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Thursday, August 18, 2022

Pleas and Testimonies

 So, I slept in this morning.  Well, that's if you call starting to rise and shine at 0630.  

Lily was restless last night; I had to let her out twice.  Now she's sleeping on the sofa in the writing room, and when I go downstairs for coffee, she gives me one of those looks that try to guilt me into thinking I'm disturbing her. She should know by now that doesn't work.  Tomorrow's her birthday.  She'll be 9 years old.  That means cake and ice cream.  I know that even if I tell her today, tomorrow it will still be a surprise.

A few years back I bought a Lenovo tablet that came with a charging dock, rather than a plug.  It looked great, and sounded great, and could definitely handle the tasks it was intended to do; however, it was a terrible purchase.  It needed to be perfectly vertical in the dock for it to charge.  Since the dock was made to let the tablet sit at 2 different angles, charging didn't always take place and the battery life was about 4 hours.  The table was cheap, but it was also a piece of shit, and I ended up using it as a clock.  Yesterday, it died.  The bezel separated from the back cover by almost 1/4 inch.  Piece of shit.  Now it's trash.

I've put The Elden Ring onto the back burner, while I liked playing it, I prefer games in which your experience levels you up.  So, I bought a copy of Cyberpunk 2077, it's an RPG / shooter.  The game was released too soon, there were so many glitches, CD Project Red was forced to give refunds.  That was over a year ago.  Quite a number of patches have fixed the game.  For those of you on the naive side, this is the game which starred Keanu Reeves.  Sadly, one of the patches fixed the glitch where you could have sex with Keanu.  Disappointment was felt by all.  Oh, and this is what video games look like now.  Warning to you sensitive types, this clip has language and violence.

Rudy Giuliani testified yesterday for 6 hours and all we get is silence.  Nobody's talking.  They say it's because it's a Grand Jury, so there no count of how many times he used the 5th amendment, or how many times he cited attorney / client privilege.  Silence says a lot.  I wouldn't be surprised if Rudy struck up a deal similar to the one Weissleburg worked out with the AG in New York.  Weissleburg's going to admit the Trump organization is guilty of 15 years of tax evasion, through the use of lies and deceit.  He's not blaming Trump or the kids, however, everyone else in the organization is taking the blame.  Those others who are now going to be indicted?  They're the ones who will nail the Trump family mafia.

And Brian Kemp, the governor of Georgia, is trying to quash the investigation down there.  Must be because there's an election coming up and the Republican party has that 'pinch your nose stench.'

And duffer Eric Trump has said that there is no longer a Republican part, it is now the party of Trump.  While that might assuage his old man's rabid ego for a bit, a growing number of Republicans are stepping back and saying WTF.


  1. Hope Lily has a great birthday. Ms. Frizzle just celebrated her birthday this week. No cake or ice cream but she enjoyed a few pancakes with peanut butter on them. Looking forward to hearing what Rudy told the grand jury.

    1. Cake and ice cream are a family tradition, though I do believe pancakes with peanut butter would be a close runner up if she were given the choice.

  2. Oh, you know Rudy tried to weasel his way out of it. It's true, six hours and not a peep? Huh.
    I heard they summoned that bimbo who was Cheeto's press secretary too to talk about Georgia. Hope they nail them ALL.

    And it IS Trumpicans now. It's the party of the Orange Anus, not the GOP.


    1. And so far, they only seem to be doing any good in the Cracker Jack Crazy states.