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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Eureka's gone, Aaron's back, Syfy channel may be doing something right

FWhy do I say the Syfy Channel may be doing something right, because they dumped droll Eureka, a show I once enjoyed.  The producers of Warehouse 13 have also chosen to bring back the character of Steve Jinx.  Hope fully they will not do something horrendously stupid and try and put him into a relationship.  That's what killed Eureka as far as I'm concerned.  By putting everyone of the characters into relationships they lost sight of what the show was supposed to be about.  In the early episodes minor characters died but slowly those incidents faded away.  Carter became more concerned with Allison then he did with investigating and no matter how many gimmicks they tried, there was no chemistry between the two of them.  In fact, there was no chemistry in any of the relationships but then who the hell cared.  Sadly, this last season, I think I only watched 2 episodes.  Warehouse 13, on the other hand seems to be taking chances.  They have a gay character, Steve Jinx, as played by Aaron Ashmore.

Aaron Ashmore

From what I've read a lot of people were upset when they killed him off, whether that is the reason he was resurrected or not I don't know.  What he does seem to be is good for the show, let's hope they don't try to straighten him out in order to put his character into a relationship.  They need to remember this show is about finding artifacts not falling in love.

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