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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

We Call this a Veggie Tray

 Hello Wednesday, August 17.   We now have little over a month left of summer.  As Maddie noted on an earlier entry, the season has not been bad for us.  No scorching temps in the low 100s, (F) just a few days where they climbed into the upper 90s (F).  There were also a few days when the humidity was so sponge thick my T-shirts felt like clammy saran wrap draped over my shoulders every time I went outside.  But, other than that, the weather's been quite reasonable.  And lucky us, daily temps climbing into the low 100s (F) our not foreseen in our future, at least not for the 30 years.  However, a number of Republican held states do not appear to be so lucky.  

From the Washington Post

Yesterday was a day of accomplishments.  Grouting on the new tile surface in the kitchen was done, though not completed.  I need more grout.  Laundry was done.  Some yardwork was done.  I started a 5 hour walk through Pompeii; I had no idea the town was that large.  

And I resolved my issue with Rosetta Stone... somewhat.  Even though I have the discs I purchased some years ago, and even though Windows 11 has no problem running them, Rosetta Stone shut down the server my software.  Since my course is no longer functional, they gave me 3 free months.

I was sorry to see Liz Cheney lost her bid for reelection.  This was to be expected, however, since she's from a Cracker Jack Crazy Conservative state infatuated with authoritarianism. 

In PA, Oz is the brunt of oh so many jokes because he released a commercial in which he's shopping for veggies for a crudité tray.  The supermarket he is in is actually named Redners, yet he mispronounced it Regners, and his campaign aired the commercial.  Of course, Fetterman knows how to troll.

crudité?  We call this a veggie tray

So, you shouldn't be surprised to find out that the NRSC (National Republican Senate Committe) has pulled its funding for ads in PA.  Yepper, they're not going to buy ads for Oz.


  1. Replies
    1. I know you can't believe polls, but the latest has Fetterman at 55% and Oz at 33%

  2. I'm not surprised about Liz. It was expected. Trumplicans are taking over some of the more rabid corners of the country. Liz is no saint, she voted 98% of the time with Cheeto, but she's got a little bit more integrity, compared to the rest of the deplorable MAGAts. She's gonna look like a beacon of virtue, left in better standing than her father. The silver lining? She's got nothing to lose and can go after Cheeto.
    As for Oz? I think he may be toast. The trolling online was fantastic. Did you know he's got TEN houses? LOL Idiots.


    1. Thanks to Fetterman, everyone in PA knows Oz has 10 houses, though he only considers 2 to be residences.

  3. Fetterman appeals to so many on both sides, I don't see how he loses.

    1. Fetterman's making national news with his trolling, let's hope other Democrats are paying attention.