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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Multi-player not for me

One of the draws for both Xbox and Playstation is the ability to go online and participate in multi-player games.  This format is not for me, I play for fun not to be competitive that's one of the reasons.  Rather then sitting back with a cocktail, I find playing games is a good way for me to release stress at the end of the day.  The main reason I don't participate in multi-player is I don't want to have to listen to some smart ass 12 year old telling me he's going to kicky my "motherfuckin ass."  What?  You don't think they talk like that?  Too many parents think (in a squeaky voice) "they're just playing with their friends."  Sometimes, yeah, but not all times.  If you are trying to actually play a game you don't want some idiot cursing you out in NC-17 language, because he can, because you are somewhere else in the world and not in his room.

ME3 is a great game, however it's rated for mature audience since it contains, blood, language, gory violence and adult sexual situations. This is not a game for 12 year-olds it's for adults, or at least those with the maturity level to realize it is just a game.  For too many parents video games are baby sitters.  At one time baby sitters were television sets, for some parents they still are, but now there's another baby sitter in town.  Monitor you kids, you don't want them taking attitudes learned playing video games out into the world, unless, of course you want them to get smacked back real hard. 

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