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Friday, November 15, 2019

The Ride

It's Monday!... well for me anyway.  Can you feel my excitement?
My deep fryer arrived yesterday.  I made spring rolls - tasty.  That's what I'm taking for lunch today.
The dog's Christmas presents also arrived yesterday.  That's the only thing I really like about the holiday.  Something I learned a long time ago: it doesn't matter what it looks like, as long as it squeaks it's the best toy in the world.  Balls are good, too.  Lily loves running around with a lime green tennis ball in her mouth. They each get three.
So, I went for a 12.5 mile ride yesterday and set up my Gopro so you can see what I see.  When I try and explain it to people they say "yeah, okay," but I know they don't realize what I see.  This little ride is in Warm Springs Oregon.  If you enlarge you can see the boxes clearly.  The bottom one on the right is my route, the top one on the right show energy and cadence.  On the left, the bottom box shows my speed, how fast I'm pedaling.  The box at the top show's how far I've traveled and how many miles are left in the route.  The bar across the bottom shows me elevation, the darker the orange and red, the steeper the hill.  The sound you hear is the chain going over the sprockets. Also, I recorded this at the beginning of the ride before I hit the 11% grade hill - didn't think you wanted to hear me panting.

And the Idiot Jerk has gone to the Supreme Court because he doesn't want to release his tax information.  He's stacked it with Conservatives so he's hoping he can keep his crookedness secret.  There's a very good possibility they're going to tell him that this is not something you take to the Supreme Court.  Let's be honest here.  There must be something truly horrible about his tax returns for him to go to such lengths.  That's to be expected.  What a foot.  He thought getting himself elected was going to be an easy peasy ride, you know?  He'd do what ever he wanted.  Make himself a tinfoil dictator.
Oh, and by the way, I saw in Reuters when John Deere is beginning to lay off workers in the mid-west.  Tariffs are to blame.


  1. I can't help thinking his tax returns have BIG issues with them. Maybe even enough to get his loyal base to revolt! I REALLY hope he ends up having to release them but then the guy is a law unto himself isn't he!

    1. I suspect the Supreme Court will not deal with this since it does not involve the presidency itself.

  2. john deere tractors suck. the dump sucks too. tennis balls are a cute doggie toy.

  3. The whole tax thing should be really juicy, he’s panicking as we write. Somebody should leak them.
    And John Deere, huh? Thoughts and prayers.


    1. Panicking is... I believe, and understatement.