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Saturday, November 13, 2021

The indictment

 And a happy Saturday morning to all.  Here in Central PA it's raining.  So, what else is new?

Yesterday was a good day off.  I had my booster vaccine.  Getting there early didn't move me through the line any faster because of that 15 minute wait after being vaccinated.  No reaction.  No soreness.  After she stuck that sharp pointy needle in my shoulder and pulled the trigger she said, "your the second most relaxed person I've had today," and that was at nearly one in the afternoon.  I told her, "it's just a shot."

This is a work day for me.  Most weekend days are.  My real weekends will be Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  For those of you who don't know, you can get so much more done on days off during the week than you can on a Saturday and Sunday.  There are rarely any crowds.

I did some more work on the aquarium yesterday and I'm regretting I bought an acrylic tank rather than a glass one.  None of the reviews mentioned how easilyit scratches.  It does.  Son of a bitch.  I'm actually considering replacing it with a glass tank, and moving it to another location, one behind my desk. This will mean rearranging the furniture in the dining room.  I guess it's time for me to get out my tape measure.

And, for those of you living under a rock, Steve Bannon was indicted yesterday.

Will he show up to be cuffed?  I don't think so.  Being a martyr is not in this loud mouthed coward's DNA.  He will claim he's under Executive Privilege and break the law because he's a Conservative.  Of course, Conservatives have been doing this for quite some time.  The only rules that matter for them are those they, themselves, create.  They get this from Loser #45.  I would not be surprised if Bannon runs to seek asylum in... well, maybe Russia.  


  1. I'll belive it when I see it. If he doesn't show up, nothing will be well as Bill Stepien, Kayleigh McEnany, John McEntee, Christopher Liddell Jason Miller, Angela McCallum and John Eastman will do the same, as they see that fat slob didn't show either with no action yet. And for what? To protect a fat slob dictator no one likes. Fools.

    1. We'll have to wait and see since he's not covered by the Liar's claims of Executive privilege.