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Monday, September 19, 2022

Self Loathing Republicans

 Monday has arrived.  I get to work this afternoon.  Will we be busy?  Difficult to say.  It's only for 6.5 hours, but that means I will need to take a lunch.  I'm taking sausage.  Blame it on my PA Dutch heritage (German), but I do like my sausage.  As a toddler, I used to watch my grandmother (Mom's side of the family), make it.  Fresh.  Today's serving will be cooked in the electric fryer.

Most of the new floor is in.  My legs are, for the most part, fine.  Knee joints weren't any creakier.  I did find going down the stairs a bit stiff.  But then, I'm not 19 any more.  As for the floor itself?  Hhhmm.  I hate to tell you, but it's not as precise as I thought.  You click in the top edge, and then using a tapping block click in the side.  You can barely see a seam on the sides of the tiles.  The top edges, however, are a different matter.  On some tiles, you can barely see a seam, on others?  At least to my eyes there is a significant gap.  Of course, there are ways to fix this.  And, to be perfectly frank, I didn't splurge on the best tiles, but rather spent my money on something that is considered a lesser grade.  I couldn't see spending the extra money when there's going to be a washer and dryer sitting on top of them.

Evidently attendance at Trump's rally in Ohio was rather sparse.  And there was a moment when the audience demonstrated their subversion.

At a rally in Chambersburg, PA, Doug Mastriano had his audience do the same thing.  "Put your right hand in the air," the told the crowd, and they did as he wanted.  The only thing missing was for them to begin chanting 'heil, heil.'  Many pictures have been circulating of both rallies have been circulating.  The one above seems to have been getting the most press.  Amusingly, there are Trumpies out there who are claiming the media doesn't cover Trump's rallies.  They don't see anything wrong with this, which is why he's becoming a detriment.

Speaking of the Moral Degenerate, I understand he arrived back at Mar a Lago... during the night.  I'm betting the first thing he did was check to make sure his secret stash of documents was safe.

Finally, on the immigration issue, personally, I don't think the political stunts of sending refugees to places like Martha's Vineyard is having quite the effect  the Republicans had hoped.  True, they do make headlines, but the only gleeful outrage I'm seeing is from hard core conservatives.  Since the Republican party can no longer say, "shut up, we're in charge," they're giving America their 'screw you' attitude instead.  I am truly disappointed when I see Hispanics running for office celebrating these incidents.  So much self-loathing is amazing.


  1. Your right about those rallies. The only thing missing was HEIL HEIL!!!! And of course Hitler. This is what happens when you get crazy bat shit nut screws balls who think their all powerful.

    1. And evidently he's moving to smaller venues because he's not getting the crowds he was.

  2. I have had differing results with click floors. Over time, they all seems to loosen on the end joints.

    1. I went with a middle of the road quality and so should not have expected perfection.

  3. Very Nazi, the rallies. Very cult of personality. Very fascist. The GOP is the party of Cheeto. That's why they're so scared of him. And Cheeto is brainwashing the MAGAts. There's no question about it.
    And the Repug stunts with the asylum seekers? I think they're gonna backfire legally. Morally? They failed.