Two Dogs on a Sunny Saturday

 I hope everybody is having a good Sunday Morning!  We all got an extra hour's sleep, or at least some of us did.  Neither of the dogs got up for a midnight pee break.  Let me tell you, that's nice.

Yesterday business was steady at the flooring desk up until around 2(PM), and then things began to slow down... until just about the time I was ready to leave.  I don't stay, in case any of you are wondering.  I exit the premises precisely on my scheduled departure time.  No hanging around for me.  

Tomorrow I have to go for bloodwork.  Can you see the excitement in my words?  This is because my sugar is borderline.  Honestly, I'm borderline glaucoma, borderline cholesterol, border high blood pressure.  You would think that at some point in time my doctor would realize that being borderline is normal for me.  My temp is normally 96.7 (F).  Normal body temp is considered 98.6 (F), so when I hit 98.6 (F) I'm running a low grade fever... just letting you know.

Yesterday I snapped this pic of the dogs.  I call it Two Dogs on a Sunny Saturday.  Don't you like the way Biggie is giving me his 'hell, not another picture,' look?

You'd think Democrats would be satisfied after Friday's infrastructure note, and most are, but there are those voices clamoring on how we as a party are not united.  To those people I say, no, we are not like Republicans, we don't march in lockstep, our opinions count.  This doesn't mean we should sit back and accept the silent Sinema, or the Maserati driving Manchin.  They are outliers who have too much power and seem to wield it by whim.  Don't worry, the voters of their states will deal with them.


  1. I still think Dems need to get their act together and get things done, or else the GOP will swoop in on their "Do Nothingness."

    1. What they need to do is add 4 more seats in the Senate and 15 more in the House.

  2. Not good here. Dems in Bucks slept... and the Republicans swept the county easily.