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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Chortling at the GOP

Ever since Reagan's re-election the GOP has wanted to rule the United States, unfortunately that same landslide win was a curse in disguise..  During his second term all sorts of shit hit the fan:  Nancy employing mediums to set his calendar, the bottom started falling out of the economy because Reagonomics was a failure, and there was a little thing called the Iran / Contra Affair.  Instead of taking a step back and re-evaluating, they went into attack mode. and they've been there ever since.  Any and every movement, not matter how odd or radical, they embraced and called it conservative.  They enjoy membership in something called the "birther movement" because it's a weapon of attack.  What they failed to comprehend is these crazy groups don't jive well with Independent voters and there is no way you cannot win an election with out those votes.  Now they have to deal with this asshole named Akins who is proving that the evil the GOP has embraced is buried just beneath the surface.  So, I'm chortling at the the GOP because they need to step back now and re-evaluate.  They need to stop lying and say the stand for America, because in truth they only stand for themselves.

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