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Saturday, November 23, 2019


Holy Crap!  I looked at my calendar this morning and realized today is... Saturday!!  Son of a bitch!  A bit of uniformity in regard to my schedule would go a long way towards making things normal.  That isn't to say that in reality I'm a normal person... I'm not.  Far from it.
As I'd said earlier, Elton's coming to Hershey.  Originally I had set myself up for the Verified Fan pre-sale to happen on 11/20.  On 11/14 I went into Ticketmaster to verify the time, thinking I was going to be at work when the sale started, and saw that the Amex pre-sale was going to start in just 2 hours.  I bought 2 tickets.  The Verified Fan sale came and went, all I received was an email telling me I had been put on a waiting list.  Yesterday tickets for the 4/20 show actually went on sale.  Being the curious type, I went into check prices.  Tickets in the same row as mine now cost over $600 in resale, more than 3 times what I had paid.  Floor tickets being resold were going for... are you ready for this?  $3888 per seat.  Son of a bitch!  I don't know about you but I think that's a little too pricey.
Oh, and saw that an associate of Giuliani is willing to testify that Demon Nunes, himself, met with Ukrainian officials in an attempt to get dirt on the Bidens.  In case you didn't know, this whole fixation on both father and son can be traced back to 2016.  After the Idiot Jerk won the presidency and stunned the world, sane minds began searching for the best candidate to beat him in 2020.  The name most frequently at the top of every poll and on everybody's lips was Joe Biden.  The GOP, already terrified they were going to be voted out of power in 2020, and knowing their fraudulent ways were incapable of unifying the country, made what they considered the best decision poossible under those circumstances:  get dirt on Biden.  And, they proceeded to try and do just that, with the Idiot Jerk in the White House egging them on, providing absolutely no restraints.  And now we discover that Demon Nunes was busy with a shitty little shovel in his hand, digging in the dirt as well.  Hhhmm.  I can see another eye-roll coming.
And the other day while I was out cleaning up the yard (I have big dogs, remember), I snapped a picture of Big Seig just standing their, watching the world pass by.

He almost looks tiny, doesn't he?  From the pic you might find it difficult to believe he weighs 118 pounds, that's 52.39 Kg for those of you living every where but in the United States.  Such a baby he is.


  1. biggie is BIG! guard your daddy well, biggie. I'd like to see nunes (and his cow) squirm in a public hearing!

  2. Your right, he doesn't look that much in weight.

    $800!!!!!! That is ridiculous!!!!No one is that good to pay more than 200 a ticket in a concert. Like sports, these performers are getting as bad as sports personalities. We're not saving lives here. I spend no more than 200 tops. The only reason I'm seeing Madonna is it was a gift for my birthday.

    1. Don't worry, those expensive tickets will sell.