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Monday, November 11, 2019

At the Bend in the River

Monday... another week begins.  Repetition is not the joy of my life.  Consistency is not necessarily a good thing.  Sometimes things need to be shaken up.  And underdog progressive has won the DA race in San Francisco.  This is just one more example of how the country is turning away from the rigid, conservative politics of the Idiot Jerk in the White House and his party of phonies.  One thing they have never learned and never will: you can't force your unpopular agenda down the throats of the American people and expect them to accept it.  They will repeat and fail, repeat and fail, until they no longer have a loud enough voice for anyone to hear.
Anyway... I'm changing up my cycling routine, aiming for shorter more intense rides.  This means more hills.... can you hear the joy in my words?
One of my little routines is to always make 4 taquitos when I get home from work and snack on them as read through the day's blog entries.  Last evening I didn't throw that paper towel away soon enough and Big Seig ate it.  Son of a bitch!  He has eaten them before.  They always come out in the end.  They are, however, not the type of roughage I want him chowing down on.
Oh, and today's Veteran's Day.  My personal opinion, not that it counts too much, is that as a Veteran for a Foreign War I should not have to work.  I should get the day off with pay.  Corporate America hates that idea.  Doing that would eat just the tiniest bit of their Profit Pie.  It's all about the money, you know?  Corporate America loves Conservatives - a group consistently trying to give them tax breaks.  Corporate America is not very patriotic.  They prefer banking assets rather than chipping in to help those less fortunate.  They do not care if the middle class is falling into destitution. That word does not describe their definition of the bottom line.  Unfortunately, about 88% of Corporate America is owned by foreign nationals.  That sucks.
Anyway... #2.  As I was walking to my car last week to go to work, before the temperature drop to 25 (F) I spied a little toad stool grown in my grass.

Since I thought it looks poisonous as hell, I left it be.
Finally, I began Chapter 29 last evening:  The Bend in the River.  The Bend has not always been kind to people.  In Chapter 1 there's mention of a body washing up on the rocks at the Bend in the River.  One can only wonder what our intrepid investigators find washed up on the rocks in The Body in the Well.  Hint:  It's not a Conservative.


  1. Conservative governments love to send people into wars I've noticed, they love to use the emotions of defense of country etc, I've also noticed the only way many take part in wars is usually to make profits from it. In other words, your children, nephews and nieces can go to war.. just not their children.
    I did not know you were a veteran Dave, I'm so honored to meet you.. even if it is just through a blog.

    1. Yes, while the Idiot Jerk in the White House used bone spurs, I volunteered.

  2. I agree absolutely that you should get the day off with pay. What gets me though is that they don't seem to see that the better you treat your staff the more they give. I was pretty much always late for work because of my god-awful commute. While we had fairly flexible schedules, sometimes I could take 3 hours to get in! But I wouldn't hesitate to stay late or take work home with me when it needed to get done. My boss was cool with that and I gave back in spades!

    1. They did bring in cookies and cupcakes just for us Vets which, since I'm a carboholic, was fine.... except I'm going to need to ride 100 miles on my bike to burn off all of those calories.

  3. I didn’t know you were a veteran, Dave. You’re full of surprises, aren’t you?
    And conservatives are hypocrites, the lot of them. Not like the Dems are angels, but really, the GOP is the party of corruption, what with their protecting their Russian asset....


    1. And the Conservatives are beginning to get their stinky asses whipped... and they don't like it. But then they've always lied to themselves about their Karma.