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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Verizon Douches America

Can I really be serious?  Of course.  I recently opened my monthly bill to discover Verizon had increased the cost of my HD Set Top Box Rental by $2.00 per month.  That's a big increase!  So I called their customer service to investigate.  I was told I had been notified on my July bill the increase was going to take place, not that I could have done anything about except pay to break my contract.

Put on your hard hats, you're about to get slammed!

The Customer Service agent informed me this increase applied to all rental boxes. I asked if this was across the country and her reply was "yes," as though that made it fair.  Don't just screw one person, or one district, or even one region, screw the whole country.  What a wonderful thing to do when the economy is in slow recovery mode.  But, of course, Verizon doesn't really care about the country, their main focus is their bottom line and how Wall Street reacts to it.  If Wall Street likes what they've done their stock will go up and their investors will be happy.  So, how big a bump will this be to their bottom line?  Say there are 5 million Americans with Fios rental boxes hit with this $2 increase Verizon gets to put $10 million to their bottom line.  In these financially difficult times Verizon is going to douche America because they can, because very few people are going to complain.  Those who use Video on Demand to get the latest movies will probably not even notice the increase, shame on them.  And, of course, the Customer Service rep I dealt was not the most cordial, but then she gets paid to deal with unhappy people day in and day out.  Actually, she was rude, which seems to be quite common with Verizon Customer Service.  I informed her that when my contract expired I will be changing to another provider, which left her unfazed, but then she, like Verizon, doesn't really care.

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