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Friday, August 24, 2012

Armstrong's dirty bed

So, he says he's had enough, he's going to be a martyr, right.  I'll honestly say I've never been an Lance Armstrong fan.  Even when he was attempting to be cordial he always came across as just a bit too aloof for me.  Did he dope to win the Tour de France?  I suspect so.  Sure, a lot of cyclists were caught and penalized, but a lot got away with it.  I first began to believe the charges when Hincapie wasn't picked up by Team Radioshack.   George used to always be watching Armstrong's back and all of sudden he wasn't.  Very, very odd... but maybe not if Lance new George was going to testify against him.  Hhmm.  In fact, I spent some time this afternoon trying to find some sort of support from his other cycling buddies and couldn't find so much as a snippet.  what happened to all of those buddies of his?  Why would they leave him high and dry?  Of course maybe Lance is only the friendliest person around when he wants to be, when there something in it for him.

You made it Lance, you sleep in it

And then there was his retirement.  Superstars do not go quietly into the night, they like to linger and bask in the glory, not Lance.  He retired and began to put as much distance between himself and cycling as he could.  That's odd.  People who are guilty do odd things because they're using some different rational to which you and I have no access.  I do have to laugh at some of the comments people have been making about how he has a family to support.  What bozos.  Do any of these people have an inkling of how much Lance Armstrong is really worth?

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