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Friday, August 10, 2012

The Bozo on CNBC

That's what I heard last PM on CNBC.  Some unremarkable man said the number of pet owners in the United States was down 20%.  I stunned! My first thought went sort of like this "it's the economy, stupid."  I know Vet costs can be expensive, I take my full sized Boxer for a yearly check-up and, if I let them give her all of the shots they want to, my bill runs about $190.  Of course my Vet likes to practice elective vaccination, they want you to chose to vaccinate for every thing they say.  I say no to things like the one they feel she should have just in case she gets exposed Kennel Cough.  I don't plan to ever put her in a kennel.

Gertie resting on a Home Depot drop cloth, at 9.99 cheap and washable

Anyway, I started checking to see if this unremarkable man was in the least be correct.  To my surprise he was remarkably wrong.  I don't know why this Bozo thought he could pull numbers out of his ass like that, doesn't he know people 'fact check?'  The number of pet owners in the United States is growing, and when queried about whether the economy effected their decision to get a dog or cat, their answer was 'no."  Thanks to my bit of timely investigation I also know that dog owners outnumber cat owners by about 10 million and that about 28% of dog owners have two.  I own a Boxer and a 19 year old cat named Max.  I did not see a statistic on the number of Americans who own one of each.  What else did I find out?  The average Vet cost per year for a dog as $212 so I'm getting away kind of cheap.  A side note on my dog and cat:  I told the Boxer that when the 19 year old cat dies we'll get another puppy.  As a result, a day doesn't pass without her whispering to the cat "die, cat, die."  

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