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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

The Price of Loyalty

 Wednesday, and it's the last day that I volunteered to cover for the associate who fell off a roof.   Only 5 hours.  Yesterday's shift was slow.  I cut some carpet.  The rehab, refit, redo of the flooring department has been delayed until November.  However, we do have customers coming and checking out the rolled carpet since most of it is now on clearance.  Once it's gone, it's gone.  That is something we are all looking forward to.  

Last evening, being cheap night at the local AMC, I went to the movies.  Bullet Train.  Probably the best way to describe Bullet Train is to call it an over the top, action, thriller, comedy which deserves its R rating (violence and language).  There is no high drama here.  I liked it.  Not just because two of the characters were brothers, one named Tangerine and the other Lemon, or because one was black and the other white, or because one of them was played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson.  Brad Pitt is in the movie, too.  He plays a hired thief who replaces another hired thief who called off sick.  Every bit of dialogue is important, so you need to pay attention.  Oh, and there too many cameos to name.  

And, of course, Trump gets deposed today.  Make sure you read that correctly, I said deposed, not disposed.  There are so many lawsuits spinning around that moral degenerate I'm sure he must pay someone just to keep track of them all.  And, of course, for those who didn't know, the FBI didn't break into his safe (as he inferred) but rather cut the lock off of a storage unit in the basement of Mar a Lago.  'Breaking into my safe,' however, is so much more inflammatory.  Without his cultist's anger, he is nothing.  For Trump, the measure of a man is not what they can accomplish, but in how many people they can incite.  Angry people prove their loyalty.  However, if they die proving that loyalty, they become losers.


  1. I'm feeling a little shallow today, so I will just say that Aaron Taylor-Johnson is fine, and he has no issues taking off all his clothes and showing the Full Johnson onscreen.
    I live for that.

    1. Sorry to disappoint you, but he keeps all of his clothing on in Bullet Train.

  2. I have Bullet Train in my list. I may go see it this weekend. As for Cheeto and the Lard-a-Lago bullshit, he's conveniently leaving out that he STOLE those documents, probably to sell them to Vlad so the pee-pee tape doesn't come out yet. And you know the MAGAts live off inflammatory lies. What pisses me off is that the media goes with it. Just look at Maggie Haberman.
    And Agolf just claimed the fifth. So much for 'depositions'.


    1. At this point, if the Russians did have the golden shower tape, it would be useless since he's never going to hold office again.